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Bright Chapter 13

The sun is rising and the breeze is blowing. It’s a bit cool.

I sat at the stone table by the pool under the tree and read the sword book.

Xiao Lan stood aside in a daze, bored.

After the girl grew older, she didn’t like martial arts more and more, she looked at herself in the mirror all day long.

Even shy and shy, I must betroth her to a young martial arts rookie.

One of the iron tower guards under Gu’s family who monitored Lin Fang that day had also visited Xiao Lan to beg.

I still have time to think about whether this tower guard belongs to the category of “Rookie Youth in Martial Arts”, Xiaolan has already smashed her brows and akimbo.

So now she is so bored, she is also looking for herself.

Sudden changes in airflow all over the body.

I shook my hand holding the book.

Looking up, Xiao Lan seemed to have taken the five stones, and the whole person suddenly became abnormal.

After talking about the martial arts conference, I finally figured out the function of Wu Shi San.

Feeling ashamed, I wrote a letter from my family filled with righteous indignation, condemning Dad for his ignorance.

A few days later, a letter from my family arrived.

After Niangda’s long text expressing her thoughts and concerns, Dad has a few numbers: “Daddy said by the way, who takes you seriously. Take your time in the martial arts and don’t shame the Zhanjia. Remember to go home for the New Year.”

I didn’t get annoyed when I received the letter.

“Master Wen is here, he’s really handsome today” Xiaolan poked me, “, Master Wen is here, don’t you get up to meet him.”

In the distance, a tall man with a golden crown, purple robe and black boots walked closer.

I raised my eyebrows and said to Xiaolan: “Get up to meet Xiaolan, you know, he made me a cow and a Malay today”

Xiao Lan raised her hand to cover her open mouth, with an unbelievable look.

I feel even more proud.

In fact, even I didn’t expect that the day before yesterday, I used the trick I just learned to narrowly defeat Wen You.

He came today to bring me delicious cakes from the palace according to my instructions.

Look at him in a grand costume, he must have just left the palace.

As soon as he sat down, I saw his bulging chest.

“Give it to me quickly” I reached out to probe, but he clapped my hand off.

“Xiao Lan, you should withdraw first.” He said.

Xiaolan left unwillingly.

I’m a little strange, why don’t you leave Xiaolan.

“The crime of stealing from the imperial dining room in the palace is not small, the less people know, the better.” He took a bag of objects from his arms and threw it on the table.

“Lightly” I exclaimed distressedly, and stretched out my hand to open the paper bag.

Seven colorful carved pastries are piled together, red like river flowers, green like emerald, white like spring snow, and yellow like sunlight. They are made of glutinous rice, but they are especially crystal clear, delicate and delicate.

“Colorful Jade Ruyi Cake.” He solemnly said, “This is Tuyuhun’s tribute cake. There are no more than ten sets. Here is one set.”

So precious, how did he get it

He didn’t explain, but looked at me and said, “Your assignment, I can finish it.”

After he lost to me, I sent him: I want to eat the most delicious cakes in the world.

But now that it looks delicious, I feel a little reluctant to start.

“Hurry up and eat” he suddenly smiled, “What do you stare at?”

Eat just eat

I picked up a white piece and put it in my mouth.

It is as fine as sand and mud, melts in the mouth, is unusually sweet, and has a faint milky fragrance

It’s so delicious that I even bite off my tongue.

After eating a piece, I looked up, only to find that he had picked up my sword book and turned it over.

I made some cheat sheets on it, but he didn’t expect him to read it with interest.

I ate another piece of red and yellow.

A total of seven yuan, seven colors, all tastes are actually different,

I took out the handkerchief and wrapped two pieces out. Leave one piece for Master and one piece for Xiaolan.

Wen Xuan doesn’t seem to eat the fireworks, so naturally it is unnecessary.

There are three yuan left.

Look at the person who is reading in front of you.

It just so happened that he raised his head intently.

“Do you want to eat a piece” said kindly.

“No, there are not many, you keep it for yourself.” He smiled, “Seven flavors are different.”

I can’t help but be moved, how can I enjoy the food alone, pick up a piece and pass it over

“Brother, thanks”

“I have eaten a dozen yuan in the palace, and I can’t eat it now.”

I felt my hand froze.

It’s hard to bend back and eat it yourself.

“Did you see the emperor when you entered the palace today?” Although I received the emperor’s reward sword, I haven’t seen the emperor yet.

Master Wen Qiao was the prince’s son, and I heard that Wen You was very popular with the emperor since he was a child.

“No.” He said, “How easy is the emperor to see”


“I saw the prince, the princess, and the two princesses,” he said.

“By the way, are the princesses particularly noble and beautiful?” I said, the princesses in the drama are all overwhelming, and I really want to see it with my own eyes.

“Yes, the princesses are all pretty and very cute.” He copied his hands and looked at me, “How savage like you”

The cake choked in his throat, extremely upset.

“Mukuro, I’m barbaric, what’s the problem with you”

The face of the person in front of me suddenly made me feel annoying, so I simply turned my head and ignored him.

For a long while.

“Hey, you ate so fast. Save me a piece.” He said, leaning over.

“There is only one piece, I can’t give it to you” I hurriedly stuffed the last piece into my mouth, “You eat so much.”

There seemed to be a gust of heat sprayed between my fingers.

His hands are empty.

Seeing his face close at hand and staring at me with pitch-black eyes, I was so scared that I stood up immediately.

He, he, he even took my hand and stole the last piece of cake

He sat back in the chair, calmly said: “I said, save me a piece.”

The fingertips were burning so badly that the heat seemed to linger.

I don’t know what to say, I’m ashamed and angry, but I don’t know how to refute him

“Hey, girl.” He took another small round box from his arms and threw it on the table.

The exquisite silver-white tin box is as bright as a mirror.

I took it with curiosity and opened it. There was a fine and even red paste inside, with a faint fragrance.

Affected by the gift that Shen Rouge gave last time, I anxiously said: “Yes”

He showed patience and said after a long time: “Yes, Rouge, Zhi”

I was surprised: “Why do you want to give me rouge”

He was silent.

Even so, I couldn’t help but put the rouge on the tip of my nose, with a fresh fragrance.

A few days ago, the Qinhuai River seemed to have the same feeling.

I instantly blessed my soul: “Could it be that this is your usual rouge”

He calmly said, “Do you dare to say it again, just give me the rouge and the pastries”

I hurriedly hugged the rouge box in my arms: “If you don’t say anything, don’t tell me what you sent, there is no reason to take it back.”

On the third day of October, it is advisable to travel, take office, meet friends, and avoid freezing soil, opening positions, and getting married.

Lin Fang, together with Xiahou, Wen You, me, and the Lin family, secretly raised dozens of people for several years, and dozens of people under Xiahou’s family went straight to Ganshui by boat along the Yangtze River.

According to the predetermined plan, Lin Fang took the first step to unify Jiangdong Wulin.

Before that, Lin Fangli stood against the crowds and resolutely picked Guangzhou, the strongest separatist sect among the eight states of martial arts.

Guangzhou’s two major sects: Yixuan Sect and Qinghu Sect, have been rampant in prefectures and counties for many years and have done many evils to harm one party. The court has no way. In the previous martial arts conference, they were invited but will participate in the future.

After Lin Fang took over as the leader of the martial arts, they sent someone to send some gifts.

Today, they have been selected by Lin Fang and become the first target of the new leader in Jiangdong Martial Arts Lin Liwei.


I sat on the bow and looked at the more than 30 martial arts masters on board.

In order to win this first battle, Lin Fang also took out almost all of his wealth.

Standing on the other side of the bow, dressed in white, he looked thinner and colder in the wind.

“Wen Xuan, the wind is strong over there, come here,” I said kindly.

He turned his head, smiled faintly, and walked over.

“Qing Hong thought, what’s the future for going to Guangzhou?” He looked at Jiang Mian and said.

It turns out that he was worried about this just now.

“Wen Xuan.” I said seriously, “I think it will be successful.”

About I rarely speak in such a serious manner. He looked at me with a look of surprise: “It doesn’t seem like Qing Hong said it.”

“Really.” I said, “Master said, only you are the one who can save Jiangdong Wulin. I think so too.”

“Is it?” The corner of his mouth smiled lightly and far away, with his hands in the wide sleeves that fluttered in front of him, looking at the far end of the Yangtze River, “Wen Xuan, I will live up to your trust.”

Watching Lin Slowly step into the cabin, I feel a little sorry for him.

Although he had a good strategy, he was only twenty years old after all.

It’s really hard for me to imagine that four years later, I will become so experienced and strong as him.

“If you lose today, then wash my clothes.” A voice came in.

Wen Zisu stood behind me, holding a sword in his chest, staring at me.

“If you lose, you will go down the river to catch fish and drink wine for this protector.” I pulled out “Juan.”

It was night, I squatted in the stern, a basin full of clothes in front of me.

Xiaolan stood behind me: “Why don’t I come”

“No” I looked at the deck not far away, the figure of the man practicing sword shining like a moon, and said in a loud voice, “This protector is willing to bet.”

But, Wen You, you are too bad, so choose white clothes for a few days.

I never see you like white so much on weekdays

As if hearing a chuckle, I turned my head, only to see a dark figure falling into the river with a “plop”.

“Zi Su Zisu” I ran over, but only saw the black water wave spread.

Although I know he knows water, but I don’t understand why he suddenly fell into the water

“Xiao Lan, he won’t go crazy, right?” I grabbed Xiao Lan beside me.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” The little blue probe looked at the dark water surface, also a little scared. “He, does he want to take a bath?”

There was a sound of water, and the water splashed on our faces, splashing my head and Xiaolan’s faces.

Wiping the water and looking intently, Wen Zisu stood in front of us wet in black, with bright black eyes facing me.

“Here, let’s cook, let’s have a drink.” He raised the big fish that was nearly two feet long and leaping around.

White and fragrant fish soup, warm and transparent Jiankang aging.

The three of us sat around the table, salivating.

However, this delicious food also successfully led many people out of the cabin and heard the wind.

“The law protector is good craftsmanship” someone praised, and of course he picked up a bowl of fish soup and tasted it slowly.

“Apprentice, give me a bowl for my teacher. I haven’t eaten such authentic Jingzhou fish soup in a long time” is another big bowl.

The lord of the lord stood far away with a faint smile, I didn’t dare to neglect, let Xiaolan Sheng serve a big bowl.

Dozens of men sat on the floor, and Xiao Lan asked the kitchen to make some snacks.

Fine wine and fresh soup, the bright moon is empty.

When everyone talked about the hard work and achievements during this period, they were all excited.

I looked at the empty soup pot with a little regret.

There was a hint of fresh fragrance on the tip of the nose.

“Girl, take it.” A slender hand stretched out.

I took it happily: “It turns out there is” and took a happily sip.

His eyes sparkled: “I hid a bowl.”

“Then have you drunk?” I watched the bowl quickly being drunk only half of the time, and asked with concern, “Would you like to drink half of it?

He took the bowl and drank it in one gulp.

“I’m a little braced.” He smiled. “I just drank a big bowl.”

This Zi Su

I was so angry that I punched it.

He doesn’t dodge or dodges, and he looks like he can accept it.

I had to withdraw most of my strength in the middle, and when I hit him, it was already light and painless.

He looked at me sideways and laughed low.

“The country is beautiful, Xuanyuan is magnificent.

The autumn wind calls me lonely.

Hero, where does the soul go

Beautiful woman, blue sky with tears.

Spring never forgets autumn, summer never forgets winter.

In the words, the body is like the sea, and there is no green hill to be buried forever. “

The deep singing sounded, and I followed the reputation, and all the disciples under the master were singing in unison.

The faces of the brothers who have always been silent and capable are full of men’s lofty ambitions.

The hoarse and rough voice is not masculine.

Even Lin Fang’s face, which had always been as clear as ice, was soft and full of human touch.

At this moment, there is no intrigue, no slaughter.

There is only a group of young heroes rising from the martial arts, following their leader, a song of relaxation.

Even Wen You beside me couldn’t help but sing in a gentle low voice.

I looked at their faces while drunk, they were all gentle and moving.

Dimly thinking, many years later, I will definitely remember this night: I remember that I followed my leader, master, son Su, and many young people with lofty ambitions like us, singing loudly on the Yangtze River.

Singing loudly, we took the first step to conquer the martial arts.

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