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Bright Chapter 3

“Qinghong is so elegant.” Lin Fang looked at the sparkling light in front of him.

“Well, I am the most elegant person.” I am quite proud.

The so-called Cunning Rabbit Sankai, I chartered a boat on the riverside, which was much cheaper than the inn.

The river breeze passed, I looked at him in his heavy old clothes, isn’t it hot?

He is very hot

The white silk scarf that Lin Fang used to tie his hair had long been removed, and black jade-like black hair was scattered on his shoulders. He leaned against the cabin, stretched out his transparent white hand from his wide sleeves, and pulled the neckline, revealing a large white jade-like skin.

He was indeed a good-looking man, and he looked like a god who was about to die of illness.

“Young Master Lin, you are very hot” I looked at him caringly, “Would you like to ask Xiaolan to get on the boat and fan for you”

“No need.” He was silent for a while before he glared at me, and somehow my heart jumped quickly.

Why is he staring at me to warm my heart

“Young Master Lin, I can’t give the Nuan Xinzhu to you now.” I just agreed to Xiaolan and let her wear it for ten days.

Young Master Lin bowed his head and smiled: “A gentleman does not take love from others. Since Qinghong has snatched it, it is Qinghong’s. I don’t want it.”

“But if you need it, I can lend it to you.” I said sincerely, looking at his sickly appearance, it seemed that he really needed it.

“Well, if one day I am dying, I must borrow from Qing Hong.” Young Master Lin looked at me gratefully, but said something weird.

Relatively speechless.

Young Master Lin wasn’t a particularly talkative person, and at this time he was staring at the scenery outside the ship.

There is not the slightest heroic demeanor of martial arts people like the son of a big family, who has never seen anything in the world, and is pitiful.

I suddenly felt sorry for him. He must have rarely gone out, and he was regarded as a puppet.

“Young Master Lin.”

“Call me Fang.”

“Fang, do you rarely go out?” I lowered my voice, until his ears burst, “They are not good to you”

His close to the translucent shell-like ears instantly reddened, and he glanced at me and lowered his head.

“When the leader of the martial arts is elected, the leader of your family will also be handed over to him. Then, what will you do?”

“I’m just like you,” he looked at me earnestly, his eyes flying like a child, “have a boat, travel around the mountains and water”

I laughed a few times, and I felt more compassionate in my heart. He is so poor, and his talk of traveling around the mountains and water must be a swollen face to fill a fat man. I don’t even have a new suit, how can I have a purse boat

Thinking of Daddy’s instructions before going down the mountain, I held his hands, his hands were really cold.

“Fang, don’t worry. This time the martial arts conference, I will protect you. If the martial arts conference is over and you have nowhere to go, you can go to Jingzhou. I let my dad accept you as an apprentice. The brothers and sisters are excellent. You will not be alone. “

“Qinghong” his expression stiffened for a moment, then lowered his head, as if he was about to cry.

“Look at you, you don’t even have any new clothes. When I get ashore, I will ask Xiao Lan to buy you a new set of clothes.”

He was stunned: “This is not necessary.”

“Fang, you don’t have to be polite to me” Isn’t it just a piece of clothing, not worth a few dollars.

“Really, I have new clothes at home. How can I make you spend money.” His expression was a little surprised.

“If you have new clothes, why don’t you wear new clothes? Since Gu’s family relies on you to gather martial arts, why don’t you even make new clothes for you” I said angrily.

The Gu family has been Jiangdong magnate since the time of Sun Wu and was the patron of Lin Fang’s martial arts summoning order. Dad said, it will also be the support behind the new generation of martial arts leaders.

He looked at me dumbfoundingly: “The old clothes are comfortable to wear. I take five stone powder, my skin is easy to wear, and the new clothes often wear and bleed.” His tone was very strange.

Five Stone San, Five Stone San

Dad said it is the most poisonous in the world, and must not be touched. Taking too much will cause death

Who will take poison voluntarily

I looked at him in shock, he looked at me for unknown reasons.

Well, since he pretends to be okay, I can’t ask anymore. My mother said that he should be considerate.

“Qinghong, shall we row out, okay” he asked with great interest.

The boat is very small and can only accommodate two people. Now the boat is parked on the shore and Xiaolan and his escorts are waiting on the shore. I looked at his thin arms and legs, and then remembered that I just held his wrist, and I couldn’t feel the slightest internal force.

He is not afraid, I am afraid of agreeing.

Xiao Lan and the two guards stared, watching us row the boat farther and farther.

Actually, I was the only one who was planning.

Lin Fang just made two strokes, and he was panting. He smiled embarrassedly and sat down on the side of the cabin.

When I reached Jiang Xin, I looked back at him triumphantly, only to find that he was leaning on the cabin. Maybe it was too hot. The neckline was pulled wider, revealing most of the snow-white shoulders, almost slipping off, and his chest was vaguely visible. He smiled at me and didn’t seem to notice it.

“Young Master Lin, the clothes are going to slide down” I kindly reminded.

He was startled, stretched out his bright white hand, and slowly tightened the collar of his clothes.

“It’s better to fish” I drew two fishing rods from the deck.

His eyes lit up.

This Young Master Lin is a bit weird.

It was a pleasant day.

Although Lin Fang was stunned, he was obedient and obedient. He followed me fishing, pretending to be bait, and even fanning me on the side, much like the Seventh Junior Brother.

Since I turned ten years old, the brothers and sisters have not listened to my girl’s orders. Only the young Seventh Junior Brother is my loyal follower

Although the Seventh Junior Brother is young, he goes up the mountain, down the river, steals chickens, and pets the dog. It is very easy to use where to point.

The appearance of Lin Fang made me feel like I was reunited and regained.

In the evening, the fish basket was full. We are also familiar a lot.

Thinking of the delicious fish soup, I almost drooled.

“Hahaha, braised fish, steamed fish, pine nut fish” I yelled loudly in the twilight.

He did not respond.

I turned my head and saw that he was actually curled up in the cabin, his whole body slightly.

I quickly walked over. He lifted his snow-white face, full of sweat: “Qinghong, I’m sorry Wu Shi San, it happened.”

Really poisoned

“Don’t be afraid” I looked at his messy hair bun and pale face, and his body shaking more and more severely. I lifted him up and slowly injected my right hand into his wrist. At the same time, I asked, “Is there any cure for you?”

He didn’t answer, he trembled violently, and turned over, pressing me under him.

What is this situation

“Qinghong Qinghong” he called my name in a low voice, his voice was soft and soft, very beautiful.

He put his hands on the sides of my head, and his handsome face was less than three inches away from me.

Those beautiful eyes seem to talk at this moment, naughty, gentle, dependent, admired, obsessed

I suddenly felt that my world was silent, and my heart seemed to soften.

He is so thin and pitiful, yet so gentle and simple

The cabin seemed blurred, and I smelled the faint smell of river water.

It seems that only his eyes are left in the world, dazzling people, covering me.

A thought flashed in my mind: He is called the most beautiful man in martial arts, and it is not unreasonable

He was already picturesque, but at this time there was a trace of stubbornness and persistence in his weakness. There is a faint smell of medicine in his breath.

What is he doing

His body is so close to me, it brings me a touch of restlessness and freshness

My reaction was hesitated for a moment because of this strange feeling

Until he lowered his head and gently kissed my face, his hand covered my chest. The flashes of lightning flashed through my mind that night’s sluggish expression and hot palms

Sober sober, I didn’t hesitate anymore and shot him flying with a palm.

Fucking, my innocence

In the early morning, the clouds in the sky overlapped by at least a few feet thick, making people breathless.

Just like my gloomy mood.

Sitting cross-legged in a big meditation in the inn, I worked for a while but couldn’t concentrate at all.

My boat on the riverside, because it became a witness of shame, made me no longer in the mood to take a step.

“Squeak” the door was pushed open, and Xiaolan walked in with a relaxed look.

She walked gracefully to the round table in the hall, put down the copper basin in her hand, and said in a very ordinary and sloppy tone: “Mrs. Lin, wash your face.”

I got stuck in my heart, and I almost lost my mind.

This little girl

I remained silent for a while and said, “You call me Mrs. Lin again, and I will marry you to Lin Fang’s guard.”

Xiaolan’s face was ugly at once, probably because he thought of Lin Fang’s simple and honest guards like those two iron towers.

She deserves to have been with me for so long. She is really able to bend and stretch, and immediately came up with doglegs: “The warm water just beaten, the slave and maid will help you wash.”

I snorted, but my mood still resembled that cloud, and it was so gloomy.

The martial arts conference is just seven days away.

Thinking back to the days when I went down the mountain, I entered the rivers and lakes for the first time, but I caught a broken bead, but I was frivolous by two men.

Does daddy’s words really come true? I am destined to be a hero and be sad

With the complex and unspeakable mood of the innocent girl falling into the entanglement of erotic love, I washed my face and took Xiaolan to the Sun Ji noodle stall next street to eat noodles.

By the way, Sun Ji’s taste is truly unique in Beijing. I only know that when I eat the noodles made by Lao Sun, the noodles made by my mother are so unpalatable.

However, Lao Sun’s noodles taste so good, but he has always set up a small stall, which shows that his business ability is really average.

“Old Sun, two bowls of beef noodles.” Xiaolan and I swallowed and sat down.

Lao Sun happily brought his face up: “Two girls, please.”

On the first day in Jiankang, the lady selling steamed buns saw us disguised as men.

It can be seen that the mother proudly said every time that she disguised herself as a man and called her father brother and sister, but it was just a conspiracy hidden by her father.

In the past few days, I simply stopped wearing men’s clothing.

“Young Master Lin sent several posts, don’t you see him either” Xiaolan chewed his face and mumbled.

“No.” I said, “I’ll talk until I’m angry.”

Although he had an attack because of Wu Shi San, it is excusable. But what the mother said, a girl must be a good girl.

Xiao Lan stopped making a sound, and we ate the noodles as the wind swept the fallen leaves.

I shook all of a sudden.

Xiao Lan poked at me: “There is a handsome boy sitting at the table, look at him.”

I suddenly felt extremely ashamed.

I know, of course I know.

The man with a golden crown and hair, a green robe with wide sleeves and a black scarf tied around his waist, looked like a nobleman.

As soon as he sat down, I felt his characteristic coldness and toughness. Just like that night, clear as the moon, cold as the night.

Xiaolan thinks her voice is very small, but how can people with deep inner strength not hear

I tried to make myself feel very light, as light as ordinary people. With a thick throat, he turned his head and said to Lao Sun, “Lao Sun, add another egg to me.” His eyes glided across his face.

He raised his head indifferently, met my eyes, and immersed himself in eating noodles.

Did not recognize

I bit on the tender egg, brat, see how I teased you today

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