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Trapped Fish Chapter 62

In the light blue water, bright red blood was spreading.

Dt was shot just now.

The moment he hit Xiaomi, the bullet passed through his leg.

Therefore, he can no longer run long distances, and must make a quick decision to solve the olo team’s field control-appledog.

Ai Qing draws out a short knife.

The heart was beating violently. I didn’t expect that after ten years, when she returned to this arena, Dt would be the one who fought hand in hand. This is different from an explanation, she turned on the full keyboard in silence.

The resistance of water slows down by 40% and can only fight in close quarters.

Without any hesitation, she approached him.

The soundproof earphones can not hear the cheers of the infield.

The system prompts that 1 person died.


The system prompts that 1 person died.


I don’t know who it is.

“God of gun! God of gun!” This was the cheers of the infield. The gun that used to be the strongest single soldier killed the buff without much effort. But all was also damaged under Taotao’s gun.

The moment Ai Qing made physical contact with Dt, the short knife in her hand was replaced with a long knife, and the back of the knife directly hit his injured leg. Dt bent his knees and avoided the back of the knife in her hand for a moment, stepped back on the pool wall, and embraced her. Waist, pressed her to the bottom of the pool.

Raising the short knife in his hand, Ai Qing snapped off his long knife.

A right turn, the short knife was inserted into her left arm, and the broken blade of the left long knife also pierced his left leg.


Bright red gushes out.

The vision in front of the two of them was dyed red.

She was operating a woman with less physical strength than him. He had suffered a gunshot wound and his physical strength was correspondingly weakened. The close combat between the two is top-notch, and it is impossible to distinguish between high and low in just one minute.

Time lost every second.

Suppression of legs and legs, body and body wrestling.

53, 54, 55 seconds…

Ai Qing is desperate, isn’t she about to drown in the water with him?

The two figures jumped into the pool at the same time. Gun picked up Ai Qing’s right arm, and grunt took Dt’s left arm and swam in two directions respectively.

60, 61, 62 seconds…

Ai Qing was thrown out of the water by the gun and fell to the pool.

Taotao on the opposite side of the pool shot a bullet, hitting the tile behind Ai Qing, and at the same time a little red heart fell on Taotao’s forehead. Dt, who climbed onto the shore just now, kicked taotao away, and the life-threatening bullet passed by, shattering the cabin glass behind taotao…

At this point, they were all on the first deck. Neither side was able to get rid of the opponent directly and to destroy the minions. Neither side could attack directly and took the lives of the other three.

This is definitely the most close match since the start.

You die and I die, one life for another.

There is a firefight, and no one is out.

Dt’s individual strength suppresses Gun and her offensive cooperation.

olo’s defense without dead ends does not give Taotao and grunt any chance at all.

The cruise ship is sinking.

There was water, which slowly flooded this deck, and time entered the countdown.

“Are you going to open the secret room?” Wheat stared at the big screen.

At the last moment, Gun finally got close, the blade wiped Taotao’s neck, and the blood hit the big screen.

Frozen directly on the screen.

The overall end.


“Everyone!” Wheat stood up excitedly, “What is the most exciting thing about “Secret Chamber Storm”? It’s a secret room duel, but since the start of the game, few teams can open the secret room. I didn’t expect that our temporary team and team olo really did. It’s on! Top masters, what is the concept of one-on-one turn fighting? Today’s game is so worth it! So worth it!

No tactics, no cooperation,

Pure one-on-one combat, the strongest team of the two eras.


Ai Qing took off the earphones, her bangs on her forehead were a little wet, she went to see Dt, who threw herself into the swimming pool without mercy, across the gap between the computers. The black hair on his forehead softly and somewhat obscured most of his eyebrows, but he still noticed her sight, raised his eyes, and looked straight over.

Ai Qing’s eyes rolled down, and she said with her mouth: Stinky kid.

Dt was embarrassed and slowly looked away, couldn’t help but slowly raised the corner of his mouth.

Five minutes later, a message came out between the anchors, once again abandoning the rules of the game, this time the Dt team will choose the seniors they want to challenge instead of randomly selecting.

The referee came over and handed five papers and pens to the Dt row.

Soon, the selection list of the Dt team was displayed on the big screen:

oloVGrunt, GunVBuff, TaotaoVall, ininV Xiaomi…

Finally, DtVappledog.

Anyone can see that this battle list does not have any selection art like Tian Ji horse racing. It is purely the choice of the five people.

The first group of gun and Buff appeared in the secret room,

Buff typed a line on the screen: “Thank you.”

Gun knew what he was thanking, but didn’t answer. He ended the fight within 13 seconds and won the first game.

Followed by inin and millet.

The screen opened, and inin immediately popped out: “Wait for half a minute, I want to type a sentence.”

Xiaomi was stunned, and reluctantly exchanged long knives for short knives and short knives for long knives, waiting for this little boy who is not so good in Chinese. Unexpectedly, after half a minute, I waited for a sentence: “I played a lot and deleted them all, Xiaomi, Xiaomi, I miss you so much.”…Xiaomi was extremely depressed: “You can’t just say it with your mouth, what kind of sentiment…”

With tears, Inin reluctantly changed into a short knife, and won the second game in 29 seconds.

The next group, taotaoVall.

There was no nonsense in the fight between the new and old players. Forty-three seconds, Taotao won the third game.

The small print dialogue on the screen, except for the two sides of the secret room, can not be seen by any third person.

But obviously, gun, millet, and all who ended the battle looked different.

olo guessed what should happen, press Enter, the screen in front of him jumped out of the dark secret room.

“I grew up watching your game video,” a line of small white characters jumped out, “Thank you, olo.” This is probably the most serious and least arrogant sentence in grunt’s life.

olo smiled slightly and did not respond.

In this duel, olo won in twenty-four seconds.

So far, it is still a tie.

The match between Dt and her was the last round.

Ai Qing glanced at olo and gun beside her, then her ring finger decisively hit the enter key.

This is not the first time she has opened the secret room. During P training, her favorite to play is the secret room mode, but this is the first time she has entered the secret room and faced Dt. He can’t see his figure, neither can see each other, only the location of each other from the life detector.

A small red dot.

“I will win this time.” Dt left the line.

Ai Qing couldn’t help laughing.

Brat, I must have forgotten that he personally took away a national championship from her in 2007.

She squatted down and posted it without hesitation. This is not underwater, there is no resistance, and all the movements are smooth and free. Both of them are short swords, and at the same time they are close to each other, they are constantly losing blood. But obviously, this kid is faster than her.

Every time he gets injured, he loses 5-10 HP.

The blood volume keeps decreasing, and the physical strength keeps being overdrawn.

The gasp is getting louder.

Finally, Ai Qing sat down against the wall and couldn’t stand up anymore.

On the life detector, the little red dot representing Dt has not moved.

Quietly, wait for the three-minute game to end.

Close combat is a quick fight, and it rarely takes more than one minute, let alone three minutes. Ai Qing seemed to know what he was thinking, and slowly left the keyboard with both hands, took off the headset in advance, looked at the teammates around him, and stuck out his tongue: “I lost.”

The countdown is over.

Health calculation, appledog 15 blood, Dt 45 blood, Dt won the last round.

The close room showdown is over,

With three wins in five games, the Dt team won the final championship.

olo took the lead and stood up and stretched out his right hand to the opposite Dt.

When Dt held his hand, olo whispered: “Come on, get a world champion back.”

At this moment, opposite to olo is the combined team of P and K&K. This is not the expectation of the players as a P senior, but the wish of ten years ago to them.

Whether it is P or K&K……

Please take back a world champion.

The former fans of the olo team in every corner of this stadium, the men who were obviously older than the other fans in the stadium, were somewhat blushing, got up, and applauded their only idol team. Ten years ago, the sudden disbandment of Team olo was the biggest regret and wound in the hearts of these fans.

At this time and here, whether they can win this exhibition match is not what they care about. They just want to see how these five people once… sat together.

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