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Bright Chapter 14

We went smoothly all the way until we reached Jiangzhou, and changed the boat to Ganshui. After a few days, we changed to land and headed south to Guangzhou.

Finally arrived in Cangwu City.

The sky was blue, the city walls were gray, and the official road was flying yellow soil.

Lin Fang stood in front of him on horseback in white clothes.

I am dressed in men’s clothing, standing next to him with Wen You.

A bunch of people stood under the city wall.

There were about twenty or thirty, all of them in strong suits, and Cheng Liang’s swords were polished.

“Lead Lin” accompanied by an overly enthusiastic and flattering voice, a short, ball-like man rushed over happily.

“Leader,” a enthusiastic voice was crying, and a middle-aged man in Chinese clothes rode his horse.

“Master Cao, head of Li, long up, long up” Lin Fang smiled, clasped his fists, and dismounted.

I watched Master, Wen Yu and others chatting with the visitors, and I was so surprised.

The fat man who laughed at Mimi is the legendary master Cao Yang who kills without blinking.

This upstart-looking man is Li Muzhong, the head of the Qinghu sect who has harmed countless women from good families in Guangzhou.

It’s really not a person

I thought that when I stepped into the boundary of Guangzhou, what was waiting for us might be the assassination and attack by the two forces.

After all, Lin Fang intended to subdue the news of Guangzhou, and it has been released.

But I didn’t expect that the one who greeted us was such a scene where the host and the host enjoyed themselves.

“This is the legendary guardian of the cloud attacking fairy war” Li Zhangmen looked at me with surprise.

Attack, cloud, fairy, child

“Yuan, it turns out, my nickname is this.” I was overjoyed, and my liking for the head of Li instantly rose to the extreme.

“Yes, yes” Li Zhangmen nodded hurriedly, “Gongyun Fairy is how many martial arts Junxiu dreamed of being able to go to Guangzhou today, it really gave me a lot of face for the Qinghu faction.”

Such a naked compliment made me feel a bit at a loss.

As soon as he raised his head, he saw Wen You’s face that was not far away.

After entering the city, the Yixuan Sect and the Qinghu Sect had a dispute.

The reason is that they all stayed in their martial arts.

It’s ridiculous that we look like such brainless people

Lin Fang said politely that we had already booked the largest hotel in Cangwu City, and the deposit was non-refundable. They just gave up.

It’s just that I found out that there is really a grievance between the two schools.

It’s not bad words, nor tit for tat.

They talk very politely, and their eyes are very disdainful.

One mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, and the dispute between the two factions has a long history.

We want to subdue martial arts, it is impossible to eradicate all the local martial arts forces.

On the one hand, we want to eliminate the gangs that do evil and disobey, on the other hand, we must also support our local forces.

I don’t know what Lin Fang will do

“And observe them secretly for a while.” Lin Fang said.

So everyone stayed safely in the inn.

After staying for five or six days, I found more and more news, but everyone’s indignation became stronger and stronger.

The forces of the two gangs are intertwined, and they are genuine local snakes.

Killing, arson, robbery, and bullying men and women are all evil.

However, the local officials did not pay attention to them, and received “donations” from two sects every year, and everything was in peace.

“I want to kill” I said to Wen You.

“When you do it, don’t be soft.” Wen You said.

These days, Lin Fang was invited to attend their banquets several times and invited them back two or three times.

Lin Fang vaguely revealed to them that he intends to support a force locally.

Neither side dared to act rashly. After all, the forces behind Lin Fang, such as Xiahou, Wen Family, and Zhan Family, should not be underestimated.

Knowing that Lin Fang had no good intentions, he couldn’t stand the support of his strong background.

This situation was exactly what Lin Fang wanted.

But Lin Fang has never made a clear statement or action.

So the two sects were sent to our inn and ran as diligent as before.

Even Cangwu has been rumored that Lin Fang is not as powerful and unfathomable as the legend.

The weather is getting colder.

On this day, Wen You and I bought some cotton jackets and went back to the inn.

I specially chose a pink winter coat, but Wen You frowned and looked rustic.

He himself chose only a simple black jacket.

But I have to admit that he is still in the wind when he wears it.

I was reluctant to take off the new cotton-padded jacket, so I was willing to dress like a bun and compete with him in swordsmanship.

It was so hot and sweaty that I lost.

Since Jiankang, we practice swords every day.

Master and other seniors will also recruit us.

Swordsmanship has become more and more refined, and cooperation has become more and more tacit.

Master once said with a smile that if we join hands, Master will not be an opponent.

But I won’t join hands with him.

Because I always lose to him seven or eight times out of ten, sad

It was late at night, and Ben Fairy sat at the window and couldn’t sleep.

As I was too idle during the day these days, it directly led to my excess energy and insomnia.

The bright moon hangs in the sky, listening to the small blue sound at night.

Xiaolan’s snoring sound completely inconsistent with her petite appearance, resounding throughout the room.

Although my martial arts are so-so, my ears are excellent, and Xiahou and Wen You are not as good as me.

In the quiet night, I heard the very light footsteps in the corridor, like a pebble, quietly thrown into the water, swaying the layers of water.

The dim drowsiness that I had just seen disappeared in an instant.

“Which room” someone asked in a low voice.

“The third room on the right”

The third room from the right

The third room from the right

It’s Lin Fangsuo’s room

Why didn’t the disciple on the first floor sound the alarm?

Before I had time to think about it, or even to take the sword, I jumped up from the window sill and broke the window.

The footsteps had to stop for a while. The corridor was full of people, and I could only see bright and shiny weapons, killing intent rushing toward my face.

Twenty steps away, a man in black kicked open Lin Fang’s door and stepped in.

Lin Fang lives in a house alone without martial arts. If the man in black is allowed to do it, Lin Fang will be dead

I have no time to hesitate, no time to consider

I grabbed the sword from the man in black beside me, the sword danced in my hand, and I kept moving forward.

I didn’t even see how many people around me, what moves they used, just a thought: “rush over, rush over”

It seems that many people have attacked me, the sword in my hand is so fast that I can’t control it

There was a constant “chichi” cracking sound from the clothes on his body, and slight pain came from all over his body.

I rushed over.

The next moment, I was panting and standing by Lin Fang’s door, but saw that in the dark room, Lin Fang was holding a sword without fear, and a man in black raised a knife and was about to slash it over his head.

The man’s knife is as fast as lightning

I yelled and rushed forward, Shengsheng blocked his knife with the broken sword in my hand

The sword in my hand broke at the sound, and I saw a pair of wild and solemn eyes like wild beasts.

He covered his face, his eyes were extremely dark and quiet, deadly silent.

I was shocked, guarding Lin Fang behind me, grabbing Lin Fang’s sword with my backhand, and using the Po Jian Sword’s unique trick, which pierced the man’s heart.

He was stunned slightly, and the murderous aura in his eyes suddenly surged. My sword was so dangerous that he didn’t care about it, his chest opened wide, and the sword in his hand smashed into my head with a thunderous force.

I can’t avoid it

Having studied martial arts for many years, I have never encountered such a tough opponent. His martial arts may be much inferior to me, but his overwhelming beast-like murderousness and his fighting style make me have no chance of winning.

I watched the knife light fall over my head, my hands and feet cold.

“Zheng” The sound of gold and stone collision.

On one side, the master looked solemn and held his knife firmly with iron in his hand.

A hint of surprise flashed across his face.

The two fought together, and the man was gradually forced to the door by the master.

I took a long breath, turned my head, and saw the grateful expression on the unharmed Lin Fang’s face.

“Hey, lord, you actually used the pen to hold the sword just now” I smiled.

At the door, the figures of Wen You and others have come over.

The people in black in front of him glanced at each other: “Live”

The beast-like character and other accomplices evacuated in an instant. However, under the resistance of Wen You and others, more than a dozen corpses were left behind.

The inn is brightly lit.

“Is it okay” Xiahou looked at Lin Fang, but Wen You looked at me.

“No harm.” Lin Fang looked at me, “but Qinghong”

Wen You grabbed my hand, his face pale.

I followed their gazes, and only then discovered that my clothes had been cut more and more, and wounds of different depths and sizes were vaguely visible.

The arm was bleeding all the time, and it was about a cut in the upper arm.

In fact, they are all shallow wounds, just because they are too numerous and terrible in shape.

Fortunately, there is no feeling on the face.

A senior with excellent medical skills came over and took a closer look and said: “It’s not a big problem” and gave me a bottle of Jinchuang medicine.

Wen You gently grabbed my hand: “Don’t you go back to the room and apply the medicine”

His hands, extremely flexible and warm, pulled me forcefully and walked to the room.

Behind him, the master began to order to inspect the corpse and strengthen his strength to guard the crowd from dispersing.

I looked back and saw Lin Fang standing quietly looking at me and Wen You, with a warm smile on his face.

“You’re hurt” Xiao Lan rushed over, like a cat with all its fur upright.

“Nonsense, you and I have eyes to see” I stabbed and sat down on the chair.

“It’s not honest if you are injured.” Wen You frowned and looked at me, “Apply medicine.”

“Ahhh” Xiao Lan exclaimed again, “Master Wen, why are you holding my hand and letting go?”

Wen You didn’t say a word, looked at me before letting go.

My hot face is getting better now. The stiffness that spreads from the fingers to the whole body is slightly reduced.

He took out a delicate blue porcelain small bottle from his arms: “Use this.”

I took it: “Bingji Huanling San”

The legendary wound medicine is the best for skin and white skin. How many women spend a lot of money for this small bottle

I am overjoyed: “A blessing in disguise, a blessing in disguise”

He stretched out from the tight face he had just now, and said with a smile, “I still know the goods.”

“Brother, Master Wen, Wen Meiren, do you still have this baby?” I grabbed his sleeve. “Give me two more bottles”

His gaze moved down vertically, and landed on the hand I was holding on to his sleeve, then slowly moved back to my face, his blushing lips slowly opened: “No, yes”

“Don’t take the medicine soon” he frowned again, “Do you want to leave a scar?”

I suddenly became nervous.

Xiaolan has already fetched a basin of water, I hurriedly walked over, about to roll up my sleeves

Xiaolan and I looked at Wen You at the same time. He stood five steps away, looking at me with bright eyes.

“Why don’t you get the medicine?” He looked at us displeased.

I lowered my head and looked at the water in the basin. There was a moon in it, which was torn apart by the waves.

Xiaolan said with difficulty: “Master Wen, if you don’t go out, how can I give medicine?”

He was silent for a while and said, “Qing, Qinghong, I’m leaving.”

Xiaolan looked at me: “Am I doing something wrong?”

I lifted my head, which was already hot and groggy and confused: “Yeah”

She regretted: “It seems that Young Master Wen wants to take advantage of you. You seem to want him to take advantage of you, but I drove him away.”

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