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Chapter 7 she is my enemy

“What national celebrity? Why don’t I understand? ” Lao Min asked in confusion.

Lu Yuxi said a little embarrassedly, “uh, that, it’s nothing. I just suddenly thought of someone. This is Xiao Bei, right? ” Lu Yuxi quickly changed the topic.

Lao Min looked at her child and said with a smile, “yes, it’s Xiao Bei. But how did you know? ”

Lu Yuxi shouted in her heart, not good, and changed the topic again.

She randomly used an excuse, “Hehe, I just heard the people there calling me that. ”

“Is that so? ” Lao Min actually believed it.

“Xiao Bei, don’t drink it yet, call me big sister. ”

Xiao Budian smiled sweetly and said, “big sister, hello, I’m Xiao Bei, I’m three years old this year, big sister, you’re really beautiful. ”

Lu Yuxi was so cute that she rubbed Xiao Bei’s head, “Xiao Bei, Xiao Bei is really, Xiao Bei is also a little beauty. ”

Xiao Bei laughed foolishly.

It Made Lu Yuxi and Lao Min laugh out loud.

She knew that Lao Min and Xiao Bei were both seen on TV shows and fashion magazines in her previous life. It was said that after Lao Min was mercilessly abandoned by her husband, she, who was penniless, did it for her only daughter, Xiao Bei After seven years of hard work, she became well-known in the country and even globally.

Lu Yuxi took out a credit card from her bag and handed it to Lao Min.

“Xiao Xi, what are you doing? ” Lao Min said evasively.

“Lao Jie, I’ve already called you ‘elder sister’ . Don’t you believe me? Take it first. If you really want a divorce, this money can be used in court. ”

Lao Min held Lu Yuxi’s hand tightly with tears in her eyes. “Xiao Xi, thank you. I don’t know how to thank you. I don’t know how to repay you. ”

Lu Yuxi took out a book and wrote a string of numbers. She tore it down. “Lao Jie, this is my home number. After you’re done, give me a call. I have something to ask of you! ”

Lao Min took it and looked at it. “Yes, I will. If I can help, I will definitely help. ”

Actually, Lu Yuxi was helping her because she was paving the way for herself in the future. With such a big shot, how could she not have him by her side.

Lu Yuxi looked at her watch. “Lao Jie, it’s six o’clock. My Dad should be waiting for me to go back for dinner. I’ll be leaving first. ”

“Okay, take care. ”

“okay, got it. ” Lu Yuxi left after saying that.

“Xiao Xi, you’re back. You just finished cooking. Hurry up and sit down and get ready to eat! ” Wang Yun fiddled with the dishes on the table like she was the hostess.

This made Lu Yuxi look very disgusted.

At the dining table, Lu Zhengming sat on the main seat. The Wang family mother and daughter sat on the right side of Lu Zhengming. Lu Yuxi Sat on the left side of Lu Zhengming.

“sister, ” Wang Maihe called out politely.

Lu Yuxi did not even look at her.

“Dad. ”

“You’re back? sit down and eat, ” Lu Zhengming said seriously.

Lu Yuxi looked at the serious Lu Zhengming and was a little stunned. It had been a long time since her father had been so serious. What was going on?

Then she looked at Wang Yun, who treated her as the mistress, and instantly understood why her father was so serious.

It turned out that when she saw Wang Yun move in, she felt sorry for her mother.

“sister, you eat. ” Wang Maihe helped Lu Yuxi with the dishes. Lu Yuxi did not even look at her.

With an outsider’s interference, this meal was indeed uncomfortable. Lu Yuxi quickly finished her meal and went upstairs. She did not want to leave her in a bad mood.

She did not want to see the mother and daughter’s pretentious behavior again, which made her feel disgusted.

When she returned to her room, she took out a book from her bag and started reading. Although she had experienced the college entrance examination in her previous life and still had some memories of the college entrance examination, it was still safer to read some books.

When she thought of the college entrance examination, Lu Yuxi was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

In her previous life, on the third day of the college entrance examination, when Lu Yuxi was answering the questions, a small piece of paper fell from the top of her head and she curiously opened it to take a look.

When she looked up, she saw the invigilator’s sharp gaze.

In the end, she was treated as cheating in the exam and was chased out of the examination venue.

It was said that good news would not go out, but bad news would spread far and wide. Lu Yuxi’s cheating incident was immediately spread like wildfire.

Although Lu Zhengming did not say anything and even encouraged her not to be sad, Lu Yuxi knew that this incident had caused her father to lose face in front of his good friends and business partners.

At the same time, Lu Yuxi’s life was also marked with the mark of cheating in the college entrance examination.

All of this was done by Wang Maihe.

Wang Maihe, I will never let you be so arrogant. Just you wait.

She sorted out her thoughts and calmed down the dissatisfaction and anger in her heart. She picked up the book and continued reading.

In her previous life, after she became a celebrity in the plagiarism scandal, many good universities could not accept her. In the end, she could only go to a university in the neighboring city f. her distance allowed Wang Maihe to successfully enter the Hukou.

This time, she would not be stupid. If she wanted to enter the Hukou, she wanted to have the surname Lu. In her dreams.

The next day, just as she entered the classroom, Yang ran saw her feet from head to toe.

“Why are you looking at me like that? You’re making my hair stand on end, ” Lu Yuxi looked at Yang ran strangely and asked.

Yang Ran said a little angrily, “say, why were you in such a hurry to abandon me after school last night? You made me think that something happened at your house. ”

Lu Yuxi said a little embarrassedly, “Hehe, it’s nothing. I’m sorry. I forgot about you. Can I treat you to a meal as compensation? ”

Yang Ran said, “for the sake of the food, I’ll let you go. It won’t happen again. ”

“I know, I know. ”

Yang ran took out a piece of paper from the drawer and handed it to Lu Yuxi. “Here, this is the list of names that the student union just sent over. You’re in the semi-finals. ”

Lu Yuxi took it and looked at the time of the semi-finals. Tonight, at 7:30 pm, in the music room.

Then, she stuffed it into the drawer. Who Cares? Whatever happens, happens.

“Xiao Ran, come with me tonight. ” Lu Yuxi looked at Yang ran pitifully.

Yang ran could not compete with Lu Yuxi’s trump card, so she had to agree to go with her.

7:30 pm, music classroom.

Lu Yuxi saw the person she did not want to see the most, Wang Maihe.

“sister, you’re here? I’ve been waiting for a long time. There’s a seat here. Come and sit. ” Wang Maihe waved from afar.

Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes. Why did she see her again? They were enemies on a narrow road.

Yang ran pointed at Wang Maihe with her Chin and asked, “who is she? Why is she calling you sister? ”

Lu Yuxi stared at Wang Maihe and said, “enemy. ”

Then, she pulled Yang ran in the direction of Wang Maihe. Someone helped to take a seat, so it would be a waste not to sit.

“sister, you have to work hard later, ” Wang Maihe said innocently.

Lu Yuxi expressionlessly said, “okay, ” and then ignored her.

An hour later

“Xiao Xi, you’re so amazing. You passed again. ” Yang ran was even more excited than Lu Yuxi.

“Okay, you’re already so happy just to enter the semi-finals? You still have to enter the finals! ” Lu Yuxi said helplessly.

“Anyway, I’m just happy. Come, treat me to a meal. Let’s celebrate. ” Yang ran pulled Lu yuxi and walked out.

At this moment, Wang Maihe caught up. “sister, where are you going? Can I go? ”

Lu Yuxi decisively refused, “No, we have something to do. As we spoke, we pulled Yang ran away. ”

Looking at Lu Yuxi who had walked far away, Wang Maihe’s sweet expression darkened, revealing a somewhat frightening expression.

Clenching her fists, Lu Yuxi, don’t be too proud. I’ll let you die a horrible death.

“Xiao Xi, why don’t you let her follow us? ” Yang ran was pulled out and asked in confusion.

Lu Yuxi looked at Yang ran and said seriously, “Xiao Ran, she is our family’s enemy… ”

Lu Yuxi told Yang ran about Wang Maihe and Wang Yun’s false marriage.

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