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Chapter 5 New Changes

Doctor Zhong smiled and denied Peng Lin’s answer.

Not right? Is this unscientific?

Everyone’s complexion became particularly ugly, and they couldn’t figure out why Doctor Zhong said it was wrong.

“Is it right?” Peng Lin also frowned, thinking.

“Or, let me give Director Peng a pulse!”

Doctor Zhong did not answer Peng Lin’s words directly , but said to Peng Lin instead.

Peng Lin didn’t do any other actions, and stretched out his hand to Doctor Zhong. I thought to myself: I see how good the new dean is, and can I see my problem.

Doctor Zhong put his hand on Peng Lin’s pulse.

“Peng Lin, your pulse is as thin as a line, and it should be obvious. You should know that the thin pulse represents a loss of blood and energy!” said Zhong Yi.

“Yeah. Indeed.” Peng Lin admitted generously.

Doctor Zhong glanced at Peng Lin, and was full of affection for his Qianqian gentleman behavior.

“Are you dizzy and swollen with slight tinnitus? Five upset, hot, dry mouth.” Zhong doctor continued.

“Yes.” Peng Lin nodded.

Are you right again?

Everyone looked at Doctor Zhong in astonishment. They didn’t expect that the dean who had just come here was so skilled and observed so meticulously that it was simply shocking.

But Doctor Zhong wanted more than just surprises.

“So, it’s not me who has symptoms of insomnia. It’s you.” Doctor Zhong diagnosed.

“Yes.” Peng Lin smiled and admitted generously.

This is too amazing!

Everyone looked at Doctor Zhong in disbelief.

Whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine. It is really not easy to be able to diagnose people with insomnia by checking pulse or looking at a laboratory test.

After all, this kind of psychological and neurological problems can’t be seen without experience and deeds.

Just when everyone was still surprised.

Doctor Zhong continued: “You drink Huanglian Ejiao Recipe?”

“Yes.” Peng Lin couldn’t believe it. Didn’t expect that the dean would even taste any medicine he drank?

This~ this is too awesome, right? Is it possible that a monitor was installed in our TCM hospital?

Doctor Zhong is not that boring. He continued: “10 grams of Coptis, 12 grams of Scutellaria, 15 grams of Radix Rehmanniae, 15 grams of White Peony, 12 grams of Ejiao, 25 grams of Tortoise Shell, 15 grams of Bai Ziren, 12 grams of Ophiopogon, 6 grams of Licorice , I also added some turmeric, Cyperus rotundus, and forsythia. Right?”

“This…” Peng Lin’s eyes widened, this, this dean has magical powers?

Doctor Zhong definitely has no magical powers, and he cannot tell what medicine he has taken through pulse diagnosis.

He smiled and shook his head, then pointed his finger at the residue in the trash can.

Oh~ It turned out to be the residue. But this is also very powerful. You can know what medicine was used by just looking at the residue. This is impossible without years of hard work and solid foundation.

Everyone suddenly realized that they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. It turned out that a knowledgeable expert had been sent from above.

“But you are taking the medicine, one less main medicine.” Zhong Yi added.

“Please advise.” Peng Lin asked generously. His skills are not as good as others, so of course he must study with an open mind.

Doctor Zhong didn’t try to be mystery either, but said openly: “One less medicine-a heart wide.”

Peng Lin was taken aback and didn’t expect to get this answer. But when I waited, I had to admit that I did not feel relieved. People are middle-aged at the age of thirty-five, and there are old and young people, and the work is not going well, and money can barely make ends meet. The elderly in the family have to take medicine, the children have to go to school, the hospital does not have much income, and they dare not resign. Every piece of life is trivial one after another, which makes it difficult for Peng Lin to fall asleep.

But it’s all right now. With such a master who came to be the dean.

Penrington immediately became confident that the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine had changed.

“Well, let’s be here today. Let’s go back to their respective posts.” Zhong doctor said to everyone.

Everyone was relieved. However, he was convinced that he showed such a hand to Doctor Zhong today.

It’s better to manage an insider than an outsider.

The dean is so interesting.

Everyone looked at Doctor Zhong, and their impression of Doctor Zhong changed. But, what will happen afterwards, we need to observe again.

“Then Dean, what is your disease? Tell us. It’s not that you are not sick, right? Coax everyone to play.”

Zhang Chong was very unhappy when he saw the doctor’s prestige on the side. He finally provoked everyone’s anger towards Doctor Zhong, and he was taken by Doctor Zhong inexplicably, and he also allowed Doctor Zhong to establish a certain degree of prestige among the doctors. This will not work.

That’s why Zhang Chong asked this deliberately.

“I! My illness is not insomnia, but lack of vitamin B, so I sleep more, that is, I sleep more. So I will eat more cabbage and drink more five-flower tea.” Zhong Yi talked about his own lightly. He even prescribed a diet therapy prescription for himself.

Peng Lin and the others nodded, and then they realized that, indeed, all the symptoms of Doctor Zhong were gathered together, except for the main symptoms that were deliberately concealed, weren’t they the symptoms of sleepiness.

When everyone was thinking, Doctor Zhong had left and returned to the dean’s office.

Give the doctors a prestige to leave prestige. This is what Zhong Yi has long thought of.

However, this is not something that Zhong Doctor must do urgently in Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Dean, are you looking for me?” a middle-aged woman knocked on the door and asked.

“Director Feng, please come in.”

Doctor Zhong stood up and welcomed the middle-aged woman in.

“What kind of director am I? I’m the only person in the entire financial room. Dean, don’t hold me up.” Feng Fen waved.

Before coming, Doctor Zhong didn’t understand anything else, but only understood one thing, that is, who owns the money.

When I learned that there was only one person in the financial department in the entire Chinese Medicine Hospital, Feng Fen was in charge of the cashier and finance, charges and expenses. Doctor Zhong knew that this matter was difficult to handle.

“I called Director Feng to get to know the current financial situation of our hospital.” Doctor Zhong said directly.

“Before the dean understands it, can I respond to a question to the dean?” Feng Fen said.

“You tell me.”

“Dean, you are sent from above. Can you find some relationship and send the salary of our hospital doctors for the first three months? The salary of our hospital doctors, the financial department of the health bureau has long been there. The account is taken, but it has not been sent out for a long time. The money from our hospital was used to advance it first. If the money is not accounted for this month, the hospital will have no money.”

Feng Fen honestly pleaded.

She knew that it was very difficult for the new dean to say that, and she was even suspected of disarming the new dean.

But she had to say again.

In a word-Chinese hospital, poor!

I’m so poor that I can’t even pay the doctor’s salary. The poor have no bonus.

I was so poor that I couldn’t even sustain the normal expenses of the hospital. The light bulbs in the lobby were flashing, and I could only make do with it.

The pharmacy is so poor that there are hundreds of Chinese medicine cabinets, but there are only forty kinds of Chinese medicine in stock.

Too poor, let alone cleaning, even the nurse is a pharmacy girl who picks up medicine.

This is a traditional Chinese medicine hospital, not as good as some big pharmacies in big cities.

Doctor Zhong was also speechless inside, but he didn’t reveal any panic on the face.

Of course he knows that the situation here is bad, and if the situation is good, he won’t have his turn to be a dean who only has academic qualifications and no qualifications.

“How much money is left financially?” Doctor Zhong asked without obliquely.

“Um… eight thousand.” Feng Fen said cautiously.

Eight thousand? Only eight thousand in such a big hospital? Is there not much money left in the hospital this month after paying the electricity bills and other miscellaneous expenses for this month?

Doctor Zhong frowned for the first time, but he could accept it. If you are poor, just be poor. Just think of a solution.

“The dean, we still owe 15,000 yuan to the Chinese medicine supplier-Lin’s Medicinal Material Shop.” Feng Fen said.

“In other words, we are still losing 7,000 yuan in a hospital like ours?” Doctor Zhong was not so anxious.

Feng Fen nodded helplessly, this is reality.

If the benefit of the Chinese Medicine Hospital is not good, the county is ready to shut it down. After all, the land occupied by the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a geomantic treasure land with good traffic and a large area. It is also a Chinese medicine hospital, with no radiation or chemical environmental pollution.

The county has long thought of shutting down the Chinese Medicine Hospital and selling the land.

Doctor Zhong understands the financial situation of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and he knows it.

He used the landline phone of the dean’s office to make a call in front of Feng Fen.

After hanging up the phone, Doctor Zhong said to Feng Fen: “At the latest tomorrow, the hospital staff’s salary of 100,000 yuan for the first three months will be credited. The money is spent on the blade.”

Feng Fen was taken aback, but he didn’t expect that Doctor Zhong could do this with a single phone call.

There is a deep meaning behind this.

Coupled with Doctor Zhong’s airborne identity, Feng Fen quickly moved closer to Doctor Zhong: “President, I will do what you say. If you say east, I will never go west. Others want to do this first. Money, step on my Feng Fen first.”

Step on you? Isn’t it necessary? It’s so dramatic!

Doctor Zhong was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t expect Feng Fen to say such a thing. But well, this is fine.

After putting finances under his nose, Doctor Zhong finally had a chance to catch his breath.

He stood by the window, watching the unpredictable clouds outside the window.

There is a long way to go.

Doctor Zhong couldn’t sigh in his heart. However, he was not afraid of a long journey, and wrote on the table gently with his fingers: Life is like a traveler, and I am also a pedestrian.

But… the ash on this desktop is so big!



Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After everyone went to work, they received a notice.

The notice was sent by the newly appointed Dean Zhong Yi.


In order to improve the overall level of our hospital, the following decision has been made:

Today, all departments are cleaned.

The standards are as follows: the floors, glass, door frames, etc. of all departments and corridors of the hospital are free of dust and garbage.

The doctor’s lab coat should be clean and tidy. If the white coat is too old, please go to the finance office to get a new coat.

The windows should be transparent. If the glass is damaged, please report to the financial office for repair.

In the afternoon, the whole hospital will check the circuit. If there is any problem with the circuit, please report to the financial office for repair.

All trash cans will be renewed and classified into medical trash cans, drug residue cans, and household garbage cans.

Medical bed sheets and quilts, as well as tables and chairs, will all be renewed.

Everyone looked at the notice, the first reaction was, hospitals money?

So each department went to the financial room to inquire about it.

The answer was that the new dean made a phone call and the financial money was paid last night.

After everyone was surprised, the enthusiasm for sanitation came.

As long as you have money, everything is easy to do. Isn’t it just work?

busy day. Everyone realized that the Chinese medicine hospital they were in seemed to have changed.

The brand of Jiangzhou County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the hall has been renewed.

The table, chair, and quilt on the hospital bed are all new.

The white coat on her body looks very energetic when she wears it.

The trash can is brand new and feels hygienic.

The glass is transparent and there is no dust everywhere.

The electric lights were bright, as if dispelling the gloomy atmosphere of the hospital.

The Chinese Medicine Hospital is still the Chinese Medicine Hospital, the second-story old building is still the second floor, and the doctors are still those doctors.

But this Chinese medicine hospital seemed to be completely reborn in one day.

Doctor Zhong nodded in satisfaction after getting off work in the afternoon.

How about first-rate schools to focus on education, second-rate schools to focus on discipline, and third-rate schools to focus on hygiene.

Because of hygiene, it is the fastest and cheapest way to change a person or a place.

“But after spending a few thousand yuan, the Chinese Medicine Hospital has a good weather, not bad.” Doctor Zhong nodded in satisfaction.

So what’s next?

Doctor Zhong has already thought of his layout in his heart.

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