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Chapter 2 after death, rebirth

“Do you think you can still walk? “.

Lu Yuxi looked nervously at Lin Yiwen and said, “what are you trying to do? You’re hurting me. ”

At this moment, Lu maihe brought over a bottle of make-up water with a smug look on her face.

“My dear sister, don’t be afraid. Just as we were about to escape, Yiwen and I thought of a new plan. ” As she said that, she took the make-up water and wiped it on Lu Yuxi’s face.

Lu Yuxi felt a chill on the right side of her face. She tried to struggle with all her might, but she was held tightly by Lin Yiwen. She could only watch as Lu maihe messed around on her face.

One Minute later.

Wang Maihe proudly took out a mirror and shone it on Lu Yuxi’s face. “Sis, who did this to your face? It’s so disgusting. ”

After seeing a girl whose right face had been destroyed, Lu Yuxi shouted crazily, “take it away, take the mirror away. I don’t want to look. I don’t want to look. This isn’t me. ” Lu Yuxi struggled so hard that Lin Yiwen almost couldn’t catch her.

She gave Maihe a big slap and was shocked. She didn’t expect this woman to have such a big reaction to her face.

Wang Maihe, who was hit by the sudden slap, glared at Lu Yuxi angrily. Then, she slapped back.

“B * Tch, you actually dare to hit me. You don’t want to live anymore, right? ” Then, she stomped her feet and immediately revealed a tender voice to Lin Yiwen, “Yiwen, this b * Tch hit me. Are you going to stop it? ”

Lin Yiwen comforted her with a heartache, “baby, don’t cry. It won’t be beautiful if you cry. I’ll carry out the plan now. ”

Lin Yiwen pulled the dumbfounded Lu Yuxi to the window and pushed it open. Lu Yuxi took a step back when she saw the height downstairs

“What do you want? I’m telling you, if you push me down, you won’t be able to escape, ” Lu Yuxi threatened.

Lin yiwen laughed, “Haha, don’t forget who lives on the fifteenth floor. ”

Lu Yuxi widened her eyes. Wasn’t the fifteenth floor her dressing room? “You won’t. ”

Seeing Lu Yuxi’s disbelief, lu Meihe, who was drinking coffee on the SOFA, said, “don’t look at Yiwen like that. He doesn’t love you, so he won’t show mercy. He’s with you for your money. When Yiwen pushes you down, I’ll leave this room immediately. ”

“Then, when the guests downstairs see your face, they’ll think that you committed suicide by looking at your own face before your wedding. Then, they’ll look at the position where you fell down. Others won’t misunderstand anything. My dear sister, goodbye. ”

Lu Yuxi pulled Lin Yiwen back in horror and said, “Yiwen, you love me, right? You won’t push me down, right? ”

Lin Yiwen struggled free from her with a look of disgust. “Lu Yuxi, why don’t you take a look at your face? Do you think you’re worthy of me? It makes me sick just looking at you. ”

“Boom! ”

These words blasted Lu Yuxi like a thunderclap.

Lu Maihe said impatiently, “Yiwen, do it! ”

Lin yiwen exerted force. There was only an amplitude

A sound.

Lu Yuxi fell to the ground. Before she could react, her white wedding dress was dyed red with blood. The eye-piercing color was terrifying.

Xiao Ran, who had rushed over when she heard the sound, saw this scene. She threw down the wine in her hand and ran towards Lu Yuxi in panic.

When Lu Yuxi saw Xiao ran running towards her, she smiled. Xiao Ran, goodbye. If there was a next life, you would still be my most beloved sister. I will definitely not let you suffer so much with me.

Lu Yuxi would never know how crazy Xiao ran looked when he picked her up

Xiao Xi, if you leave, who will protect me.

“Xiao Xi, get up. School is over, Xiao Xi, ” Yang Ran Patted Lu yuxi and shouted.

Lu Yuxi mumbled and opened her confused eyes, saying, “Xiao Ran, I’m so tired. I can’t take it anymore. Remember to call the police. Wang Maihe and Lin Yiwen want to harm me! ”

Yang ran’s mouth twitched when she heard Lu Yuxi’s ridiculous words. She gritted her teeth and said,

“Wake Up. You’ve already slept for two classes. The more you sleep, the more tired you get. Why are you still having nightmares? Seriously, hurry up. The preliminary English competition is about to begin. ” As she spoke, she took out the Chinese language book that Lu Yuxi had pressed under her hand and stuffed it into her backpack.

Lu Yuxi, on the other hand, did not react in time.

Sleep Sleep for what? Did she have a nightmare That’s impossible. How could the pain all over her body when she fell down the stairs be just a dream?

Then, Lu Yuxi nervously raised her head and looked around the classroom. Her eyes widened

This… …Wasn’t this the classroom when she was in high school She touched her right cheek again. There was no ugly scar. What was going on? ? Could it be that she.. ! !

Had Been Reborn?

No Way Could it be that the heavens had heard her desire to live?

Yang ran looked at Lu Yuxi, who was looking around the classroom in a daze, and said somewhat indignantly,

“Still Looking? It’s all you. Everyone has left. Hurry up, or else the English competition will end later! ” Yang ran hurriedly pulled the dazed Lu yuxi out of the classroom and ran towards the competition field.

This was a competition organized by the school. The contestants could participate as they pleased. From the preliminary competition, to the semi-finals, to the final competition, the last two students would have a battle of honor with the other schools.

If Lu Yuxi remembered correctly, Wang Maihe would participate and enter the final competition. This was because Lu Maihe had not entered the Lu family yet and had not come to pretend to be her father. The only reason she knew English was because her mother used to be an English teacher.

It was because her mother used to be an English teacher. Lu Maihe, I, Lu Yuxi, will make you return everything you owe me from your past life.

There were many people participating, and there were even more onlookers. Almost all of them were crowded. Xiao ran and Lu meihe found a seat at the front and sat down. Sure enough, after a while, they saw Lu Meihe signing up in the crowd.

Lu Yuxi narrowed her eyes and handed the bag to Yang Ran

“Xiao Ran, hold this for me. I want to go up to the competition. ” Lu Yuxi emphasized the word “competition” as if she was announcing something to someone.

Yang ran kept looking at the handsome guy on the stage, and didn’t pay attention to what Lu Yuxi said.

She waved her hand and said, “go, go! ” Yang ran only reacted after Lu Yuxi had walked far away. What did Xiao Xi say just now Competition She had been her classmate for almost three years, so how could she not know that Lu Yuxi knew English.

Very soon, the registration ended. Perhaps it was because there were too many people, but the champion had a big prize, so who did not want it?

The competition was a multi-person elimination system, with the teacher setting the questions. There were a total of 100 questions, and those who did not answer any questions would be eliminated.

Lu Yuxi looked at the worried Yang ran below the stage and made an OK gesture with her right hand, telling her not to worry.

It was no wonder that Yang ran was worried. Lu Yuxi’s English in high school could not be any worse. She always held back the class and gave the teacher a headache.

However, in her previous life, after she was raped by Lu Meihe, her picture was exposed. Her father could only send her abroad to study and let her stay away from the limelight. In the end, after two years abroad, Lu Yuxi’s English improved by leaps and bounds… …

After the competition started, someone was quickly eliminated. Lu Yuxi passed five rounds and defeated six generals, stunning Yang ran below the stage.

Was this her Xiao Xi Why did she not recognize her.

Soon, the 100 questions were completed and the competition ended. Only one-third of the audience was left on stage. After leaving their names, everyone left the stage.

Lu Yuxi waved her hand in front of Yang Ran’s eyes and said, “little beauty, the competition is over. What are you thinking about? ”

Yang ran came back to her senses and said, “Xiao Xi, why didn’t I know you knew English? I didn’t expect you to be so good at English. Remember to help me tutor. ”

Lu Yuxi smiled helplessly. This girl had not changed at all. “okay, okay, okay. I’ll teach. Let’s go eat. My treat. ”

The two girls laughed and left.

They did not know that a pair of jealous eyes were looking at them

Lu Yuxi, I, Wang Maihe, will definitely snatch your things. Just you wait!

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