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Bright Chapter 4

This handsome son was eating noodles at Sun Ji in the morning for three consecutive days.

In this case, I won’t move my hands and feet any more, I really can’t bear the prestige of 42 Cave and 62 Villa.

Watching Lao Sun unknowingly give the medicine noodles to Mozi, and then watching Mo Zi start eating noodles unknowingly, I can’t help feeling relieved.

It’s not a big deal either. It was prepared by the second senior brother personally. It occurred one hour after taking it, and within two hours, the limbs were weak and unable to exercise.

I smiled happily at Xiao Lan, Xiao Lan looked at me weirdly, and continued to peek at Mozi from the corner of her eye.

No need to aim, he will fall into my hands immediately

Lao Sun’s expression suddenly became a little disgusting. I followed his gaze and saw an old and two Taoist priests sitting down at the noodle stall.

“Two bowls of plain noodles.” The old Tao said.

When I looked over, the old Dao suddenly raised his head, and two extremely sharp eyes swept over.

The real murderer, I made a face at him and stopped looking at him.

But when he heard the little road lowered his voice and said to the old road, “Master, this girl is really beautiful.”

I was a little angry, but based on my previous experience in the pawnshop, I was not half surprised.

But I heard the old saying: “Two more women in the watch are dead, think of a way.”

I was shocked, and suddenly remembered the headless public case that Aunt Baozi told me a few days ago.

Several ordinary women disappeared one after another. The government pursued it for many days but failed to solve the case.

I glanced at Mo Zi secretly, and he must have heard it too. But seeing his face as usual, he continued to eat noodles.

The two Taoist priests quickly finished eating the noodles, got up and left. I felt their eyes stabbed on me for a moment, and they dared to hit my idea

The son also finished eating, took the sword and got up.

I wanted to wait for an opportunity to tease him when he lost his skills, so I threw the Taoist matter aside.

I stand up.

Suddenly I heard a very pleasing low male voice in my ears: “Heart-warming bead’s account, I will calculate with you tomorrow.”

Xiaolan didn’t have enough internal strength to hear, and looked at my face with some confusion.

I stopped, and watched him follow the two Taoist priests away. I think my face must be ugly.

I have to admit that I was a little afraid of him.

Even if he has been drugged by me

A little discouraged, he sent Xiaolan away a few streets unwillingly, but he tracked him.

With an idea, he turned back to Sun Ji.

“The two Taoist priests are those of Huixianguan in the western suburbs.” Lao Sun frowned, “You can’t get in there.”

Dad had scolded before, Taoist priests are all idiots who harm the country and the people, and there is no good thing.

It seems to be true.

This time, Xianguan is located on the beautiful Luoyan Peak in the west of the city, occupying hundreds of miles. Because it is a royal Taoist temple, ordinary people are not allowed.

But how can you stop me

I carried my large skirt and flew up along the mountain path.

With the experience of visiting Zheng’s house at night last time, I calmly jumped to a roof and closed my eyes and listened to the sounds from all directions.

Uh, the wind is so big, I can’t hear

“Who are you?” A clear voice came from under the roof.

I jumped off the roof, and a round-faced girl in a linen dress looked at me in horror.

She was not the only one, and there were four or five girls around my age.

“Why are you here” I asked.

The round-faced girl cried out with a “wow”: “We were caught up to the mountain by the smelly Taoist priest.”

I frowned and smelled a strange smell in my nose, which made me uncomfortable.

“What did they catch you for?”

“They” the round-faced woman was speechless.

“Take us to make alchemy.” A woman with a melon face whispered. I looked at her with a delicate face and a double skirt with Danbi gauze pattern. She seemed to be the daughter of a rich family. She continued, “Four or five women have been taken away by them and never returned.”

I was immediately furious, these stinky Taoists

“Sister, you are a chivalrous woman, save us, save us” the round-faced woman trembled.

The other women’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, and they surrounded them crying.

I thought for a while: “There are so many of you, here is too far from the city, I can’t save it alone. Wait for me, I will go down the mountain today and notify the government to rescue you.”

They nodded one after another.

But this is just to comfort them.

One person who chooses this Taoism is a hero. Ask for help from the government, tell me how to establish a foothold in the arena in the future

“This is a royal Taoist temple, I am afraid that the government will not dare to enter.” Nan Zi Lian woman said worriedly.

I said decisively: “If this is the case, I will kill, and I will also come in to save you. Don’t worry, I am the master of the Zhan family, Zhan Qinghong, and I will say no two.”

They looked at me with a bewildered look, obviously they hadn’t heard of it. However, the woman with Nanzi’s face turned straight, and there seemed to be a little more hope in her eyes.

I can’t help but feel good about her.

The round-faced woman said that a woman had been taken to the alchemy room this morning.

So they pointed me the direction of the alchemy room.

Taoist priests are not gods. So I easily slipped into the alchemy room under their noses.

This alchemy room was built to resemble a royal palace, carved with gold and jade, and painted wall corridors. There was a faint white mist covering the house, which really looked like a fairyland.

Presumably those princes and nobles really like the feeling of the fairy mist.

In front of the alchemy room stood a little Taoist who was dozing off, and I easily stunned him with a hand knife.

The nose smelled strange again, it was a fresh fishy smell. And it is more full-bodied than before.

I was agitated, suppressing the doubt and impulse in my heart, and gently opened the door of the alchemy room.

There is no alchemy furnace in this room, but it is full of various medicinal materials and stones. There is a door on the wall leading to another room.

I followed the smell and looked around.

There was a big black jar in the corner of the wall, and every step closer, the smell became stronger. Standing in front of the altar, I suddenly a little afraid to lift the lid.

The words of those girls just now sounded in my ears again: “Take us to make alchemy.”

How can a chivalrous house be timid.

I gently lifted the lid.

The altar was filled with black and red liquid, and several pale and floating limbs were faintly visible.

I closed the lid and leaned against the corner with a silent retching.

I never killed anyone. But I have never wanted to kill like this moment.

If I don’t demolish this Taoist temple today, I won’t be surnamed Zhan

“Hahaha, beauty, this is your own snare.” A frivolous voice sounded, and my whole body suddenly appeared.

There was no one around, but the voice came from within.

Looking at the closed door in the inner room, I gently drew my sword and walked over.

There is a small window on the door, I slowly put it on

Mother, it’s really unsightly

A young man who was drugged by me more than an hour ago was tied to a big one. His blue robe was cut out by the sword with countless openings. The white chest, arms, thighs and lower abdomen were vaguely visible. His expression was extremely angry and hideous. , My eyes almost burst into flames

My face was suddenly very, grunting, and swallowed.

No, why should I swallow? He didn’t eat it

A middle-aged Taoist priest and the young Taoist priest stood in front of the bed with their backs to me. The little Taoist hand had a shiny sword.

But I heard the middle-aged Taoist say: “You go first or I go first”

The little Taoist said reluctantly: “He was brought back by me and the master, but you are the brother.”

“Brother, let the brother come first, and I won’t treat you badly in the future.” The middle-aged Taoist swallowed his saliva and said loudly.

“Brother,” the little Taoist paused and said, “It’s better to go together”

The middle-aged Taoist priest let out a wolf-like laugh, and I saw the son’s face even more ugly.

Some don’t understand, why are these two Taoist priests going to beat him again?

But seeing the son in such an embarrassment, my anger disappeared, and I even couldn’t bear it.

Save him

The middle-aged Taoist priest began to undress, and the little Taoist priest actually reached out and touched his son: “Beauty”

“Presumptuous” Mo Zi said angrily, “Two demon ways, if you dare to move, I know who I am”

The movements of the two Taoist priests stopped, and the middle-aged Taoist priest asked, “Who are you?”

“I am the son of the prince’s concubine Wen Qiao, if you move me, he will call you this immortal view to the ground.” The son’s eyes were red.

It turns out that his surname is Wen.

The two Taoist priests stopped, and the middle-aged Taoist priest said: “But you know that my master is a second-tier celestial master of the emperor’s imperial seal. Today, since you have fallen into my hands, do you still want to go out and serve your grandpas? Be comfortable, he will give you a whole body sooner or later”

Even though I don’t understand what they are going to do to Master Wen, I was irritated by this Taoist priest’s words.

As soon as he was about to speak, he saw Young Master Wen looking at me with electric eyes, and there was a cold war in his cold eyes that hated me.

That look makes me uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

I can’t help it anymore.

Kicked open the door, and I said angrily: “What kind of look is your eyes, I’m just kidding you”

“Who are you?” The little Taoist raised his sword at me, and the middle-aged Taoist hurriedly lifted his pants.

Too lazy to care about them

I kicked the middle-aged Taoist away with disgust, and pierced the shoulder blade of the trail with a sword.

Because I was too angry, I used the seventh to succeed, and the two fell at my feet.

I picked up the Taoist robe on the ground and threw it on Young Master Wen.

He looked away.

I picked up the ropes at his hands and feet with the sword, he gave me a cold look, and put the Taoist robe on his body with a little effort.

“Don’t look at me like that. I will prescribe medicine in your face, just to scare you. You didn’t bully me last time and now I saved you. I’ve cleared the two.”

His face was red and white, and he looked pretty. I blatantly looked at him clearly: He was also born extremely white, but different from Young Master Lin’s weakness, his whole body was strong and strong. The sword eyebrows and star eyes are extremely energetic. That ordinary Taoist robe was actually worn by him with a compelling look.

“Don’t annoy me, I am really unintentional.”

He snorted, Huo Ran raised his head and swept to the door sharply: “Hurry up.”

I was shocked: I don’t know when, two Taoist priests have sneaked away

“Help me” he seemed to say reluctantly.

I just remembered that he has not recovered his strength, and that ordinary adult men can knock him down.

His martial arts is so strong, he must be so weak when he really wants to bully

But seeing his cold eyes forget it, I was a little afraid.

I stood up and held his arm: “Why don’t I carry you down the mountain first, and when your strength recovers, we two will go up the mountain again to take this chaotic view away”

If we join forces, two hundred Taoist priests will also get on the ground.

A heavy killing intent flashed in his eyes, and he slowly said, “Okay.”

I felt a little more comfortable and helped him to walk outside.

“Kang Dang” there was a loud noise. I suddenly felt bad.

I don’t know when there are many iron bars outside the door, which actually cover the whole house

I kicked on the door, the wooden door was kicked through, and the iron fence didn’t move.

It’s all because I have too little experience in the rivers and lakes to fall into this trap, but Master Wen doesn’t seem to be much better than me. Could it be that I have just entered the martial arts

The old Dao I saw at the stall before stood outside the iron fence: “Two little things, dare to hurt my disciple. You never want to go out here again.”

“You are too impatient to live and dare to lock me.” The anger that was just pressed came again.

“What are you?” The old way looked at me with a triumphant smile, “It’s rare to catch you such an immortal beauty, and stay with me tonight, male and female, hahaha”

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