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Chapter 4 falling flat on my face

She was shocked…

If she had known that the person dressed so uncouth was the LU corporation’s eldest daughter, she would have treated her well. This job was not tiring and she had nothing to do.

Manager Zhang walked in front of Wang Li

“Our LU corporation does not need people who do not know how to respect their customers. In a while, we will collect your monthly salary. Pack up and leave. ”

Wang Li begged bitterly, “manager, I will change. Please forgive me just this once! ”

Manager Zhang did not even look at her and said, “I already knew that you often bullied your employees in private, so I never had the time to care about you. Now that I’ve done so, I’ll do it until the end. You can go now. ”

Wang Li glared at Lu Yuxi fiercely. It was all because of this B * Tch. Otherwise, how could she have lost such a good job? She packed her things angrily and left.

Seeing Wang Li leave, Xiao Mei felt a little sympathetic, but she was also very happy. No one would bully her and take money anymore. She could now earn money to support her family.

Seeing that the person with a bad attitude had left, Lu Yuxi continued to point at the lights above her head

“The lights are too dim and not up to standard. Immediately change these lights to brighter and softer crystal hanging lights, and… ”

As she spoke, she took out a few pictures from her backpack and handed them to manager Zhang, saying, “immediately, immediately go and make these pictures into real objects using the best jade, pearls, and diamonds. Make as many as you can… ”

“Tomorrow, I want to see the results. Also, get someone to make a thousand copies of the colors on these pictures. Then, two hours before the finished products are released tomorrow, send them to the streets. Everyone will have one copy. ”

Manager Zhang held the picture in his hand and looked at Secretary Liu, who was standing behind Lu Yuxi, awkwardly. He said, “this ~ ”

Lu Yuxi said angrily, “What are you looking at? Hurry up and go. If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility. It’s none of your business. ”

Manager Zhang saw that Lu Yuxi was angry and quickly ran out.

This caused secretary Liu to be puzzled. “Miss, what are you… ? ”

Lu Yuxi explained, “you don’t understand. It’s very difficult to sell jewelry in traditional sales. This is a new sales plan. Distributing flyers to let others know that there are new and cheap products here is equivalent to advertising for the Lu Jewelry. Also, the reason for the lights is that it’s too dark, so it’s easy to make the color of the jewelry look terrible

Therefore, the lighting is also very important.”

This explanation left Secretary Liu dumbfounded. When did his miss become so amazing?

“Miss, then this drawing of yours… ? ”

Lu Yuxi stammered as she explained… “Uh, tell me about the drawing. I drew it myself last night. “.

Lu Yuxi secretly said to the future designers, “masters, I’m sorry. I stole your work. I can’t tell him that I was reborn, right? What if he pulls me into the lunatic asylum later! “!

Lu Yuxi said, “don’t tell my father about this first. When the effect is good, I’ll tell him. If anything happens, I’LL BE RESPONSIBLE! ”

Secretary Liu said, “yes, I understand. “.

Time passed very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was Monday.

Ever since that Saturday, Lu Yuxi had gone to check on the progress, she had not gone to check on it. Lu Yuxi planned to go and take a look at it after school at noon. As soon as she entered the classroom and sat down, she was surrounded by her classmates

“Lu Yuxi, do you still have any of the jewelry that your family sold yesterday? Look at it carefully. I didn’t even manage to snatch it yesterday. In an instant, it was sold out. That scene, you don’t know. It’s very scary. ”

Another person added, “that’s right, Lu Yuxi, we’re classmates, right? Can You ask your dad to save a few for me? Because they’re really exquisite and beautiful. Compared to your Lu Group, the Li group is really a drop in the ocean. ”

“That’s right, the forestry industry is just so-so. Did your family hire a very powerful designer? ”

“Didn’t you see the Li group’s jewelry shop yesterday? There wasn’t even a single person in it. It was very deserted! ”

Early in the morning, Lu Yuxi was already confused by the questions from her classmates. Many of them even took out her drawings to see which one she had bought and which one she had missed This was indeed an aristocratic school. HER FAMILY’S JEWELRY WASN’T CHEAP And they even bought so many. It seemed that the drawings she drew were very popular!

Luckily, she was a woman who loved jewelry in her previous life. Otherwise, she really did not know how to draw such works.

As soon as school was over, Lu Yuxi grabbed her school bag and ran away. Yang ran thought that she had to pee.

Lu Yuxi ran all the way. Fortunately, the school was not far from the jewelry store, so she arrived very soon.

As soon as she entered the store, Lu Yuxi saw the busy sales girls and customers. When she walked into the VIP lounge, Lu Yuxi saw her father

She gasped for air as she asked, “Dad, you… you… why… are… you… here? ”

Lu Zhengming smiled amiably and said, “this girl, are you not going to tell me if I don’t come? If manager Zhang hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known! ”

Lu Yuxi glared at manager Zhang as if to say, “you’re the only one who talks too much. “.

Lu Zhengming gently patted Lu Yuxi’s back and said, “Xiao Xi, I’ve always thought that you’re a child who hasn’t grown up. This time, it’s actually you who helped me get through this difficult time. I’m here to apologize to you.

“You’ve grown up. In the future, DAD’s company will be handed over to you sooner or later. You have to study hard. ”

Lu Yuxi nodded seriously, clenched her fists, and secretly swore.

“Don’t worry, father. I’ll study hard. I won’t let you get killed, and I won’t let the company fall into the hands of others. “.

“Father, do you believe me now? ” “your daughter can do it. When she grows up, I’ll draw a few more design drawings and have them take all the outdated jewelry and modify it. One design every week to ensure sales. Also, leave the shopping mall to me. ” “I’ll go to the shopping mall with Secretary Liu now. You should go home first. There might be a guest visiting later. ”

Lu Zhengming was confused. “guest? What guest? ”

Lu Yuxi said, “Dad, don’t ask. You’ll know when the guest arrives. GO BACK! ”

After sending Lu Zhengming back, Lu yuxi narrowed her eyes dangerously

If she guessed correctly, Wang Maihe was going to come and introduce herself

This time, she had to ‘receive’ her ‘sister’ properly.

Very quickly, she finished understanding the reason for the shopping mall with Secretary Liu. Then, she rushed home in a hurry and did not forget to ask for leave for the afternoon class.

In her previous life, the cunning Wang Maihe took advantage of the time when she went to class and took a leave of absence to go to her house to meet her family. She made Lu Yuxi, who came home after school, become her elder sister under unknown circumstances.

It had to be said that the enemy was really cunning.

“Master Qi Shifu, hurry up and drive. It’s really urgent. ” Lu Yuxi anxiously urged her own driver.

Master Qi said calmly, “Miss, you saw it too. The traffic is so heavy. I can’t go fast even if I want to. ”

Lu Yuxi looked at the long line in front of her

She gritted her teeth, opened the door, and ran out of the car. “Master Qi Shifu, I’m going to take a shortcut. Drive slowly. ” After saying that, she ran into the alley.

As this alley was less populated, Lu Yuxi felt goosebumps and rushed forward with all her might

“Aiyo, who is it? “?

“who was so careless and threw rubbish everywhere, causing me to fall like a horse… “. ?”

Lu Yuxi crawled up in pain. It was so painful. She patted the dirt off her body and looked behind her to see what had tripped her. If she did not look, she would not know. The moment she saw it, she was shocked.

Oh my God, a gun.

There were two handguns in a small black cloth bag. She had seen it on television before. It was an M-7.

But why was there a gun here. Why did Lu Yuxi look left and right, then kick the gun beside her feet..

She shouted softly, “is there anyone who wants it? Whose little baby dropped it here? Hi, hello? ”

After shouting a few times to make sure no one was around, he stuffed the gun into a small cloth bag, put it in his backpack, picked it up and ran.. Then he ran like crazy…

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