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Chapter 5 came to acknowledge a fake relative

Without stopping, he rushed home and threw his bag to the servant. He did not even have time to change his shoes before he ran in.

As expected, he did not guess wrongly. He saw Wang Maihe who came to acknowledge a fake relative and her snobbish mother, Wang Yun in the living room.

When Wang Maihe, who was sitting on the Sofa, saw Lu Yuxi, she was shocked

How could it be She had clearly asked for leave to come over. Why did Lu Yuxi not go to class Could it be that she had discovered something?

Lu Zhengming saw Lu yuxi and also asked with some confusion, “Xiao Xi, don’t you have to go to class? “?

Lu Yuxi Sat beside Lu Zhengming, stared at Wang Maihe and said, “there are important guests at home today, how can I be absent? “.

Lu Zhengming said, “just in time, two guests just came. Let me introduce you. This is dad’s old classmate, Wang Yun, and this is her daughter, Wang Maihe. Speaking of which, it seems that they are classmates from the same school as you! ”

Lu Yuxi tried hard to resist the urge to strangle Wang Maihe to death. She tried hard to squeeze out a smile and forced out words from between her teeth

“Yes, we are classmates from the same school, but I wonder why you are here? ”

Lu Zhengming also felt the same way and asked, “yes, I want to ask the same thing. ”

Just as he finished asking, Wang Yun plopped down on her knees in front of Lu Zhengming. When she saw her mother, Wang Yun, kneeling down, Wang Maihe also knelt down.

This gave Lu Zhengming a shock. He quickly helped Wang Yun up and said, “old classmate, what are you doing? If you have something to say, just say it. Why are you kneeling down? Wang girl, you should get up too. ”

Lu Yuxi saw this scene and calmly rolled her eyes. This acting skill could even win an Oscar, and it was a mother-daughter Oscar.

Wang Yun sat down with the help of Lu Zhengming. Wang Maihe also sat up and sat beside Wang Yun.

At this moment, Wang Yun entered the main topic and said, “Zhengming, do you still remember that glance at the class reunion eighteen years ago? This child… ” Wang Yun paused for a moment and did not continue …

Lu Yuxi was such a smart woman. She was able to control herself and let her father think for himself.

Of course, Lu Zhengming remembered that ever since he married Xiao Xi’s mother, Lu Zhengming had never looked at another woman. At the class reunion one year after their marriage, he had done something wrong. He felt very guilty and did not dare to tell her. He did not expect… …

Lu Zhengming looked at Lu Yuxi awkwardly and then asked Wang Yun, “Wang Yun, is this the child that we accidentally had that night? ”

Wang Yun nodded slightly

Lu Zhengming looked at Lu yuxi regretfully. It seemed that he would have to let his precious daughter down again.

Wang Yun suddenly sobbed. “Zhengming, I didn’t want to bring her here to acknowledge her ancestors, but I really don’t want Mai he to suffer with me anymore. If you ask her to move back in, I can stay outside by myself. ” Wang Yun looked so pitiful that Lu Zhengming could not bear to look at her.

On the other hand, Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes and was very calm. It had to be said that she could not underestimate this Wang Yun. She had thrown out the difficult problem of moving in and acknowledging her ancestors to her father. She was really amazing.

Lu Zhengming did not know what he was thinking. He said, “anyway, there are many rooms in the Lu residence. You can all move back. As for the matter of recognizing your ancestors, we’ll talk about it in the future. ”

After saying that, he went upstairs, leaving Lu Yuxi and the Wang mother and daughter staring at each other.

Lu Yuxi looked at the mother and daughter who had superb acting skills and thought to herself, I’ll let you stay here and see how I ‘receive’ You. There’s still plenty of time in the future.

Wang Maihe was the first to break the awkwardness and sat beside Lu Yuxi. “So you’re my sister. Can we get along well in the future? ”

Her innocent expression almost made Lu Yuxi believe it.

Lu Yuxi forced a smile and said, “okay, sister. We have to get along well in the future. ” Lu Yuxi emphasized the words ‘get along well’ .

At three in the afternoon

Lu Yuxi, who had just woken up, saw that the Wang mother and daughter had already moved in. What was the efficiency of a moving company? It was even faster than a moving company.

Lu Yuxi could not be bothered with them. Out of sight, she carried her small backpack and went to the shopping mall.

In the mall, Lu Yuxi looked at the sales of shoes and clothes for a long time. The sales of shoes and clothes were not good. After looking at them for so long, she still could not sell a single pair of shoes and a single piece of clothes. If this continued, it would be difficult for the LU corporation not to go bankrupt. would she go begging in the future.


The cry of a child could be heard from the designer bag. Lu Yuxi quickly ran over to see what was going on.

Lu Yuxi looked at the three layers of people in front of her and squeezed in without thinking

“excuse me, excuse me. ” Lu Yuxi, who finally squeezed in, saw the scene in front of her.

A little girl was crying as she hugged the man’s leg. She even repeated this sentence, “Daddy, you were taken away by the bad aunt. Don’t abandon me and mommy. I will be obedient in the future. Don’t abandon me. ”

The man who was hugged by her had a bag in his left hand and a beautiful woman in his right hand. There was a big gold chain around his neck and he looked extremely wretched.

The man looked down at the little girl and kicked her away in disgust. The little girl was thrown more than a meter away. She sat there aggrievedly and did not dare to cry out loud, causing the people present to feel heartbroken.

They all wanted to fight for justice. How could there be such parents? They were simply not human, but animals.

At this moment, the woman sitting on the ground saw that her child was being treated like this by this man. Without thinking, she rushed over and risked her life.

“You animal, I’ve been working hard these past few years to earn money for you to do business. Now that I’ve succeeded, I’ll go outside and look for a woman.

“It’s fine if you want to look for a woman, but she’s your child. How can you treat her like this? Are you still human? ”

The man forcefully shook off the woman who had climbed up. With a slap, the woman fell to the ground.

Lu Yuxi could not bear to watch this scene any longer. She picked up the little girl and placed her beside the woman who had fallen to the ground. Then, she walked up to the man.

Slap slap slap

She slapped him left and right, causing Lu Yuxi’s hand to hurt.

The man was very angry after being beaten up by Lu Yuxi in public. “You B * Tch, what right do you have to hit me? Do you want to die? ”

He wanted to backhand, but Lu Yuxi nimbly dodged him and made a face at him.

If he wanted to hit her, there was no door, not even a small window.

Lu Yuxi helped the woman who had fallen to the ground and helped her clean the dirt off her body. She said, “don’t be afraid of him. I’ll take responsibility if anything happens. ”

Lao Min looked at the little girl who helped her up and thought to herself, a little girl can help her stand up for herself. Why would she have to swallow her anger.

Lao Min came along and rushed to the unfaithful man at the speed of a thief and slapped him.

There was only a “PA” sound

Before the man could react, Lao Min grabbed the mistress’hair again and pulled hard. …

The pain made the mistress cry, but she did not dare to cry out because of her face. If she had followed Lu Yuxi’s instructions, she would not have any face to speak of.

Before the unfaithful man could react and get beaten up, he saw his baby crying like a baby as the shrew Lao Min tugged at her hair. He angrily grabbed Lao Min’s hair and slapped her on the face.


The sound was exceptionally loud, as if he had used up all his strength.

After being beaten up, Lao Min fell to the ground again and stopped. She covered her face in shock. “You hit me, you actually hit me for a woman? Fine, don’t blame me if you aren’t kind. Let’s get a divorce. ”

“So be it. I don’t want a barbaric village woman like you anymore. ”

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