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Chapter 2 Punishment of Doctor Zhong

As soon as he entered the office of the Bureau of Yang, Doctor Zhong felt that the air was freezing.

Bureau Yang and Secretary Du, who was in charge of health care, were sitting on the sofa. At first sight, the doctor came in and their eyes fell on the high-achieving student who graduated from Harvard Medical School.

Doctor Zhong felt the pressure, but still calmly asked: “Ju Yang, what are you looking for with me?”

Yang Ju took a high look at Doctor Zhong. It is rare that Doctor Zhong can calm down under such a great pressure.

“I received a report today that you were practicing medicine without a license at the bridge entrance of Hongxing Road a few days ago. How do you explain this?” Yang Ju said calmly. His calmness is more terrifying than anger, like the tranquility before a storm.

Hearing about practicing medicine without a license, Doctor Zhong felt nervous. I thought: Here comes.

The retaliation and targeting of Mexin Pharmaceutical Group is coming. And it came very steep.

This retaliation is very tricky. It is not a pressure from above, nor is it a means of indiscriminate use. It is a trivial matter, but it is a trivial matter related to Doctor Zhong’s future.

The certificate mentioned by the Bureau of Yang, whose full name is called the Physician’s License, is a certificate that evaluates whether an applicant for a physician’s qualification has the professional knowledge and skills necessary for the work of a physician. Last year, the “Physician Law” passed by Huaxia stipulates that a doctor’s license is required to engage in medical work.

However, Zhong Yi, who returned to China this year, missed the registration time. Therefore, Zhong Yi has no doctor’s license.

This matter was quickly and accurately grasped by Meixin Pharmaceutical Group.

This matter is particularly difficult to handle. Even if everyone knows that Zhong Yi is a high-achieving student who graduated from Harvard Medical School, even everyone knows that Zhong Yi has a good medical skills. However, no certificate means no certificate.

“I have nothing to say about this matter. I did it. I am indeed practicing medicine without a license.” Zhong Yi directly admitted.

“Huh? There is nothing else I want to say?” Yang Ju asked, narrowing his eyes.

He also didn’t expect that Doctor Zhong was so rascal that he just recognized it without explaining a word.

This is equivalent to throwing the problem to the Yang Bureau again.

“Yeah. There is nothing else I want to say. Leaders, I don’t have a medical qualification certificate. This is an ironclad fact. But as a medical practitioner, I cannot die without saving. Since I was willing to choose to save people, then I We must bear the consequences of saving people.” Zhongyi said in a low voice calmly.

“You are a good one.” When Yang Ju heard what Dr. Zhong said, he only thought that he was defeated by Dr. Zhong. Can you say that Doctor Zhong is wrong? What’s wrong with saving people?

But it can’t be said that Doctor Zhong is right. After all, the law has been promulgated and the rules and regulations are there. Huaxia is now demanding regulations in all walks of life.

Things are so stalemate. Yang Ju kept a blank face and didn’t speak, wondering how many times he had scolded Doctor Zhong.

Secretary Du, who is in charge of health care, sat in the main seat without speaking, looking at Doctor Zhong without saying a word.

“Then you said, what should we do now?” Yang Ju broke the silence.

“I made a mistake, please lead me to punish me.” Zhong Yi said calmly.

With his attitude of beating and scolding, Bureau Yang couldn’t say anything.

Yang Ju closed his eyes, as if calming down his anger, and asked: “Tell me about the patient’s condition at the time and why you didn’t call the emergency call but you wanted to get started by yourself.”


Zhong doctor recalled the situation at the time. , Said calmly: “The patient was fifty years old. At that time, he had sudden heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and his face was particularly ugly, with dizziness symptoms. I stepped up to take the pulse and found that his heartbeat was abnormally fast, accompanied by panic and nervousness. Emotions.”

Yang Ju’s expression eased a little. After all, Doctor Zhong is a person with real abilities, and such a person can become a good doctor.

“This is not the reason why you didn’t call the emergency call but started by yourself.”

“Yes, you are right. But I can’t let the patient face this kind of panic and tension alone at the foot of the bridge, so my first step is like comforting. The patient’s emotions are improved. Coupled with pressing the acupoints to make the patient less nervous.”

“Have you taken the medicine?”

Yang Ju asked.

”   Used .”

“What kind of medicine?”

“Homemade Guipi Pills. Made from Codonopsis, Fried Atractylodes, Moxibustion Astragalus, Moxibustion Licorice, Poria, Polygala, Fried Jujube Seeds, Longan Meat, Angelica, Muxiang, and Chinese Dates. It has the effects of replenishing qi, invigorating the spleen, nourishing blood and soothing the nerves. It is used for the deficiency of the heart and spleen, shortness of breath, palpitations, insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness and dizziness


Yang Ju sighed, saying that this matter is not big or not, but not small. It all depends on how he handles it and how to give an explanation to the reporter.

After Doctor Zhong finished speaking, the expression on his face did not change. Still very stable.

Correct! The strategy of MEMSIC is very quick, accurate and ruthless, and the target is very sharp, but they overlooked one thing.

This is China. It is the Chinese of Chinese people.

“Okay. Then I will give you a penalty on behalf of the bureau. You will be fined one month’s salary and a small penalty. You accept this punishment.”

“Follow the arrangements in the bureau.”

Of course, Doctor Zhong knows. This punishment is lifted high, and then dropped gently. Use administrative punishment instead of other punishments.

The biggest mistake made by MEMSIC is to underestimate the protection of Huaxia people for its own people, and underestimate the flexible use of rules by Huaxia people.

This is not the United States. They think that vicious methods are not easy to use here.

In most cases, Huaxia people will not be cruel to their own people.

After all, everyone has a ruler for judging good and evil.

Bureau Yang finished the punishment for Doctor Zhong, then turned his head and said to Secretary Du: “Old Du, you see that our bureau has also punished it. That’s all for it. After all, the young man is also trying to save people. The young man returns from his studies. It’s not easy.”

Secretary Du glanced at his colleagues for many years, and said with earnestness to Zhong Yi: “What you did is right. But you must pay more attention to the method. Since our country promulgated the “Physician Law” last year, we must act in accordance with the law. Especially if you are still working at the Health Bureau, you should pay more attention to the impact. Don’t let outsiders grab the handle of the procedure.”

This “outsider” uses the special essence. Who is an outsider?

People who are naturally useful but unpopular are outsiders.

The insider who was taught to know that he was wrong, Doctor Zhong, quickly accepted the guidance and education of Secretary Du.

“I must deeply reflect on my mistakes.” Zhong Yi said.

“It’s not enough to reflect deeply, and strive to get the doctor’s practice certificate as soon as possible. I said that you, a high-achieving student who graduated from Harvard Medical School, wasted your youth in the bureau. You should go to the front line and do some practical things.” Yang The bureau stood up and patted Doctor Zhong on the shoulder.

Withdrew from Yang Ju’s office.

After a thrilling pass, Doctor Zhong did not let go of his heart.

Meixin Pharmaceutical Group is like a poisonous snake, staring at him in the dark. As long as Doctor Zhong is not careful, Meixin Pharmaceutical Group will show his poisonous fangs from the dark.

But Doctor Zhong did not regret it.

Doctor Zhong straightened his waist for the idea he had in mind.

Isn’t it just a Mexin Pharmaceutical Group? You want me to die, I can’t die. Not only can I not die, I have to live alive and well.

In the office of Bureau Yang.

When Doctor Zhong left, Secretary Du and Yang Ju’s two old pipes lit the cigarette.

“This kid is not bad. The education is good, the medical skills are good, the attitude is good, and the methods may not be so bad. However, one thing is worthy of recognition, the heart is right.” Yang Ju exaggerated the doctor Zhong uncharacteristically.

“The heart is right, this is very important.” Secretary Du gave a final word.

Xinzheng, it is said that Zhong Yi’s red heart toward the motherland, not nostalgic for foreign scenery, graduated with honors, and then returned to China.

The heart is righteous, it is the recognition of Zhong Yi’s traditional Chinese medicine from his motherland.

The heart is righteous, it is said that Zhong Yi’s heart pretends to be healing and saving people. It is not a struggle for fame and fortune, a struggle between superior and inferior, and a struggle between right and wrong. This is very important.

“But to make a mistake is to make a mistake. Besides, Meixin Pharmaceutical Group is watching. You know, we have several imported drugs that need to be obtained through them.” Secretary Du said with a sigh.

What is reality, this is reality! If you fall behind, you will be beaten.

Aggrieved? Of course I am aggrieved. But what can be done?

“So, I ask Secretary Du to punish Doctor Zhong severely. At least give Mexin Pharmaceutical Group an explanation.” Director Yang said righteously. But the cunning flashing in his eyes didn’t say so.

“How to punish?” Secretary Du Old God asked in the ground.

“Naturally, Dr. Zhong should be decentralized, the lower the better. The president of Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine retired last week. Isn’t Dr. Zhong that both academic qualifications and medical skills need to be tempered. How about we adjust his job and let him go to Jiang Did the state and county hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine have a hard time?” Director Yang said.

Director Yang said everything in order.

Compared with the capital, Jiangzhou County is of course decentralized.

The Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is even more incomparable than the Beijing Health Bureau. One is underground and the other is in the sky.

Besides, the Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was poor and white, and had been on the verge of bankruptcy for several years. Every year the finance must allocate funds for it so that it can survive.

Doctor Zhong went to Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so naturally he went to live a hard life.

But that’s the dean. How many times have such opportunities in a person’s life can be achieved in one step?

This is a typical light fall and dark rise.

“The young man should make him suffer.” Secretary Du agreed with Director Yang’s words very much.

This will also allow Doctor Zhong to temporarily avoid the edge of the Meixin Pharmaceutical Group. I don’t believe that our Chinese medical care has always been so weak.

Secretary Du and Bureau Yang quickly set the tone. Let Doctor Zhong go down and suffer.

Du Shuji course, have their own things to be busy, processed things bell medicine, ready to leave the board of health.

Unfortunately, Doctor Zhong just passed Secretary Du.

“Boy, this thing was done well. It was a timely confession, there was nothing wrong with saving people, there was nothing wrong with the medical treatment, and your Yang Bureau had a good impression of you. I have not seen him praise you for so many years. Who.”

“It’s not as good as you taught.” Zhongyi said in a low voice.

“Remember the meaning of the name your grandfather gave you, and also remember your ideals at this moment. Don’t forget your original aspirations, and you can always be there.” Secretary Du said solemnly.

“Okay. Uncle.” Zhong Yi was very steady.

As mentioned earlier, here is China. Huaxia has its special customs and relationships.

A person’s interpersonal web is like a huge and invisible spider web, hidden in every corner of life on weekdays.

If you want to make troubles here, you have to be careful.

After speaking, Zhong Yi and Secretary Du passed by, a doctor who was still thinking about the revival of Chinese medicine. One is the leader in charge of medical care.

Go relationship?

This tall hat bell doctor doesn’t wear it. Because he didn’t know anything, he just admitted a mistake.


Secretary Du didn’t say anything in front of Yang Ju. He didn’t say that Doctor Zhong was his nephew, and he didn’t say anything to benefit Doctor Zhong. He only severely criticized Zhong Yi.

However, the matter of Doctor Zhong going to Jiangzhou County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital soon settled. He received a transfer order to immediately go to Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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