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Bright Chapter 12

The bright moon is in the sky, and the stars are picturesque. The Qinhuai River travels leisurely, with bright lights on the water.

The sound of the piano is close, the sound of the flute is far, several painters, each playing their own music, all are fascinating.

“Yuan”, who was standing on the waist of the shore with my hand, gleamed under the lights.

At the martial arts conference that day, I found that Lin Fang and Wen You both love standing in front of others, and they have a special tolerance.

I’m so handsome, with a heroic posture standing with my hands, naturally I won’t lose them.

Xiaolan stretched out her hand enviously and touched the shiny ruby ​​on the hilt of “Juan”, and said, “The sword given by the emperor is really different.”

This flattery slapped me comfortably and I was very proud.

After the martial arts conference, Xiaolan and I, who had risen to fame and exhausted themselves, moved into Xia Houying’s home in Jiankang.

A few days ago, he found me with “Juan” in his hand.

“This is a gift from the emperor.” He smiled and looked at me with a surprised look, “My name is Jue.”

Draw out the sword, the sword body is like water, the brilliance is dark, and the chill is bursting.

“Jue” and “Juan”, a pair of famous swords in the Han Dynasty, have been hidden in the deep palace. After Wang Mang’s uprising, the whereabouts of the swords are unknown.

But I didn’t expect it was given to me by the emperor.

“How did the emperor know about me?” I held my sword, and I kept touching with joy.

With the Imperial Sword, I will show up in front of my parents and brothers in the future. When he descended the mountain, Dad still refused to pass the family heirloom sword to me. The one I used before was nothing but a saber when Dad was young.

He smiled and said, “Hong’er, Young Master Lin has passed Master Wen Qiaowen and played the emperor secretly, and Wen You is the deputy leader. You are the protector of the leader. This sword was rewarded by the emperor to the protector of the leader through Master Wen.

What is the position of the lord guardian?

Xiahou laughed and said, “This is a position specially set up for you by Young Master Lin. Go to “Biqiong Building” in two days, and when you meet Young Master Wen, you can ask him. “

So today, I was invited to Biqiong Building.

I wore a sword on my waist and carried Xiaolan, climbing up the level.

As soon as I went to the second floor, I saw a person, dressed in black and standing in a jade, leaning on a railing and looking far away.

Under the moonlight, he saw his side face melted into the night, warm and calm.

“Mother, why does Young Master Wen look more and more beautiful” Xiaolan muttered behind me.

Wen You turned his head around as if consciously, a smile gradually appeared on his cold and silent face.

I greeted me: “Wen Zisu, look, this is the emperor’s sword for me.”

He seemed to look at my sword with interest.

I untied the sword and handed it to him: “When you are a brother, I will give you a touch. No”

He drew out his sword, looked at it, and said, “Yes.”

“It’s more than good.” I took the sword back displeasedly. “This is a famous sword from the past, called Yue.”

Carefully pin the sword to his waist.

He smiled slightly, turned his side, and the sapphire brilliance on the hilt of his waist was flowing: “Jue, here I am.”

I opened my mouth wide.

Jue and Jue are a pair. But in the weapon ranking spectrum, Jue is ranked first.

The emperor, how did you give us a pair of swords?

Suddenly remembered that he is now the deputy leader, the emperor rewarded me, and he will certainly reward him.

Can’t help but stretch out his hand and draw out his saber.

He can’t avoid it.

The deep black sword body, the night blossom is like water, and the murderous aura is undercurrent.

It is indeed very similar to my “Juan”, even better.

“The guardian of war is coming, please come here soon”

There was only one table on the huge second floor. Lin Fang, dressed in white, stood at the table and greeted us with a smile.

Almost October, the river breeze at night, with a hint of coolness.

Although there is only one table, it is very lively. I also saw a few familiar faces: Master Wen Qiaowen, the judges of the martial arts conference that day, and three officials whom I did not know. Master Wen introduced the minister, the secretary, and so on.

Everyone exchanged greetings for a while, and all kinds of delicious dishes were brought up.

Lin Fang raised his wine glass to the effect that he would definitely lead the martial arts to serve the court in the future, and he would rely on all the adults; Master Wen also said that the leader of Lin is the dragon and the phoenix, and the emperor was very relieved. The officials were even more pleased, and promised to support Lin Leng, according to the emperor’s will.

Master Wen praised Lin Fang, Xia Houying and me again, saying that in the future, the martial arts will do wonders for the court under our leadership.

It has been more than a month since I came to Jiankang, and I naturally learned to be polite, and after a few words of greeting, I could finally eat.

His face kept smiling, and the chopsticks in his hand moved quickly.

The people talked about the situation in martial arts, about the situation in Korea and China, and about Jiankang Fengyue.

I eat deliciously.

Xiao Lan couldn’t go to the table and stood far away. I piled up some delicacies in the bowl, wondering how to bring it back to her later.

“The guardian of war is so young and beautiful, but martial arts is at its peak. It’s really a model for my Dajin women,” a 30-year-old man who is about the secretary Cheng laughed.

I am busy and polite: “Where and where.”

“The guardian of war can be married,” the secretary Cheng asked stably.

As soon as the voice fell, everyone looked at me.

I was stunned and didn’t know how to answer.

Seeing me hesitating, the secretary Cheng smiled and said: “I have a young brother, about twenty years old, and now the emperor, who is standing in front of him, I don’t know.

“Master Zhao, I remember Brother Ling is already married” Master Wen laughed.

“I am married, but my sister-in-law has not been able to make a living in three years,” Mr. Zhao regretted.

My hand couldn’t help but touched Yue, and I was about to attack.

But a kind and gentle voice sounded: “Hong’er is the jewel in the palm of my senior sister. I hope she will marry a young martial arts hero and inherit the mantle of the warrior. Mr. Zhao, Hong’er is destined to live in the rivers and lakes all his life, making her younger brother young and promising. Hong’er is afraid that he won’t be worthy of Ling brother.”

Master Zhao glanced at the faces of everyone, and patted his head: “Xiahou Daxia can say yes. My brother is not good at martial arts. Drinking, haha, drinking”

I just endured it and let go of “Yue” slowly.

Wen You, who was sitting next to me, let go under the table and he tightly pressed “Jue”‘s hand on my waist.

At the end of the meal, someone had already prepared a few short and soft tables.

The dwarfs face the heart of the river, forming a semicircle. Various seasonal fruits and vegetables and clear wines are filled with short tables.

With the sound of silk and bamboo, a few beautiful singers leaned back against the beautiful scenery of the river, singing and dancing.

Wen You and I are the most junior, and we are sitting at the top of the left.

Several adults were full of food and drink, and they were very interested and applauded frequently.

Lin Fang and Master Wen sat in the middle of the seat, looking at each other, it seemed that they had already been forgotten.

Presumably they have reached some agreement on the relationship between the martial arts and the court.

Only Wen You, watching the singing and dancing quietly, occasionally greeted the adults around him, and immediately calmed down.

Looking at his dark eyes, I chuckled.

“Girl, what are you laughing at”

“You laugh at you. You obviously don’t like these songs and dances, but you pretend to be engaged.” Those eyes didn’t have the slightest emotional ups and downs because of the superb dancing skills of the beauty in front of them. Beauty frequently casts shy eyes at him, all playing the piano to the cow, which is a pity.

He didn’t argue, and drank himself.

So I drink too.

“Wen Zisu, Lin was in the martial arts conference to wipe the Gu family’s face. Now they only entertain your father and these adults. In the future, will you not be afraid of Gu family and Head Xue’s revenge?”

He glanced at me: “On the second day of the Martial Arts Conference, Young Master Lin hosted a banquet for Young Master Gu and Head Xue.”

I opened my mouth wide, this Lin Fang, really can bend and stretch

“Not only did they invite them, but also the people of the Langya King’s family. You said, with such a means and heart, would the Gu family still be willing to have one more such a rival?” Wen Zisu said, “You have nothing to do with martial arts by eating, drinking and having fun all day At the time, we had done a lot of things.”

What do I mean by eating, drinking and having fun all day

I wanted to refute, but found no way to speak.

These days after the martial arts conference, Xiaolan and I, who ate and drank for free in Xiahou Mansion, were indeed very happy.

I met Wen You and Lin Fang a few times, walking in Xiahou’s mansion in a hurry, and Xiao Lan and I were still wondering how the two got together.

It turns out that they are already an alliance, but I don’t know when it started before the martial arts conference, or in the middle, or in the end.

“You guys hate it when you meet each other,” I said angrily.

He nodded: “It’s true. Men’s affairs, you little girl who doesn’t even know Wu Shi San, don’t understand.”

“The emperor gave us two swords, and what kind of treasure did Lin Fang give?” I suddenly remembered this important question. Is it an ancient artifact?

If so, it’s useless to put it in Lin Fang’s hands. Go to Uncle Xiahou another day, maybe you can give it to me.

He probably saw my intentions from my face, and said with contempt: “Don’t think about it. Don’t even think about the things the emperor gave. What’s more, the emperor gave Lin Lin through my father”

I looked at him baffledly.

His thin lips lightly opened: “It’s two hundred taels of gold, two big houses.”

I was so surprised that I could not speak.

So envious, so jealous

Suddenly, another nine beautiful singers came up and sat down beside them one by one.

One of them sat down between me and Wen You, and leaned against Wen You: “Young Master”

It turned out that Lin Fang called the singer to accompany him.

The adults smiled openly. Suddenly, the second floor of Biqiong Building was fascinated by beauty.

I saw Xia Houying sitting upright like a mountain with a majestic face. There was a more reserved woman sitting beside him. She just persuaded him to drink, but she didn’t dare to talk too much.

A passionate woman sat beside Lin Fang, her slender body almost hanging on Lin Fang. Lin Fang put his arm around her waist and talked with the adults without changing his face. I just saw that when the woman’s hand touched him irregularly, he glanced at the woman faintly and coldly.

At that glance, even I looked terrified. The woman seemed to be stunned, but her hands were safe.

The other adults seem to be very comfortable with this kind of occasion. Even Master Wen is enjoying the look, lowering his head and drinking with the hands of the beautiful women around him.

Wen You

His face was more silent than when I first saw him. No matter how softly the woman next to him called him, and how pitifully looked at him, he was like a cold stone. Drinking by yourself. The woman stretched out a hand between his legs, he grabbed it, and looked over with cold eyes.

That look, although not as cold as Lin Fang’s eyes, was full of murderousness.

The woman shivered and didn’t dare to speak

“Have you seen enough?” Wen You looked at me with an ugly expression, his tone of indifference was indescribable.

I’m watching with gusto, why is this guy angry at me

“You are a girl, I don’t know how to avoid this kind of occasion. I don’t know if you can see it so happy.” Wen You was really angry, and coldly ordered the singer, “Give us wine.”

In the middle of the night, all the adults were tired, so they were arranged by Lin Fang and rested with the singers. In the end, only Lin Fang, Xia Houying, Wen You and myself remained. Lin Fang sent the other singers away.

“Zi Su doesn’t seem to be beautiful” Lin Fang smiled.

“Indeed, Wen Xuan laughed.” Wen You said, “But there are people who do this better than us. It’s a pity that they gave birth to a daughter by mistake.

The other two people looked at me with a smile, it turned out that my excitement just fell in their eyes.

I had to stare at Wen You bitterly.

“Hong’er, are you tired? We still have to discuss many arrangements for the next step, or I will send someone to take you back first.” Xia Houying made the rounds for me.


Remembering that Wen You just laughed at me for not contributing to the martial arts, I was a little unwilling to say: “I am not tired. Since Young Master Lin asked me to be the lord protector, then I have to do my part for the martial arts just like you. I still don’t know what this protector does.”

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