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Chapter 1 The Dilemma of Chinese Medicine

On July 23, 1999,

Doctor Zhong, wearing a windbreaker, stood confidently on the podium of the Huaxia Medical College. He wrote the topic of his speech today on the blackboard with chalk.

“The predicament and development direction of Chinese medicine.” There was

an uproar from the audience.

The representatives of American medicine, the big figures of the American New Pharmaceutical Group, are all like rats that have taken rat medicine, and their faces are dark. They spent a lot of money to build such a platform for Zhong Yi, and invited so many big figures and representatives, Zhong Yi told them about Chinese medicine? Wouldn’t it be that western medicine can save the world by advocating that Western medicine saves people once again, and thus further promote their western medicine in China?

However, Zhong Yi did not respond to the reaction of the representative of the Micron Group.

As a genius who went abroad for self-examination in the 1980s and the first graduate of Harvard Medical School, he still has some confidence.

Pointing to this title, Doctor Zhong said in his characteristic low voice:

“The current dilemma of Chinese medicine comes from several aspects:

First, Chinese medicine is slow to work. This is the biggest difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine. As a patient, after getting sick What I look forward to most is the rapid recovery of the disease. This point, Chinese medicine gives people the feeling of procrastination.

Second, the inconvenience of Chinese medicine. This inconvenience comes from all aspects, the inconvenience of boiling medicine, the pain when taking medicine… It’s Western medicine, and a small pill can solve the problem.”

Doctor Zhong paused, the following is his most direct pain from the Chinese medicine doctor. His voice was even lower, giving people a sense of stability like a mountain, and said:

“Finally, I want to say that the biggest problem of Chinese medicine is that Chinese medicine lacks a standard.

The doctors of Chinese medicine are not even good. The good ones are too good, and the bad ones are bad. Too bad. Going to see a doctor is like hitting the Universiade. Unlike western medicine, as long as there are instrumental test results, the doctor’s experience plays a small role, except for western medicine and surgery.

Chinese medicine diagnosis pays attention to inquiry, but lacks a standard and is not numerical enough Transformation is basically subjective experience.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not standard enough. Unlike Western medicine, which uses chemical formulas to standardize the manufacture of medicines, while traditional Chinese medicine is not good, the year, place of production, preservation status, and brewing status all affect the efficacy of the medicine. “As

soon as Doctor Zhong’s words fell, the audience was surprised.

He, he nakedly tore off the fig leaf of Chinese medicine. The

big figures on the scene whispered to each other, I don’t know what Doctor Zhong is going to say next. A

representative of Meixin Pharmaceutical Group . The mood at this moment is particularly complicated. On the one hand, they appreciate that Dr. Zhong is not standardized enough to say that the ancient medical technique of Chinese medicine, on the other hand, they are afraid that Dr. Zhong will say something next.

So, a big man in the Meixin Pharmaceutical Group They exchanged glances.

“Interrupt him. “Meixin Pharmaceutical Group representative ordered.

Doctor Zhong was on the stage, sorting out his thoughts, and was about to continue talking.

Next, I will elaborate on my prospects for the development direction of Chinese medicine…

“Squeak. squeak. squeak. “

Doctor Zhong’s words were passed into the microphone, but there was no sound that should have been made.

Then, the on-site host urgently announced that because of the venue and security issues, this is the end of Doctor Zhong’s speech today.

Doctor Zhong’s hands were unnaturally shaken. He held it and looked at the representative of the Meixin Pharmaceutical Group.

He had been in the United States for seven years, and he understood these shameless methods by the Americans.

However, this also directly proved one point. The

Americans were afraid that he would continue to speak. , Americans are afraid that he will continue to do it. Because as long as he continues to do it, it will cause great harm to the American pharmaceutical group.

“Let’s see. “Doctor Zhong was on the stage, speaking with lips to the big figures of Meixin Pharmaceutical Group from a distance. After

stepping off the stage, the representatives of Meixin Pharmaceutical Group urgently wanted to communicate with Doctor Zhong.

They did not understand why they graduated from Harvard Medical School. Zhong doctor, will go to promote Chinese medicine?

They urgently wanted to communicate with Doctor Zhong, and wanted to tell Doctor Zhong that they had to follow their path and follow the standards of Western medicine.


Zhong Yi stepped off the stage and went straight to the exit, not giving the Meixin Pharmaceutical Group any face.

If you don’t give me face and don’t let me finish my sentence, then I won’t give you face.

Doctor Zhong colded his face and thought: Meixin Pharmaceutical Group is arrogant and arrogant in the international community. However, this is in China, and their set is here and it doesn’t work.

After learning that Dr. Zhong refused to pass through, the magnate of Meixin Pharmaceutical Group sneered. Doctor Zhong has been included in the target list.



Doctor Zhong is twenty-nine years old this year, with a neat short hair.

At this moment, he is riding a bicycle to the Health Bureau to work. The neckline of his white shirt was slightly open, and the shirt cuffs were curled right in the middle of his arms. A pair of serious eyebrows and big eyes added a touch of calmness to his cleanliness.

On the side of the road, an old lady was sitting on the ground by the side of the road, sweating profusely, her face flushed, and she was panting loudly.

Doctor Zhong is passing by her on a bicycle.

Many pedestrians on the road saw the situation of the old lady, but they all left without seeing it. For one thing, I am afraid of getting into trouble, and secondly, this is the peak time for work. Now the reform of state-owned enterprises is at its peak. Everyone is doing their best to keep their jobs and not being laid off. Where can I have time to take care of other people’s nosy. If you don’t care, someone will take care of it.

Doctor Zhong stopped the bicycle.

Still don’t care?

He hesitated for a few seconds, and looked at his watch. There was not enough working time.

But the symptoms of the old lady’s illness do not seem to be deceiving.

As a person, Doctor Zhong thought for a few seconds-he did not care about this matter. But as a doctor, he can’t ignore it.

So, Doctor Zhong stopped the bicycle and asked, “Grandma, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing someone asked her, the old lady waved her hand aggressively: “I…I’m okay…just rest for a while.”

Doctor Zhong frowned, looked up at the sun above her head, and touched the ground with her hand. temperature.

“Grandma, you can’t sit here, I will help you to sit aside.”

After finishing speaking, before the old lady answered, Zhong Yi picked up the old lady and walked to the side of the shade of the tree.

“Grandma, how long have you been uncomfortable like this?” Doctor Zhong asked.

Now it is the summer heat, the weather is hot, the human body will be dehydrated due to excessive sweating, and also due to excessive exercise and low resistance.

This symptom of the old lady now is a typical symptom of heat, and it is also what people call heat stroke.

Don’t underestimate the symptom of heatstroke. It has a rapid onset. The initial symptoms are fever, sweating, irritability, thirst, flushing face, headache, dizziness, hyperhidrosis, fatigue, weakness, nausea and vomiting, heart palpitations, and dry face Or pale, lack of concentration, uncoordinated movements, normal or elevated body temperature, etc.

If there is no emergency treatment, it is likely to develop into heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The most serious case will be multiple organ failure, and the fatality rate is higher at this stage.


“Grandma, don’t be nervous and scared, I am a doctor.” Zhongyi said in a low voice.

I don’t know if it was the stability in Doctor Zhong’s low voice or the word doctor. The old lady calmed down slowly.

“I… after I finished dancing in the morning… my whole body was hot… uncomfortable…” finished. The old lady twitched her hands and feet and clenched her teeth. She was especially afraid to ask: “I…I won’t have any major problems, right?”

“Don’t worry. I’m here. Grandma, I’ll deal with you urgently.” Zhong Yi confidently asked. Said.

He quickly ran to buy a bottle of water, and sips to the old lady. Open the collar of the old lady easily.

The emergency treatment for patients with summer temperature is to take her out of the warm environment, quickly replenish water, and quickly dissipate heat.

Sure enough, the old lady’s symptoms eased in a while. But her hands and feet were still twitching slightly.

Doctor Zhong urgently pressed the old lady’s left and right Quchi points.

After a while, the old lady’s convulsions disappeared.

“I, I’m much better. Boy. I thank you.”

“I’ll take you back.” Zhong Yi said: “You still have to take a good rest these two days. Don’t do too much exercise for the time being and don’t walk in the sun. “

After that, Doctor Zhong picked up the old lady and left.

Following the direction of the old lady, she walked to the old lady’s home. The old lady’s daughter-in-law exclaimed: “Mom. What’s wrong with you?”

“Heat stroke…” The old lady and Zhong Yi replied in unison.

“No, I’ll take you to see a doctor right away.” The old lady’s daughter-in-law said.

The doctor here naturally refers to Western medicine.

Hearing that they were going to see a western doctor, Doctor Zhong swallowed the prescription and diet therapy he wanted to tell the old lady’s family.

Saying goodbye to the old lady’s family, Doctor Zhong has an unspeakable sorrow in his heart.

In today’s world, Western medicine is more trustworthy than traditional Chinese medicine, especially for such emergencies. It seems that not going to the hospital for a full-body examination is always worrying.

As Doctor Zhong said, Chinese medicine! It’s always not convenient enough. Not convincing enough.

According to Zhong Yi’s idea: use 6 grams of antelope horn tablets, 9 grams of mulberry leaves, 15 grams of prunella, 30 grams of raw plaster, 10 grams of fritillaria, 10 grams of Uncaria, 25 grams of rehmannia, 15 grams of chrysanthemum, and raw white peony 15 grams, 15 grams of Fushenmu, 15 grams of Zhuru, 15 grams of dog liver vegetables. Decoction in water, twice a day.

Symptoms can be relieved in about three days.

But what are these for? No one believes it yet.

Doctor Zhong checked the time, and it was eleven in the morning. If you don’t go back to work quickly, the leader will get angry.


Doctor Zhong returned to the place where he parked his bike. Has his bike been taken? He bought it for half a month’s salary!

In the early morning, Doctor Zhong was aggrieved. You can only use car number 11 to walk to the office.

When he arrived at the office, Doctor Zhong’s white shirt was half wet and his body was hot.

Doctor Zhong quickly poured himself two glasses of warm water.

The colleague on the side asked in astonishment: “Why did our top students come here? He got wet all over.”

“Sent an old lady with heatstroke home.” Zhong Yi said casually.

If others use this reason, colleagues will question whether that person is lying. However, Zhongyi’s reason is very convincing.

This is a kind of feeling that unconsciously exudes from Doctor Zhong’s body-steady and steady.

“You won’t prescribe another prescription, do you?” the colleague asked casually.

“I wanted to drive it, but it didn’t. Their family said they were going to the hospital, so I didn’t have much trouble.” Zhongyi said in a low voice.

“You are doing this right. Doing more is better than doing less. Besides, there is nothing wrong with going to the hospital for a check-up. It is convenient and relieved to see a western

doctor .” Doctor Zhong looked at everyone with an expression that everything would be fine when they were handed over to the western doctor . It’s hard to say anything. Only secretly make up his mind. Want to reverse this situation.

“Zhong is a very talented student, Yang Ju is looking for you.” The colleague gave Doctor Zhong a careful look.

Obviously it was not a good thing for Yang Ju to find him.

After calculating in his mind, Doctor Zhong naturally thought that it was the matter of yesterday’s speech. Meixin Pharmaceutical Group is about to start making trouble for him.

However, he did not panic on his face, and walked to the office of the Yang Bureau with a steady pace.

Facts have proved that Doctor Zhong was right.

The approach of MEMSIC is even more shameless and steep.

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