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Chapter 4 Pool Depth

What’s your illness? What’s wrong. If there is no problem, why do you ask everyone when you come up, what is your disease?

Everyone’s reaction did not exceed Doctor Zhong’s expectations. Everyone had an expression of impatientness. They couldn’t figure out what medicine Zhong Doctor’s gourd sold?

“Everyone is a doctor with a certificate. I am idle today anyway. It just happens that you have a consultation for me. Don’t you have any comments?” Doctor Zhong said calmly. The implication is that I will hold back any comments, anyway, today I will follow my routine.

Is this going to give us power?

This idea flashed through the minds of the doctors at the Chinese Medicine Hospital.

“They must have no opinion on what the dean said. Everyone must work together to help the dean diagnose and diagnose the dean’s illness.” The oldest Dai Gao sat on a chair beside him.

What to look at? Didn’t you see that the dean asked you to see a doctor? Anyway, I have no certificate.

Dai Gao looked like an old god was there.

“In that case, let’s help the dean diagnose and diagnose, do you guys say?” Jian Shi from the internal medicine department stood up and said.

This fencer.

Everyone murmured in their heads, not wanting to show it on their faces.

“Since you are sick and we are a doctor, there is nothing to see for you. But seeing a doctor should look like a doctor. This is the dean’s office, not a place to see a doctor. If the dean wants to see a doctor, please contact us Take a trip to the internal medicine room.” Peng Linyi, the director of internal medicine, said verbally.

“Okay. Then let’s go to the outpatient department of internal medicine.” Doctor Zhong stood up and walked out, acting vigorously, without giving others time to refuse.

He had a very good impression of Peng Lin. Peng Lin was a doctor who had just been on duty. Secondly, Peng Lin’s attitude at the moment satisfied Doctor Zhong. This is the attitude that a doctor should have: “When you see a doctor, you will never refuse a patient. But you have to listen to me. After all, I am the doctor.”

Everyone moved to the outpatient department of internal medicine.

Everyone’s faces were a bit solemn, and they didn’t know what the new dean was going to do? Is it really sick? Still want to try everyone’s water?

Doctor Zhong didn’t care about everyone’s thoughts, he sat down on the patient’s seat. I touched the table top with my hand and found that there was dust on the table.

He didn’t say anything, the first one to look at was the oldest Dego.

“You are always the oldest of all doctors and the best medical skills. Would you like to help me diagnose and diagnose what I have?” Doctor Zhong said calmly to Dai Gao.

Dai Gao was named by Doctor Zhong and a smile appeared on his face.

Then let your kid see and see my old man’s ability.

Dai Gao sat opposite Doctor Zhong, did not speak or feel his pulse, staring at Doctor Zhong.

“Did you know the diagnosis method of our Chinese medicine doctor?” Dai Gao asked. He wanted to give Doctor Zhong a predicament first, and let Doctor Zhong know how good his old man was.

“Look, smell, ask, cut.” Zhong Yi replied.

It’s still a little insightful, today my old man will show you how good I am.

Dai Gao put on reading glasses and looked at Doctor Zhong’s face carefully. When he saw the doctor, his expression was normal, his expression was natural, and his eyes were bright and energetic. Just talked to him, the language was clear, and the voice was calm. Look at the color of Doctor Zhong’s skin, it is rosy and shiny. Looking at the shape of Doctor Zhong, although the bones are not big, the muscles are full, and the body is neither thin nor fat.

“Let me see it again,” Dego said.

He looked at Doctor Zhong’s five senses and saw that Doctor Zhong’s eyes were clear. The eye is the orifice of the liver, and it can be seen that Doctor Zhong basically has no major problems. He looked down from Doctor Zhong’s ears, mouth and nose all the way.

Wearing a high chest is a success, Doctor Zhong does not have any disease, and all this is testing them today.

“According to the old man’s 40 years of experience in seeing a doctor, the dean, you are not sick, only a little bit more humid, the old man prescribes two sets of medicine for you to treat you.” Dai Gao speaks very well, and he highlights himself. His medical skills are brilliant, and he has not completely beaten Zhong Yi’s face.

After saying this, Dai Gao looked at Doctor Zhong triumphantly.

Dai Gao thought that his words were very good for Doctor Zhong, but this was not what Doctor Zhong wanted.

Therefore, Doctor Zhong doesn’t give a high face when he speaks.

“No. Dr. Dai, your diagnosis is wrong.” Doctor Zhong denied Dai Gao’s diagnosis.

“Impossible.” Dai Gao furiously.

After practicing medicine for so many years, he hasn’t been so denied before, and now a hairy boy dares to deny his answer.

“I said you are not sick, you are not sick. If you don’t believe me, let’s go to the county hospital for a full-body examination.” Dai Gao vowed.

“No need.” Zhong Yi was not intimidated by Dai Gao’s remarks about reliance on the old.

He watched Dai Gao unhurriedly, and then said calmly in a low voice: “Dr. Dai, your nose is green, and your nose belongs to the spleen and lungs in Chinese medicine, so your spleen and lungs are cold.

I just observed that your tongue is blue. purple, belong too heavy cold and heat, dry and disability allowance. fold pale tongue cracks, Qi and Yin deficiency, coupled with talk tremble, liver wind. tongue pale gray, cold eyes.

but you speak, but the mid-full, It also proves that your heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys are all fine.

Then you can only have yin-cold condensation in your stomach, and you have habitual constipation! There may even be slight blood in the stool!”

Zhong Yi said. At the exit, Dai Gao’s face suddenly changed, and the expressions of the people around him were also different.

How did he know? Did you meet an expert? This kid…

The expression on Dai Gao’s face was dark and dark, he stubbornly wanted to say negative, but the doctors around knew that he had this old problem, and he couldn’t deny it at this time.

“You belong to cold secretion. You only need to Wentong to open up the constipation. You are an old doctor for forty years. You must know this better than me. You have to take care of your body. You are always the wealth of our Chinese Medicine Hospital. Ah.”

Doctor Zhong said smoothly, with undeniable confidence in his tone.

Somewhat capable.

Dai Gao was put on a few high hats by Doctor Zhong, and he didn’t care about Doctor Zhong’s refutation. I thought: This kid is a bit capable, and it seems that I will look at him a few times later.

He stood up and stepped aside.

Other doctors, look at me, and I will look at you. Only then did you realize that this new dean is not a idiot, but has some skill.

It’s amazing to be able to see Dai Gao’s body only through observation in such a short time! Awesome!

When I think of Zhong Yi’s great medical skills, but also put on such a battle, then this is a discussion among colleagues.

Meng Ruo, who is also an internal medicine department, is eager to try.

“Then let me help you see the dean.” Meng Ruo said.

“Okay.” Doctor Zhong asked the only woman present in the internal medicine department to sit down.

Meng Ruo is about forty years old, even though she is only forty, she has become a grandmother this year.

“Dean, Dr. Meng is a good hand in our internal medicine, good at gynecology and andrology.” Someone quipped.

“Don’t avoid doctors, Dr. Meng has worked hard. How do you want to diagnose?” Zhong said.

Meng Ruo saw Zhong Yi sitting still, she didn’t dare to hold it up like Dai Gao.

She first asked Doctor Zhong to stretch her tongue out naturally, and she could see the coating, body and texture of her tongue clearly. There is no major problem, which proves that Doctor Zhong is in good health.

Then listen to the strong and weak voice of Doctor Zhong, the righteousness is strong. Breathing is normal and Qi is not sick.

“The tone is normal and there is no indigestion. There is no problem with the stomach,” Meng Ruo said.

“The dean, I’ll ask you some simple questions.”

Doctor Zhong nodded, knowing that Meng Ruo had entered the questioning step.

Generally speaking, doctor Zhong’s diagnostic questions account for a large proportion, and patients will take the initiative to express their discomfort. The doctor then asks some questions based on his own experience to determine what the disease is.

There are not many doctors who relied on age and experience like Dai Gao.

“Dean, do you feel cold or hot? Do you have a history of allergies to temperature changes or the surrounding environment?” Meng Ruo asked.

“Not cold, not hot. No history of allergies.” Zhong doctor answered honestly.

“Do you usually sweat?”


“Is there any pain in the whole body? Or weakness in the limbs? Is the chest tight?”

“The chest is slightly tight.” I

found it.

Meng Ruo smiled inwardly, it seemed that the dean’s fault was here. However, there is nothing wrong with observing him in other places. Could it be the cause of internal medicine?

So Meng Ruo said, “Dean, would you like to see the surgery of our Chinese Medicine Hospital? Our Surgery teacher Zhuang Guoyan is a veteran surgeon for many years, and Dr. Le Shou is also young and promising.”

Zhong Yi looked towards the surgery. When the two looked over, they saw a man of about fifty years old with a black face, looking at Doctor Zhong seriously, as if really looking for something wrong with Doctor Zhong.

This dark-faced man should be solemn. And Zhuang Guoyan, with a childish face, at least two hundred catties of fat, should be the happy life that Meng Ruo said.

Le Shou looked eager to try, and wanted to go forward to help Doctor Zhong.

“You are in your 30s, keep your focus!” Zhuang Guoyan suppressed Le Shou.

“Oh. Director.” Le Shou’s face was unwilling, but solemn and majestic. If Le Shou kept being solemn at the moment, Zhuang Guoyan would take care of it.

The solemn suppression, Le Shou’s eagerness and unwillingness.

Doctor Zhong looked at this scene. The heart of Le Shou is available!

He said to Zhuang Guoyan: “Director Zhuang, do you need to help me see?”

“Dean. You lie on the bed first.” Zhuang Guoyan said.

According to Zhuang Guo’s solemn words, Doctor Zhong lay on a hospital bed. The hospital bed exudes a smell, it is not unclean, it is a decadent smell.

Zhuang Guoyan started, pressing back and forth on Doctor Zhong’s chest.

“Is it boring here?”

“Yes!” Zhong doctor agreed.

“Does it

hurt here?” “It doesn’t hurt.”

“Does it feel painful when I press it?”


“Is there a tingling feeling here?”


Zhuang Guoyan asked one by one. Shaking his head, he didn’t find any surgical problems with Doctor Zhong.

“Dean, you have no problems with surgery.” Zhuang Guo said firmly.

“Yeah. Would you like Doctor Le Shou to try?” Doctor Zhong said while lying on the bed.

As soon as Dr. Zhong’s words fell, Zhuang Guoyan’s face went dark again.

“I haven’t seen anything wrong, is it possible that he can still see it? There is no need to waste the dean’s time.” Zhuang Guo solemnly refused.


Doctor Zhong continued following Zhuang Guoyan’s words, seeing the expression on Le Shou’s face even more ugly.

He is really a person whose face is full of joy and anger.

Doctor Zhong finally set his sights on Peng Lin, the director of internal medicine. In the whole internal medicine department, the old, the old, the female, the sleek and smooth, there is not much ability that can not be taken down.

Doctor Zhong wanted to see Peng Lin’s skills.

“Director Peng Lin just asked me to come down to the internal medicine department, so let Director Peng show me the last one?” Doctor Zhong asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” Peng Lin’s face was neither sad nor happy. If no one else fails, I must be proud, and there is no tension in the last one.

Peng Lin asked Doctor Zhong to place his hand on the table and press Doctor Zhong’s pulse with his fingertips.

“You are the real pulse. People who are not ill can see the real pulse, which is a manifestation of full righteousness and good viscera function.” Peng Lin said.

Isn’t this the same as not saying it?

Everyone was disappointed.

Suddenly, Peng Lin went straight to the cause and asked: “How do you sleep?”

Doctor Zhong finally showed a little smile on his face at this moment, and said: “Not good.”

“Insomnia is undoubtedly proved. That is the insomnia that people often say. Falling asleep. Difficulty or easy to wake up, unable to fall asleep normally after waking up. Or sometimes sleep, sometimes wake up.” Peng Lin said.

That’s it!

Everyone suddenly realized that there was a slight change in the look at Peng Lin.

Just when everyone was ready to express their compliments to Peng Lin.

Doctor Zhong shook his head.


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