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Bright Chapter 1

“Since ancient times, heroes have been saddened by Beauty. [Latest chapter reading] The daughter of my war family would rather be the hero of the world than the beauty of the country.”

Daddy’s famous family motto of the Zhan family is nothing new.

It’s just that before I officially stepped into the martial arts, he released such a sentence to the entire martial arts, which really damaged my thin face.

According to the maidservant Xiaolan’s report, a copy of the newsletter from the martial arts personages Wulin Fengsheng made two speculations about my father’s words:

First, the Zhan Family’s daughter is ugly without salt. This sentence is to warn everyone in advance that I am not a beauty.

Second, when my father was twenty years old, he had the belly of the first beauty in martial arts, and gave up his position as deputy leader of martial arts and eloped with the United States, which caused public outrage from the young martial arts school at that time. And the goal of the Zhan Family’s daughter entering the martial arts is for the beauty.

I have to say that both speculations are vicious.

Just at this moment, Xiaolan sent a message to the master to summon. So I was guilty of guilty, grabbed a piece of martial arts wind, aggressively went straight to my parents’ house.

As soon as I entered the hall, I realized that the atmosphere was not right. Dad sat in the main seat with his long eyebrows furrowed, and his face was green; tears flashed in his mother’s eyes and her face was flushed.

Experience tells me that my parents are angry.

I have always been responsive, and I immediately understood what was going on

It must have been discovered by my father. I picked the flowers and tender leaves of his “Icepolan” the day before yesterday, and fried them with venison. The orchid was a birthday gift my father brought to my mother from the Western Regions the year before last.

In fact, there is no special taste, not as good as pork. I would not eat it if I knew it.

The so-called enemies should be settled but not settled, let alone my parents are the two opposite.

I threw away the wind of the martial arts: “Father, I know the orchid is precious, but I have eaten it all. Next time you can bring another one to my mother.”

Dad’s eyes opened wide in vain: “You said you ate the ice poland”

I suddenly realized that I lost platinum so they didn’t know

Mother glanced at me reproachfully, father’s sleeves fluttered and agitated instantly, and there was a faint sound of wind and thunder.

I threw into my mother’s arms, avoiding father’s murderous aura.

In the end, under the mother’s gaze, Dad’s hands fell helplessly: “And forgive you once. Three months later, you will go down the mountain.”

The mother cried out: “Hong’er, mother can’t bear you, don’t worry about you”

I won’t go down the mountain, I’ll go down the mountain for a broken orchid

No, it’s definitely not because the rare flowers, plants, birds and beasts that have died in my hands for so many years are not bad for this one.


Although I wanted to go down the mountain very much, but I was too excited to behave badly, so I had to hold back the excitement and asked with a trembling voice: “Why go down the mountain?”

Dad glanced at me contemptuously: “Go down the mountain and go to the martial arts conference.”

It turns out that this is the reason why they frowned just now.

“I’m going to the martial arts conference father, you are the master.” Doesn’t the martial arts conference all have to be the masters of all factions to participate?

“I’m not going. I will be chased by the enemy.” Father said naturally, “The sect master’s affairs are easy to handle. Today I will pass on the position of the sect master to you. Take it, this is the token, the position of the sect master is already Passed it to you.”

I took that old and broken wooden sign, yes, it’s true, it was the one I used to play and burn when I was young.

But Zhanmen Master, this is a little tricky

Dad glanced at me and continued: “Within three months, you must put away your monkey temper and show off the majesty of the sect master. Otherwise, I will send Xiaolan and you will stay on the mountain for me.”


Dad, Lan’er is just my personal maid, so I taught her three-legged cat kung fu.

“I’m going, can’t I go?”

The sky is blue and the water is clear.

The fish in the pond are stupid. I am very comfortable fishing.

Another Tianshan Red-bellied spotted the fish hook. I calmly lifted the fishing rod, and with a flick of my wrist, the red-bellied spot struck a beautiful water rhinoceros in the air and fell into the fish basket.

“Lady Blue, look, Father’s Snow Jade Shrimp is really the best shrimp, and it is used to catch this red-bellied spot.” I smiled with my fishing rod.

Sitting in the shade of the tree, Xiao Lan jumped up and clenched his fists in protest: “Why don’t you stop talking like this, oh my god, if the doorkeeper knows, you use his snow jade shrimp to catch his Tianshan Red Ai Ai is not angry yet”

Looking at Xiao Lan, who was stunned in the same place, I covered my mouth and smiled: “Girl Lan is worrying too much. We will go down the mountain tomorrow. Father will find out at least two days later.”

Xiaolan stroked his forehead: “But, can you stop talking like this is uncomfortable”

I looked at Xiaolan in surprise: “My father asked me to cultivate the noble and majestic temperament of the master”

Xiao Lan was speechless, walked over to the probe and looked at the few remaining bait snow jade shrimps, and said bitterly: “These are the remaining ones, leave them for me to make braised shrimps.”

I laughed: “Girl Blue is really rushing to kill her.”

Tomorrow, we will go down the mountain. Hiding in the back mountain fishing is also a bit reluctant.

At sunset, when I returned home, after a meal, my mother came to pack my luggage.

My mother is a very kind person, I really don’t know how the dad, who was known as the Wulin Xiaobawang, tricked her into his hands. Watching my mother put jade pendants, golden hairpins, and pine chestnut cakes into my baggage

I blocked her jade hand: “Mother, father gave me money, enough.”

“You are so playful, if you run out of money, just take these for granted.” Niang stubbornly stuffed it in.

“But” I took out the greasy pine chestnut cake out of my baggage, “this can also be used”

“Eat on the road” Niang suddenly remembered something, her eyes lit up, and she took out a thin gold dress: “Hong’er, this is a treasure handed down by the mother’s ancestors. You can wear it if you can’t penetrate it.”

I pointed to the big hole on the right shoulder of the treasure armor suspiciously: “Really”

The mother’s face was very ugly suddenly: “Didn’t you burn it on fire when you were seven”

I immediately put it on very obediently.

Quietly crying, reluctant to say goodbye, this kind of scene will not appear in my war family.

The big brother stared at the baggage on my back: “If you are a girl out of the house, just bring such a thing, don’t you need to change your clothes?”

The Sixth Junior Brother laughed loudly: “Brother, how is she like a girl, I think she plans to not change clothes after going down the mountain”

Senior Brother Three touched my head: “Little Junior Sister, don’t get into trouble when you go down the mountain. If you get into trouble, don’t say it is from the Zhan clan. Just talk about a side school.” This is a good idea, and I nodded.

The seventh brother, who was only at my waist, grabbed my sky blue skirt and said, “Sister, the second brother said that you went down to grab a beautiful brother and come back to get married. Are you not married to me?”

I slowly raised my head, scanned lightly and lightly for a week, and said word by word: “Each, position, multiple, and worry.”

A few of them shuddered in groups, and the Sixth Junior Brother sighed, “Starting to pretend again.”

Mother held her father out of the crowd, and smiled: “I think Hong’er pretends well. Going to the martial arts conference will definitely be able to bluff those martial arts seniors, thinking my family is unfathomable.”

“My mother understands Hong’er” I rushed over, holding my mother’s hand.

“Hong’er, remember what Dad said.” Dad looked at me seriously, “Whether he can win the position of the leader of the martial arts league is not important. The key is to make martial arts friends, show off the martial arts, let Quan Wulin know that my war family is not in decline. “

“I know.” Isn’t it just a trip to Wulin and harassing him so that everyone knows that although the former sect master of the Zhan Family has been in hiding for many years, the Zhan Family is still not easy to provoke.

I really like this task.

“After going down the mountain, be careful about everything.” Dad said.

I raised my head and nodded, and Xiaolan behind me nodded arrogantly.

“Father, mother, fellow students, Hong’er bid farewell” I arched my hands, a martial arts style. Niang Sauna on the side reddened her eyes again, and she stretched out her hand to adjust my clothes.

“You go.” Father said lightly, “My snow jade shrimp, Tianshan red-bellied Ai you have killed most of them, wait for you to come back, and then punish you.”

I stagnated, pulling up Xiaolan, and swept down the mountain like the wind.

Walking in the arena and house is nothing but fame and fortune.

Dad asked me to martial arts because he wanted me to be famous for the war family.

Although I have also taken care of a few grass bandits and a few thieves along the way, I really don’t know about such a big Jin country. So I wondered, I can only become famous in the martial arts conference.

So while traveling around the mountains, he wondered how to show his face in the martial arts conference.

Two months later, we arrived at Jiankang. The martial arts conference still had more than ten days to start, but my entanglement was exhausted. Fortunately, the mother has the foresight, a golden hairpin, in exchange for one month’s expenses.

Compared with Jiankang, Xiaolan and I are full of hillbillies. Seeing the brightly dressed people coming and going in the street, and then looking at our rough clothed mountain men’s dress, I suddenly felt unsightly.

So I bought two new cloth robes, one green and one white, and we became a noble son. I walked through the streets with little blue triumphantly, just feeling very happy.

It took a lot of money to buy new clothes, so I took out the jade pendant and went to the pawnshop.

The shopkeeper happily gave me three hundred dollars. Yes, it takes two months to expect that I won’t be able to stay in Jiankang for that long. The treasures on my body should be able to be retained, so I don’t need to exchange money.

Xiaolan lightly lit the small five baht money, and I looked boredly at the various paintings and calligraphy hanging on the wall of the pawnshop. The writing was really bad, not as good as half of my mother’s skill.

But vaguely heard someone whispering on the other side of the wall. I have always been keen ears and listen carefully.

“That prodigal son actually used the Heart Warm Pearl. Zheng Cong was so angry with this son that he spent 10,000 yuan to redeem it.”

“This is great, the whole martial arts knows that Heart-warming Pearl is in the Zheng family, I’m afraid it will be another fight. The Zheng family is facing disaster.”

I suddenly lifted up. The heart-warming pearl Wanbao Record records that the heart-warming pearl is an ancient treasure, and Sun Wushi is the secret treasure of the palace, and then disappeared in the war. This bead can be worn on the body to prolong life and prolong life, and the face will not be old. If it is ground into powder and taken, it can be brought back to life.

About the shopkeeper saw my look surprised and coughed loudly, and the two people inside the wall stopped their voices.

I really lack experience in the arena, and I just didn’t know how to hide my face. Must be changed next time.

I arrogantly glanced at the shopkeeper: “Little Lan, let’s go.”

Earn us to grab the treasure.

“What do you want the beads to do?” Xiao Lan hurriedly followed.

“It’s no use. Go ahead and play.”

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