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Chapter 9 two ribs were broken

Emergency Department

“Doctor, Doctor, are you alright? ” Lu Yuxi’s voice was a little shaky as she asked. Those who did not know would think that she was worried about the condition of the injured person inside.

Actually, she did not have the chance to go to the bathroom to hold her pee.

The doctor took off his mask and asked, “are you the patient’s family member? ”

Lu Yuxi did not know how to answer and could only bite the bullet and say yes.

“He’s fine. It’s just some external injuries. He only has two broken ribs, ” the doctor said indifferently.

Lu Yuxi, on the other hand, swallowed her saliva in surprise and said intermittently, “two broken ribs. It’s just a broken rib. It’s just a small injury. ”

“To us, this is really a small injury. Moreover, his body is so strong. He’s fine. The little girl is fine. You don’t have to tremble, ” the doctor kindly reminded when he saw Lu Yuxi trembling.

Lu Yuxi broke out in a cold sweat. How could he be fine She felt suffocated. “Then should I go in and see him? ”

“Yes, but not for long. ”

“got it. Thank you, Doctor. ”

Lu Yuxi only wanted to make sure that he was fine before going to the toilet. Otherwise, she would not feel at ease.

The instrument made a “Di, di” sound. He was sleeping peacefully.

His long eyelashes blurred under the weak light. There was a hint of white on his lips. It was just that the bruise on his right eye had ruined his whole body. Otherwise, he would really be very handsome

Who was so wicked Didn’t they know that hitting people doesn’t mean hitting their face?

At this moment, Lu Yuxi saw a cell phone on the small table beside the bed and quietly walked out of the ward.

Outside the ward.

Lu Yuxi looked at the contact list and gave her a fright. It was just a number. Why was he so popular when he was so handsome.

She nervously dialed her only number, her second brother. After all, it was his cell phone, so how could she not be nervous?

Before the first call ended, the other end picked up, looking very nervous.

“Hello, big brother, I saw that the little brother at the night bar was knocked down by someone. Where are you? Did something happen? ”

“Hello, I’m not your big brother. Your big brother was injured and I was sent to the hospital. Come and see him. ”

“which hospital? ” The person on the other end of the phone was even more worried.

“People’s Hospital”

Lu Yuxi returned to the ward, put her phone on the small table, and then left the ward.

After leaving the ward, Lu Yuxi rushed to the toilet without caring about anything else. She could not hold it in any longer.

Finally, it was settled. She was suffocated to death. Lu Yuxi heaved a sigh of relief. She had planned to go back to the ward to see that man again, but she kept feeling as if she had forgotten something.

She frowned and thought for a moment. It’s over. The little ancestor, Yang Ran, had forgotten about the night market.

Lu Yuxi had the urge to cry. She was so tired. After leaving the hospital, she took a taxi and headed towards the night market.

In the ward

“Big Brother, why are you lying here? What happened? ” Mo Xi asked worriedly.

Mo Rui’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “I was plotted against by Longgang. ”

Mo Xi was so angry that she wanted to take revenge, but was stopped by Mo Rui.

“Don’t mess around. With their current military strength, you can only come back lying down. ”

“Then what do you think we should do, big brother? ” Mo Xi asked patiently.

Mo Rui did not say anything.

Mo Xi suddenly thought of something and asked in confusion, “big brother, who was the woman who called me to come here just now? ”

“The person who saved me. ”

Mo Xi was a little surprised. “No way. A woman saved you when there were so many people surrounding you with guns. She’s too bold. “.

Mo Rui recalled the gunshot and said, “she has a gun. ”

Mo Xi was even more shocked. Where did a weak woman get a gun? It seemed like she had quite a background.

“What about her? ” Mo Rui asked.

Mo Xi answered honestly, “I haven’t seen any women since my brothers and I came here. ”

Mo Rui said, “Go, help me find her. Also, hurry up and go through the discharge procedures. Otherwise, Longgang will chase after me while I’m injured. ”

“Yes. ” Mo Xi left the ward.

Mo Rui recalled the cute and unconvinced look of the girl and was a little moved. Where are you Why didn’t you wait for me to say thank you.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi was panting as she ran in front of Yang Ran.

She spoke in a staccato manner. “Xiao… Xiao Ran, I’m sorry. I… I had something to do and left for a while. ”

She raised her head and met Yang ran’s angry and resentful eyes. “Lu Yuxi, do you see what time it is now? Are you embarrassed to leave me here alone to enjoy yourself? ”

Lu Yuxi looked at Yang ran in embarrassment. “Xiao Ran, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. I really ran into something and got delayed. ”

Yang ran continued to say angrily, “why didn’t you buy a cell phone? I couldn’t even call you back even if I wanted to. Don’t you know that I didn’t bring any money today? ”

Yang Ran said to herself, “besides, if I leave, you won’t be able to find me when you come back. “.

Looking at the sparse crowd around her, Lu Yuxi became even more apologetic. “I’m sorry, Xiao Ran. Please forgive me again. I won’t do it again. I promise. ”

Lu Yuxi’s assured posture made Yang ran laugh. “Alright, I’ll forgive you again. There won’t be another time. ”

Lu Yuxi quickly hugged Yang ran and said happily, “Xiao Ran, I knew you were the best. Wait a moment, I’ll go pay the bill. ”

After taking a taxi to send Yang ran home, it was almost 11 when they reached home. It was already 30.

“Miss, you’re back, ” mother Hu said.

“Yes, I’m back. Mother Hu, don’t worry about me, GO TO SLEEP! ” Lu Yuxi said to mother Hu with a heartache.

“Alright then, I’ll go get you a bath before you go to sleep, ” mother Hu said as she wanted to go upstairs.

However, Lu Yuxi held her hand, “mother Hu, I can do it myself, you can rest assured and sleep. ”

Mother Hu could not persuade Lu Yuxi, so she could only say, “alright, I’ll go to sleep then. If you have anything, call me. ”

Lu Yuxi quickly replied, “okay, okay, I got it. ”

The reason why Lu Yuxi felt sorry for mother Hu was that mother Hu was a servant that her mother had brought over. She was very loyal to her mother and had watched her grow up. She had no children, which made her heart ache. Every day, she would put in the bath water and wait for Lu Yuxi to come back. When it got cold, she would change again.

In her previous life, she had listened to Wang Yun’s words and misunderstood mother Hu. This time, she would not be stupid again.

It was already 12 o’clock after the bath, but Lu Yuxi still had not fallen asleep. She took out the gun in her bag and started to examine it.

That day, she had picked up two guns. One was a man’s pistol, and the other was a woman’s.

She then looked at the small cloth bag that contained the gun and tugged at it forcefully. They were all made of real silk. Eh, what was this?

Lu Yuxi discovered something. ‘black’ . It was a ‘black’ character written in Song Style.

She had been reborn, so why didn’t she have any impression of this ‘black’ character Forget it, we’ll talk about it later. It’s very late.

Lu Yuxi stretched her body and said, “sleep. ”

A kilometer away in the suburbs

“What’s going on? ” The man asked coldly.

The informant could not help but feel a little scared. “Hei di, the sound of a gun was found in the alley in the southwest. This was left at the scene. ”

His slender fingers took the bullet. The dark light made it impossible to see his expression.

“Keep Looking. If you can’t find it, don’t come back. ” Leng De’s voice that penetrated through the heart made the informant break out in cold sweat.

“Yes. ”

His sharp eyes were like an eagle hovering in the sky, making it impossible for people to hide! ! !

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