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Chapter 8 Martial Arts Conference

The martial arts conference.

The verdant mountains are towering, colorful flags fluttering on the martial arts platform, officials and gentry sit proudly on the viewing platforms on both sides, and countless martial arts heroes and flat people have blocked the road to the martial arts platform.

The picturesque Luoyan Peak, originally occupied by Huixianguan, was confiscated as the venue for the martial arts conference, which is a beautiful thing.

Since I have never seen a big scene before, I was extremely awake last night.

I got up late today.

When they arrived at Luoyan Peak, they had already started to roll their names.

“Jiankang Ruyimen, Xue Fanyun” heard someone roll the name from a distance.

However, I saw a figure flipping three times in the air, falling on the stage firmly and lightly, and holding his fists under the stage.

A group of martial artists cheered in unison under the stage of “Xue Zhangmen Heroic Martial Arts,” as if they had rehearsed in advance.

The head of Xue is about thirty-five years old, strong and powerful. His lightness is indeed not to be underestimated.

The rouge sect leader Shen and the head of the Jiaozhou Zhuyin faction also appeared, but the cheers were sparse.

“Liangzhou Promise Gate, Wen You.”

Wen You today is wearing a silk scarf with hair and a black samurai costume. It is indeed a young boy that looks pretty, and a neat somersault staged the martial arts stage.

When he settled down, a stunning sigh erupted on and off the stage, mixed with the woman’s uncontrollable scream.

“Jingzhou Zhanjia, Zhan Qinghong”

The crowd seemed to be agitated quietly.

I just walked to the outer edge of the crowd and couldn’t get past it.

The singer seemed a little impatient, and repeated it again: “Zhanjia, have the Zhanjia people arrived?”

From a distance, I saw Wen You look over here.

There must be a ridiculous smile on his face.

“Little Blue, help me”

Stepping on the hands of Xiaolan’s hands, I rose from the ground, and after a burst of exclamation, I stepped on several people’s heads and landed on the martial arts stage.

Although their poses are beautiful, I deliberately jumped higher than them.

The crowd was silent for a while.

For a moment, a warm shout broke out: “Zhan Qinghong and Qinghong”

The crowd talked enthusiastically, and vaguely heard the words “Heart-warming Pearl” and “Qinhuai River”.

I was excited.

I really gained a reputation. Even if I lose today, I can confidently deal with my father. He will not pursue the 32 snow jade prawns and five Tianshan red-bellied spots.

Killing two birds with one stone, I am triumphant

Someone suddenly stood up on the viewing platform and shouted my name.

I turned my head and looked at it, but it was high and excited.

I have a good impression of her, not to mention that she is likely to be my aunt.

I leaned to her to greet her, she sat down in the envy of everyone’s eyes with a crimson complexion.

Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Uncle Xiahou, who was sitting behind the Yanwu Platform with a knife in his arms, frowned slightly.

Two big disciples or heads of sects came up one after another. The eyes of the people and martial artists in the audience were critical, and there were only a few applause. The faces of the two are extremely ugly.

“The Lin Family, Master Lin Fang and Lin Wenxuan.”

The Lin family has been the leader of the martial arts for several times. Although Lin Fang has failed in martial arts, according to the rules, he wants to participate in the fight for the martial arts leader as a foil.

I looked at Lin Fang, who hadn’t seen him for many days, stepping up the stairs slowly from one side.

He is still in a white wide-clothed long-sleeved robe, Jin Dai girded his waist, his extremely beautiful face is whiter than last time, and he seems to have some powder on it, so soft and greasy.

Everyone stepped onto this martial arts stage with fierce skills. Only he, who had no power to bind the chicken, walked up step by step without any haste; everyone was carrying housekeeping weapons, only him, with empty hands. Later, his expression was safe.

He gently glanced at the people on and off the stage, showing a slight smile, with a hint of shyness and anxiety.

Like a clean lotus flower in the tumultuous world, slowly blooming.

There was another silence in the audience.

Suddenly, the applause and the yelling were intertwined, and burst out

The people who applauded are flat-headed people and officials and nobles; those who yelled at them were casual martial artists.

“He is so beautiful. Take a look at him, I die without regrets”

“The descendants of the dignified Lin family were born so weak and feminine, and the Lin family is really gone.”

I glanced at him secretly, but saw that he was not moved by the noise on the stage or off the stage.

Unexpectedly, he was so stupid, simple and weak, that he could actually be able to survive.

This foil, it looks decent, sad

He noticed my gaze and smiled at me.

He smiled at me.

I suddenly felt weird in my heart, but I couldn’t tell where it was.

The young man who had called before “Quiet” frowned and shouted.

However, his internal strength was obviously not deep enough, and it took a long time for the audience to calm down.

A young man in brocade clothes arched his hands at the viewing platform and said with a smile: “I Gu Yan and He De, it is an honor to represent the court to help Wen Xuan hold this martial arts conference.”

It turns out that he is the son of the family. It’s not as well known as seeing each other. It looks pretty good, but it’s far behind Wen You and Lin Fang. It seems that there is no martial arts.

The five judges sitting behind the martial arts platform stood up and saluted him.

Naihiko said a lot on behalf of the court, and then introduced five judges on stage.

I was a little surprised. There were actually two officials from the Imperial Court, one governor, and the other two martial artists, Uncle Xiahou and the respected abbot of Jiming Temple.

Xue Fanyun, Lin Fang, and Wen You looked calm, but the other four martial arts figures looked at each other like me.

I feel some taste, this martial arts conference seems a bit special.

But Uncle Xiahou is willing to be the judge. He is the golden sign of martial arts justice today.

If it comes, let it rest, and take one step at a time.

The son of the Nai family had no internal strength. After talking for a long time, although we could hear clearly, everyone in the audience couldn’t hear him. He was always confused and boring waiting, so there were martial arts guys who couldn’t hear clearly.

Seeing Gu Gongzi look embarrassed, I couldn’t help being happy.

It was the young man who had previously rolled the name to stand up and strongly handed over: “My son, preach to these vulgar people in the audience, and let the subordinates do the work.

Young Master Gu nodded and sat down with satisfaction.

I’m a little unhappy, rough

The “crude man” took over the booklet held by Gu Gongzi and unfolded it. He seemed to mention his full-body skill, and said Hong Sheng: “This martial arts leader contest will be divided into five categories: family background, knowledge, loyalty and martial arts, and strategy. Each item is divided into A, B, C, Ding and so on. The new leader of the martial arts leader who has obtained the most house of A grade.

Me and four other martial arts colleagues were stunned again. The three people remained unscrupulous.

I felt something unusual again.

Nearby, everyone who heard the “crude” voice was noisy. Someone protested loudly: “It’s not about the imperial court’s examination of champions, martial arts matters, what kind of family background and knowledge?”

The onlookers in the distance could not hear clearly, and several people shouted in unison, “Inaudible, inaudible”

The rough face was stiff.

I suddenly became happy again, and simply mentioned my skill, and said loudly: “This hero just said that there are five items in this competition.” I repeated his words.

In the distance, everyone heard it clearly and said in unison: “Thank you for the heroine war”

Someone also shouted: “Come over and spread the message with a strong internal force, grandpa can’t hear you clearly”

The face of the “crude man” was ugly.

I was in the limelight and triumphant.

But I heard a cool voice saying: “You have offended Gu’s family before you start the competition. Do you think you are here to play?”

I turned my head and saw Wen You looking at me with contempt.


But Xiahou stood up and said calmly, “Everyone, let me hear from Xiahouying.”

He didn’t even see him raising his breath, but the voice spread throughout Luoxia Peak, and there was a faint echo of the mountains.

The audience was silent for a moment.

“For a hundred years, heroes of Jiangdong martial arts have appeared in large numbers. To this day, they are still scattered. I dare to ask all heroes why this is

Nowadays, the political situation is in turmoil. The western and northern countries have ambitions and intend to advance eastward; my sons and daughters of Jin Jianghu have worked so hard to practice martial arts for the sake of not being promoted or being independent, not fighting for territory and status, but in this troubled world. , Kuang help the Jin family, defend me Jiangdong thousands of people, that is Jiangdong true knight, true hero”

“Okay” “Xiahou’s heroes are extremely true” everyone in the audience was full of enthusiasm.

“But in such troubled times, can only martial arts be able to control the whole arena? One hundred and twenty years ago, Zhuge Jin, the northern hero, came and went by himself. After martial arts took the position of the leader of martial arts, he was joined by 14 schools He was blocked at home.

Forty-five years ago, Lin Donggan, the second martial arts leader of the Lin family, won the martial arts leader, but he was courageous and foolhardy. Martial arts, relying on martial arts alone, can’t control at all, so after discussing with Mr. Gu and the adults, I added four items: family background, knowledge, loyalty, and strategy. The purpose is to choose a truly brave hero to take charge of martial arts. Have objections”

There was a lot of discussion in the audience, and finally, it calmed down.

After all, Uncle Xiahou asked one of his disciples to pass a message, and the “crude man” glared at me and left the stage. Son Nai glanced at me, his expression calm.

In the first round, “family history” is assessed.

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