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Chapter 3 Playing Cards Not According to Routines

Why do people work?

One is to support the family and earn money. The second is to achieve one’s ideals, commonly known as having a good time.

People often can only choose one from them.

Doctor Zhong is more greedy, he doesn’t want to make a choice, he wants both.

After receiving the work transfer order, Zhong Yi came to Jiangzhou County non-stop, and successfully completed the handover work in the Jiangzhou County Health Bureau. Under Director Wang’s personal leadership, Doctor Zhong took office.

“Dean Zhong, I heard Mr. Yang mentioned that you are young and promising after graduating from abroad, giving up favorable conditions and returning to work in China. When you come to our Jiangzhou County, you must manage the Jiangzhou County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital well. , Let us make great progress in the medical level of Jiangzhou County.” said the director of Jiangzhou County Health Bureau Wang.

“Definitely live up to the trust.” Zhong Doctor said confidently.

As a doctor, Doctor Zhong’s ability to detect words and colors is not bad at all. As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Director Wang’s face with a smile.


Doctor Zhong knew it at a glance, I’m afraid it’s hard to do. But his face remained unchanged.

If things are not difficult, he won’t be in his turn to come. This time, it can be said that Doctor Zhong has reached the sky in one step.

Came to the door of Jiangzhou County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Doctor Zhong took a breath.

He was prepared for the poor conditions of the Chinese Medicine Hospital, but he did not expect the hardware conditions of the Chinese Medicine Hospital to be so bad.

The outpatient, inpatient, administrative, etc. of Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine are all packed in a two-story building. The small building is a building in the style of the former Soviet Union, without any decoration on the outer wall, and the inside is all concrete.

Doctor Zhong looked up and saw the five characters “Jiangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine” on the roof of the small building, and only the two characters Jiang Yi remained on it, crumbling.

Walking into the hospital lobby, it was very dark, and the lights needed to be turned on during the day. But the light is not easy to use, flashing. It has the potential to make ghost movies.

This condition is really difficult.

Doctor Zhong saw that there were no patients in the Chinese Medicine Hospital, and even doctors and nurses were not on duty.

“Little bell! Don’t look at our Jiangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in tatters. It has a long history. It’s from…” Seeing the appearance of Doctor Zhong as steady as Mount Tai, Director Wang opened the chatterbox and talked endlessly. Talking about the history of Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Jiangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the first hospital opened in Jiangzhou County, with a history dating back to the Republic of China. It is worthy of a long history and cultural heritage.

Its geographical location is not bad either. On the left is most of the industrial plant in Jiangzhou, and on the right is the urban living area. It can even be said that it is located in the transportation hub of Jiangzhou County.

The industrial plant area in Jiangzhou County is very large and can have tens of thousands of employees when the benefits are the best. But now with the change of economic direction, it has slowly declined.

The urban living area of Jiangzhou is divided into the new city and the old city. In the new city, buildings with more than five floors have been repaired. The old city still retains most of the old houses with red bricks and black tiles. The permanent population of the entire county is at least 100,000.

However, these have nothing to do with the Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Jiangzhou County now strongly supports the development of Jiangzhou County People’s Hospital, introducing orthopedics, pediatrics, laboratory, dermatology, internal medicine, eye, ear, mouth and nose, etc. The outpatient building and inpatient building are beautifully repaired.

In a word, whoever comes to see Chinese medicine if there is a western doctor?

I get better slowly, it is troublesome to decoct the medicine, and seeing a doctor is just like getting lucky.

Doctor Zhong took over such a stall.

“Not bad.” Doctor Zhong looked at the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and forced a compliment from his mouth.

Not bad? Wang Ju on the side looked at Doctor Zhong in surprise, and couldn’t keep up with Doctor Zhong’s thoughts.

But he can’t slap himself in the face. No, he continued to introduce Dr. Zhong: “Little Zhong, don’t look at our TCM hospital. Although the sparrow is small, it has all five internal organs. There are internal medicine, surgery, The inpatient department, the administrative and financial department, the logistics department, and the pharmacy are all available.”

“How many doctors and staff are there in each department?” Zhong Yi asked.

“Some two, some three. From this moment on, this is your TCM hospital. You have to learn about it by yourself. Dean Zhong, don’t live up to the county’s expectations and the people’s commitment to health. Ah!” Director Wang said half-jokingly and half-formally.

A few people walked up to the second floor unhurriedly, Zhang Chong, chief of the administrative department of the Chinese Medicine Hospital, welcomed them into the dean’s office.

“Okay, that’s all for today’s handover. If you have something, you can understand with Section Chief Zhang.”

Doctor Zhong went downstairs to send Director Wang away, and returned to the dean’s office.

Zhang Chong, the chief of the administrative department, has been behind Doctor Zhong.

“Dean Zhong, do you think I should first take you to understand the various departments of the hospital? Or take you to the family dormitory arranged for you to settle?” Zhang Chong said kindly.

“No hurry!” Doctor Zhong said while sitting in the position of the dean.

Not urgent? What does this mean?

Zhang Chong turned nine turns in his heart, and still couldn’t guess what the new dean meant?

He wasn’t as friendly as his face showed in his heart. Originally, Zhang Chong had been infinitely close to the position of the dean, and he knew that the appearance of a Zhong doctor completely disrupted his plan.

He must find a way to let Doctor Zhong retreat, or keep Doctor Zhong firmly in his hands.

At first glance, this kid has little experience, doesn’t have much hair on his lips, and is insecure.

Zhang Chongyue looked down on Doctor Zhong so much, his face looked more respectful, and he looked like he welcomed Doctor Zhong, the dean.

Doctor Zhong doesn’t care what the chief of the administrative department thinks. In short, he doesn’t want to follow Zhang Chong’s idea.

“Section Chief Zhang, I will trouble you with one thing. Go and ask all the doctors who work in the Chinese Medicine Hospital to come to my office.” Zhong said in a deep voice.

Will the doctor at work come here? What medicine is sold in this kid gourd?

Zhang Chong didn’t know how to respond for a while. He stammered: “There are some doctors in the hospital who are not on duty today.”

There are many reasons for not being on duty. Some go to other small clinics to make extra money, some pick up children, some Even ran out to play mahjong. All in all, the reasons are strange, but in the final analysis, there is only one reason, there is no patient. What are you doing here?

“Go and find them when you’re away. If they don’t come… I have been hearing a word in the news recently-laid off. I don’t mind acting on the power of my dean. I think Chief Zhang will understand it clearly. Do you convey what I mean?” Zhong Yi said.

A few cold sweats broke out unnaturally on Zhang Chong’s head. Impossible, how can I be suppressed by a kid who is less than 30 years old.

“Okay, I must help Dean Zhong to convey it well.” Zhang Chong said with a smile.

After Doctor Zhong gave the order, he didn’t care how Zhang Chong conveyed it. He stood by the window and looked at the scenery within the scope of the Chinese Medicine Hospital outside the window.

I xxx… there is a vegetable plot? The family dormitory is well built, with five floors.

Doctor Zhong saw all the configuration of the Chinese Medicine Hospital in his eyes. I thought:

Most doctors are not on duty during working hours, which proves that the heart of the Chinese Medicine Hospital is loose! Backed by large counties and industrial factories, there are no patients yet. This shows that the hospital has no reputation!

A two-story small broken building, with offices and clinics crowded together, the basic conditions are extremely poor!

This Chinese medicine hospital is not easy to take. However, bad is better than nothing.

Doctor Zhong decided that if there is no condition to create conditions, he must also go up.

He sat back in the chair of the dean again calmly.


The chair fell down at the sound, but Doctor Zhong responded sensitively and fell to the ground without embarrassment, but his face was not pretty.

Zhang Chong spirit back to Bell Medical pot psychology.

He informed the doctor that he informed: “Le Shou, the dean will let you go to the office. If it is less than half an hour, the dean will let you go to work.”

“Teacher Dai

Gaodai, the new dean wants you to come to his office immediately, otherwise he will let you go. Yes, even if you have worked for forty years, you will be laid off.” “Director Peng Lin, the new dean wants you to go to his office. Otherwise, he has the power to be laid off.”

“Brother Jane, come back soon, don’t play mahjong. The new dean wants you to go to his office, otherwise he may have to take the surgery. The new official has three fires.

“Teacher Zhuang Guoyan, the new dean wants me to convey his meaning. Let you go to his office immediately, or he will let you go to work.”

“Sister Meng, the new dean is angry and asks you to go to his office immediately, otherwise he might People will be laid off.”

“Wang Ailun…”

“Yu Yuling…”

Zhang Chong conveyed one by one the important doctors of the Chinese Medicine Hospital one by one, the meaning is also the meaning expressed by Zhong Yi, but well… the Chinese language is profound and profound. , Just a change of tone, the meaning expressed is different.

This time, Zhang Chong dug a big hole for Doctor Zhong with full confidence.

When everyone heard Zhang Chong’s transmission, the first reaction was: I have a leg with his grandmother. Where did he come from? Want to take me for surgery right away? Wait, I want to make him look good. Don’t show him some color, he doesn’t know why the flowers are so red.

With anger, everyone came to Zhong Yi as quickly as possible.

There is no lack of fear of being laid off. If you are not laid off, you will get a salary of several hundred yuan and one thousand yuan every month. When you are laid off, your livelihood becomes a problem. Is it possible to become a quack doctor?

Staying in the Chinese Medicine Hospital, at any rate, the wind is blowing and the rain is not getting wet, with his back leaning against the country, and there is no need to look at the face of the private boss, and he is not afraid of the patient making trouble.

In a short while, Doctor Zhong’s office was full of people, and everyone’s faces were still angry.

It must be Zhang Chong’s ghost.

Doctor Zhong was clear in his heart, but he was not flustered, his eyes crossed the faces of everyone, and his body was a little more calm.

Really sit still.

This is the first reaction of many doctors to Zhong Yi.

The second reaction is of course, how old is this kid? It’s too small, right? He dressed neatly and cleanly. Why did he become the dean?

Some of the doctors couldn’t bear it, and an old man who was almost 60 years old stood up.

Dai Gao, the oldest physician in the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“President, what do you want the old man to do? The old man has been in medicine for almost forty years, and he has seen more patients than you have ever seen.” Dai Gaoqi Yuxuan said.

Doctor Zhong raised his head and glanced at Dai Gao, and then asked in a very sincere tone: “Do you have a certificate?”

“What?” Dai Gao asked incomprehensibly, without understanding what Doctor Zhong meant.

“I ask you, do you have a doctor’s license? If not, try to get the exam as soon as possible. You are the mainstay of our hospital. Your experience is our precious wealth.” Zhong Yi said sincerely.

Dego: I??? Should I be happy? Is it time to be angry?

Hold it, Doctor Zhong is holding it. And he held him very high. But what does it mean to call him research?

Dai Gao looked dazed, and didn’t know what Doctor Zhong wanted to express.

What does Doctor Zhong mean?

Everyone was at a loss, and suddenly they couldn’t understand the new chief’s card routine.

“Dr Pang Lin, you have a card?”

“There.” “Jane

proper doctor, you have a card?”

“There.” “Dr.

Meng Ruo, you have a card?”


Bell doctors to medical The four doctors asked one by one, and all got affirmative answers.

He nodded in satisfaction. It seems that the quality of his subordinates is not bad, at least, they have proof!

Just when everyone thought that Doctor Zhong raised his hand high and wanted to put it down gently.

Doctor Zhong looked up and asked three certified doctors in the internal medicine department.

“Then you help me see, what’s wrong with me?”

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