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Chapter 7 Falling into the water

Wen You suddenly leaned over and said in my ear: “Your ears are quite provocative.” I turned my head and saw his double-layered colorful monster mask, with a pair of dark eyes as bright as stars.

Get too close

“Master” hurriedly called, but saw a disciple of Xiahou push open the small door of the painting boat and barge in.

Wen You and I moved away from each other and distanced themselves.

“What’s the matter” Xiahou frowned.

The disciple knelt down with a strange expression: “Master Gao is here again.”


On the dark water outside the door, a small boat was faintly approaching.

Xiahou stood up, turned over the cup on the table with his sleeves “Kang Dang”, his face was a little panicked.


Xia Houying, the world’s most recognized martial arts hero, panicked

Who is it?

He recovered his calm in an instant, and said to us with a serious face: “I suddenly remembered something urgent, you two will do it yourself, the martial arts conference will leave again.”

Xiahou’s light work has already travelled far in the blink of an eye.

“Wen Zisu, do you know which high-powered person has scared Uncle Xiahou into Zhuo?” I asked.

Wen Zisu smiled unpredictably: “If I guessed correctly”

“Big Brother Xiahou” stood in front of us with a delicate face and a delicate face. After seeing that there were only two of us in the house, she couldn’t hide her disappointed expression, “ran away again.”

It turned out to be the daughter of Gao Xiaolang rescued by an old friend Huixianguan.

Seeing that she is only one or two years older than me, she and Uncle Xiahou

“Uncle Senior Master heard that you came, so he walked away.” I said with a grin, “What is going on, he owes you money”

“He is your uncle uncle” Gao’s face flushed, but she still gritted her teeth and stamped her feet and said, “Girl Zhan, I like your uncle uncle. But he refuses to marry me.”

Go high.

I never expected that I would fall in love with my unfamiliar hero, Shishu, from a famous background and seemingly gentle and tall.

My mother seemed to be crying with joy after knowing that Shishu was married to Gao; Dad was greatly relieved when he knew that the rival had finally given up.

“Wen Zisu, in fact, I think Gao and my uncle are a good match, what do you think?”

Wen You, who was drinking alone, suddenly stopped in the air, turned his head, and said coolly, “The family will not agree to her marriage to Xia Houying.”

“However, Shishu is number one in martial arts in the world, even your father said he is a real hero.”

“What’s the matter?” Wen You sneered, “They will never let a famous woman marry a commoner, let alone a martial artist.”

I stood up angrily: “Dogs look down on people”

His face changed, Jie Jing “What are you scolding?”

I said word by word: “Don’t worry, I am a poor girl, the martial arts conference will definitely beat you.”

He came up with the crime: “I can’t help myself”

I drew my saber with a “wow” and lifted my chin to him: “Wen You, I want to compete with you”

He looked like he was disdainful of hands-on: “Let’s try and wait for the martial arts conference. If I hurt you now, how do you participate in the martial arts conference, I just said them, no.”

His words successfully made me rush from the soles of my feet to the top of my head.

I laughed loudly, made a gesture of attacking the cloud and thrust the sword forward.

That night, the fighting between us shocked the entire Qinhuai River.

The painting boat built by Xiahou’s heavy gold, amid Xiaolan’s screams, we, who were raised from the ground, hit the canopy directly

However, the amount of compensation paid by Uncle Xiahou and Wen’s family was far more than this one.

Because, the boat, and the people watching the excitement on the boat, undoubtedly became our foothold.

But Jiankang people are really optimistic and tolerant by nature. Whenever I step on a person, what I hear is not a scream, but an excited and joyful voice: “Haha stepped on me, stepped on me”

Only when we step on the canopy or deck of a certain ship, the ship owner will utter a heartbreaking scream: “God, two heroes, remember to pay after you finish the fight.”

We fought hard.

At that time I was drunk, I just felt that my heart was suddenly full of grievances

Why have I been bullied by him and Lin Fang for more than two months since I went down the mountain?

Why do I miss my parents and brothers who are far away in Jingzhou

Why doesn’t Shishu accept Gao

Why Sun Ji’s noodles cost three dollars a bowl

Why is this person in front of me more handsome than me

Why i always get lost

Life, a lot of unsatisfactory

“Wen Zisu, why do you always bully me” I shed tears, and a quick sword stabbed him in the forehead.

He dexterously avoided the sword’s edge, and suddenly looked at me in a daze, one ups and downs, and stopped at the stern of a painted boat. The people on the boat applauded for a while.

I chased after me, stood on the bow of the boat, panting, talking too much, and my mouth was dry.

The water is quiet.

About all the Qinhuai women and elder brothers, as well as the vendors, are speculating about the winning or losing trend of our fighting.

The flickering Qinhuai River is like the eyes of a fairy, misty and brilliant.

I was a little bit stunned, wondering if Wen Zisu would agree, I asked the boatman for a glass of water and then continued to fight.

A sudden sound of flute broke the quiet Qinhuai River.

I looked towards the center of the water, the source of the sound.

Far away, a red ribbon rose from the mast of a big ship and fluttered in the light and wind.

The “two heroes” were a few Qinhuai women, shouting in unison with their unique sweet and glutinous voices, “You can fight forever. It’s better to win the ribbon if you grab the ribbon first.”

There was a burst of tender laughter.

“Good” everyone on the shore and on the boat applauded loudly, and the sound shook the entire Qinhuai River north and south.

I squinted Wen You.

He stared at the ribbon with pitch-black eyes, then turned his head and glanced at me and smiled.

Suddenly, my blood boiled, my body was relaxed, and the gloomy aura swept away.

I lifted my strength and pulled up from the bow.

The victory or defeat is here

Although his close-up skills are slightly better than me, it is not easy to beat me. Especially today, I took advantage of Jiuxing to fight him evenly.

We both made a few tricks on the water and in the air

Until approaching the big ship.

The women on the boat screamed in exclamation, and suddenly the voice of “Go on, son” resounded through the boat

I can’t help being a little angry, the sword in my hand stagnated

He suddenly laughed: “You lost” stepped on the water faster, and a somersault landed on the boat. I am more combative and follow closely. He leaped to the mast with a flaw in his back

When I stepped on the ground, I would step on his back and pounce on the ribbon


At this very moment, a familiar voice burst out of the sky, overwhelming all the chirps of Yingying and Yanyan with a very sad tone, resounding throughout the Qinhuai River:

“Miss, be careful, you don’t know how to water”

I stayed for a while.

Suddenly, an untimely thought flashed in my mind: Why does Xiaolan always have a way to make me lose my inner breath at a critical moment?

He couldn’t lift that tone anymore, and watched Wen Zisu pounce on the ribbon. I fell back to the deck.

Unexpectedly, because of distraction, he stepped on the smooth and wet gunwale.

Yes i don’t know how to water

I fell into the water.

I am good at hunting and fishing, I am a martial arts wizard recognized by Xiahou heroes, I am a rookie in the rise of martial arts, and I am a strong contender for the position of martial arts leader.

But I have never been able to understand water, which is a difficult problem to explain.

At the end of September, the cold river water filled my mouth and nose, so that my mind was completely clear, and it also made me panic in the water.

“Plops, plops, plops” I heard the sound of entering the water several times, who will save me

I slowly sank to the surface, with deep internal strength, but I didn’t know how to get out.

A strong hand grabbed the silk belt around my waist and lifted me out of the water; the other hand turned me over and hugged me.

I coughed up the water that was choking in my mouth.

Threw up his face.

Wen Zisu looked at me with drops of water on his face.

There seemed to be many people screaming around, and I couldn’t hear clearly.

I saw his face and hair soaked by the river water in the moonlight, and his eyes and eyebrows were soft.

Those eyes are brighter than my Jingzhou stars.

Against his wet chest, I suddenly smelled a very light fragrance in my nose.

He held onto the side of the ship and said, “Give up.”

“Wen Zisu, how do you apply powder for a man?” I asked the question.

He was stunned, then gritted his teeth and said: “I don’t have one.”

So I couldn’t help but notice his mouth.

His mouth, under the moonlight, was red and bright, like a fairy’s mouth.

I hummed: “Ah, you still put rouge on your mouth”

He was silent, suddenly freed a hand and stroked my lips: “You just wiped it out.”

“I didn’t” suddenly disappeared behind and sank instantly.

I was shocked, and I would choke again when it broke

No choking.

When I was in my whole body, he reached out to catch me again, lifted me out of the water, and looked at me quite proudly: “No more nonsense, don’t even think about going ashore. I will spend the night with you in the river.”


Xiao Lan stood at the front of the crowd, greeted him with excitement.

“Hurry up and help your master change clothes, lest you lose to me in the martial arts conference in the future, but you say it is a cold.” Wen Zisu dropped a word at her, and a few ups and downs disappeared.

Looking at the crowd that was gradually encircling with excitement and curiosity, I sighed, grabbed Xiao Lan, learned from Wen Zisu, and left.

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