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Trapped Fish Chapter 6

On the second day, the promotional activities and exhibition games officially started.

When everyone arrived at the venue, the audience seats in the entire open-air stadium were full, and the 37 invited clubs were all sitting on the green lawn in the venue. Ai Qing entered from the VIP channel and glanced at the infield. European and American clubs were at the front left of the podium, South Korean clubs were at the front, and Chinese clubs were arranged at the front right.

Before P arrived, the first three rows of seats in the China area were empty.

And the fourth and fifth rows are people from K&K.

“Ai Qing,” 97 saw her, stood up with a good temper, and waved to her, “Long time no see.”

Actually not long ago.

She also saw 97 in a certain region last year.

But everyone was vocalizing, why did she have to go over and say hello? When the team members were seated, she cats her waist and walks around to the fourth row. She squatted down and asked them: “Why are you all here in Korea?”

“They came for this game,” 97 replied with a smile, “I just watched the fun, and haven’t decided whether to participate.”

Coming for the game?

“Did you still choose team battles?” Ai Qing looked at Dt.

Dt originally sat there with his hands in his pants pockets, a little distracted, until Ai Qing came over, he focused on her: “It should be.”

“Which one? Heroes of the Storm? Or Chamber Storm?”

“Storm in the secret room.” He told her very seriously.

“Secret room?” Ai Qing was surprised, but after thinking about it, I felt like he should choose this one. “Many people are staring at this game. After all, the reputation is good and the balance is great. But it is not produced by Blizzard. The platform and the professional competition system will not be paid attention to by Blizzard.” Grunt laughed at the side and interjected lightly: “It’s okay, where there are masters, there will never be a lack of attention.”

After grunt finished speaking, he looked specifically at olo in the first row.

Ai Qing thought it was funny, and looked back from grunt. Dt was still looking at herself seriously, as if waiting for her to end the conversation between them.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and she suddenly remembered the phone call last night.

“Is he worried about playing against you or about you? I don’t know.” At that time, my sister teased her so much… Dt saw that her face started to turn red, although she didn’t know the reason. Very seriously concerned: “Are you blushing?”

“Huh?” Ai Qing’s eyes fluttered, patted her face with the back of her hand, trying to cool down, “Really? The water and soil are not satisfied… The exhibition game is about to start, I will go back first.”

She returned to Po Na, and the European rock band on stage had just finished their performance.

The exciting metal music disappeared, and there was a brief silence in the venue.

“K&K won’t even go for my gold medal commentary?” Bao Na sighed.

“It seems… it seems that they don’t have this need,” Ai Qing joked with him, and quickly returned to the topic, “I heard a news.”

“Dt signed K&K?” Po Na guessed.

“Yeah.” Ai Qing pretended to glance at olo at the referee stand in the distance.

I didn’t expect him to be so friends with Dt. Any news about him was never revealed to the club. Or… even olo, an old friend, doesn’t know about Dt’s signing trends?

olo was talking in a low voice with several other referees and did not pay attention to it.

“Signing is not the most important thing,” Ai Qing paused and said, “The point is that he will be pressed on “Storm of the Secret Chamber” in the future.”

“Oh?” Bao Na was surprised, “I didn’t expect that a newly emerging club is so courageous? If you don’t choose Blizzard’s products, which have stable bonuses and stable competition system, you choose a new game?”


And it seems that grunt and 97 also have the meaning to be added.

The most important thing is that only she and Bao Na know that olo made the real decision at Taipei Station four days ago, and put the focus of the future on “Storm in the Chamber”.

K&K and P have once again become rivals.

This joint exhibition competition has four stations in Asia: Singapore, Taipei, South Korea and Shanghai.

The specific team combination will only be announced on the day of the match. Before today, Singapore and Taipei had already carried out touring performances, and these three people had not appeared.

Will South Korea be their first appearance?

It seems that everything is full of suspense.

“I remember Dt switched to Warcraft after DotA?” Bao Na was silent for a while and asked again.


“As a former opponent, how do you evaluate his performance on DotA?” Bao Na seemed to be giving her a question, but in the video last night, she already gave the answer, “Don’t say’God’ “Left hand” is such a broad word.”

“He… very talented.”

“……It’s that simple?”

“It’s that simple, you must know how important talent is.”

Dt’s strength in the DotA world back then, I dare not say that it is unparalleled, but it must be unprecedented.

Although he later won the second place in China in Warcraft and only lost to olo, it cannot be said that he is weaker than olo. It can only be said that olo’s talent is just like his name, suitable for “heads-up” games, and Dt is more suitable for team battles.

“The era of olo has completely passed,” Bao Na said with emotion. “The most eye-catching players have been signed by K&K, which is really a headache.”

“You just don’t trust the new generation of P?”

“No, I’m just jealous that K&K can sign the three of them so quickly.”

“Remember the first team of C?” Ai Qing was not so depressed. “Except for Gun, the other three people were trained by olo, including me.”

Bao Na smiled, Quqi tapped her head with her index finger: “Of course I remember, our’ancient heroes’, don’t forget that I was also a C player.”

When the two were chatting, “Storm of the Secret Chamber” was already a game, both Korea and Europe.

South Korea lost.

The VIP area of China is very peaceful. South Korea, which is close to China, has some undercurrents, after all, it is the first game in the country. Fortunately, soon, they got back one sentence and got a bargain in the United States.

Although it is an exhibition game, the atmosphere is not so relaxed.

After all, it is a newly launched game. Who doesn’t want to take a place in this field first?

Since knowing that K&K and P have been watching a game again, even Bao Na has put aside his usual relaxed attitude, communicated with the players during the game break, and discussed the wins and losses of the previous games and the advantages of each team. , The strength of the mid laners, and even discussed a very distant future plan…

Ai Qing opened the ipad in her hand and started to watch the latest DotA2 game video.

These are what she saved and prepared to study carefully during the journey.

The video of the game gradually reached its climax. She was watching it seriously, and a tall figure appeared before her.

She thought it was olo and didn’t care too much, but the figure stood still and didn’t speak or move. Such a strange approach finally pulled her attention from the game video.

“You don’t want a referee–” The voice stopped abruptly.

Ai Qing looked at the visitor, her eyes widened suddenly.

A man in black sportswear stood in front of her with such a smile, leaned over and greeted her in a low voice: “hi, dog, remember me?”

This sentence seems like a lifetime.

The interview reports of those years seem to be still in my ears:

“…Team olo has the’Top Ten Unbelievable’ of China’s C world. The main members olo and gun rank in the top 10 in the world for two consecutive years. Of course, there are also dogs who can use the sniper and blind sniper to be superb… The team includes multiple Personal world ranking, 2nd most stable player, 4th best opening killer, 2nd most dominant player, 4th best pistol player, 3rd MVP nomination…”

The person in front of him has disappeared for many years.

Now, at this moment, here, in this stadium in South Korea, he just appeared in front of her out of thin air.

Like all infield players, there is a VIP brand on his chest. The club column is: K&K.

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