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Bright Chapter 9

In the first round, “family history” is assessed.

The son of Gu was still pitying and cherishing jade, so he had seven chairs brought in, and we sat down in turn.

I think that although Zhan Qinghong was born in a famous family, he is also the new master of the Zhan Family under the jurisdiction of 42 Caves and Sixty Villa. In terms of family history, at least not too bad

I picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea.

Someone reported: “Liangzhou Wujimen, Wen You, son of Wen Qiao, the son of Zhongshu.”

The two old officials of Shang Shusheng nodded with a smile and presented the written note.

The man took the note with a slightly excited voice: “Wen You, Jia etc.”

I squirted out a sip of tea.

The two officials gave me a displeased look, seeming to suppress the contempt in their hearts.

Wen You in the first seat looked calm, as if he had expected it.

Lin Fang, who was sitting next to me, glanced sideways at me with a smile.

That strange feeling came out again.

His smile is really different

It seems, unlike a few days ago, with habitual shyness and tension

How could there be a trace of indifference in that look

Exactly like another person

Looking at him again, he turned his head and talked to the head of Xue again, looking like a lonely man.

I had to press my heart to be surprised.

“Jiankang Ruyimen, Xue Fanyun, all three generations are common people.”

“C wait.”

“Wait a minute” Gu Gongzi stood up and bowed to the judge, “Although the head of Xue is a poor family, it has changed a few days ago.”

Mr. Gu presented a booklet to two officials.

An elderly official was surprised: “It turns out that the head of Xue has already served as the son of an adult.”

Go back to the note and change it.

“First class.”

That’s okay. If I knew I had known Master Wen Qiao as a godfather

“Lin Jialin Fang, there were three martial arts leaders in the ancestors, all three generations were common people, second class.”

“Jingzhou Zhanjia fights Qinghong, all three generations are common people”

I grabbed my skirt excitedly.

“Ding wait.”

What Ding

I suddenly stood up: “Before the leader of Xue Xue was the righteous son of the Gu family, he was a third class. Why am I a Ding class? My war family also has 42 holes and sixty villas.”

The elderly official came up with the case: “The war family has settled in Jingzhou, and has made no contribution to Jiangdong Wulin for more than ten years; the head of Xue has helped the strong and the weak and recruited disciples in recent years. The Ruyi Gate is in the sky, how can you compare to your war family”

Although my Zhanjia Forty-two Caves and Sixty Villa are indeed the masters of everyone who has swept away the snow before the door, and since the Zhanjia’s self-daddy retired, it has no influence on Jiangdong Wulin, but how can he be under the public? Refute my warrior’s face

I was about to have an attack, but I heard the discouraged member say: “Zhanmen Master, you have come to Jiankang. Recently, you have won the heart-warming bead, and you have damaged countless ships in the Qinhuai River. The family face is supposed to be out of fashion.”

Qinhuai River, Nuan Xinzhu, Wen You is not a part

I looked at him angrily, but saw Wen You’s serious face that it didn’t matter to him, but a faint smile on his mouth.

Suddenly, Uncle Xiahou said, “Heart-warming bead is with me.”

His voice has always spread throughout, and everyone is quiet.

“A disciple of mine was seriously injured when he attacked Zhao Guo’s spy. Girl Zhan gave me the beads, and my disciple had already taken it and brought it back to life.”

“Good” The crowd applauded for a while.

I was touched in my heart, so that no one would chase my heart-warming thing from now on.

Xiahou gave me a soothing look, and I had to sit down.

There are four remaining, three of whom are rated as Ding Ding like me, but Yan Zhi Jiao Shen Yan Zhi is not even rated as Ding Ding because his subordinates are all three teachers.

I became more psychologically balanced.

Shen Yanzhi, who was sitting on my right hand, cursed: “They had already decided in advance, they would not come if they knew.”

I suddenly understood.

Looking at the heads of Xue and Wen You, I suddenly understood that today’s battle for the leader of the martial arts is actually a battle between the two of them and their support.

The remaining five of us, including Lin Fang, are just a foil.

In the second round, compete for knowledge.

It was the two officials who asked the question again.

I really want to take a nap in my seat, and I didn’t sleep well last night.

But Uncle Xiahou has always used a profound look, hinting at me from time to time.

What the hell is he hinting at me

I thought about it for a long time, but I didn’t think about it.

But because of slow thinking, no sleep.

They gave Wen You, Xue Zhangmen, and Lin Fang, they were all very simple questions such as “How to divide Jiankang prefectures and how many states are in the world?” Although I can’t answer these questions.

When it was my turn, the young official asked: “How does the Zhanmen Master think of Wushisan”

I really want to laugh out loud, Wu Shi San, I am familiar

Before going down the mountain, my father specifically asked me not to touch the five stone powder, and he informed me of its toxicity.

I mentioned Zhen Qi and said: “Wu Shi San is the most poisonous medicine of martial arts. It is made from Tang Sect in Shu area. Those who take it will not only lose their skills, but also lose their skin, blind and deaf. Those who eat more will instantly die. The deeper the internal force, The more you suffer. We martial arts justice people must never take it. This lord, am I right?”

The whole is quiet.

I looked around with some doubts, but heard the young official laugh out loud with a chuckle, and the older official glared at him displeased.

However, his laughter was actually the gunpowder primer.

Suddenly, the loudest laughter broke out from up and down this morning.

Even the dignified height on the viewing platform leaned forward with a smile.

I asked Lin Fang shyly and angrily, “Am I wrong?”

Only then did Lin Fang grab a shallow smile and said, “Girl Zhan, the five stone powder is nothing but a cultivating thing, how can it be as unbearable as you said”

Head Xue said with a smile: “Zhanmen Master is still a little girl after all, it’s normal if I don’t know.”

Shen Yanzhi said: “Did your father tell you that before you go out, Wu Shi San is the most poisonous thing”

I nodded honestly.

So everyone laughed again.

“Sure enough, he is still a child.” Gu Gongzi made a final decision.

“Ding wait.”

I am very unwilling, even Shen Rouge is a third class this round

Seeing that even Uncle Xiahou was so handsome, I scolded my father countless times in my heart.

In the third round, “loyalty” was assessed.

This round is assessed by Uncle Xiahou and Governor Na. Because all of you present here are top martial arts schools, and many do good deeds. And I also changed the cold-blooded image of the Zhan Family because of the dedication of the heart-warming pearl to save the knight.

So in this round, everyone was rated as first-class.

The fourth round, the most important round, martial arts.

I lifted my spirits and finally got my strength.

Head Xue is famous, I don’t know if I can be the enemy. Although Wen You’s close kung fu is slightly stronger than me, if I try hard, I might have a chance to win.

The others are not my opponents.

Lin Fang, not to mention, this time it was his turn to doze off.

Shen Yanzhi spread his hands together: “I have worked with Zhanmen Master and Xue Zhangmen Gao Disciple a few days ago, but they are invincible. Today, I don’t have to compare.”

I suddenly found that I liked this hearty and beautiful female leader. Look at her in a gorgeous colorful shirt with hosta and gold flowers on her head, frantically tight.

The other three sect heads also said that there is no need to compare.

So according to Xiahou’s meaning, they were all rated as third class.

Lin Fangtai kept his eyes down and sat without making a sound.

I was a little strange, and kindly said: “You give up together, so you can still make a third class.”

He raised his head and smiled at me, but still made no sound.

The child is silly to eat five stones.

“Lin Gongzi” Nai Gongzi also seemed to be surprised, and called him.

He smiled, and didn’t look at the surprised Master Gu.

He, isn’t he a puppet supported by the master?

The governor announced: “The remaining four people, the head of Xue and Wen You, and Qinghong and Lin Fang.”


Mr. Gu suddenly stood up: “Master Governor, Mr. Lin has been weak and sick since he was a child, and he has never practiced martial arts. This is a test.”

The governor looked at Lin Fang: “Young Master Lin, do you still use the test?”

Young Master Lin still didn’t take care of Young Master, and said with a smile: “Although I don’t know how to martial arts, but I, Lin Family Zuxun, a disciple of the Lin Family, must not give up easily.”

He smiled peacefully, with a trace of determination and pride in his peace.

Gu Gongzi probably didn’t expect that Lin Fang, who had been obedient to him, suddenly played the cards without reason, and sat down with an ugly expression.

I suddenly felt that I didn’t know Lin Fang.

Isn’t he actually possessing special skills? I’ve touched his pulse and it’s weak

Head Xue also took a deep look at Lin Fang.

Wen You was very deep today, without even looking at Lin Fang, he took up the saber directly.

In the first game, Head Xue met Wen You.

After hundreds of fights, Xue Zhangmen narrowly won, first class. Wen You, B etc.

I guess I won’t be able to beat Xue Master now.

After watching their competition, I felt a little weird in my heart.

I have fought against Wen You many times, but I don’t feel anything. Isn’t it just that my close-up skills are better than me?

The first time I sat aside and looked at his skill carefully, it felt a little weird.

He was light and agile, smooth and comfortable, like a black swallow; while the sword was up and down, he was fierce and fierce. The head of Xue was even forced to the edge of the martial arts stage many times. From beginning to end, his face looked like Shen Yuan and his eyes were focused, and he was full of fierce murderous aura.

Although he was finally defeated by Xue’s master’s trick, he stood there with a smile and won the applause of countless people in the audience.

I am a little excited.

It turns out that he has such a good skill, and his posture is so beautiful that he has never found it before.

Then I have repeatedly shared with him, and I must be very pleasing to fight.

My mood rises.

In the second game, I played against Lin Fang.

We both stood up.

I was thinking about what to say, saying that today is just a discussion, and even if one party loses, it will not be ashamed of such words, so as to appease Lin Fang and give him face.

Seeing that Lin Fang ignored me at all, he bowed his hand to the judges: “My sires, can someone from the school replace me in the fight?”

The five judges looked at each other, and the whole Luoyan Peak was shocked.

Everyone knows that the Lin family has already fallen, and there is only Lin Fang alone.

The governor thought for a moment: “If the son can subdue a person with high martial arts and get started, it means the son Gaode. Yes.”

“Master Governor, it’s rude.”

Xia Houying stood up.

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