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Became a translator of the tyrant Chapter 1

Chapter 1. The Little Boy in the Dark

Leticia Woods, only thirteen years old, was the best daughter in town.

Everyone has admitted it.

Even at a young age, she took care of her sick grandmother and brother all day on behalf of her busy parents.

In return, Leticia has always been praised.

“You’re so nice, Leticia.”

“My daughter is also the best.”

“How is Leticia so considerate?”

Hard and hard days followed without a single break, but Leticia clings to the praises.

Because she only rewarded her with sweet words.

‘cold… … .’

Leticia tried to calm her body, her trembling out of her control.

However, her fall rain fell without reason, and the still leafy branches did not completely block her raindrops. Even worse, the sky was getting darker and darker.

‘I can’t go back yet.’

I had only found sebran, a rare medicinal herb that is good for her grandmother’s disease, now only three.

If she fails to take at least ten waivers, her grandmother and even her parents will be greatly disappointed.

Hot tears began to accumulate around her eyes. Her family hated her disappointment for her more than dying.

Leticia managed to steal her tears with her less wet forearm.

‘This is not the time. Let’s dig and go down. Then it works.’

But, she said, digging for rare herbs in the dark forest was no easy task.

In addition, many plants with similar shapes of leaves and stems grew in the mountains.

Even if she found a similar plant, she couldn’t figure out exactly the severin until she dug the roots.

Suddenly, the blue twilight took over the world. Leticia trembles her hand and she keeps climbing the mountain.

Soon the twilight will thicken, and a pitch-black darkness will spread all over her.

Today is a full moon day, so if the moon emerges from the clouds, there will be no problem, but seeing the thick dark clouds, it looked far away.

The only comfort was the fact that the rain had stopped.

‘Get your mind, Leticia. Mother and father are also working for us until this time.’

Leticia cleared her mind by swallowing her dry saliva.

She could never forget last fall, when she took only seven renunciations of three brans.

No one was angry with her or scolded her at her Leticia. She just had a serious conversation with her parents for three hours.

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Nothing to be sorry for, Leticia. It would be natural for you to want to play or sell at your age.’

‘I didn’t play.’

‘We are not trying to scold you. But keep this one in mind.’

Her parents didn’t seem angry at all. It just looked sad.

‘Severan may seem like a trivial grass, but it’s like her grandmother’s lifeline. If you don’t dig properly… Her grandmother is going back.’

When I thought about it, it seemed that her breath was choked.

Leticia bite her lips. It’s easy for her to go down the mountain. Just walk down the slope.

It didn’t matter that it was dark and cold enough to freeze to the bones. It was only important that she couldn’t dig more of her Sebran for her grandmother.

Leticia eagerly dug through the mud. Severan’s peculiar soft roots were many, but the center was to find solid roots.

She couldn’t go back until she found seven more abandons. However, the only achievement of wandering in the rain was finding only two more.

Suddenly, my three-year-old brother, Paddington, recalled a story.

‘You heard that bears appear on the fortress mountain so often? I’m glad I didn’t have to go to the mountain.’

Leticia trembled.

She said that when she was her newborn baby, she never had a bear come down to her village and tear and kill one of her families.

Fortunately, no one has been killed by the bear since then, but eyewitness accounts of her have often been heard.


Something moved in the dark.

Leticia jumped out of her seat. The basket shook, but she, fortunately, did not drop Severan.

She paid attention to her without buzzing in her place. If a bear is nearby, it will have a characteristic horrible smell.

I sniffed her nose hard, but fortunately only the smell of wet grass and mud.

“I was surprised for no reason. It was a bird.”

The moment Leticia spoke out loud, not sure if she was a bird.


Her sharp screams echoed in the darkness. Leticia screamed in her stretch, grabbing a basket of precious Severin, and stepping her back.

Something of her was breaking through her darkness and approaching her.

Leticia sat down, pounding her ass. At that moment, she revealed a bright full moon through the dark clouds gradually lifted.

A pale moonlight fell before Leticia’s eyes.

“uh… … ?”

Her whimsical voice ran out of her Leticia’s mouth. Her eerie identity was a boy who looked three or four years younger than her.

Very handsome.

Of course, Leticia quickly woke up to her. She wasn’t the time to be dazzled by the face of her little boy she never saw.

“who is this?”

“… … .”

The boy, as if frightened, closed his mouth tightly and only rolled his eyes.

“Where are your parents?”

“… … .”

“Where is your house?”

“… … .”

The moment she was about to get annoyed, a thought came to her mind.

‘Isn’t it possible to speak not?’

Maybe it’s the case that you can’t even hear the sound at all.

“It’s dangerous to be here.”

Leticia talked loudly and loudly, but her boy just stared at her with her still handsome face.

Seeing her eyes shake at her own words, she was comforting that it wasn’t the case that she couldn’t hear her.

‘You can’t speak too.’

How did the dumb boy become alone in the mountains? My curiosity came up, but there was no way to solve it.

Leticia alternately looked at the frightened boy with a basket of five Sevrans.

At first, the boy’s outfit, which she had not noticed because of her face, gradually caught my eye.

The colorful embroidery and expensive-looking buttons that glowed in the moonlight were not the clothes that an ordinary son would wear.

‘The rich son?’

His face frowned.

In what rich house do you mean leaving a child who cannot speak a word alone in the mountains?

An extremely natural judgment came to mind in Leticia’s mind.

“Are you running away?”

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