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Bright Chapter 5

I turned my head, Young Master Wen’s eyes were as cold as a knife.

I whispered: “This old man is dizzy, you are a man, how can you accompany him”

The murderous intent in Master Wen’s eyes surged, and he gave me a bitter look, his mouth tightened.

I feel wronged, weird, why stare at me

Of course I cast my anger on the Taoist priest.

Taking out the temperament of the master who worked hard at home, I said word by word: “I am the master of the Zhan family, Zhan Qinghong, if you dare to move us, the people of Jingzhou 42 Cave and Sixty Mountain Villa will be driven to extinction.”

I am very successful, these few words must have spread for miles, and the whole Taoist temple can be heard.

A group of Taoist priests at the door also showed hesitation, and I couldn’t help feeling a little proud.

A “stupid” voice sounded coolly. I turned my head to look at Young Master Wen, and he looked at me blankly: “If he only threatens the old man, he might let us threaten you so publicly, how can he be willing to accept it?”


Sure enough, I heard the old Dao Yang said: “Heavenly King Lao Tzu is not afraid to suck some fairy powder for them when he comes to this Dao, clean it, and send it to the Dao practice room.”

I deceived people too much. I looked at them angrily, but the iron fence was made of fine steel, and my skill couldn’t penetrate.

Young Master Wen seemed to have returned to his usual appearance, leaning against the wall with a sinking face.

He was not in a hurry, he was really calm.

“Chichi” whispered several times, only a dozen bamboo pipes broke through the windows from all directions, spitting white smoke.

I don’t know what kind of smoke this old way gives me, but it’s definitely not a good thing.

I took out a handkerchief from my arms and covered Master Wen’s nose and mouth. He grabbed it with one hand and covered it by himself.

I tore a piece from my green and white skirt and covered my mouth and nose.

Inside the house, the smoke gradually rose, like the white fog in the morning, surrounded by heavy, people’s hearts gradually sinking.

“Mr. Wen, what is your name?” I brought up all my internal strength and slapped it with my right palm. White smoke spurted out of the window with the gust of wind, and Taoist priests coughed.

He glanced at me: “Wen You.”

I took another palm and asked, “Left and right, right”

He was silent for a moment, and said: “You can hear the world, and you can’t rule the world without hearing.”

The Taoist priest outside the door found a few big fans from somewhere and slammed them in.

Fortunately, I have also read Zhuangzi, and suddenly nodded: “My name is Zhan Qinghong.” I took another shot, but his strength was much weaker.

There was a smile in his eyes this time: “I know. No one in the whole martial arts does not know you.” The conversation turned: “Where are the beads”

Sure enough, I felt grudges, and I murmured: “My maid is wearing it for fun.” I patted two palms, but only a little smoke spread out, and more smoke was fanned back by them.

He suddenly didn’t seem to know what to say, and after a long silence, he cursed: “Absurd.”

The smoke is extremely high.

I sat down slowly against the wall, not too far away from him: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t give you medicine. With the strength of both of me, I might be able to kill.”

He was silent.

Outside the door, I only listened to the old Taoist in a low voice, but he said to the little Taoist priest in a frantic manner: “Disciple, these two fairy-like beauties, which one do you think I will taste first”

The disciple said with a low smile: “That woman has the color of an alluring city, but Mozi is a martial artist, and she is young. Don’t have a taste.”

The two Taoists laughed slyly.

I really couldn’t help but looked up at Wen You: “I still don’t understand, how are they going to taste you, you are obviously just like them, you are a man.”

Wen You’s face sank, probably because he saw my sincere doubts, and he was not good at it, so he gritted his teeth and cursed: “As stupid as a pig.”

Mother, I’m so wronged.

The limbs are gradually losing strength, and the head is a little heavy

“Sorry, Wen You, I have too little experience in Jianghu. If we can escape, you remember to ask my father to avenge me.” My head leaned uncontrollably on his shoulder.

He hummed.

My eyes were a little blurred, I suddenly remembered, and asked: “Anyway, we are going to suffer together. Tell me honestly if you are also a newcomer to the martial arts.”

He closed his eyes and nodded slowly, but his face was a little red.

This blushing greatly eased my current worry and sad mood.

“Then where do you learn from?”

“Liangzhou Promise Gate.”

My admiration spontaneously arises. That is Liangzhou’s most prestigious century-old martial arts master.

Seeing his calm appearance, I couldn’t help but smile bitterly: “This is good, I have suffered this time, and the position of the leader of the martial arts is missing a strong fight for the position.”

He opened his eyes abruptly and said, “It’s two.”

I was stunned, why did the Liangzhou school come to fight for the master of ASEAN

Seeing the white smoke gradually spreading, I sighed: “The two young people who have the most high hopes in the martial arts are so ruined in the hands of the demon. It is really a combination of man and god.”

“I don’t see that you are young, but you have a big tone. But” he said with a smile on his face, “it won’t be angry. Someone is here to save us.”

“Ah” “Spare” outside the door vaguely heard the screams of Taoist priests one after another.

I grabbed his sleeve excitedly.

A palm wind passed by, and the white smoke gradually dispersed.

A tall man in a gray samurai suit, holding an iron, stood in front of us.

“You have suffered.” He said, a warm smile on his sharp-lined face. “I am Xia Houying.”

I stayed for a while.

Wen You rarely showed respect, and said, “Thank you for saving my life.”

Xia Houying looked at me with a gratified smile: “Hong’er, I am your uncle.”

Wen You looked at me in surprise.

I know, Xia Houying, mother’s younger brother. Mother often misses him, but Dad doesn’t like him very much.

But now, Xia Houying’s poems recognized the number one in martial arts in the Jin Dynasty.

There are not many disciples under him, only 24 people, but they are all his own hands.

However, he said early that he would not be the leader of the martial arts.

I think he is a person of character.

“Uncle Xiahou” I bowed down.

Uncle Xiahou is indeed one of the heroes.

Jiankang was not in his sphere of influence, but he heard that women had disappeared frequently, so he drew out his energy to track down and found Huixianguan.

Look at other people’s methods, five subordinates blocked off the various main roads down the mountain, two subordinates set fire to the medicine storehouse, two subordinates rescued the girls down the mountain, two subordinates led the officials over, and then brought three people to lock all Taoist priests. Hold it.

It’s not like me and Wen You, who planted as soon as they shot.

After Wen You and I regained our stamina, we respectfully assisted Xiahou in handling everything properly, and he also gave vaguely approving eyes.

Seeing the families of the captured girls crying and earning money, I suddenly felt that this was my happiest day since I came down the mountain.

Especially the girl with Nan Zi Lian before was actually the daughter of Gao Shi Lang. Now these Taoists must have been planted.

Uncle Xiahou pondered for a moment, and said: “Hong’er, Uncle has an unsolicited request, can you give me the heart-warming pearl?”

“Good.” I said simply.

The silent Wen You on the side looked up at me in surprise.

Xiahou smiled: “You don’t ask why uncles ask for each other”

“Uncle didn’t ask, why did I grab this heart-warming bead”

Xiahou nodded: “I was a disciple who was seriously injured in order to catch the Jiangyang thief. This bead is to save his life.”

“The broken beads are worth the lives of a knight. The beads are on my maid. I will deliver them to you tonight.”

Xia Houpo was a little old-fashioned and joyful, holding my hand, just sighing: “Like, really like the beauty of both inside and outside, loyal to the liver and righteous.

I feel sorry for him. In fact, I know that when he was young, he liked my mother very much. He was a childhood sweetheart, but he was kicked by my father. These old past events are often mentioned by martial arts stories.

Xiahou left, Wen You, who was standing by with a sword in his arms, walked up to me and said condescendingly: “Girl, you’re just not rare for those beads, right?”

I said with a serious face: “No.”

He raised his eyebrows: “Why is that?”

I smiled shyly: “If you tell me what the Taoist priests want to do to you, I will tell you why I am willing to give him the beads.”

His face changed, he grabbed the sword, and walked away without looking back.

“Even if you don’t tell me, I can ask others,” I said loudly behind him, and Xiaolan might know.

He took a halt, and directly performed light work and quickly swept away.

Back to the inn, the night was dark.

Pushing open the door, Xiaolan rushed over with a surprised look and tears: “I’m so worried.”

She couldn’t find me. She knew from the grandson that I was on Huixian Temple, but she couldn’t get in. Later, I heard that Huixianguan was sealed by the government, and I was frightened to death.

“Did you go back to Xianguan to make trouble, the government arrested you” she said tearfully.

“Shit” I was lying down with a big thorn, I was really tired today, “Don’t worry, I went to do good at your house today.”

She opened her mouth to ask, I suddenly remembered, one stood up: “Little Lan, how do men bully men”

“Ah” she opened her mouth wide.

“That’s, how can a man be frivolous” touch and hug

A dazzling light flashed in Xiao Lan Yuanyuan’s eyes, and she smiled and cursed: “You are ashamed, you can say it.”

She leaned in and whispered. I was shocked and surprised only by hearing it, and my face was red.

Maybe it was because my face was too ugly, Xiao Lan thought about it for a long time, and asked, “Could it be that you have encountered something beautiful on the mountain”

“Nonsense” I scolded seriously.

The words “Yan Shi” made me think again when Wen You was tied up

“” Xiaolan screamed sternly, “Your look is so yindang”


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