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Bright Chapter 2

The salesman who sells rouge said that the Zheng family was under the Xuzhou Qifeng School and had some effort. Although no one held an official position in the DPRK, they were extremely rich.

In Jiankang, he is a small one, and he often does things that bully the weak. It’s just that the court has always turned a blind eye to the people in the rivers and lakes, and the Zheng family is rich and naturally uncontrollable.

“I don’t understand why the martial arts people in Jiangdong are so unbearable,” the merchant man who fled from Jiangbei to this place angrily said.

My appreciation for him grew spontaneously, and I bought three boxes of rouge in one go, and he laughed from ear to ear.

Bringing rouge into my arms, I have already thought about it, went to grab the treasure, and then showed it to the martial arts conference, and arrogantly said: “If you have the ability, I will grab it. The heart-warming pearl is in my Zhan Qinghong’s hands. “

It’s really a very powerful and face-saving idea, and I’m not afraid that Zhanjia will not be famous.

Xiaolan was a little worried that I would act alone, but after I pointed out that her martial arts were too far from mine and would only become a burden, she angrily stayed at the inn.

Jiankang’s moon is different from home. It seems to be closer to people, making people panic when watching.

My face was covered with black veil, my long hair tied up, and I was dressed as a man, with a little sadness of homesickness, and lost my way in the huge Zheng’s house.

Passing through the three courtyards in a daze, there is a faint sound of soldiers in the northeast direction.

Suddenly, I jumped on the roof, closed my eyes, listened to the sound, and ran towards the sound.

It seems that I am late.

Along the way, more than a dozen family members were lying on the ground or unconscious. In the innermost hall, a middle-aged man and a young son crouched in the corner holding their heads. A masked man and a graceful masked woman were playing happily in the hall.

The woman held a nanmu box in her hand, and her hand movement was a bit slow.

The big man slapped the woman’s chest with a palm, and I sighed inwardly.

The woman took a few steps backwards, limp on the ground, unable to stand up anymore, and cursed: “Your master hasn’t always advertised benevolence and righteousness, so why come to grab this treasure”

The big man snatched the wooden box and said coldly: “Young Master Lin is very weak and sickly. My master took this treasure to strengthen Young Master Lin.”

The “shit” woman said angrily, “Who doesn’t know that Young Master Lin is just”

During the battle between the two people, I went up and down, knocked on the man’s wrist and grabbed the wooden box by the wrong hand.

“Who are you?” the two asked in unison, and the two squatting in the corner who were about the Zheng family’s father and son also stared.

Great, i’m just waiting for this question

I squeezed the box into my arms, held up my head, folded my fists in both hands and said in a deep voice, “Jingzhou Zhanjia, Zhan Qinghong.”

Seeing the shocked expressions of the two in front of me, I am quite proud of it. It seems that the Zhanjia’s reputation is still really trying to unveil, but it seems not too solemn. Hesitate

“You are the daughter of the Zhan Family who likes beauty” The woman’s tone was somewhat surprised and contemptuous. I was a little embarrassed and had to scold my dad again in my heart.

“Wait a minute” The big man shot out his right palm and attacked.

Before going down the mountain, I didn’t know my martial arts.

It’s just that since I was little, I learned faster than the brothers. When I was fifteen, Dad said that there was nothing left to teach me.

Today, I learned that my martial arts are really good.

After more than thirty battles with that big man, he fell.

In the end, I made a perfect Zhanjiaquan close-up style, and looked at the four people lying or squatting on the ground cordially: “The heart-warming bead is in my Zhan Qinghong’s hand. Go and tell Quan Wulin.”

“Hold on,” the big man said, “As far as I know, the Zhan Family also received Master Lin. I was going to give this pearl to Master Lin. You will have the face to fight for this if you grab something from Master Lin. Is the leader of the martial arts leader?”

Lord Lin is the descendant of the Lin family, the leader of the martial arts in the Sun Wu period

I heard from Dad that he convened this martial arts conference. He is weak and has no martial arts, and hopes to elect a new martial arts leader to replace the Lin family to manage the martial arts. He has a token of the Jiangdong Wulin League leader a hundred years ago. His ancestors are too famous, so we still have it.

But one thing belongs to one thing.

I was ignorant and naive, and asked with doubts: “I take this pearl to fight for the position of the leader of the martial arts.

“You, you girl” the big man snorted. I bowed to the four martial arts seniors and walked away happily.

But if Young Master Lin is really weak, it’s okay to give him the beads another day. Dad often said that the Lin family is loyal and filial, and he must be courteous.

Walking along the corridor of the head of Zheng’s parents.

A burst of murderous aura came from far to near.

Unlike the breath of the man and the woman just now, this murderous aura is so heavy.

It’s like the murderousness of my old man.

I shivered and swept lightly on the roof. He rushed for one or two feet, but stopped in a hurry.

A black figure blocked my way. It seems that he is lighter than me.

“Leave the beads,” said the black shadow, his sharp profile in the moonlight.

Shave eyebrows, big eyes, high nose and thin lips. He seems to be a few years older than me, but he looks so pleasing to the eye.

In fact, he is not more handsome than my dad, but he looks harder than my dad. He is very tall and looks neat in black clothes.

It’s just that his face is really ugly and tight, frowning, his face cold, and his mouth pursed, as if I owed him ten thousand dollars.

“Who are you” I asked.

He glanced at me coldly, it was really cold, it was a cold to the core: “You don’t need to know.”

“Then I won’t give it to you either.” I smiled.

His expression sank, and he attacked.

Different from the fight with them just now, his breath is very calm, and his actions are full of murderousness. I barely managed to beat the enemy when I brought up my extreme spirit. It seems that his martial arts is no worse than mine.

More than twenty, I am already a little short of breath.

What should I do to hand over the beads?

I drew my saber from my waist and used the “Cloud Attacking Sword” from my warrior to counterattack.

However, his defense is not leaking, and I am about to fall short. He patted it with a palm, changing his claw halfway, trying to grab a corner of the wooden box in my arms.

I quickly staggered.

His hand was on my left chest.

It happened to be completely covered, held in the palm, heavy and hot.

All of a sudden, I felt a rush of blood rushing into my mind, it was blank and red.

Damn it’s frivolous

He was also taken aback, and his movements stopped there, as if he didn’t know what to do.

I angrily kicked him on his thigh. He was lost and unprepared, so I kicked him off the roof.

He fell into the night, and I couldn’t see where he was, but I only felt my cheeks, using all my strength, and running away.

The warm jade bead in my arms is still there, but I hate the bead to death at this moment. At some point, the veil also fell off, and the hot face was blown by the night wind for a while, and it was not cold.

The mother said that the girl’s body must not be touched by a man. For so many years, my brothers and I have been close to each other, and there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t even understand how the touch between men and women is a big deal in my mother’s mouth.

I didn’t understand until today.

It turned out to be a big deal.

Jiankang in September is already a bit chilly.

There are still ten days before the martial arts conference. In the past few days, I sneaked into the palace and wandered around. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet the emperor, and I was almost caught by a group of Sanqi Changshi.

So, took Xiaolan to the riverside for a few days.

The picturesque scenery on both sides of the Yangtze River, compared with Jingzhou’s beautiful mountains and rivers, is not a big wave.

Maybe it is the 42 holes under the Zhanjiamen and the prestige of Sixty Villa, or maybe my whereabouts are too weird and uncertain, and no one has come to look for me these few days.

It’s just that when the salesman handed me the new issue of martial arts, I was really in full bloom.

“Zhan Qinghong night warms the heart bead, Yizhou Zhanjia should not be underestimated.”

Yes, I finally made a name for the warrior. Well, ignore the speculations about my appearance in the article.

Although forty-two caves and sixty villas have been following the warriors with all their heart, but in the past sixteen years, the situation of the world has changed, and the warriors have participated too little, and gradually faded out of the martial arts sight.

Until I became famous in the first battle against Qinghong.

I held the martial arts wind in my hands happily, and I must show off to Xiaolan for a while.

“” Xiao Lan, who went to buy me meat buns, ran back.

I proudly threw the martial arts wind to her.

“Go over there.” She didn’t answer at all, and grabbed me, “Master Lin, Master Lin is here”

I depressedly picked up the dusty martial arts wind from the ground.

“It’s the descendant of the leader of the martial arts, Young Master Lin” I was surprised. Isn’t he frail and sick, why did he go to the street?

“Hurry up and take me over, there are too many people, I can’t squeeze through. I can’t even see Young Master Lin.” Xiao Lan was very interested.

“Look at him,” I wondered.

Xiaolan looked at me with contempt: “Legendly Young Master Lin is the first handsome man in martial arts, you don’t even know”

There was a movement in my heart, flashing the handsome and tough face under the sun and moonlight. I don’t know how Young Master Lin is better than him

Grab Xiaolan, and ran forward. Several ups and downs, I have taken her to the front of the crowd.

My skill caused others to exclaim. Recently, however, people from Jiankang martial arts have gathered, and everyone is not surprised.

The half-foot-wide bluestone streets are already crowded. Ten-year-old girls, and even 50- or 60-year-old old women, are surrounded on both sides of the street.

A black and gold carriage came slowly. The carriage was not everywhere, it was noisy; the carriage was everywhere, it was silence.

“Lin Gong Zi Lin Gong Zi”

“Wen Xuan Wen Xuan”

“Wen Xuan is his word.” Xiaolan explained.

The black curtain slowly lifted, and a jade-white hand stretched out. The complexion was white and transparent, and the blood vessels under the skin were faintly visible.

I watched a woman next to me fall down screaming, and I frowned, very unable to understand her. Excited like this with one hand

The curtain was lifted, and a young man with a white scarf and hair and wearing a half-old white shirt stood up.

He seems to be only ten years old, and his features are indeed handsome, even a bit more exquisite than my dad. It’s just that the cheeks are pale and faintly glowing. A fragile look, not the least masculine.

“Very ordinary,” I murmured, “The Jiankang woman’s vision is really strange.”

“Yes,” Xiao Lan echoed, “I look pretty, but I don’t have the slightest strength. It’s really disappointing.”

Our words drew countless women around me glaring at each other.

But their attention was immediately drawn to the people in the carriage again.

“He got off the wagon”

“He came here”

The two guards separated the crowd and walked over slowly, protecting the weak Young Master Lin.

Xiao Lan was emotionally affected by the people around him and couldn’t help but screamed.

“Girl Zhan” he stood in front of me, his cheeks puffed, “Fang in the lower forest.”

His voice trembled a little, obviously lacking in breath. No way, just walked so few steps. Really weak

The girls around became quiet after exclaiming. They didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere and looked at me enviously.

Suddenly I felt very face. I don’t know if tomorrow’s martial arts wind will say: “Lin Fang meets to fight Qinghong”

It’s a pity that I didn’t wear women’s clothing today.

I laughed out loud and said loudly: “Young Master Lin, look up for a long time”

He smiled a little shyly: “Girl Z, my Lin family and the ancestors of the Zhan family used to be family friends, can I move to the lower mansion and let me make the best of the landlord friendship”

These few words of him really seem to be endorsing.

“No. My mother said she can’t go to the man’s house casually.” I said simply.

He was stunned, as if he didn’t know what to say.

“Earn me and take you to the river.” I said, his two guards are not my opponents at first sight, don’t be afraid.

“Oh huh.” He nodded, seeming a little shy.

Unexpectedly, Young Master Lin, who issued the martial arts leader’s summoning order, was such a shy and weak young man.

It seems that the martial arts rumors may be true.

He is nothing but a puppet.

I am a little disappointed.

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