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Bright Chapter 6

On the second day, Lin Fang’s guards came again.

“Little Lan, accept the post.” I said.

“He didn’t send a post this time.” Xiaolan pulled the iron tower guard armour in front of me.

“Zhan, my son has been busy preparing for the martial arts conference recently, and let the younger one say: “You can only come to visit the martial arts conference after the martial arts conference.” The iron tower guard is honest and honest.

Lin Fang’s thin body, what martial arts meeting he was preparing for, must have been used by the Gu family as a signboard, right?

I nodded: “I see.”

“The son asked the little one to send some gifts, please accept.”

Open the baggage, it turned out to be some clothes.

Two large-sleeved shirts, one blue and one white, the cuffs are embroidered with winding red and green flowers, and the tentacles are thin. A lake-green crepe dress and a white dress with red velvet yarn are all woven from the finest yarns. There are also two black gold belts.

The skirt is extremely wide at the hem, and it doesn’t look like ordinary gauze skirts, but it is very suitable for martial arts practitioners.

I couldn’t help but try it on. The shoulders, waist, and legs were extremely close to the body, no more, no more.

Xiao Lan exclaimed for a while: “Young Master Lin has a good eye, my house size is not bad. Please forgive him.”

Nonsense, of course not bad, he touched it all day

However, I was born in the mountains and I have never owned such beautiful and practical clothes.

I said: “Well, for your sake, I will forgive him.”

But someone sent another post with two bold and powerful characters: “Wen Qiao.”

The prince’s concubine, Jiankang celebrity Wen Qiao.

He is also Wen You’s father.

I closed the post: “Little Lan, do you want to see Master Wen”

The little blue eyes lit up and quickly dropped the laundry in his hands: “Think about it”

“I won’t take you there”

After Xiaolan promised to “obey everything in the future, let me steal the master’s baby and never refuse”, I gladly took her to Wen’s Mansion.

I couldn’t bear to change the new clothes, so I went directly. Along the way, many people looked at me with surprise, Xiao Lan put on me a hat in discomfort, and took it off when he arrived at Wen’s Mansion.

When arriving at Wen’s Mansion, Master Wen Qiao and his three sons were eating.

Seeing us, all four of them were stunned, especially Wen You, with an expression that looked like a ghost. He must have never thought that one day I will be his father’s seat bin hahaha

The handsome and handsome Wen Master waved his hand: “Girl Zhan ever used lunch”

So I sat down and ate.

Osmanthus duck, fried wormwood, egg custard, pickles, duck blood soup. The dishes are simple but the taste is great.

After finishing using it, Master Wen waved his hand again, and the three sons left in silence. I suddenly felt open. No wonder Wen You was so taciturn because of his tutor.

“Ms. Zhan has been to Jiankang before” Master Wen’s voice is not rushing, making people feel like spring breeze.

“No, this is the first time I have left home.” I replied respectfully.

Master Wen suddenly stood up and said: “You saved the dog’s life, I am very grateful.”

I was a little surprised. It seemed that Wen You was quite interesting and didn’t tell his father the truth.

However, one person should do things one person: “Master Wen, you are wrong. It was I who prescribed the medicine to Wen You before he was tied up by the Taoist priest. Later, Uncle Xiahouying saved us.”

Master Wen didn’t seem to be surprised, his eyes flashed and said: “Zisu was drugged by you because of his carelessness; but you saved him in the hands of a Taoist priest, but it is also true.


I read these two words silently in my heart. It sounds better than the name.

“Master Wen is really open-minded.” I said, “I really don’t want to. In the future, if it is useful to the battle family, just speak up. Of course, it can’t be a damaging thing.”

I was envious of my father before, and I could say to people with great boldness: “If you are useful in the future, just open your mouth.” Yunyun, it is quite face.

Today, when I speak out, it seems that I am more and more suitable for the role of doormaster.

Master Wen was stunned, and suddenly laughed: “You girl, really funny. Don’t worry, this official asks himself that he is a loyal and patriotic person, and he will never let you do things that hurt the world.”

“Your family is fine.” Master Wen smiled kindly, which made me feel good, so he briefly explained the situation at home.

At the end, Master Wen sighed: “It’s still the people of the world at ease. It’s not like we are in the court, and we are surrounded by mundane things.”

“Nor.” I frowned. “I’m also very worried, and I have a lot of mundane things.”

The unknown martial arts conference, Lin Fang, and your son, aren’t they all worrying?

Which skirt to wear in the martial arts conference is also a worry

Master Wen looked at me kindly: “You are a good boy. I heard that you gave Xia Houying the warm heart beads.”

“Yes.” It’s hard to say that Master Wen also wants beads

Unexpectedly, he looked at me approvingly and said: “Xiahou heroes are my great Jin Yishi. In recent years, he has killed many Jiangyang thieves and desperadoes, and helped many poor people. He wants the treasure, it must be of great use. You well-done.”

But uncle, your son also snatched beads from me

The enemy should be settled but not settled, so I will not say.

After chatting for a while, Master Wen said that he still had official duties tonight, so I got up and left.

He didn’t want to stay, he just smiled and told me to prepare for the martial arts conference, and asked the next person to call Wenyou to come and see him off.

Seeing his take-off gesture as a matter of course, I couldn’t help but: “Master Wen, if you called me today, is there nothing else?”

There was a smile on his face. Seriously, he was less than forty years old, and he was really handsome with a smile.

“What purpose does Qing Hong think I have”

I spread my hands: “I thought you were going to win me.”

Seeing that he was about to laugh again, I hurriedly said, “Well, I am also the only daughter of the warrior family, and Xia Houying is also my uncle. It’s normal to want to win me. Don’t be embarrassed.”

He closed a smile and said with a serious face: “Qinghong, we know the current situation of martial arts”

I looked up and saw Wen You just walk in.

I said loudly: “In today’s martial arts, there are four people vying for the position of the leader of the martial arts. The strongest house is the Ruyi Gate of Jiankang. The leader Xue Fanyun is said to have entered the realm of martial arts. He has many disciples and has many contacts with Jiankang officials and has a huge influence ; After that is the Liangzhou Wujimen, Wen You is a rising martial arts rookie, it is said that martial arts ranks first in Wujimen, why I returned to Jiangnan Wulin is unknown; then my Jingzhou Zhanjia; and finally the Southeast Rouge Sect. Master Shen Rouge is good at using poison, charming tricks, and light work, but martial arts are ordinary. Master Wen, am I right?”

In fact, I was willing to show off in front of Wen You, and I saw his expression move.

I really thought I was stupid. The news was clearly written on the martial arts news yesterday.

Master Wen smiled and nodded. I was encouraged, and said: “And this time, the person who issued the martial arts summoning order was Lin Fanglin Wenxuan, the heir of the Wulin leader of Sun Wushi. The one who supported him behind him was the Gu family of the Jiangnan noble family. The Gu family wanted to choose a martial arts leader that he was satisfied with. But I don’t have much friendship with them.”

Master Wen said: “Qinghong’s words are extremely true. Interesting to say, that day competing for the heart-warming bead, it was just that the big disciples of Ruyimen, Zisu, you, and Shen Yanzhi all ran into one night. The man in the martial arts, Even the battle for the heart-warming pearl was regarded as a precursor to the fight for the position of the martial arts leader. But he did not expect that the heart-warming pearl would fall into the hands of you, the girl who was least optimistic before.”

It turns out that the strange big man and graceful woman that night were the big disciples of Ruyimen and the leader of Rouge Sect, all of whom had a lot of background. I was really the ignorant and fearless.

“Master Wen, to tell you, I can’t beat your son.” I honestly returned, “It was a fluke to win against him that night.”

Master Wen: “The winner is king, and the loser is the invader. You get the heart-warming pearl is your ability.”

I like Old Man Wen more and more.

Master Wen looked straight and said earnestly: “Girl, if you really talk about the purpose, there is only one official: if you win the position of the leader in the future, I hope you will take the world as your own responsibility, be loyal to the court, and be loyal to the Jin Dynasty. I am fortunate enough to take the top spot, I hope you can help him, loyalty and righteousness, unifying the martial arts”

I was silent for a moment, leaning deeply: “Yes”

“Zisu, you should take Qinghong for a walk in Jiankang City. Girl, the crab shell yellow biscuits and Yuhua tea I mentioned to you just now, let Zisu buy it for you.”

I look at Wen You proudly, your father speaks, you still don’t let me enslaved

He had a calm face and said respectfully: “Yes.”

Master Wen wandered away.

I looked at Wen Zisu eagerly.

He glanced at me and said slowly: “I don’t see it, you can still recite the entire article on Wu Lin Fengsheng verbatim.”

I have an inexplicable expression: “I wrote that article”

This time he was surprised and looked at me suspiciously.

No more, don’t tease him: “Wen Zisu, I lied to you.”

The shops lined up on both sides of the street are brightly lit, and the people of all kinds of streets are very noisy.

The tactful sound of silk and bamboo came from the gleaming and shadowy Qinhuai River in the south, mixed with women’s laughter.

Jiankang after nightfall is like a beautiful fairy awakening gradually.

Master Towen Hongfu, Wen Zisu and I walked silently in the city, filled with helpless feelings of non-speculation in our hearts.

He has a gold crown and a black robe today, and his wide cuffs and neckline are white belts inlaid with gold, which makes him look like jade with vivid eyebrows.

We walked for a long time, and many people have turned back frequently.

“Wen Zisu, there are always people watching us.” I kindly reminded.

He glanced at me with contempt and disdain, and continued to walk.


Still Xiaolan Zhiqu, bought two monster masks.

Wen You frowned and looked at Mianjing but still took it on.

By the Qinhuai River.

Crab shell yellow biscuits, five-spice beans, tofu waterlogged, crisp biscuits

The corner of Wen You’s mouth slowly overflowed with a smile: “Girl, your appetite is stronger than your martial arts.”

There was a bag of assorted vegetables in his mouth, and I couldn’t say anything to fight back. Ashamed, I hit his rare laughter with a palm and rose from the ground, jumping to a boat standing on the water three feet away.

He heard a thick voice and smiled: “Hong’er, Wen Shaoxia, meet again.”

I was overjoyed, and saw a big boat slowly approaching on the sparkling open river. One person stood upright in the bow, and seven or eight young men in black stood behind him.

Isn’t it Uncle Xiahouying?

“It’s better to meet by chance, and come on board”

Three rounds of wine.

The two disciples of Xiahou who were sitting with me have fallen down. I was a little bit drunk, and Wen You was no better than me. He even took my mask away. One person wore two, and he was not too hot. .

Only Xiahou, whose skills are unfathomable, his eyes become clearer as he drinks.

In fact, from the first moment I set foot on the painting boat, I felt strange.

At this moment, taking advantage of the drunkenness, he couldn’t help saying: “Uncle Xiahou, I didn’t expect you to come to Qinhuai River.”

Xiahou is a real knight. Such a knight, the imprint should be plain and simple, with a pure heart and little desire.

Unlike Xiahou, she took off her samurai uniform and wore a white lake-patterned robe. She was lazy and relaxed with a cup in her hand. He was rather rich and princely.

Xiahou smiled slightly: “When I was young, I followed your mother to this place many times.” There seemed to be a trace of melancholy in his eyes.

I can’t think of the charm of my mother. After 16 years, she is indeed my mother.

Some can’t bear his solitude not to say these unhappy things anymore.

“Uncle Xiahou, why don’t you fight for the position of the leader of the martial arts” Wen You just happened to intervene in a rare moment.

Xiahou had a drink for himself and said loudly: “You said, what is the most important thing to be the leader of the martial arts?”

“Martial Arts.” I rushed to answer, Wen You silently cautiously.

“Zisu, you think so too” Xiahou looked at him with a smile.

“Courageously loyal.” Wen You said, “There are strategies.” He said this like his father, a little widow and a little proud.

Xiahou’s eyes lit up, and he looked at him approvingly: “This is my heart.” He looked straight, and said: “Today the court is in peace in Jiangdong. Everyone says that the king and horse share the world; In addition, there is Zhao Guo in the north, watching the country closely, and becoming a country in the west, waiting for opportunities.”

He suddenly stood up and said: “The general trend of the world is like this. Today’s martial arts is different from the old. The state is so chaotic, and the person in charge of the martial arts needs to have a heart to serve the country. Only with extraordinary talents and strategies can the world dominate the martial arts scholars”

He turned around and faced us: “I asked myself, strategy and intelligence are not enough, and I am old too. You two are young, but you are already among the best in this world. You are both talents of Tianzong martial arts. Serve the country loyally and build up the meritorious deeds”

Wen You was in awe.

With an intertwined mood of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, I asked with a trembling voice: “That uncle, you really think I am a martial arts wizard.”

Xiahou unexpectedly choked on the wine and hurriedly picked up the teacup and took a sip.

Wen You suddenly leaned over and said in my ear: “Your ears are quite provocative.” I turned my head and saw his double-layered colorful monster mask, with a pair of dark eyes as bright as stars.

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