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Chapter 10 explosion

The third year of high school classes were basically over. The only thing left was to revise and revise. There was still half a month before the college entrance exam, so the mock exam was unavoidable.

“Xiao Xi, are you confident about the mock exam later? I heard that the school has made a big move in this exam. It doesn’t care about literature and science. In the three days of the exam, there was a subject that scored less than 50 points, and they were directly dissuaded from it! ” Yang ran secretly reminded Lu Yuxi, whose results were average.

Lu Yuxi made an indifferent gesture.

She didn’t care. After all, she was a university graduate and had been reading recently. It shouldn’t be difficult for her.

“quiet. Now hand out the answer cards. Don’t whisper to each other. If I find out that you are cheating, you will have two hours to answer the questions. You can hand in your papers in advance, ” the invigilator said seriously.

Sure enough, Lu Yuxi smiled when she received the exam papers. It was really quite simple. She felt like she could finish it in one glance.

However, other people did not think so.

They had never seen these questions before. How were they supposed to answer them.

“SHUA! ” Lu Yuxi quickly reached the last question. When she saw the word “jewelry” on the last question, Lu Yuxi was a little stunned.

Jewelry… , jewelry… … What’s the date today The 3rd Mock exam, could it be? …

Lu Yuxi quickly finished the last question and handed the answer card to the podium in front of everyone.

It scared the students sitting down. Wasn’t it only half an hour since the paper was opened How could she have already handed it in? Did she not know how to finish it?

The teacher also looked at his watch and said, “student, it has only been half an hour since the paper was opened. You should write… ” before he could finish, he saw that Lu yuxi had finished writing the correct paper. He was so shocked that he was not clear …

“Teacher, I have finished writing. I still have something to do. Can I leave now? ” Lu Yuxi said anxiously.

The teacher put on his glasses and looked at it in disbelief. He even waved his hand to indicate that he could leave. “Yes, you can leave now. ”

After Lu Yuxi left, the invigilator released a message that scared all the students present.

“You have to hurry up. Not only did that student finish writing, I roughly took a look. If there are no accidents, it should be full marks. ”

The students could not hold it in any longer and frantically set up the questions. For a moment, the sound of the exam papers was heard. They had only written one point, but someone actually finished it.

Yang ran was stunned. When did Xiao Xi become so amazing.

As soon as Lu Yuxi left the school gate, she immediately called for a taxi.

“Master, quick, Lu Jewelry. ” Lu Yuxi’s anxious look scared the driver a little, so he quickly stepped on the gas.

Lu Yuxi looked at her watch, it was 10. 36, there was still half an hour left. If she remembered correctly, the jewelry store would explode, and someone had saddled a bomb there.

Lu Yuxi clearly remembered that after she finished her mock exam in her previous life, she found out that her jewelry store had exploded, killing more than a dozen employees, more than a dozen customers, and many of the injured. She had lost 1.7 billion yuan worth of jewelry!

It was a very sensational incident at that time. Many employees’families raised their placards to protest at the Lu jewelry store, asking the Lu Jewelry Company to give them justice.

As a result, the Lu corporation’s jewelry fell drastically.

Father was unable to solve the problem at the moment, so he could only beg people to lend him money. He was drunk and accidentally tricked by Wang Yun into having sex with her. He was forced to marry her.

Lu Yuxi’s nightmare began at that time.

  1. Lu Yuxi arrived at the entrance of the jewelry store. There were still ten minutes left. She rushed in hurriedly and rang the emergency bell.

All the customers thought that there was a fire and ran out.

Many sales girls were also very anxious, but they did not act rashly because they were well-trained.

Lu Yuxi stood on a higher chair and shouted desperately to maintain order.

“everyone, don’t panic. Come one by one. Security, you guys clear the people. ”

Then, she said to the salesgirls, “you guys, hurry up. You have to move quickly. Take the emergency bag next to you and stuff all the jewelry in it. ”

The salesgirls were a little scared and did not dare to move. However, Lu Yuxi shouted again, “hurry, it’s too late, hurry. ”

The salesgirls quickly took out the emergency bag next to them, grabbed the jewelry and stuffed it in.

The well-trained salespeople were all caught in a short time. Lu Yuxi brought them out to a safe open space outside. Many people gathered to see what was going on inside.

However, they were stopped by the security guards and stepped back!

  1. There were only two minutes left in 34. Lu Yuxi quickly asked, “is everyone out? Is there anyone else inside? ”

At this time, a voice from the crowd made Lu Yuxi Suffocate, “manager Zhang, manager Zhang is still settling accounts in the warehouse. ”

Lu Yuxi rushed in without thinking and shouted anxiously, “manager Zhang, manager Zhang, where are you? ”

“I’m here, what’s wrong? ” Manager Zhang came out of the warehouse and asked in confusion.

Lu Yuxi didn’t care about the consequences and pulled him out.

When Lu Yuxi pulled manager Zhang Out, Lu Yuxi looked at her watch again.

  1. 9. 8. 7. … 3. 2. 1

“Boom” followed by a loud sound. The jewelry shop instantly turned into nothingness.

“Cough Cough” Lu Yuxi choked on the dust and coughed twice. She covered her mouth and nose and used her hands to shake off the dust in front of her. She stared at the jewelry shop that had turned into flat ground with a dangerous gaze.

Everyone who had been inside just now was so scared that their faces turned pale. If they had not listened to this lady’s words and come out just now, would they have never been able to come out Was this considered a narrow escape from death?

Lu Yuxi said seriously to manager Zhang, “manager Zhang, go and call the police immediately. Also, inform the reporters to come over. I want to report on everything. ”

“Yes. ” Manager Zhang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. Otherwise, if Miss Lu pulled her out in time, she might not be able to see the sky for the rest of her life.

Lu Yuxi’s people at the scene asked, “who has a cell phone? ”

A certain employee took out his cell phone and said, “I do. ”

Lu Yuxi borrowed it and pressed a familiar number.

“beep, beep beep” the phone rang twice before it was picked up. “Hello. ”

Lu Yuxi said, “hello, Secretary Liu, is my dad there? Put Him on the phone. ”

“The chairman is in a meeting, ” Secretary Liu said.

Lu Yuxi said angrily, “If I ask you to bring it to my dad, then go ahead. What nonsense. ”

Lu Zhengming was in a meeting when he suddenly saw Secretary Liu knock on the door and bring his cell phone in. “DIDN’T I say not to pick up the phone when I’m in a meeting? ”

“chairman, it’s Miss Calling. She said something big has happened. ”

Hearing that something had happened, Lu Zhengming quickly picked it up. “Is it Yuxi? What happened? ”

“What? The jewelry store exploded? ” Lu Zhengming said in shock.

The shareholders present were also worried and discussing.

Lu Zhengming frowned. “Xiao Liu, prepare the car. ”

“move aside, move aside. The police are handling the case. ” The police quickly arrived at the scene of the explosion.

A cordon was set up at the scene.

Immediately after, media cars that heard the big news also arrived at the scene.

Each car had a reporter, a photographer, and there were two of them.

The reporters surrounded the police officers who were handling the case and asked one after another.

“May I ask what happened? Why was there an explosion? ”

“May I ask if there were any casualties? “.

“May I ask if this was an accident or a conspiracy? “. …

The police officers were somewhat annoyed by their chattering voices and said, “it’s still under investigation. ”

The reporters turned their microphones to the crowd at the scene. “May I ask if you know what just happened? ”

“My mom and I were picking out jewelry when we heard an emergency bell and we ran away with the help of security, ” the person said

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