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Bright Chapter 19

Xiaolan knelt on the ground with a plop, her voice cried: “Master Madam”

I walked slowly over: “Father, mother, I” the voice actually choked.

Mother grabbed me and embraced me: “Stupid boy”

Xiaolan also cried and hugged us.

Dad stood aside, looked at the silent Huo Yang, and then at us: “Weeping, weeping, so decent.”

I sniffed and looked at Dad carefully. It was the same, fake and serious. Look at the mother again, she is still as beautiful as ever.

“The injury looks great,” Dad asked in a deep voice. Only then did my mother react and looked at me with concern.

“Okay.” I said respectfully.

His skills are not as good as humans, but he was seriously injured and dying. As the daughter of a warrior, this is a shame and a shame to the always proud father. I must think so.

Sure enough, Dad’s eyes swept toward Huo Yang, who stood aside like a statue: “You hurt my girl.”

Huo Yang nodded.

Dad said, “Stop it yourself.”

I was shocked: “Daddy can’t. He has voted in my sect now, and is now my apprentice.”

Dad glanced at me, and I trembled.

Dad looked at Huo Yang again: “Should I do it?

Huo Yang said proudly: “If the master wants my life, just take it at any time. Whoever you want my hand, take it yourself”

Dad looked at Huo Yang carefully, and said: “The little baby is stubborn. That’s all. When Qinghong is in this martial arts business. I will come to get your hand.”

Huo Yang was indifferent.

My dad, the former sect master of the Zhan Family has always been a one-word daughter.

“Father, you were wrong,” I said loudly, “He is now my apprentice, he is a member of the Zhan Family. How can you abolish your apprentice’s hand by yourself?”

Dad smiled and said, “It turns out that he didn’t worship under Xiahou’s family, but actually under my Zhanjia family.”

I felt a little bit in my heart, it’s broken, dad must hate me for worshiping his rival as a teacher

But dad, who makes your martial arts inferior to others?

Of course we have to choose another good tree to live in.

“You scared Hong’er again” Mother looked at Dad displeasedly, handed me and Huo Yang with one hand, “Don’t pay attention to him. If he dares to touch any of you, I will never end with him.”

I was happy, and I knew that Huo Yang’s hand was saved.

But seeing Huo Yang’s face a little stiff and red, he seemed to want to withdraw his hand, but he was embarrassed.


A hesitant call contains the complicated mood of how many words and tears flow, surprise and melancholy.

The mother stiffened, turned around slowly, and looked at the person coming: “Brother Ying”

“You are good these years”

“I’m fine. Brother Ying, how about you”

“Senior Sister, hello, I’m relieved.”

“Why Brother Ying never came to Jingzhou to see me”

“too busy.”

Seeing my mother’s face of long-awaited reunion with joy and moving, and seeing Master’s face of forbearing affection, I feel sour. I know that when my 18-year-old mother was abducted by my father, the master was only 16 years old.

What the hell is it that makes a spirited martial arts genius boy so deep-rooted

Missed for life.

But now, when they stand in front of me, the men are still strong and strong, and the women are still petite and beautiful. Their faces are sad and moving, like a melancholy beautiful heroic lady.

“Brother Ying, if he is free, might as well come to Jingzhou often to sit.” A clear, clear, low, and sweet voice came in suddenly.

Dad smiled slowly, Shi Shiran stepped forward and stood still.

The long hair tied up by the golden crown is like ink, and his face is undiminished, but it is more profound in the past, and his posture is pretty and bookish.

The robe is fluttering, and the figure is elegant.

In an instant, the light was brilliant.

Xiaolan murmured behind me: “God, my lord is so dazzling.”

I nodded fiercely, when my father came out, who would fight

Although the master is the number one martial arts in the world, he lives a life of misery and wandering for the martial arts career.

On the other hand, my dad, although he lacks interest in martial arts justice, but his martial arts has also entered the top five martial arts, he is handsome, not to mention good at doing business and having a wealth of wealth.

If I were a mother, I would choose Dad too

Father glanced at us lightly and grabbed mother’s hand with a smile.

Mother carelessly took Dad’s arm and smiled: “By the way, Brother Ying, I forgot to introduce you, this is your brother-in-law, fighting against the enemy”

Master’s eyes seemed to darken, but a real smile spread across his face: “War heroes, look up for a long time”

Father smiled slightly: “I have long admired Xiahou Daxia.”

The master said again: “You have taken good care of senior sister these years. I am really happy for senior sister.”

Dad’s expression was much more relaxed, and he patted Master on the shoulder: “Hong’er first entered the martial arts forest. You have to take care of you more. I am very grateful to Zhan.

The undercurrent subsided. Dad, victory.

So courteous each other, the main hall.

From a distance, I saw Lin Fang and Wen You greet them. Lin Fang’s expression was calm and there was obvious joy: “Lin Wenxuan, the younger generation of heroes and madams fighting, if you miss the distance to welcome you, don’t see it.”

Wen You also handed his hand: “Zhan Daxia, junior Wen Zisu, I have heard of the name for a long time, please come to see you today.”

Dad nodded in satisfaction, and said: “Two young heroes, don’t be too polite these days, thank you for taking care of my girl.”

Lin Fang smiled mildly: “Qinghong helped me a lot from the words of the hero. A few days ago, he also saved my life.”

Wen You also said: “Zhan Daxia is joking, and Qing Hong is really a model for martial arts women to follow.”

“Oh” Father glanced at me and said again, “Don’t lift up the child, she doesn’t praise it.” There was a smile on the corners of his eyes.

I gritted my teeth, dad, can you just call me a kid, I’m the same generation as them, okay you’re not with them?

After having dinner together, I was sitting in front of the bed in the room, but in the next room, my father and mother said: “Those two are good children. It’s a pity that one does not know martial arts, and the other is the son of a gentry.”

I heard it clearly, but I felt a little unhappy. What happened to the sons of the gentry?

Then I heard my mother say: “I don’t know which Honger likes”

My heart is tight.

But I heard Dad say: “Anyone who likes is good, as long as you don’t like Huo Yang, that child, his eyes are too cold.”

I chuckled, and said loudly: “Father, I won’t be disregard of relationships, he is my apprentice.”

There was no sound in that compartment.

After a long while, I heard Dad’s majestic voice: “Don’t go to bed yet”

I obediently covered my head with a quilt.

There was warmth in my heart.

This year’s New Year, because of the arrival of a group of well-trained slaves and maidservants, it became very pleasant.

Master and the others were dumbfounded watching the Zhanjia’s butlers, cooks, and maids clean up the entire mansion, and then watched the various delicacies and delicacies that were comparable to imperial meals brought up like a stream of water, and watched the maids replace their bedroom with a clear sky. The silkworm quilt was very speechless.

Even Wen You, who came from a noble family, said: “Zhanjia is worthy of being the first school in Jingzhou, so luxurious.”

I smiled and said, “Just get used to it.”

Attracted angrily eyes from countless seniors.

New Year’s Eve.

There was a heavy snowfall outside the window. There are several tables at the banquet today. Master, Lin Fang, Wen You, our family, and two older brothers are sitting at a table in the side hall.

But someone came in the snow, shook off all the snowflakes, and stood in front of us refreshingly.

It was Qiu An, and it was not difficult to follow his grandfather Qi behind him.

So several martial arts seniors showed their admiration to each other again, making it not difficult for Qiu to take the lead. Qiu An sat down between me and a senior.

“Qiu Shaoxia is now the leader of the Guangzhou martial arts branch” Dad laughed, “Sure enough, he is a talent.”

Qiu An repeatedly praised the award. Isn’t Qiu said: “Ling Ai is the real martial arts hero. Qiu An’s life was also saved by her.”

Dad looked at me: “Oh, you have saved a lot of lives these days, so how come you are seriously injured”

I had to honestly say: “Actually, I have been saved many times. Master has saved me and Zisu has also saved me. Children of the rivers and lakes, rescue each other, it is normal.”

Xiaolan chuckled behind me.

Father and mother raised their wine glasses, first to the master, and then to Wen You: “Thank you Wen Shaoxia for helping me.”

Wen You hurriedly got up and stood, and said humbly: “Qinghong is my junior sister, and we are in the same family. Any senior brother will die when he sees it. Two people really don’t need to say thank you. Zisu respects them first.”

Dad smiled and said, “This kid is humble and tight.”

Qiu An said: “In that case, I have to respect the two seniors, thank you Miss Zhan for her life-saving grace. In the future, if you have free time, I will go to Guangzhou more and let the younger generations enjoy the friendship of landlords.”

Three rounds of wine.

Everyone was a little bit drunk because of the merriment.

Unexpectedly, Master was the first person to fall. About seeing my mother today, the emotions drove the two seniors to help her back to the room.

It is not difficult for Qiu to go to the guest room to sleep when he is getting old.

The mother was too strong to drink, and was sent back to her room by Xiao Lan. My father ordered Xiao Lan to guard her.

My father and Wen You both had their eyes clearer as they drank. Unexpectedly, Lin Fang also had a good drink. The two talked and laughed with my dad, nothing strange.

A look of approval for both of him clearly appeared in Dad’s eyes.

I am a bit drunk, but still awake, everything is a little hazy when I look around.

Qiu An’s eyes were also a little blurred, probably at odds with me.

I looked at Qiu An with a chuckle: “Qiu An, are you also a little dizzy?”,

He nodded and said, “Your face is so red, it’s so pretty.”

I smiled happily: “Is it true? Actually, I also think that I am so pretty, but Wen Xuan and Zisu two men are so good-looking, I have been compared by them.”

Qiu An was stunned and said: “No, I think you look better than them.”

I am happy: “Really, I am so happy when you say that. Come and do it.”

We toast.

The cup in my hand was taken away. After squinting, Wen You sitting on my right side looked at me with a smile.

There seemed to be a little coldness in my smile, and I immediately woke up a bit from the alcohol.

Only then discovered that the original hall had already quieted down.

The three of them, why don’t they continue to chat and do what we do

I looked up, but saw my father glaring at me in an embarrassing manner, Lin Fang smiled.

“Zhan Daxia, Qing Hong has been married to a junior at the age of eighteen, and has not yet been married, I don’t know,” Qiu An murmured on the table.

I covered his mouth: “Daddy, he is talking nonsense”

Unexpectedly, Qiu An, who was already unconscious, grabbed my hand and muttered my name and said: “Qinghong, Qinghong”

I couldn’t get away for a while. I raised my eyes and looked up. Wen You’s mouth was tightly pursed, his right hand seemed to be holding the “Je” on the waist; Lin Fang was a little surprised, looked at my father, and said nothing.

Dad stared at my hand pinched by Qiu An and said, “I’m going to kill this kid.”

I withdrew my hand easily and stopped in front of Dad.

Dad’s face was green: “This Qiu An, who originally thought he was a young hero, is so Meng Lang.”

Lin Fang smiled bitterly: “War heroes, don’t misunderstand. These days, Qiu An helped us calm Guangzhou and acted steadily and steadfastly. He just stifled various schools of martial arts in Guangzhou and made great contributions. At the age of 18, he did This is very difficult. It’s just that after all, it’s a juvenile character, and he must have had an early affection for Qinghong. This New Year, he will all be fortified in front of us, and he will speak his heart. A gentle lady, a gentleman. Don’t blame him, seniors.”

These words made us very comfortable.

Dad’s face was slightly sullen and said, “It’s just the daughter of my warrior family, how can I give it to others so easily. Hong’er, stay away from this kid”

I nodded dubiously.

Secretly glanced at Wen You, with a calm face.

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