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Chapter 1 The first chapter, her wedding

Fresh flowers, fine wine, dazzling lights, and a beautiful symphony.

The well-trained waiters, as well as the gathering of all kinds of big shots, undoubtedly represented the grandeur of the wedding.

The waiters shuttled through the crowd. The wine glasses that were constantly changing seemed very busy. The well-dressed daughters were showing off their evening gowns and jewelry. Occasionally, a few voices could be heard from the crowd.

“I heard that the Lu family spent a lot of money this time. ” Then, she pointed at the white roses outside.

Hearing the gossip, the other daughters also gathered together and said, “that’s right, see? The 999 white roses were all transported from France through the night sky. ”

One of the daughters bought a glass of red wine from the waiter’s plate and shook it slightly. “See? The wine served by the waiter is all top-quality. ”

“Yeah, I also heard that all the hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls under the Lu family today… are all 20% off. ” The Li family’s daughter said excitedly …

Another person also came over and said, “yes, yes, I just came from the jewelry store, there… “.

Far Away from the lively scene, a woman’s pleasant laughter came from a carefully decorated room.

“Alright, Xiao Ran, don’t make fun of me. Anyway, I’m already dressed up. Go and help me recruit some customers. I’ll call you when the time is right, ” Lu Yuxi said as she gently patted Xiao ran’s hand with a slightly red face.

Xiao ran smiled mischievously and said, “yes, yes, yes, my beautiful bride. You can wait here for the groom. I’ll go and recruit some customers for you. “.

“Bang. ”

The door was slammed loudly. Lu Yuxi shook her head helplessly and said, “this girl, she’s not light or heavy. How will she be able to get married in the future? ”

Lu Yuxi looked at herself in the full-body Mirror and relaxed. Just as Xiao Ran said, she was indeed very beautiful, so beautiful that it was moving.

She had an oval face, grayish-brown eyes, slender eyebrows, thick and black hair, and a shoulder-revealing white wedding dress. She looked very beautiful, very quiet and cute.

If it was not for the scar on the right side of her face, her right hand would have unconsciously touched her right face.

A few seconds later, she revealed a smile. There was no trace of the dejected and self-abased look in her eyes.

Lu Yuxi pulled on her messy veil and looked at the photo on the dressing table. A girl was leaning on the boy’s shoulder with a bright smile on her face.

Fortunately, she had met the right person.

Her name was Lu Yuxi, the daughter of the Lu Corporation. The Lu Corporation could be said to be a well-to-do tycoon in the a corporation, and they often did some good deeds. This was also the reason why so many big shots were present

Of course, many people were also here for this matter. Who would not want to take this opportunity to get to know a few more business partners? Moreover, they did not want to lose the Lu Corporation and the Yang Corporation and the Lin Corporation behind the LU corporation.

The waiting time was always very long. Lu Yuxi looked up at the clock on the wall. It was 10:20. There was still a long time to go. Why not find something to do… … ! !

Lu Yuxi picked up her wedding dress and opened the door. She ran into the elevator around the corner and pressed the button for the 17th floor.

Although the older generation often said that they didn’t want to see each other for the last three days before the wedding, it shouldn’t be a big deal if they just saw each other for a while. Lu Yuxi had the mentality of being lucky. She hadn’t seen him for three days. She missed him so much.. The scene of Lin Yiwen gently asking her if she was cold flashed across Lu Yuxi’s mind, and her face blushed slightly.


As the elevator arrived, Lu Yuxi became even more nervous. She came to room 1708, took a deep breath to calm herself down, and lightly knocked on the door three times.

Ding, Ding, Ding. The person who responded was not her fiance, Lin Yiwen, but the door that opened.

“Eh, where is she? ” Lu Yuxi looked left and right. Just as she was about to go back, she heard someone talking in the bathroom, and she quietly walked closer.

“Yiwen, didn’t you say that you only love her? You only love me? Why are you marrying her again today? Are you lying to me? Don’t marry the baby. What do you want her to do with the baby? ” Wang Maihe pouted unhappily.

Lin yiwen quickly comforted her, “silly, how can that be? I love you and the baby the most. How can I not want you two? “.

Wang Maihe pursed her lips and asked, “really? Then why do you want to marry her? “.

After Lin Yiwen carried Wang Maihe and sat her on his lap, he explained, “listen to me, the reason why I want to marry Lu Yuxi is because if I directly take over the Lu Corporation, the shareholders of the Lu Corporation will not be convinced by me, and the partners of the Lu Corporation will not trust us, the Lin family, to do all of this well.

Moreover, Lu Yuxi still has 44% of the shares given by old man Lu, and together with her own 11% , a total of 55% of the shares, she wants to marry her and become the joint property of the couple. When the time comes, I will find a few strong men to take a few photos for her. When the time comes for the court, all the assets under her name will belong to the Lin Corporation, right? ” Lin yiwen proudly told Lin maihe about the plan that he was satisfied with.

However, she saw Wang Maihe’s angry and resentful eyes and asked in puzzlement, “Maihe, What’s wrong with you? Is My plan not good? ”

Wang Maihe clenched her fists and said, “speaking of shares, I get angry. Lu Zhiming, that B * Tch, even when he died, he still remembered Lu Yuxi. He actually gave all his shares to that B * Tch, Lu Yuxi. He only gave the villa in the suburbs and the land in the south to me and my mother. If I had known earlier, I would have added more medicine. I made him suffer so much that he couldn’t even wish for death. ”

Lin yiwen smiled and said, “alright, don’t be angry. Didn’t you ruin her appearance? This made her suffer for a long time. She could only rely on a thick foundation to cover it up. It makes me feel like who was so cruel to do such a thing. ”

When Lu Yuxi heard this, she was so shocked that she could not recover for a long time. She used her trembling hand to touch her right face, and her lips kept trembling as she repeated the word ‘father’ . She had a look of disbelief on her face, and she tried her best to raise her head and pour back the tears into her eyes. Then, she continued to listen.

Wang Maihe turned to look at Lin Yiwen and said, “you still dare to say that I, you are more cruel than me, okay? You found a few men to rape her, and after that, you even pretended to be a hero and said that you would take care of her for the rest of your life. You are really a good person. ”

Lin Yiwen chuckled a few times in embarrassment, scratched his head and said, “but speaking of which, isn’t she your sister? Why did you… ? ”

Mai he turned around and stood up. She said unhappily, “she’s not my sister. Back then, when she saw that the Lu family was rich, she wanted to scam some money. Who knew that she would become the second daughter of the Lu family. ”

When she heard this, Lu Yuxi was stunned again. Her footsteps became heavy and she could not help but cover her mouth as she curled up in the corner and cried. Perhaps the two people in the toilet heard her crying and ran out.

When they saw Lu Yuxi, the first person who felt that things were not good was Lin Yiwen. Then, Wang Maihe also felt the seriousness of the matter. Not Good, this slut heard it..

She asked tentatively, “sister, don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing between me and brother-in-law. You shouldn’t have heard anything, right? ”

Lu Yuxi slowly raised her head in disbelief and said expressionlessly, “Hehe, you’ve already done it. Are you afraid that others will hear it? ” Lu Yuxi’s cold expression really gave them a fright

Lu Yuxi stood up and looked straight at them, making their hair stand on end.

She wiped her tears and said, “you won’t get what you want. I’ll go tell everyone now and let them know how vicious you are. ”

Seeing that Lu yuxi was going to expose them, Lin yiwen quickly grabbed Lu Yuxi.

He used his eyes to signal for Mai he to lock the door. He raised his eyebrows and said, “since things have come to this, do you think you can still leave? ”

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