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Chapter 12 Do you know where to put the local chicken?

“Dad, I’ll leave the rest to you. I still have the mock exam in the afternoon. I’ll rush home as soon as possible to help you, ” Lu Yuxi said calmly, as if nothing had happened a few hours ago.

“okay, go ahead. ” Lu Zhengming looked at the abandoned area in front of him, unable to calm down for a long time.

When Lu Yuxi passed by the police officer, stop investigating. If you can’t find anything, you just have to go to the Li Corporation to find out.

Officer Wu looked at the distant Lu Yuxi and said, “close the net and go to the Li Corporation. ”

The reason why Lu Yuxi knew that it was the Li Corporation’s doing was because in her previous life, she had paid close attention to the situation of her jewelry shop. The police only found out about the Li Corporation after the explosion took place for a long time, and they brought the Li Corporation to justice.

They cleared the Lu Corporation’s name, but they did not get a single cent of the one billion yuan from the Lu Corporation’s jewelry.

When they arrived at the examination venue in the afternoon and sat down, they were surrounded by students led by Yang Ran.

Yang ran did not even blink. “Tell me, what happened to you in the morning? You finished writing in less than half an hour, and you were all right. ”

Lu Yuxi smiled awkwardly. “Hehe, these questions are quite simple. Then, you finished them with a stroke of your hand. ”

“simple? Are you kidding me? This time, the principal invited a famous professor to come up with the questions. How can it be simple! ” The boy behind Yang Ran said.

“exactly, it’s so difficult. I handed in the papers ten minutes before I handed them in, ” another classmate said.

Yang ran stared at Lu Yuxi. The closer she stared, the closer she got…

“Xiao Ran, why are you staring at me like that? ” Lu Yuxi was a little helpless.

Yang ran ignored her and continued to stare.

“I’m also a reader, ” Lu Yuxi said while Yang ran continued to stare

“It’s true, I’m really a reader, ” Lu Yuxi continued to say.

Yang ran continued to stare.

“Alright, stop staring. 119 pages, 257 pages, and 324 pages. I drew the key points myself. There’s really nothing else. ” Lu Yuxi did not know what the key points were. In her previous life, she had scored 52 points and was ridiculed by Wang Maihe before desperately reading the exam questions.

In addition, she had already graduated from university in her previous life and had been working hard to read since her rebirth. That was why it was so simple.

“I love you the most, Xiao Xi. ” After saying that, she ran away without looking back.

When the other students surrounding her heard that there was a key point, they ran back to the classroom. There were still 40 minutes left for the exam, but they had to be at the exam venue half an hour earlier, which meant that there were still 10 minutes left.

Lu Yuxi took advantage of this time to lie down on the table and rest. She had not slept for a while!

“ring… ” the teacher who stepped on the bell repeated what he had said in the morning.

“The chemistry exam is 120 minutes. You can hand in your papers in advance. You can not whisper to each other. If you are discovered by me, you will get 0 points straight away! ” The invigilator’s threat did not make the noisy exam venue quiet down.

With the papers and answer cards in her hands, Lu Yuxi did not write down her name and answered the questions directly.

This time, her actions were noticed by the invigilator. During the morning exam, he heard from the other teachers that there was a student named Lu Yuxi in Class F who handed in her papers in half an hour. He told her to be careful.

Lu Yuxi also noticed the invigilator’s gaze and glanced at the questions before continuing to answer them.

Twenty minutes later, Lu Yuxi wrote down her name and student number. Under the astonished gazes of the teachers and students, she was the first to hand in her papers.

She had paid a lot of attention to this student just now. She didn’t see any cheating. Could it be that she was just guessing?

The invigilator walked to the front of the examination paper. When he saw it, his jaw almost dropped. The NEAT handwriting had not been altered at all. He flipped through the few difficult questions and found that they were all correct… ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! When did their school have such a genius ? ?

The other students had not even started to get into the mood, but she had already handed in her paper!

Lu Yuxi packed her things and left quietly, leaving the students in the examination hall in a mess.

“Miss, didn’t you have an exam? Why are you back so early? ” Mother Hu took Lu Yuxi’s backpack and asked curiously.

“I came back after the exam. Mother Hu, help me take my bag to my room! By the way, where is my father? ” Lu Yuxi asked as she changed her shoes at the entrance.

“The master is in the study, and the other shareholders are also present. ”

“okay, I got it. ” Then she walked towards the study.


“Come in. ” Lu Zhengming’s voice sounded.

“Dad, I’m back. ” Then he greeted the 12 shareholders.

“Xiao Xi, why are you back so early? Didn’t you have an exam? You didn’t miss the exam because something happened at the company, right? ” Lu Zhengming looked a little serious.

“Dad, don’t worry. I’ve already handed in my exam paper. I came back in a hurry to see what I can do, ” Lu Yuxi explained.

Lu Yuxi saw that Lu Zhengming’s desk was filled with jewelry that Ling Lan had saved in the morning. She suddenly understood why her dad was holding a shareholders’meeting at home.

“Dad, are you going to deal with these jewelry now? ” Lu Yuxi picked up the jewelry and asked.

“We have three plans now. First, we will make some of the other shopping malls’ selling points smaller and squeeze out some places to relocate them. Second, we can only leave them empty for a period of time and wait for the new jewelry store to be built. Third, we will combine these two plans. ” After saying that, Lu Zhengming fell into deep thought.

The shareholders also started to discuss in whispers, hoping for a better plan.

“Dad, I have an idea. ” Lu Yuxi smiled confidently.

When Lu Zhengming heard that his mischievous daughter had another strange idea, he asked anxiously, “what idea do you have? ”

The other shareholders also listened on curiously.

“Why don’t we hold a jewelry party and show off all kinds of jewelry? Our Lu jewelry has always been the leader in sales. Let those who are interested to bid on their own and set a base price. The price will be very high. This is a low-price auction activity that should attract a lot of people! ” Lu Yuxi voiced out her thoughts.

She received everyone’s approval. “As expected of the daughter of the Lu family. Her thoughts are indeed amazing. ”

“Yes, the chairman has a successor! ” Director Pei said jokingly.

“I didn’t expect Miss Lu to be not only beautiful, but also smart. I heard that the explosion this morning saved a lot of people! ” Director Luo said.

Lu Zhengming’s face was greatly enhanced as he smiled. As expected of his daughter, Lu Zhengming indeed had the wisdom of his old Lu family.

“okay, we’ll do as you say. I’ll send Secretary Liu to prepare in a while, ” Lu Zhengming said proudly.

After sending off the satisfied director, Lu Yuxi went to the kitchen.

“Miss, why are you here? ” The chef sitting at the side asked. When the two disciples saw Lu Yuxi, they also greeted her shyly.

Lu Yuxi looked around and said, “Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m just here to take a look. ”

After searching for a while, she couldn’t find it. She could only ask the chef, “Um, do you know where the chicken is? ”

The chef asked curiously, “Miss, why are you looking for the chicken? If you want to eat it, I’ll make it for you tonight. ”

Lu Yuxi waved her hand and said, “Oh no, I’m preparing the chicken soup. Can you help me prepare the ingredients? ”

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