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Bright Chapter 20

On the first day of the new year, it was a sunny day, and the bright sun dazzled the snow-white earth.

The mother took me to sit around the charcoal and scrutinized it carefully. Dad was sitting and drinking tea.

“Madam, in the past few months, she has done a lot of great things. Now all the rivers and lakes call her a fairy of Gongyun,” Xiao Lan said without losing the opportunity.

The mother smiled and nodded, and said, “It seems to have grown a lot taller, and her face is a bit pointed.”

I touched my chin: “The big eighteen has changed.”

“What can I learn from walking around the rivers and lakes for many days” Daddy suddenly said.

I pondered for a moment, and said, “No matter how powerful martial arts are, you must remember the word “Caution” when walking in the arena. You must be able to pretend to be happy and angry; if you are not strong, you must run.”

Dad was silent: “You little bully is willing to be soft, but you have grown a little bit.”

Actually, dad, I still can’t do these

“Your mother and I will leave Guangzhou on the fifth day.”

“So fast”

“I’ll take your mother out to travel around the sea.” Father looked at me with rare love, “You are also big, and you have created some famous names in the rivers and lakes. I can safely take your mother to travel around the world.”

“How long are you going to do, Hong’er thinks what you do?” I blankly looked at the two people who were smiling at each other.

“We will come to you.” Dad said, “Today’s New Year, what does Hong Er want?”

The feeling of parting in my heart is still there, and I said listlessly: “Then give me the money.”

“After going down the mountain for a few months, I learned how to be greedy for money.” Niangqianqianyu poked my forehead with a finger, “This is for you. Take a look.”

A pair of light green and translucent jade pendants lie in the palm of the mother. The two jade pendants are exactly the same, both are round with a square hole in the center. A Buddhist venerable was carved up and down with his arms open, holding the square hole in his arms.

I took it. It looks a little ugly, but the quality of the jade is really good. The green seems to overflow from the jade. If the money runs out, I guess it’s worth a lot of money in a pawnshop.

The mother leaned to my ear, “Hong’er, this pair of jade pendants, if you have a sweetheart, give one to him.”

Seeing my mother look like a new girl in my family, I froze and said bluntly: “Mother, this jade pendant is so ugly, how can I give it away?”

“Absurd” Dad scolded.

The mother poked my forehead again: “The child doesn’t know the goods. This is an ancient jade. Your grandpa gave it to me, and it can drive away poison, prolong life, and turn good luck in every case.”

The more you talk, the more ridiculous

I sincerely said: “Mother, have you worn it, is it useful?”

The mother smiled embarrassedly: “I followed your father, and I was not poisoned, nor did I encounter any danger, so I have never seen it.”

That’s right, Niangyuan was in the Shimen, and was the master of the world twenty years ago. When she first entered the rivers and lakes, she was taken by my father, and naturally there was no wind and no waves.

Dad raised his hand and threw a bunch of black things over: “Take it.”

Dad gave it to Qizhen, who is like a mother, and gave some unreliable jade pendants that are said to be “good luck”

I took a quick look. It is a black belt with gold silk.

Perhaps it is also a hidden weapon.

Dad said solemnly: “You almost lost your life a few days ago. This is a small hidden weapon that my second brother and I made together before. I only hope that it can save your life next time you are in danger.”

I took a deep breath, good stuff

Behind the belt, there is a row of tiny needles hidden in green.

“The mechanism is on the right. Go back and think about it slowly.”

Master gave me a sword book, and Lin Fang directly gave me a red envelope of five hundred dollars, so my admiration for the leader suddenly rose.

Several seniors also have gadgets as gifts.

Wen You gave me a pair of extremely daggers with emeralds on the handles. I can’t put it down. Inserted in the boots, but found that there are so many weapons all over his body, which is really heavy.

I looked at my toes and said, “I also have something for you.”

“Oh” he reached out his hand to me.

“I’ll give it to you in a few days. A very ugly jade pendant.”

After some time, wait for parents to leave. Otherwise, a piece of jade pendant of us dangles in front of them, kid, you will be dead.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth and said, “Okay.”

The last person I looked for on Lunar New Year’s Day was my apprentice Huo Yang.

Huo Yang looked at me with contempt, very despised and despised.

I despise that I dare not ask for a red envelope from this cruel and violent beast apprentice.

On the fifth day of the fifth day, the parents floated away.

In the sixth grade, I was immersed in the feelings of parting.

In the first film, the entire Cangwu city was still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the New Year. This evening, Lin Fang hosted a banquet for various officials and martial artists in Guangzhou. Because tomorrow morning, we will leave Guangzhou.

The front hall is very lively.

I took leave and sat alone in the small garden in the back. He told Wen You to bring it to me when he saw the delicious food.

I held the pair of jade pendants in my hand and considered the language.

“Zisu, my mother gave me a pair of jade pendants. It’s too ugly. I’ll give you one.”

No, so he will not cherish or value it

“Zisu, my mother said, let me give this jade pendant to my sweetheart. This jade pendant is a male and a female.”

Mother, you kill me

“Zisu, give you a piece of jade pendant. This is your gift for giving me a dagger.”

Proper is proper, but it lacks a little flavor

His low voice suddenly sounded in his mind. That was the day when he said to Huo Yang: “You know it.”

Does he want to tell Huo Yang “It’s good if you know that she is my sweetheart” or “It’s good if you know that you are her apprentice”

I dare not ask him.

“You just tell Master Wen that you like him, you don’t have to do it” Xiao Lan curled his lips on the side.

I furiously said: “Who said I like him”

“Girl War” sounded a gentle voice.

I turned my head, Qiu An stood in front of us with a green robe, smiling, with piercing eyes.

After he was drunk and begged for a kiss on New Year’s Eve, I never knew how to face him.

I even wanted to ask for a red envelope from him in the first year of the junior high school, and I could bear it.

Now that he is standing in front of me with a calm smile, I feel a little relieved and happy.

“Qiu An, why did you run to the back?” I hooked the side chair over with my toes and motioned him to sit down.

“I made a special trip to find you.” He said naturally.

“I’m going to Jiangzhou for thousands of miles now. I don’t know when I can see you again.” He took out something from his sleeve and handed it to me, “It’s a gift, and I hope Zhan girl remembers the friend Qiu.”

I looked at the shiny golden hairpin in his hand. The style is simple but simple and generous. I’m afraid it is very valuable.

“this is”

“This is the hairpin my mother left behind. I hope you can accept it.”

Xiao Lan took a breath and blinked at me wildly.

Nonsense, of course I know that you can’t accept the legendary stories written in this way.

I thought about the language, but listened to Qiu An again: “Little Blue girl inhales so hard. This hairpin is just a gift from a friend, so you can rest assured. However, what Qiu said on New Year’s Eve is also true, Wang Zhan girl Know.”

Know know how i know

For the first time in my life, when a man was so direct, my face was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to say, so I murmured: “But no.”

Opposite Qiu An took a deep breath and said, “Don’t say Zhan girl, Qiu understands. That day Zhan girl was seriously injured by Huo Yang, and when she saw Zisu embracing Zhan girl, Qiu understood. Zhan girl’s big goose only has son A flying eagle like Su can match.”

He smiled and looked at me: “It’s a pity that Qiu has too much burden on him, and the entire Guangzhou martial arts reconstruction is on his shoulders. Qiu can’t be a flying eagle, only hope that when Zhan girl gallops the world, don’t forget that Qiu is in Guangzhou and miss you , In this life and this world, life and death are inseparable.”

Qiu An left freely and sadly.

Holding the cold gold hairpin in my hand, I felt a little sad.

“Xiao Lan, the person I like, it is really sad to not like myself.”

“Don’t worry, you are so good-looking, martial arts are so good, the person you like will definitely like you. But, do you like Master Wen at all?”

I was silent.

“Could it be Young Master Lin”

I shake.

“Ho Yang”

I glared at her: “That’s irrelevant to Gu Lunchang”

“That must be Master Wen.” Xiaolan smiled, “You didn’t deny it.”

I took out those two small daggers: “Little Lan, I don’t know. But, I just think he was born the best, better than Wenxuan and better than my father. With him, I am the most happy and the most comfortable. . I want to be able to follow him, so that we can go down the world forever. The eight states of martial arts will be settled, and then we can travel all over the country, Chengguo, Zhaoguo, Xiyu, Beiliao, and Penglai, one person and one horse, everywhere. , You can go anywhere.”

Xiao Lan hugged me lightly, her expression moved: “”

My ears and heart trembled at the same time.

Somewhere behind him, there was a sudden boldness.

I suddenly turned black, pushed Xiao Lan away, turned around and said angrily: “Who?”

Tap your toes lightly, and I will use strength.

But I saw a black shadow, flying far away.

What a familiar black figure.

My feet softened suddenly, and I couldn’t lift my strength anymore.

I walked over and looked at the pieces of cakes scattered on the ground.

A heart beat suddenly, turning his head to look at Xiaolan: “It’s over, Xiaolan, Zisu is gone.”

On the eighth day of the day, it was dawn, we walked in the morning light and left Guangzhou quietly.

Guangzhou has been decided, and the martial arts forces in the southern Jiaozhou and Ningxia states are already weak. The people we sent have a firm foothold and reached an agreement with the local school. The two states promised to obey the orders of the martial arts leader.

Among the remaining states, Jiangzhou is the most troublesome.

The horse walked on the official road, and the master rode the horse to my side: “Hong’er, today I saw your face flushed a little bit abnormally, but you were infected with wind and cold.”

A medical officer brother also rode over: “Senior sister must get the pulse”

“It’s all right” I waved, “I’m hot, I’m hot”

On the side, Xiao Lan took out a fan very well, and fanned me.

He exhaled all white. Xiaolan, are you going to die?

About seeing our master and servant were getting a little weird, the master and brother looked at each other and rode the horse first.

“Little Lan is dead cold” I patted the fan in her hand.

“Who makes your face so red” Xiaolan said aggrievedly.

I reached out and touched my hot face, and couldn’t help but raise my eyes, looking at the man riding at the front of the line.

The silk scarf is tied with hair and has a strong figure.

What he said yesterday was heard by him.

My goodness how do i live

The face is even hotter.

After traveling for most of the day, there was a field of mountains.

However, a dozen people were singled out to block the way.

Looking at more than a dozen in front of us, panting and carrying knives, we were all dumbfounded at the sight of the burly men who only knew some fur kung fu.

These robbers might be of some use if they are robbing ordinary people and businesses.

But actually grabbed us, any one of us except Lin Fang could knock them all down.

Some of them are dumbfounding.

Seeing them yelling and threatening in front of our horse, even Xiao Lan shook.

Lin Fang was also stunned. Probably the leader of the lord’s world has not appeared in such a small role for a long time.

Lin Fang simply whispered with Xiahou about discussing something, but waved at us to signal us to resolve.

Huo Yang held the knife directly, and sat dozing off immediately.

“Don’t hurt their lives.” Wen You in front said suddenly.

It’s about seeing them in ragged clothes, most people who are still living.

Two seniors rode their horses, and two people were more than enough.

As soon as I heard Wen You’s voice, the roots of my ears started to heat up.

I thought about it, and go to help.

Dismount and pass by Wen You.

Hengli stretched out a hand, grabbed my arm, and pulled me aside.

From the points of his bones, I understood Xi’s long slender hand, and moved it up to his arm and his face.

So lovely

He looked straight ahead: “Don’t run around.”

“Yeah.” I whispered.

He let go of my hand, but his eyes remained fixed on the front.

I also looked over, but saw that the two seniors showed their fists slightly, and the robbers were already running around.

A senior yelled to them, about telling them not to do this business anymore, to go to the city of Guangzhou to go to the Qiu family, eat and wear warmth, and be serious about Wuyunyun.

“You said you want to give my jade pendant” he said suddenly.

I turned my head, only to find that he was still looking ahead.

My heart suddenly jumped, so many people are here, how embarrassed to give him I have to say: “In the baggage.”

Added another sentence: “You Either”

He didn’t answer, his gaze turned around, and looked at the jade color under the tassel around my waist: “What kind of jade is yours, I didn’t see you wearing it a few days ago.”

He drew out the sword, raised the tip of the sword, and hooked the jade pendant into his palm.

“Oh, this piece belongs to me. Your piece is the same as this piece” I stunned when I spoke.

He took a deep look at me, and his smile gradually enlarged at the corner of his mouth: “No, I want this piece. This piece on you.”

My face became hot again, and I said with difficulty: “Why?”

“Because” he gently pulled the jade pendant from the tassel, “you must keep the best for yourself”

“I didn’t,” I said angrily, this kid, the villain’s heart is the same

He laughed loudly. Not far away, both Lin Fang and Master looked sideways.

“You’re funny, girl.” He put the jade pendant in his arms, “give me a tassel, don’t buy it from the market, don’t let Xiaolan make it.”

“Smelly Zisu, you let my top five hands in the martial arts swordsmanship list give you tassels” I said angrily, “Too big and undersized to specialize in art.”

He stared at me with dark and vivid eyes: “If you don’t give me tassels, I won’t accompany you to Chengguo, Zhaoguo, Xiyu, Beiliao, Penglai”

I stared at him blankly.

His white jade face gradually turned red, and his dark black eyes that had always been calm were also a little erratic.

“That” I realized that I even had a voice.

“What?” His voice trembled too, and he was no better than me.

“I will give you two tassels, you will listen to me in the future, how?” I looked at him eagerly.

“Girl, I have to come in.” He glanced at me contemptuously, “I will tell you someday if you beat the sword.”

I stared at him with anger, and he was taken aback.

After a long while, he said: “Qiu An is right.”

“What” I looked at him puzzled.

“It’s really good-looking.” He turned his head, leaving only my flushed ears and neck.

It’s me, it’s not jade

“Let’s go” Master shouted from a distance.

“Let’s go.” He patted my head gently.

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