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Trapped Fish Chapter 57

Ai Qing and Yiqian talked until midnight. Dt sent her back to the room at about one o’clock in the morning. Dt didn’t mean to leave immediately. Ai Qing went to make two cups of coffee and brought it to the big bay window.

She leaned on the glass wall and looked at the sea of ​​lights: “Xiao Bai?”

On the side of her body, her two hands were also on the glass, and she was circled in front of her: “Yeah.”

“Han Shangyan said…” She looked at his shadow.

“He won’t bless me.”

“how do you know?”

“He told me,” Dt told her lightly, “When you were in the olo team, he found that I liked you, so he warned me and wanted to beat me.”

Ai Qing was amused: “Did you hit it?”

“He dare not.”

“Why not dare?”

“My family likes me more. If he beats me, he won’t be able to deceive a penny.”

Although Dt still speaks plainly and there is no emotional ups and downs, Ai Qing can hear his subtext of “I just like it anyway, it’s useless if you beat me”. To a certain extent, his temper is really similar to Han Shangyan. She thought about it, but still felt… “You are twelve years old, do you know what you like?”

“Well,” Dt said nonchalantly, “I am precocious.”

She laughed.

In the second half of the Han Shangyan sentence, she hid it in her heart and did not intend to tell him. That old friend who had been with her since she was a teenager was telling her that Wu Bai… is someone who doesn’t even care about her brother.

The same bad temper as gun.

All he cared about was her from beginning to end.

Dt looked at her, not knowing what she was thinking, his eyes flickered so much.

He slid down his two hands on the glass, slowly crossed her in front of him, pressed her back into his arms, bowed his head, and went to…find the place he wanted.

Her breathing was a little messy, and she threw herself on her face.

She stretched out her hand softly and touched the broken hair on his forehead: “Hair… a little longer, right?” He hmmed, and touched her lips: “Go and cut after the game.”

He has always been so direct. She thinks it is too long, so cut it short.

If she said nothing, he would not do it.

He turned her over, put her back against the glass wall, leaned over, and kissed her seriously.

He was meticulous, getting deeper and deeper. In the end, the fingers of his right hand resting on the glass slowly tightened, clenched into a fist, and pressed a faint watermark on the glass.

To this day, when he wakes up every day, he still habitually thinks of the scene of the 2007 Asian Championships when the two met at the resort. He would not tell her that night, when he heard the call between the slide and her in the bath, how his heart was beating wildly when he heard her approaching.

She was so confused that she forgot to change her clothes and opened the door for her just wrapped in a bath towel.

That night, under the wall lamp in the corridor.

She turned her back to the waves and smiled at him.

At that time–

Dt’s left hand slid down from Ai Qing’s waist and touched her right hand hanging beside her, tightly held in his palm.

At that time-she stretched out this right hand and said to him: I am a dog.

But his hair was blocking his face, his face was still dripping, his eyes were blurred, he didn’t dare to look at her directly, for fear that she would see the heat in her eyes, and for fear that she would be scared.

I’m afraid of her… refuse to be true friends with myself.

In the early morning of the next day, Ai Qing did not follow the P team, but went to the gym first.

This stadium… is where they won the first championship after winning the buff team. When she wore the anchor’s work card and walked in from the backstage passage, the staff around her kept smiling and greeted her.

The aisle is not the messy aisle back then. It is spacious and bright, with large propaganda posters on both sides.

The staff are also uniformly dressed, rigorously like volunteers in an indoor sports meeting.

Her anchor station is at the southeast corner of the stadium, with a spacious white table, and her partner is also her old friend. When the male anchor saw her, he immediately took off his headphones and said with a smile, “Here?”

She put a pile of materials on hand and sat down: “Take care of you today.”

“Don’t be funny, you should take care of me,” the other party smiled heartily and adjusted the headset, “the anchor station is okay here, we can start the hot spot in five minutes.”

Ai Qing also put on the white earphones and heard the lively laughter inside: “Mai, don’t lose the chain, work with seniors, and sit firmly.” Ai Qing is depressed: “Everyone, he is bigger than me. , Don’t call me senior, okay? Will call me old.”

The channel continued to lively, players rest area, each team began to enter the arena one by one.

From Ai Qing’s perspective, you can see the P and K&K areas, where olo is sitting, communicating with Bao Na in a low voice. And sitting in the seat just across the aisle from olo was a gun that was stubborn and knocked on Erlang’s legs.

If she was right, Gun took the initiative to sit in this seat.

Although they are still the biggest competitors, they have not been sitting side by side in ten years.

Ai Qing’s nose was a little sour, she lowered her head, turned over the paper in her hand, and couldn’t hold back, she still supported her forehead with her hand, blurring her vision. Ai Qing, Ai Qing, it will be a hot live broadcast right away, don’t be too emotional.


The live broadcast begins.

Wheat cleared his throat: “Everyone, welcome to the finals of “Storm of the Chamber” in China. The qualifiers for the eight cities have ended three days ago. Now those sitting in this stadium are the top domestic players in this project. Team. And tonight, the Chinese championship will be produced! China will have two places to enter the Asian Championships, everyone, let us wait and see tonight, whether the old clubs hold the throne or the newcomers won the championship!” After falling, there were already huge cheers in the court.

It’s the excitement and passion before the big game, and the atmosphere of absolute joy.

Great scene.

“In addition to the exciting games of a few top teams tonight, the organizers also specially invited the gold medal game anchor appledog for us. Do you know, my hands trembled when I heard the news, and no one knows better than her. The four popular teams, trust me, you will hear the most exciting scene tonight.”

Ai Qing adjusted the headset and couldn’t help laughing: “Mai, thank you.”

So the two people began to sing and make a peace, and the hot field was played.

The morning game is not that intense, the real ultimate contest is after four in the afternoon.

The four teams participating in the semi-finals qualify in turn.

with no doubt:

P, K&K, Buff and Taotao.

Ai Qing picked up the cup and sipped her saliva.

Someone around put the lottery result on the table.

First round: K&K V Taotao

New team V new team?

Ai Qing put down the water glass and glanced at the position of K&K. Dt is still the same, half of his face is hidden in the shadow of the brim of his hat, grunt next to him is yawning, whispering to him. And Taotao… she looked back at the rookie king who had ensured that she entered P. The five boys had a kind of free and easy before disbanding, laughing and crossing each other’s shoulders to enter the arena first.

When they started preparing their own keyboard and mouse, Dt led the people into the venue.

Grunt, the named captain, really… didn’t see any effect.

Across two rows of computers, Dt and Taotao sat opposite each other.

This is the first time Taotao has played against the man who is the number one in the standings. I want to see him, his hat is blocked, well, the boss man is diao. Taotao shrugged and adjusted the headset: “Brothers, it’s likely that this is our last battle in the official competition, come on.”


The system automatically jumps out of the task: the heart of the city.

game rules:

  1. The culprit installs bombs somewhere in the city, and the bombs are not dismantled within 30 minutes, the culprits win;
  2. If the police successfully dismantle the bomb within 30 minutes, the police will win;
  3. In this task, only the police can buy cannons, hand|thunder, burning|burning| bullets, but these three items will detonate|explode|explode bullets. Once they are detonated by the police, the gangster wins.
  4. Group defeat 5 opponents and win.


This mission P has been played with European teams.

Grunt whistled.

The system jumps again, K&K is a bandit.

The system automatically jumps to the screen, the airport?

It was obviously the ruins of the airport, there were glass shards everywhere, and the airliners on the tarmac were still burning.

In the middle of the night, searchlights swept around.

Dt simply arranged the task: “Double, 97 bring two children.”

Double means to play double heart tactics. Dt took the real bomb, found a suitable location to install the bomb, and held it for 30 minutes. And 97 took two people to delay the time, distracting each other’s attention.

After the tactics were allocated, everyone dispersed into the darkness.

The screen automatically locks the top of the scoreboard: Dt.

“Okay, the game begins,” Ai Qing stared at the screen, seeing Dt put on the sniper|gun, her eyes softened for a moment, “Let’s take a look at the game data of the captain before this round. The mortality rate is 0, The win rate in close combat is 100, and the kill rate in close combat is 100.”

Wheat excitement: “In short, Dt, you don’t get close to him, as long as you get close, you must die.” “Yes,” Ai Qing’s answer was short, “This is a terrible opponent.”

On the screen,

Dt and grunt stopped one after another and planted bombs in a western restaurant in the terminal.

In the dark, the two separated.

The back figure melts into the darkness.

On the big screen, only Dt could be seen changing into a sniper and sitting behind a small bar.

Outside the western restaurant, there are rows of waiting seats. Not far away, there are various boarding gates, as well as rows of broken walls of various restaurants and specialty stores.

Fire lights, searchlight lights, and system soldiers on patrol.

The airport is not a good place for Dt. Restaurants, restrooms, smoking rooms, and specialty stores are all thick brick walls. In gunfighting games, thick walls mean that only mortars (small cannons) can blow up.

But an important rule of this task is: only the police can buy cannons, grenades, and incendiary rounds.

In other words, the Dt team is not qualified to buy small cannons. If the opponent hides behind a thick wall all the way, Dt and grunt will definitely suffer.

A wall of this thickness cannot be shot through by any firearm.

The sniper|gun in Dt’s hand is almost useless.

Soon, the big screen broke out the exchange of fire.

In three minutes and thirty seconds, 97 successfully exchanged fire.

In nine minutes and thirty seconds, 97 killed 1 person.

Thirteen and a half minutes, in the channel, 97 briefly reported: “I have disarmed, and there are three and a half combat effectiveness.”

In less than half a minute, Taotao took three people to sweep here.

Obviously, Taotao also understands the advantages of this geographical location, and approached carefully.

Approaching little by little, oppressing step by step.

The audience also quietly watched Taotao lead three people closer and closer to Dt.

“Taotao has entered the close combat zone,” Wheat analyzed nervously, “Once you enter the heart zone, whether it is Dt or grunt, fighting is too dangerous.”

Thirty meters, known as the close combat zone, rely on firearms to exchange fire.

Five meters, called the heart area.

In short, it is a long and short knife to solve all battles. If it becomes a 4V2 melee, the tactics of lure the enemy before 97 are all in vain.

So… what are you waiting for? Dt.

When everyone’s hearts were hanging by a thread, black shadows flashed, and grunt threw out smoke|fog| bullets.

The audience was surprised.

The angle from which the smoke|fog| bombs are thrown out can never threaten Taotao.

Only Ai Qing said “Ah”: “Good angle!” Before she finished her words, the smoke|fog|bomb had hit the flowerbed, bounced back, and flew towards Taotao, “He is bouncing off the wall and throwing the smoke|fog|bomb Throw it at Taotao’s feet!”

In the past C, famous teams had this throwing technique. The hand|thunder bounced off the ground and walls, and successfully threw it to places that were impossible to reach directly, injuring the enemy.

The strength and angle are extremely demanding.

Absolute competition-level throwing technique.

At this time, the eyes of the four members of the Taotao team were gray, and the four screens were still smoke.

“Disperse and hide!” Taotao quickly issued an order, and the four people withdrew from the thick wall.

Scattered behind the waiting seats, behind the Starbucks cash register…

“Damn!” Before Taotao could see the foreground clearly, the two teammates hiding behind the seats exploded at the same time.

The system prompts that 1 person died.

The system prompts that 1 person died.

The next second, his teammate who was less than half a meter away was shot again.

A shot burst|head.

The system prompts that 1 person died.

In less than ten seconds, the advantage of 4V2 immediately turned into an absolute disadvantage with Taotao alone.


Not only him, but the audience, even Ai Qing was stunned.

On the screen, Dt quietly appeared from the corner, put away his sniper, and slowly drew his short knife.

Just now…

“Shoot through the wall!” Mai slammed the table, “Do you shoot through the wall! Or two shots for three people! God-like sixth sense, dog! This is your stunt!”

Except for the heavy brick walls that cannot be shot through, no matter where the enemy hides, as long as it is a thin wall, train skin, wooden box, and glass that can be shot through by heavy |

Anyone who has paid attention to the history of Team olo here knows:

Shot through the wall–

This is what Appledog did best.

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