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Trapped Fish Chapter 47

Ai Qing wanted to go out several times, and spread it out with him to make it clear.

But she had never had such a thing with a man when she grew up. She was still forced to stop her anger at him. All night, the light and shadow intertwined, and her mind was filled with fragments of two people getting along, sometimes she was so angry that she wanted to cry, but after a while, she would feel soft…

Before dawn, she fell asleep in a daze.

Dreaming all kinds of fragmentary dreams, I feel that someone is pressing on my body in my sleep——

“I’m sleepy.” My sister whispered in her ear.

The tense nerves relaxed, she was too sleepy to speak.

“I wrestled with Shen Zhe all night, and I heard that something serious happened to you. I ran over to see that it was more free than me.”

She still gave an ear and listened.

“What’s wrong, olo wants to make up with you?” My sister continued.

“What’s the matter…” she finally said.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter what olo… Isn’t his daughter picked up? Didn’t he come to you? How could he not come to you? Isn’t it said that first love is the most memorable? Hey, men are so affectionate.”


“Or, let’s not do it in P, you create a new team, Wu Bai will definitely follow you without saying anything, I will sacrifice beauty and cheat you to grunt, and recruit a few more,” my sister said softly , Slid off her, got into the quilt, held her with hands and feet together, “The more you talk, the more feasible it is, don’t you think?”

“…Why do everyone think that P is equal to olo?” Ai Qing suffocated, and was just right to be ignited by her sister’s words.

From the day the team was founded, it wasn’t just their team, but also hers.

Brothers and fellows, how can they abandon each other?

If Han Shangyan were to abandon K&K to P, he would not let go of the children he brought.

“But your boyfriend will be jealous.”

Ai Qing wanted to say something, but she still swallowed. In the past twenty-five years, she has been relying on friends to come here, and she turned her head down, is she going to abandon all her friends for Dt?

The slides and all who returned after retiring; for the inin, following, and bugs from the first team; the daily practice intensity is so great that it is no different from the main players but has little chance to play. In order to make the team go further, And Xiaomi, who took the initiative to withdraw… even olo, who stood up to the crowd and formed the first team.

All these trusts are delivered to her.

Did she just say, ah, I think it’s easier for me to leave P. Anyway, I want to be famous and profitable, so why not be more chic? Goodbye, friends?


Ai Qing thought more and more deeply, getting more and more angry.

I pursed my lips, my heart is blocked, I especially want to call Dt. Forget it, we are not suitable…

My sister noticed that she was in a bad mood, and she immediately slipped into her arms and acted like a baby: “Oh, oh, my dog ​​is sulking again, teasing you, always likes to be serious. You must have been silly and serious again last night? How handsome Wu Bai is. Ah, it’s a shame to break up, let’s not break up, be good.”

As the sister said, she went to caress her breasts smoothly: “Where can we break up at the beginning, doesn’t it seem that we are too casual, right? How pitiful Wu Bai is.”

“…” Ai Qing wanted to ask, are you my sister or his sister…

“Let me tell you, don’t listen to me praise him for being handsome, I am not superficial at all. Being handsome is really useful, and it will seriously affect our next generation’s genes. We dogs must be famous and profitable. What will we do in the future? Don’t you just want to give birth to a beautiful child? So I look at all the young men of the right age around you, Wu Bai is the most suitable.”


“But to be honest, I don’t know why you quarreled,” Ai Jing couldn’t help but curiously asked. “Your boyfriend has a very strange personality. He begged grunt to let me enlighten you, but he refused to say why you quarreled. My child…how do you communicate with him?

“…He doesn’t like talking.”

Ai Jing lowered her voice: “Then how do you increase your relationship? Do you kiss me directly?”


She decided not to say a word again.

go to bed.

After waking up, she packed up her suitcase, dragged her sister from the bed, and told her she was leaving. If the sister wants to continue sleeping, she will go straight away: “Remember to lock the door.”

“Where are you going?” My sister tilted her body again and fell on the bed so sleepy.

“P headquarters.”

During this time, she wanted to stay with the team and put aside all the complicated things for now.

When Ai Qing pulled the suitcase and opened the door of her room in the P headquarters dormitory building, the people who saw her in the corridor were somewhat surprised. This room has always been Ai Qing’s. Just like the hotel room, the cleaning aunt is responsible for cleaning at any time. There is no problem in checking in at any time. After finishing the room for half an hour, she picked up her door card and went straight to the training room.

P’s training room is divided into four.

Each training room has a team logo hanging in front of the door.

Ai Qing pushed open the glass door in “Storm of the Secret Chamber”, and more than 20 men in it looked up, stupid.

Today is still a rest day. These bachelors are boring and panic. They have no girlfriends, and all those who can be called friends are in the club, so they have nowhere to go, so they all come to the training room to have fun.

But the team leader doesn’t live in the club, so what do you do this day?

“Look at what I do…” Ai Qing was a little embarrassed, “I will live in the club before the end of the national finals.”

Everyone is even stupid.

Still the slide relieved her, and beckoned: “Come on, dog, we are going to have a game, you came just right.”

Ai Qing became interested and walked over to listen to the slide and said a few words, to the effect that the first team was too boring, and they were ignited in Sanya, ready to fight RAP privately.

Of course, this is not nothing to do.

RAP, after winning the Buff in the Sanya friendly match, accepted an official interview and again attacked P, the enemy.

“There is another reason-the Dt guy is in the limelight, and the four major server points, he is the highest,” Ai Qing took her seat, All continued behind her, “Sanya was even more concerned after winning that game. The K&K limelight has suppressed P. If we don’t have a good time, we will make P look down on other areas.”

Inin’s eyes lit up, completely ignoring the important points of the slide and all, and he was excited about the name “Dt”, even more excited than he was praised: “Dt must be the first player in the class in the Chamber of Secrets.”

All was so angry that he held Inin’s head with a palm: “Boy, do cult of personality, cut you.”

Is this seat class?

This is an honorary title for leading an entire era and making outstanding contributions to game development and even the entire e-sports.

Ai Qing’s eyes drifted a little.

He left before his sister came.

So, what should I do next, can I talk about it some time?

But after last night, she couldn’t face him normally. She wanted to go to bed less than ten days after being together, and she even began to wonder whether the Wu Bai she liked was the real him.

The feelings she wants may be totally different from what he is after.

“Doggo?” The slide looked sideways at her, “Do you want to play with them?”

Ai Qing retracted her biased heart and looked at her teammates: “Well, as long as you are not afraid to reveal your tactics.”

The slide laughed: “Really good tactics will not be cracked in a short time.”

Once a decision is made, there is no unnecessary nonsense.

They directly sent an invitation to fight, and once the other party accepts it, they can fight directly across servers.

After waiting for three minutes, a dialog box pops up on the computer screen: The other party accepts, please wait for the connection.

“Is the pin okay?”

“Ok, no problem,” the following made an ok gesture, took the chicken leg out of the box by the way, and took a bite. “It’s so cool, brothers, give me a bunch of insidious villains.”

Ai Qing coughed.

“Oh, oh, it’s fuck,” following is familiar, “our leader is still an unmarried girl.”

“But don’t you think it’s weird?” Bug answered seriously, “It’s all the same, why is fuck so acceptable? Inin, how do you say in Korean?”

“Huh?” Inin was embarrassed, looked at Ai Qing, and whispered a word.

Everyone~ everyone learns how to read.

Ai Qing…

The four big men who occasionally explode, with a kid who likes to cry, are all among the top ten servers, and all have won other Asian and even world championships.

This is her team.

In order to hear the realistic sound effects, Ai Qing also put on a headset and listened to the channel in the team. It is estimated that I heard that the secret room is playing against the old Nordic enemy, and the rest of the training room is playing people come to watch the game.

“Oh, the news is fast enough,” All laughed, “Buff and Taotao team members are connected to watch the game, K&K is here too.”

Ai Qing’s gaze shifted slightly and saw the spectator connection on the right side of the slide computer.

For this kind of list, the system will automatically sort by points.

The top three in the standings are Dt, Slide and Taotao, and because the slide is in battle, Taotao automatically ranks first. In other words, Dt did not appear.

When she wandered, the system automatically jumped out of the task: Heart of the City.

game rules:

  1. The culprit installs bombs somewhere in the city, and the bombs are not dismantled within 30 minutes, the culprits win;
  2. If the police successfully dismantle the bomb within 30 minutes, the police will win;
  3. In this task, only the police can buy cannons, hand (thunder), and incendiary (bombs), but these three items will detonate|explode. Once detonated by the police, the gangster wins.
  4. Group defeat 5 opponents and win.


The slide blew a whistle: “A good task, a policeman is perfect.”

System: Police.

Everyone raised their thumbs, the captain is good, mascot.

The system counts down.

Ten seconds.

The picture goes black for a second.

Ai Qing couldn’t help laughing as her vision opened.

“I’m going to Disneyland,” following absolutely, “so childlike, I can’t bear to shoot.”

Even so,

The slide has been ordered to buy weapons: “4A1D, on the small gun.”

4A1D formation, 4 attack and 1 defense.

Everyone quickly bought weapons:

Inin is a small artillery (mortar|cannon), bug, following and all are AK47 (assault rifle|gun) + hand (thunder), slide is sniper.

This is a task completely biased towards the police.

The only difficulty is that RAP can change the position of the bomb at any time within 30 minutes and play hide and seek with P. There are many small buildings in the amusement park, and it’s too easy to be bombed in a certain corner.

The P brothers behind the five are thinking about tactics.

How to hit the slide? No one knows.

Only the five people in the channel and the black-listed Ai Qing knew the tactics.

Disney in the daytime, quietly.

While walking forward with the cannon, inin muttered, “What a pity it was blown up…”

All laughed: “Little Inin, you are so young, you won’t find someone from P to marry in the future, right?”

Little Inin was very depressed and muttered, “But I am straight.”

Everyone laughed, yes, the Mandarin has improved.

The shooting glasses are open on the slide, looking around from a distance.

Here are all kinds of large dolls and castles, it’s too easy to hide.

“Go ahead,” said the slide.

Following and all put the guns away and flashed into the sides respectively.

One minute later, following reported the bearing: “213, 47, northwest.”

Ten seconds later, all reported the position: “213,213. Northeast.”

“Small gun.” There is no more nonsense on the slide.

Mortars are commonly known as small artillery, and they are called inin.

Without saying anything, Inin turned on his goggles, and in the next second he fired cannonballs at the two directions just reported. The position was reported continuously, and the bombardment continued.

Under the double protection of slides and bugs, the children are full of fire and shelling in all directions.

One building after another collapsed.

High-level bombing, no ammunition is wasted.

Little artillery master, inin.

Everyone who watched the game suddenly felt, yes, for this kind of amusement park map, it is most convenient to blow up all the obtrusive things directly, without giving the culprits a chance to hide. The purpose of both following and all investigations is to confirm that there is no enemy in the bombed building, because the RAP person has a bomb on his body. Once it is detonated, P loses.

The following and all of the front detective returned to their positions. All the hands (thunders) on everyone’s body were used for additional bombing. All the buildings that inin had not completely destroyed were also razed to the ground.

“Finished~” Inin took off his goggles, very happy.

The five people stood in a hidden place outside the haunted house, except for the firelight in their vision.

The ruins are burning.

Only the haunted house is in front of you.

Haunted house?

The vision is completely blind, and the tunnel is narrow and tortuous. Everyone must disperse to find the bomb. It’s a 1V1 battle in a secret room.

Very good, even the gun is saved.

They are not like K&K with two weak guys, who are afraid of acting alone.

“Brothers,” the sound of the slide runs through the channel, “Let’s kill.”

On a row of five monitors, five people drew a short knife at the same time,

Flashed into the haunted house.

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