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Chapter 6 Lu Jianping’s roar of injustice

They did not notice the smile on mistress Li Xiaojing’s face when they said they wanted a divorce.

However, Lu Yuxi saw it clearly.

Lao Min would never have thought that the man who once said he would protect her and love her would treat her like this. She regretted it so much. Why would she fall for such a scum.

The heartless Su Quan saw his wife and child being treated like this. He could not bear it and wanted to explain.

However, the mistress saw it and the mistress destroyed Su Quan’s last bit of guilt…

Otherwise, Li Xiaojing clutched her stomach and cried.

“Quan, Quan, my stomach hurts, my stomach hurts so much. Did something happen to our child? Sister Lao Min didn’t do it on purpose, don’t blame her. ”

Lu Yuxi sized up Li Xiaojing. She didn’t expect this woman to be so ruthless and threw all the blame on Lao Min.

Sure enough, when Su Quan saw that his little sweetheart and his son were in trouble, his eyes turned red with anxiety.

He pointed at Lao Min and said, “you B * Tch, it’s fine that you didn’t give me a son for nine years, but now you want to kill my child. If anything happens to my son, I won’t let you off. Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow, I want a divorce. ”

“Boom. “. This sentence hit Lao Min in the head again.

For nine years, she worked tirelessly to earn money for him to invest, and she even gave him the little money she earned from opening a small clothing store.

All these years, she couldn’t bear to eat or wear anything. Why Did she let him succeed and betray her?

Now that he had succeeded, he could abandon her and find a beautiful young woman when he had money.

Lao Min secretly laughed at herself

Was it too far-fetched to dislike her because she had never given birth to a boy? Lao Min stood at the side in a daze and did not say a word.

Su Quan hurriedly wanted to send his mistress, Li Jing, to the hospital for a checkup.

However, he was stopped by Lu Yuxi.

The onlookers who were about to leave saw that there was a commotion again and stayed.

Su Quan saw Lu Yuxi, who had just hit him, and stopped her. He shouted angrily, “get lost. I’ll deal with you when I have time. Why are we not done? ”

Lu Yuxi did not care about her. She turned her gaze to Li Xiaojing and asked,

“Miss, how many months has it been? ”

Li Xiaojing looked at Lu Yuxi’s sharp eyes

She answered timidly, “six… more than six months. ”

The crowd was very puzzled. They wanted to know why Lu Yuxi asked this question. What was the purpose of this question What was there to ask.

Lu Yuxi ignored the surrounding doubts and continued to ask… “Miss Li, you said you’re pregnant, but why don’t you look fat at all? Other than the obvious belly, there’s nothing obvious. ”

Li Xiaojing did not expect her to ask this question. She explained in a fluster, “I have a good figure, can’t I? ”

Hearing her answer, Lu Yuxi laughed and said

“As we all know, some people will have edema in their legs during the later stages of pregnancy. Then again, even if there is no edema, most pregnant people walk differently.

“Moreover, when they walk, they will subconsciously protect their stomachs. Since you love the child in your stomach so much, how could you twist it like this? ”

Li Xiaojing replied in a panic, “you’re talking nonsense”

Then, she pulled Su Quan with her hand, indicating for him to leave quickly.

Lu Yuxi continued to say something shocking, “you’re not pregnant at all, right? ”

Su Quan also looked at Li Xiaojing with some confusion, as if he felt that what Lu Yuxi said made sense, because he only knew that Xiao Jing was pregnant, but he had never wanted to verify it. Every time he wanted to see her stomach, she would change the topic.

Li Xiaojing saw Su Quan’s unbelieving eyes, and everyone’s disdainful eyes. She became even more panicked and only wanted to leave this place immediately.

“Quan, I really have a stomachache. Do you not want to have a baby anymore? ” Li Xiaojing held Su Quan’s hand and said.

When Su Quan heard this, he also did not believe Lu Yuxi’s one-sided words. He chose to believe his woman and wanted to take Li Xiaojing away to the hospital for a check-up.

However, Lu Yuxi did not go as they wished. “Why? Are you afraid of leaving? Do you dare to verify it? “.

Li Xiaojing turned her head and said angrily, “I know whether I have children or not. But you, who are you? Why do you care so much? ”

Lu Yuxi sneered. As expected, she still felt guilty. As long as she continued to speak, she was not afraid that she would not expose herself.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. But you, do you dare to go to the toilet and let me take a look at your stomach? ”

Li Xiaojing’s hand that was holding Su Quan trembled slightly. She actually did not know how to speak. She only wanted to cheat Su Quan of some money. She did not expect that there would be such a thing.

Li Xiaojing clutched her bag tightly. Her fingers were slightly white because she had used too much strength.

The people around had long wanted to start a family. Now that it was not easy, they quickly spoke up.

“What are you afraid of? ”

“That’s right. If it’s true, then go to the toilet and let the little girl have a look, ” the crowd began to talk at once.

Seeing that Li Xiaojing did not take it out, Su Quan felt a little guilty. He had never seen her stomach before. It seemed that it was fake.

Suddenly, he felt that he had lost a son. He shook off Li Xiaojing and left with a cold snort.

Li Xiaojing wanted to get Su Quan’s money, so she chased after him to explain.

Suddenly, there was applause from all around. “This little girl is really amazing. She managed to run away with just a few words. ”

Another big sister said, “isn’t that so? I hate mistress the most in my life. I didn’t scold her when I saw that she was pregnant. I didn’t expect it to be fake. ”

The discussion ended after a while.

Lu Yuxi quickly helped Lao Min up from the ground. She carried the little girl and brought Lao Min to the VIP lounge of the shopping mall.

Lu Yuxi ordered two glasses of juice for the mother and daughter. The little guy was smiling and drinking happily. He completely forgot about what had just happened. The child was indeed still a child and would not have any worries. However, adults were not.

Lao Min said Awkwardly, “about that… Thank you, sorry for making a fool of yourself. ”

Lu Yuxi: “Of course. I don’t like it when Lu sees injustice and shouts. “.

Lao Min looked at the girl in front of her, who was 17-18 years old. For some reason, she had a feeling of trust, and wanted to tell her about her own experience.

Lao Min stroked Xiao Bei’s head, and talked about the sad past.. “Her father and I met in another city, and we got married after liking each other. A few years before we got married, it was still okay. Later, he said that he wanted to start a business, so I sold the dowry that my parents gave me, and worked my ass off to run a clothing store..

“Now that he has succeeded, he is looking for a woman outside and despising me for not being able to give birth to a child.. “He has abandoned US mother and daughter… “. “…”

Lu Yuxi felt some sympathy for the woman in front of her. She felt that they were both women with a difficult fate. She wanted to help her!

Lu Yuxi extended her right hand. “Hello, my name is Lu Yuxi. I am 18 years old this year and I am in my third year of high school! ”

Lao Min held onto Lu Yuxi’s hand and introduced, “Hello, my name is Lao Min. I am 28 years old this year. If you don’t mind, you can call me sister! ”

Lu Yuxi held Lao Min’s hand tightly in excitement. “Lao Min? You’re Lao Min? The famous fashion designer in the country, Lao Min? ”

Lao Min was confused by Lu Yuxi’s question.

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