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Chapter 3 do you think I’m a transparent cabbage?

“Miss is back. ” Mother Hu took the backpack from Lu Yuxi.

“Well, where’s my father? ” Lu Yuxi asked as she changed her shoes at the entrance, “the master is upstairs in the study. ”

“okay, got it. ” After asking, she went upstairs.

When she came to the study and was about to knock on the door, a voice interrupted him.

“Chairman, our shopping mall and jewelry are losing a lot of money this month. Many outdated goods can’t be sold, and fashionable goods can’t be supplied. ”

After hearing Secretary Liu’s words, Lu Zhengming looked at the densely packed documents in front of him and frowned.

He said angrily, “How could this happen? Didn’t I tell you to find a designer? How did you do things? Are you complaining that the salary is too high? ”

“We’ve already hired the chairman, but look. ” Secretary Liu took out another document from his bag.

He placed it on the table. “The chairman is Lin industry’s breach fee and breach contract. He said that our Lu group couldn’t afford the price he wanted, and in the end, we were poached by the Li Group. ”

Hearing this, Lu Zhengming said angrily, “outrageous! Is there no one else? Do we have to invite him? ”

Secretary Liu boldly explained, “Lin industry is a dark horse that has recently emerged in the fashion industry and won many awards. Many rich ladies and young ladies love his works. ”

Lu Zhengming fell into deep thought after hearing this.

Knock, knock

Lu Yuxi knocked on the door

Lu Zhengming said, “please come in. ”

“Dad, I have an idea. ” Lu Yuxi’s words gave Lu Zhengming and secretary Liu a shock.

Lu Yuxi continued, “Dad, it’s Saturday tomorrow anyway. Can you let me do my best? ”

Lu Zhengming saw that she was trying to coax him, so he had no choice but to agree.

Lu Yuxi ran over and hugged Lu Zhengming. “I knew dad was the best. ”

The moment she hugged Lu Zhengming, Lu Yuxi was really excited.

Dad, it was really dad, a warm dad. How long had it been since her last life? How long had it been since she had seen dad? She even hugged him like this.

In order not to let Lu Zhengming and secretary Liu see through it, she could only pretend to be very calm.

In fact, she was extremely excited. “But father, you have to let your people listen to me! ”

Lu Zhengming thought that she was messing around, and then he agreed, “okay, okay, okay. I understand. Xiao Liu, you have to listen to miss’s orders tomorrow. ”

Secretary Liu glanced at Lu Zhengming and said doubtfully, “yes, I understand. ”

Although that was true, how could the chairman let miss interfere.

As she had not seen her father for a long time, Lu Yuxi and Lu Zhengming chatted for a long time before they were willing to go back to their room.

After taking a shower, Lu yuxi lay on the bed. Recalling what happened today made her feel incredulous. It was really like a dream.

Her right hand naturally touched her right cheek. There was no scar, so she used her hand to Pinch Lu’s thigh.

“ouch, it hurts. ”

It hurts, her flesh, why did she use so much strength? ouch.

It seems that the pain is real. Since God doesn’t want me to die, then I will live well.

Lu Maihe, no, it should be Wang Maihe, Lin Yiwen. I will make you pay the price.

Lu Yuxi’s eyes lit up.

Then, she got up unwillingly and walked to the desk. She started to draw a picture. This was her first plan.

Early the next morning, Lu Yuxi washed up and didn’t eat anything. Her secretary went to the market to do some research.

The Jewelry Store under the Lu Corporation was located on the most prosperous street in City A.

It was the so-called Golden Zone. How could it not sell well Lu Yuxi scratched her head in confusion.

Suddenly, he saw a phenomenon. The jewelry store across from the Lu Corporation had a huge flow of people.

Compared to his own jewelry store, it was like heaven and earth.

Lu Yuxi looked at the jewelry store across from him shrewdly and asked, “Secretary Liu, what’s going on? ”

Secretary Liu looked at Lu Yuxi’s serious look He did not hide anything and told her, “it’s like this. The Lu Corporation and the Li Corporation have always been at odds with each other, while the Li Corporation has always been high-profile. This time, after they dug out the forestry industry, they opened a jewelry store across from the Lu Corporation with even more high-profile. ”

Lu Yuxi frowned as she walked into her own jewelry shop. The interior decoration was rather high-end, and there was also a lounge dedicated to receiving distinguished guests, so the lights were a little dim.

Everyone who came here to buy the right jewelry would first compare their appearance before making a decision.

Lu Yuxi walked to the counter that was closer to the door and looked at the quality of the jewelry. Then, she wanted to take it out to have a look, but she was rejected by the staff

“We can’t take out the jewelry that we buy here. Please just look at it like this, ” the sales lady said with a very bad attitude.

Then, she sized up Lu Yuxi and said,

“Even if you can take it out to look at it, you can’t afford it, right? So, go play somewhere else and stop bothering me. ”

Lu Yuxi followed her gaze and lowered her head to look at herself. It turned out that she had put on a sportswear in a rush this morning. As expected, she was really a person who looked down on others.

Lu Yuxi walked to another counter and the sales lady welcomed her warmly.

“Hello, May I help you? ”

Lu Yuxi was very satisfied with this girl who seemed to be only her age. Such an attitude was what the Lu Corporation wanted.

At this moment, the sales lady who looked down on others interjected, “indeed, what kind of person receives what kind of person! ”

Hearing this, Xiao Mei, who was smiling, immediately lowered her head in grievance. Lu Yuxi saw this completely.

She said to the sales lady, Xiao Mei, “help me call the person-in-charge here. I have something to say. ”

Xiao Mei nervously held Lu Yuxi’s hand. “Did I do something wrong? I can change. Please don’t tell the manager. I can’t lose this job! ”

Lu Yuxi smiled and patted her hand to reassure her. “It’s not that you didn’t do a good job, but I really have something to tell the person-in-charge. Go and call him. ”

Behind her, Secretary Liu, who was recording the investigation, was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped. Did he misjudge her? When did the unruly and willful Miss Lu become so approachable?

Not long after, Xiao Mei brought the person in charge, manager Zhang.

Manager Zhang was a lady in her thirties. She had short hair and was dressed in professional attire, looking very refined.

Zhang Yuting was very puzzled when she called her out for Lu Yuxi. However, when she saw Secretary Liu, who was holding a briefcase behind Lu Yuxi, she somewhat understood.

It seemed that this 18-or 19-year-old girl in front of her should be the chairman’s only precious daughter.

After Secretary Liu exchanged a few pleasantries with manager Zhang, she began the mission assigned by the chairman this time and completely forgot about Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes. Did these two people think she was dead?

Didn’t they see that she was rolling her eyes?

Two minutes later, Lu Yuxi, who felt that she had really been ignored, twitched the corner of her mouth

They really thought she was dead

“Hey, there’s someone here, ” Lu Yuxi said helplessly.

Since these two people had discovered her existence, manager Zhang said, “Miss Lu, you want to see the jewelry, right? I’ll get someone to take you to see it. ”

Lu Yuxi finally couldn’t take it anymore and exploded, “Secretary Liu, my dad wants you to listen to me, but you’re treating me like a transparent cabbage, right? ”

Secretary Liu scratched his head awkwardly. He thought that Miss Lu had become more approachable to the people. He knew it. He was the one who looked up to Miss Lu. How could she be approachable to the people? It seemed like he was thinking too much.

Secretary Liu quickly said, “Miss, what are your orders? ”

Lu Yuxi thought for a moment. Cough Cough

“first of all, we don’t need an employee who looks down on others. Immediately help me change the salesperson who received me. ”

Xiao Mei’s face turned pale when she heard this.

So she was the daughter of the chairman. Wasn’t she the one who received her It couldn’t be.

He watched as manager Zhang walked towards the sales lady called Xiao Mei, who was about his age.

He hurriedly explained, “manager Zhang, you’re mistaken. It’s not her. Her attitude is very good. She should be rewarded. What I said depends on the lady at the door. ”

When Wang Li heard that she was called, she was shocked.

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