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Chapter 11 the reporter’s aggressive questions

For a time, many reporters joined the crowd to visit, but most of the answers were the same.

When the reporter interviewed the Lu employee, his eyes lit up.

“Do you know what’s going on? ” The reporter asked

A Lu employee said with some excitement, “just now, the emergency bell suddenly rang, and we were all shocked. At this time, a girl stood up high and shouted, “security guards clear the crowd, the sales lady quickly picked up the jewelry and ran. ”

Another employee also stood up and said, “yes, yes! It gave me a fright. ”

The reporter asked, “Then what about the jewelry? ”

The employee said, “the jewelry is now with manager Zhang. ”

Another reporter continued to ask, “then is the girl you mentioned still here? ”

The employee looked left and right. When she saw manager Zhang, she saw Lu Yuxi. She pointed in Lu Yuxi’s direction and said, “over there. ”

When the reporters saw the direction pointed by the employee, they hurriedly ran over and surrounded her. They all handed the microphones to Lu Yuxi.

“Excuse me, are you the girl who shouted and ran in the jewelry store? ”

“Excuse me, how did you know that this place would explode? ”

“Can you tell us your name? ”

The reporters threw out questions one after another

Looking at the video camera, Lu Yuxi smiled calmly and answered calmly, “it’s not convenient for me to answer your questions now. I’ll answer your questions later. ”

Lu Yuxi walked in front of the lead police officer and whispered a few words to the police officer. The police officer looked at her in confusion and then summoned two police officers to give them the task.

As the distance was relatively close, it did not take long for two officers to come back with audio tapes.

It turned out that Lu Yuxi had just said to the officer, “the video from the bank next to the jewelry store may have captured the entire process of the explosion. ”

Lu Yuxi looked at the reporters and asked, “which one of you has a video player in your car? The video has something you want. ”

When reporter Lin heard that there was big news, he raised his hand and said, “we have it in our car. ” Then, he said to the cameraman, “go and connect the video player and bring it down. ”

A few minutes later, the video player was surrounded by people. The police officer put the tape in.

When the tape jumped to a man in black with a black bag on his back, Lu Yuxi shouted, “stop! ”

The cameramen quickly turned on their cameras to record this short video.

In the video, the man in black with a black bag on his back sneakily wandered in front of the jewelry store for a while

Then, after entering for a while, he came out with his backpack gone.

Then, Lu Yuxi rushed in. After entering for a while, the crowd ran out. Lu Yuxi was the last to come out. About a few seconds later, Lu Yuxi rushed in again and pulled manager Zhang out. Then, the scene of the jewelry store instantly turning into ashes was shot.

Lu Yuxi smiled at the police officer and said, “police officer, I’ve seen that man before. He’s the brother-in-law of the chairman of the Li Corporation. Do you want to check him out? ”

After hearing Lu Yuxi’s words, the reporters who were ready to make a move finally surrounded Lu Yuxi.

“Miss, how did you know that it was the Li Corporation’s premeditated plan and how did you break it? ”

“Yes, from your look, you should still be a student. Why are you here at that time? ”

“And why did you take the risk to go in and save people when you came out? Aren’t you afraid of death? ”

Lu Yuxi smiled and said, “I promised to answer you when it was convenient for me. Now that it’s about time, I’ll answer your questions. ”

Lu Yuxi turned to the side and showed the reporter her schoolbag. “As you said, I’m indeed a student, a senior year student of Linhuang High School. ”

A reporter asked, “a senior year student of Linhuang High School? My niece is also from that school. As far as I know, today is the whole school mock exam of Linhuang high school. You came here during the exam, didn’t you have an exam? ”

Faced with the question, Lu Yuxi smiled again and said, “today is indeed the mock exam of our school, but I didn’t skip the exam. I only came here because I handed in my exam paper. ”

The reporter did not give up and continued to ask, “It takes at least twenty minutes to get here from Linhuang high school. You were already here at 10.54. Does that mean you handed in your exam paper in half an hour? ”

The surrounding people all felt that it was impossible. Even the reporter felt that it was a little unbelievable after asking his own question.

Lu Yuxi continued, “as for how I knew about this conspiracy, I can only say that I have no comment. Also, ask me if I am afraid of death. I can only say that I am afraid, I am very afraid, but I will not allow a life to be lost from my hands. ”

Having experienced life and death, how could she not be afraid? It was just that she did not want to let anyone else die an unnatural death without knowing anything.

The reporter seemed to have grasped the key point and desperately asked, “why can’t I comment Could it be that you are also involved in this conspiracy?”

“My Lu family’s daughter would never do such a thing. ” Lu Zhengming’s sudden voice made everyone look at him.

A reporter recognized him, “isn’t this the chairman of the Lu Corporation? ”

Then, Lu Zhengming was surrounded by a swarm of reporters. “Chairman Lu, what do you mean by this… ? ”

Lu Zhengming walked to Lu Yuxi’s side and patted Lu Yuxi’s shoulder, saying, “my daughter, Lu Zhengming, would never do anything to harm our LU CORPORATION! ”

“So she’s the daughter of the Lu family. No wonder she’s in awe of the cameras, ” the surrounding people discussed.

“That’s right. Even after being interrogated by the reporters, she still maintains the appearance of a lady from a wealthy family. As expected of a daughter of a wealthy family. ”

The reporters looked at Lu Yuxi somewhat embarrassedly. Lu Yuxi did not say anything but smiled gently.

The reporters were all impressed by this young lady. Why would the Lu family’s daughter want to blow up her own jewelry store

Moreover, everyone had seen the video just now. If the LU family’s young lady had a plan, she would not risk her life to gamble!

For a moment, the reporters praised Lu Zhengming for having a beautiful and kind young lady.

Lu Zhengming smiled and said, “you must be joking. I’ll treat everyone to a meal later. Everyone, please write well! ”

The reporters naturally knew Lu Zhengming’s intention of treating them to a meal and told them not to write anything. In fact, they did not write anything bad. After all, everyone had seen Miss Lu enter the scene again for the employees.

Actually, Lu Yuxi had asked manager Zhang to call the reporters for a reason. Firstly, since the Li family wanted to kill the Lu family, she would eradicate them. Secondly, this would promote the Lu family’s jewelry and let more people know about the Lu family’s jewelry.

After Lu Zhengming sent the reporters away, he quickly looked at Lu Yuxi from left to right. Lu Yuxi knew that her father cared about him, so she turned around and said,

“father, don’t worry, I’m fine. No one was injured. I’ve already sent people to send the jewelry back to the Lu family. I’ve also called the police to investigate the murderer. The Jewelry Store has also been rebuilt. ”

Lu Zhengming looked at Lu Yuxi with satisfaction. Everything had been taken care of. It seemed that he had a successor.

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