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Bright Chapter 16

On November 20th, Yingxu Inn.

The inn on the first floor was filled with disciples of all sects, and there was only one table in the middle of the second floor.

Lin Fang Shi Shi Ran sat in the main seat, Wen You beside him. Cangwu Prefect and Gong Cao Shi were also invited to have a lively chat with the gang leaders in Guangzhou.

After three rounds of wine, everyone was a little disappointed.

The leader of the ball and the head of the nouveau riche also vowed to help Lin release, but they were still talking coldly.

Lin Fang glanced at me, and I held up a silk book.

“Master prefect, heroes, come today, Lin has two things to ask you heroes, please be a witness.”

The prefect nodded, and everyone shook their hands: “The leader said it’s okay.”

“First of all, as the leader of martial arts, Lin hopes that in the future, there will be no more forced prostitution, robbery, arson, and bullying in Guangzhou. Every boss, gang leader, who has brothels, escorts, and businesses, will behave in a regular manner. , Can’t use force to grab and bully the people, can it”

Everyone was silent, looking at the expressionless prefect, every time they made a sound.

I stood aside, watching the situation, and couldn’t help it. It is said that Guangzhou is the wealthiest state, and the martial arts schools are more or less involved in business, and use force to do a lot of detrimental things. Now, how can they repent of Lin’s words

Yi Xuan Taoist Cao Yang said: “The leader is joking, we who practice martial arts, follow the way of chivalry, how can we commit these unrighteous things, the leader has listened to the words of the villain.”

Everyone agreed, Lin Fang remained calm.

“We can’t afford these crimes. They are all serious crimes when they reach the ears of the court. Even if you are the leader of the martial arts, in the presence of the prefect, you can’t arbitrarily frame them,” a young madman said coldly.

“If you really did those things to us, the prefect had arrested us early, so how could you keep us until now”

Everyone nodded. The prefect also said: “Leader Lin speaks, but you need to show evidence.”

Everyone became even more angry as soon as this word was said.

There were also three or four people sitting silently, including Qiu An.

“Master prefect, don’t be angry for now. Let’s listen to Lin Mou finish.” Lin Fang Shen Su said, “Just let this matter go.”

The scene was quiet again.

Lin Fang, the prefect, and everyone, really seemed to be in a big drama.

I hugged Yue and watched with gusto.

“The second thing, the leader of Li, the leader of Cao” Lin Fang looked at the Yixuan Sect and the leader of the Qinghu faction, “I hope the two will reconcile, and don’t fight any more. After all, you two factions have killed and injured dozens of good players in each other recently.”

This proposal was approved by everyone.

The leader Cao said with a cold face: “Why reconciliation, he is the first to do it”

Head Li sternly said: “You shameless thing, obviously you robbed my business first. Lord Prefect, Lord, I will not reconcile with him.”

The faces of the two were extremely ugly, and the fight was on the verge.

The governor hurriedly said: “Wen Xuan is right, we should reconcile and reconcile”

“Both of them are safe.” Lin Fang took a sip of tea and said slowly, “According to me, the two should really reconcile.” He stood up, paced slowly to half a foot away, and turned around. Come.

Everyone looked at him.

“Because, a few days ago, the one who robbed your shop and killed you was actually mine.” Lin Fang smiled.

Probably because Lin Fang spoke too suddenly, dozens of people in the audience did not respond.

Wen You shot swiftly and violently, and instantly pulled out the neck of the leader Cao from the sword stand. He had no power to fight back.

And I pulled it up flat, with the right hand “Juan” against Li Zhangmen’s vest, a dagger in my left hand, and the neck of the next person.

“Why, do you still want to do it?” Teacher Cao shouted sharply, “My lord, how dare they be in front of you”

There was a very soft “chao”.

The leader Cao fell to the ground, blood gurgling out, and he couldn’t live anymore.

“My lord, the leader of Cao has gone crazy and killed,” Lin Fangyun said lightly.

The originally kind prefect, now touched his beard and said: “It’s a pity, bury it.”

The two words of his two made everyone in the house look upset.

The prefect took a look at Lin Fang: “Leader Lin, this officer can’t see these bloody scenes, it’s a bit exhausted.”

Lin Fang handed over: “My lord, please move to the back and rest.”

I have some pity for these people.

The prefect has collected their money, and over the years he has always turned one eye to them. But now, Lin Fang is the imperial martial arts leader of the imperial court, and there are high-ranking officials everywhere, so naturally it is different.

Today’s hero banquet, if it were not for the prefect, and the help that Lin Fang planted in advance, the heads of the various martial arts would not easily bring two or three people to the meeting.

The head of the Qinghu faction Li, who was restrained by me, suddenly yelled: “Green Tiger”

As soon as the tip of my sword pierced his heart, his body shook.

The word “green tiger” is his sect password.

The heads of other sects were suddenly shocked, and they drew out their weapons one after another, and shouted for help while waiting.

Several people broke through the windows from all directions. Master brought dozens of masters and raised crossbows, aiming at the disciples of the various sects in and outside the house, fearing that he had already fallen.

They didn’t dare to move at once, after all, the twenty-four masters under Xiahou’s school were well-known in the martial arts.

The overall situation is set.

Head Li suddenly slammed at me with a dagger in my hand, pierced his thunderous palm, and pierced his right chest with a sword. I did not kill. But at this time, his whole body was filled with arrows, and the arrows passed through, and he was instantly exasperated.

Standing so close to him, I didn’t accidentally hurt the twenty-four guards under Xiahou’s door. It was extraordinary.

Lin Fang glanced at me, then turned to everyone and said: “You can be convinced”

The crazy man shouted before: “You dignified martial arts leader, lure us here, secretly ambush the soldiers, and kill Zhongliang in front of all the Guangzhou martial arts heroes, you”

He could not finish the sentence.

The tip of Wen You’s sword flashed, one hand and one delivery, as fast as lightning.

The mad man slowly fell, his eyes closed tightly, already breathless.

Everyone dare not come out.

Lin Fang glanced around like ice for a week, and said coldly: “Everyone, you can take it.”

The master brought several people closer.

Of the twelve Guangzhou martial arts celebrities, three died and five were tied up.

Behind every person who was tied up stood a man with a weapon.

There are four more, let them sit down, including Qiu An.

Lin Fang picked up his teacup and took a sip of it leisurely.

A senior came over, took Jinbo from Lin Fang, and read aloud:

“Yi Xuan taught Cao Yang, for five years, he allowed his disciples to kill 121 innocent civilians, robbed 32 women from good families, and robbed 21 merchants. The crime is to blame.

Qinghu sent Li Muzhong. In four years, he persuaded his disciples to kill 77 innocent civilians, wounded 30 seriously, occupied 31 mu of land, and stole more than 30,000 yuan. On sin should be punishable.

Baiyingmen Zhang Qiusheng robbed 20 women and killed 17 people. On sin should be punishable.

No immortal teaches Hua Qin, who killed 14 people and robbed forty thousand dollars.

When he read one, one head fell on the ground.

I watched one body after another fall, and the black ground was soaked with blood into large patches of dark brown.

I slowly retreated to a gasp.

It’s not that I haven’t seen dead people. In the previous paragraph, when Jiankang and the seniors put down the cottage gangsters, I also saw many dead bodies.

But never like today, these people who used to call the wind and the rain in Guangzhou were slaughtered without the strength to fight back.

A person whose name was pronounced said angrily: “Lin Fang, you killed me today, and tomorrow my staff will come to you to seek revenge.”

Lin Fang sneered: “The head of Guo doesn’t know that your junior is eager for you to return to the West soon. You came here today, and he has prepared your condolences at home, but he is much better than you. The right way of martial arts”

Yes, today’s massacre is not only caused by the help of the prefect and force

Behind this, how much power Lin Fang gathered secretly to cause today’s killing

The knife light flashed, and the man had not had time to refute, his head had already rolled out so far.

I watched the separation of seven or eight corpses on the ground, and then looked at Lin Fang, Wen You, Master and others with indifferent faces.

Although the unification of martial arts has a price, although these people in front of you are guilty, but I

I held on to the pillar, unable to look any further.

In the end, there were only four Cangwu martial arts leaders in the hall.

“Heroes, Guangzhou Wulin has gone into evil ways for many years. Only you uphold the justice of the martial arts. Lin X has thanked you here.” Lin Fang bowed.

The four hurriedly stood up, but their faces were still white. Only Qiu An looked calm.

“From now on, it will be time for you to show off your skills.” Lin Fang raised his face and laughed softly, “Guangzhou Wulin, Lin has cleaned up for you.”

After slaying the eight leaders of the Cangwu martial arts sect, we and the master were divided into two groups. In the evening, we went straight to the nest of Yixuanjiao and Qinghu sect.

If these two schools are successfully eradicated and the other schools are left, it is naturally not enough.

Before dawn, we must truly pacify the Guangzhou martial arts.

“Hong’er, the person who hurt you last time, I will catch you.” The master said.

The Yixuan Sect that the beast-like man belongs to is relatively stronger, leaving it to the master and Twenty Experts.

Wen You and I will deal with the weaker Green Tiger faction.

The night is like ink, and the moon is like water.

Cangwu city in the twelfth lunar month is quiet and cold.

Eighteen of us, like a ghost, skimmed lightly and silently on the bluestone streets.

Occasionally, someone who hasn’t slept, caught a glimpse of our passing figure from the window, and hurriedly “slammed” the window.

Cangwu tonight is doomed to bleed.

I looked at the big houses in front of me.

That was the home of Li Muzhong, the leader of the Blue Tiger Sect, and also the home of the leaders of the Blue Tiger Sect.

Wen You stopped with me.

“Wen Xuan must do this to deter the entire Jiangdong Wulin.” He whispered, “Don’t blame him.”

I glanced at the sixteen silent martial arts masters behind me, lowered my voice and said, “But this is the best way to kill them all.”

He was silent for a moment and said: “It is the fastest and most effective way.”

In the middle of the mansion, the door was brightly lit, and two young men with swords stood. On both sides of the door are walls less than one foot high.

Wen You and I looked at each other, each led eight people, stuck to the east and west walls, and rushed into the hospital.

The Qinghu Sect and Yi-Xuan Sect have dominated the martial arts in Guangzhou for many years, and they are not in vain.

If we have just succeeded in fighting the leaders of the two factions, it depends on the plot and cruelty of Lin Fang for many days.

So tonight’s sneak attack on the two factions’ lairs, although it has taken the lead, it is difficult to avoid a positive strength competition.

After walking through several doors in the house and killing five or six Green Tiger disciples who were too late to respond, we finally could not continue the sneak attack.

“Who” just heard a violent shout, a strong and sturdy middle-aged man, holding a pair of knives in his hand, leading dozens of young disciples, blocked our way.

He is the second head of the Qinghu faction, Li Muxi’s younger brother, and we have seen him at the banquet.

He is also the one we must get rid of tonight.

I lifted my spirits and attacked with my sword.

The people behind me leaped around and fought with them instantly.

“Zhan Qinghong turned out to be you” Li Muxi exclaimed, her face suddenly changed, “What have you done to my senior brother?”

I did not answer, the sword in my hand was as fast as lightning.

He shouted angrily, the swords in his hands were as sharp as wind.

“When” the weapon collided, my internal breath was stagnant. Although he was scratched by two swords by me, I was also shocked by his deep internal force.

Suddenly someone behind me exclaimed: “Beware of the law protector”

I just feel a chill is approaching my heart, and someone sneaks

The sword in my hand turned quickly, turned and pierced into the heart of the person behind the attack.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Li Muxi’s double knives attacking.


Suddenly the beast-like man that night appeared in his mind, fighting with fate

I wanted to move the sword, the upper body door opened wide, and Li Muxi single-slapped my right shoulder.

And my sword pierced his forehead


He fell slowly, his eyes widened.

The sharp pain in the right shoulder began to come uncontrollably.

The people behind the “protector” and “protector” had already settled on others and surrounded them.

“I’m okay.” I waved my hand. “You go and find out if you can still find Zisu and join him.”

One person roughly bandaged the wound for me, and everyone scattered.

There are only forty or fifty elites of the Qinghu faction. Now that the other side has killed 18 people, we have injured three. This ratio is already very good.

The entire Li’s house had been awakened, the sound of swords and screams mixed.

It is believed that Wen You’s explosion has also won.

I leaned on the pillars of the cloister, gasping for breath.

Looking at the brightly lit place, Wen You and I personally made the killing.

I finally killed the first person Li Muxi. I think I will always remember this name.

A muffled sound came from far from the end of the corridor.

My ears have always been excellent, and at this time I recognized the voice of one of my seniors.

I raised my head and looked over.


Two feet away, I saw the body of the senior man fell over, covered in blood and stopped at a distance from me, already breathless.

I grabbed the sword, pulled it up on the spot and greeted it.

I saw a burst of sword light enveloped, killing intent permeated.

A familiar figure was forced to retreat again and again by the sword’s aura, staring to death.

It’s Qiu An, who just followed Wen You

“Girl Zhan, don’t come over” he saw me and warned.

With this sound, he was distracted, and was stabbed in the chest by the knife man, and fell slowly.

Life or death is uncertain.

Looking at Qiu An on the ground, I was furious, lifted the sword, and attacked the back of the sword.

He blocked with a backhand, and his strength was pressing.

The knife man looked sideways, and the outline of his face was extremely clear in the moonlight.

Those terrifying beast-like eyes.

Turned out to be him

An instant flashed through my mind, the night when the man in black attacked the inn, his stormy light fell on my head.

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