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Chapter 0 Witnessed Himself Being Cremated

“Sorry, we already did our best, let’s prepare for the funeral.”

The doctor’s voice outside the ward was very soft, but Lin Yu on the bed could hear it be very clear about sth.

Maybe even the hearing becomes extremely sensitive before death, especially the cry of the mother, which is extremely sharp.

Because to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects), Lin Yu was not the first to give his life. He did not regret it, but felt sorry for his mother.

His father died early, and his mother dragged him with one hand. He didn’t know how much he had suffered. Now he was admitted to the People’s Hospital of Qinghai City with excellent results. His life with his mother was about to brighten up, but unexpectedly, such an accident happened.

“God damn it.”

If a good person is really not rewarded, Lin Yu cursed cursed in a low voice, his eyelids could no longer hold up, and he slowly closed.

“My son!”

A stern cry awakened Lin Yu abruptly. He opened his eyes and saw that he was standing at the end of the bed while his mother was throwing on the bed wail.

“Mom, why are you crying, am I here to make things difficult?”

Lin Yu was overjoyed, thinking that he was miraculously healed. He stretched out his hand to pat his mother and found that his own hand had passed through her mother’s body.

The mother didn’t react at all, she threw herself on the bed and cried bitterly.

Lin Yu’s expression changed. He looked up and saw that there was still himself lying on the bed, his complexion pale and blue, and he was obviously no longer angry.

I am dead?

Lin Yu looked down at himself standing at the end of the bed, and found that his body was a little pale and slightly transparent.

Lin Yu was shocked, it turned out that people really have souls after death!

No matter what he said or did, his mother couldn’t feel it.With the help of the nurse, his mother reluctantly put on a shroud for Lin Yu, and then the carer transported his body to the funeral car.

The mother got into the car and sat next to his corpse, holding his hand tightly, tears streaming from the red and swollen eye sockets, “Yu’er, don’t worry, you can leave. Mom has finished the business here. I’ll go down and be with you right away.”

For her, her son is everything to her. When her son is dead, she lives in the world and doesn’t have any meaning anymore.

When he heard that his mother wanted to find a short sight, Lin Yu suddenly became anxious, learning the resurrection scene in the movie, lying on the corpse, but doesn’t have any effect, every time he sits up, he only has his own soul.

The car quickly arrived at the crematorium. After paying the fee, the staff member simply put on makeup for Lin Yu, handed Lin Yu’s mother a number plate, and then the incinerator pushed Lin Yu’s body to the incineration hall.


When the incinerator pushed his body into the incinerator, Lin Yu collapsed instantly.

With the burning of his flesh, Lin Yu felt that his consciousness was weakening. There were countless dim light points scattered around his body, and his soul was slowly fading.

At the same time, another world began to flash in front of his eyes, and all he could see was endless darkness, mixed with red flames and screams.


This was the first thought that flashed through Lin Yu’s consciousness, and a powerful sense of fear instantly swallowed him.

His soul rushed into the air subconsciously, the light spot still floated out of his soul body, and the speed was getting faster and faster.Inferno World in his eyes became clearer and clearer, and a mysterious hoarse voice could be heard calling him below.

At this time, Lin Yu’s body in the incinerator was almost burnt out, and a jasper-colored pendant in the ashes suddenly glowed dazzling rays of light in the fire.

This was left to him by Grandpa Lin Yu when he died. Since he was a child, his mother has not taken off the shroud when he wore it.

The pendant became more and more radiant, and then the bang sound burst, and a ray of jade green light and shadow suddenly burst out of the pendant and attached to Lin Yu’s soul.

Then an old voice came in his mind, “I am the saint of your ancestors. From today onwards, you will be my successor. You will get my medicine in order to help the people, practise medicine in order to help the people…”

Then the voice dissipated, and a huge amount of information suddenly flooded Lin Yu’s mind. The mysticism of medicine, the practice of practice, and some travel experience from his ancestors flooded into Lin Yu’s mind.

Reading the information in his mind, Lin Yu felt very excited, as if opening the door to New World’s.

But the excitement was fleeting, what’s the use of inheriting the secret technique, he was already a dead man about to go to hell.

This thought flashed, and Lin Yu suddenly had a memory of resurrection in his mind.

Memories show that through resurrection, a person who is still in the spirit after death can be born again.

But Lin Yu’s body has changed to ashes in the fire, but fortunately, there are also records about the method of resurrection of the damaged body, “the body is destroyed, the ghost is found, the living body is found, and it is attached.”Lin Yu took a breath of air, meaning that his body was damaged, and if he wanted to be resurrected, he could only turn into a ghost through resurrection and find someone else’s body to possess him.

You must know that in human consciousness, ghosts are the incarnation of evil. Besides, if you are in the body of others, isn’t it equivalent to depriving others of their lives in disguise?

After hesitating, Lin Yu’s soul has become weaker and weaker, only a phantom is left, and the voice in his ear has become clearer.

Lin Yu gritted his teeth and looked at the corpses being pushed into the incineration hall one after another. Suddenly he came up with an idea. Dead people can’t do it, so should the living dead do?

A few minutes later, Lin Yu arrived at the largest vegetative care center in Qinghai City.

Many vegetatives are unaware and can’t wake up for a lifetime. They only live with their bodies. Lin Yu believes that choosing this kind of person to possess is not considered a murder.

At first, Lin Yu had to search from ward to ward, looking for a suitable body.

But I found that my consciousness was getting weaker and weaker, and it was going to disappear soon. The call from hell also grew more and more urgent.

Lin Yu had no time to think more. He looked at a male vegetative in his twenties. He began to think of the resurrection and suddenly turned into a plume of white smoke, dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety and got in.

“You can’t escape!”

At the same time, the call in the ear suddenly turned into a scream, and then Lin Yu lost all consciousness.

When Lin Yu woke up again, he only felt the bright light dazzling his eyes. It took a while before he got used to it. He lowered his head to see that he was lying in the ward.

It’s a success!Lin Yu almost yelled in excitement, sat up abruptly, glanced at his new body, the impatient tore off the needle in his hand, and then jumped out of the bed, but as soon as he fell to the ground, he staggered and fell to the ground.

Perhaps because of lying down for a long time, the young man’s muscles were slightly atrophy.

Lin Yu staggered and got up, looked up at the calendar on the wall, and found that it was already the next day. Touching the bed and the wall, feeling the cold temperature from his hands, it felt like a dream. He died yesterday. Thinking of being resurrected today.

After a little activity, he got used to this new body, and then he rushed out of the hospital as an impatient. There is only one thing in his mind now, which is to see his mother.

At this time, the bun shop was full of people, and a dozen punks clamored for Lin Yu’s mother to pay back the money.

In order to perform the operation on Lin Yu, Lin Yu’s mother was forced to borrow hundreds of thousands of usury. Knowing that Lin Yu was dead, the gangsters rushed to collect the debt.

“Don’t worry, I will sell the shop these few days, and I will pay you back when I get the money, please leave first.”

Lin Yu’s mother pleaded with red and swollen eyes, hoping to send them away as soon as possible. Her son had just left and she didn’t want him to go uneasy.

“Grass, your broken shop is only worth a few dollars. Your son is dead. As soon as we go, who will ask for the money if you run away?” the lead foul-mouthed foul-mouthed said.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely not run. I will collect enough money and I will return it to you immediately.”

“No, we have to get the money for whatever we say today!” Huang Mao not to overlook, nor spare.”But I really don’t have money right now, and you know that in order to treat my son, the money has been spent…”

Lin Yu’s mother feel as if having one’s heart cut out, with a trace of pleading in her hoarse voice.

“It’s okay if you don’t have money, so be it. You can transfer your dilapidated house to us, and you will treat it as a debt payment.” Huang Mao’s eyes twitched and said his true purpose.

Lin Yu’s mother was stunned. The house was left by Grandpa Lin Yu. Although it was a bit old, it was in a very good location. According to the current house price of Qinghai, it could sell for at least 2~3 million. They were robbing it.

But now that the son is dead, the family is gone. Keeping the house what else is there is the meaning, paying off the debt, I can go with peace of mind.

Thought until here, Lin Yu’s mother every hope turns to dust nodded, and just as she was about to agree, there was an angry shout outside the door.

“No! Our house is worth a few million at least, you guys are robbery!”

Then Lin Yu drove his new body energetic and bustling rushed in.

“Fuck you, where’s the wild bastard, mind your own business!” Huang Mao didn’t get out of anger, and looked at the hospital gown on Lin Yu, thinking it was a neuropathy, so he rushed over and raised his hand. a slap.

Lin Yu subconsciously hid, reached out and pushed, Huang Mao flew out in an instant, flew a full five or six meters away, made an arc in the air, and slammed onto the table inside.

“Kill him to Lao Tzu!”

Huang Mao clutched his chest and screamed twice, and then ordered the other dozen gangsters to rush forward immediately, surrounding Lin Yu to punch and kick, Lin Yu quickly raised his hand to fight back.Then there was a wailing sound in the steamed bun shop, and the punks screamed again and again.

They went together over ten people, and they didn’t even touch the corners of Lin Yu’s clothes, and Lin Yu’s fists hit them as if they were hit by a car.

They just need a punch and they can’t get up in pain.

Lin Yu himself was extremely shocked, saying that the upper body of the ghost was super strong, but he didn’t expect it to be true, and the movements of these people seemed very slow to him, and they were easy to avoid.

“Call the police! Call the police!”

Huang Mao was terrified by the scene before him. He had seen someone who could fight, but he had not seen such extreme. It was simply non-human.

Upon hearing the call to the police, Lin Yu’s mother rushed over and grabbed Lin Yu’s hand, and said anxiously: “Young man, they are going to call the police. You go, I’ll take care of it here.”

“Mom, what did you say, where can I leave you behind.”

Lin Yu was so happy that tears were coming out, and it was great to see his mother alive.

Hearing his address, his mother was slightly startled and looked at him blankly.

Looking at his mother’s eyes, Lin Yu woke up in an instant, he was alive, but he changed his body, and his mother didn’t recognize him.

“Sorry aunty, I think of my mother when I see you, so I blurted out Unable to Restrain Emotions, don’t mind.”

Lin Yu was afraid of terrifying her mother by telling her true identity, so she hurriedly made up a lie.

“It’s okay, boy, you go quickly, our family affairs can’t hurt you.” Lin Yu’s mother said as she pushed him out.Lin Yu didn’t answer. He touched the chopsticks on the table and threw it. The chopsticks shot at Huang Mao, bang sound, and nailed the phone that Huang Mao had just pressed 110 on to the wall.

Huang Mao’s face turned pale with fright, and the chopsticks on the wall were only one centimeter away from his ears. If it was a little off, the one nailed to the wall would be his own head.

“Help! Killed! Help!” Huang Mao suddenly screamed in fright, unspeakably wronged in his voice, it was obvious that they owed himself money first.

“Stop yelling, I will pay the money for Aunt Qin!”

Lin Yu coldly said, since he was resurrected, he should pay these debts by himself.

“Young man, how can this work? The first time you and I met, how can you make you pay me back?” Lin Yu’s mother looked at Lin Yu somewhat uncertain, not knowing why, this young man gave her a feeling of déjà vu .

She is not surprised that Lin Yu knows her surname. Her son to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects). Many netizens know that her name and contact details are also stripped. Many well-meaning people would come to see off her son, but she declined.

“Okay, this is what you said, so you can give us the money.” Huang Maoke no matter why Lin Yu paid back the money for others, as long as he can get the money, his task will be completed.

“Give me three days.” Lin Yu said.

“…” Huang Mao was a little speechless, saying so awesome, he thought he could get the money out immediately.

“What? You Don’t believe me?”

Seeing Huang Mao didn’t speak, Lin Yu frowned, and his tone was cold.”Believe, believe, but elder brother, you have to tell me your name, right?” Huang Mao couldn’t help shuddered looking at Lin Yu’s cold eyes.

first name?

Yes, I was walking in a hurry in the morning, and I didn’t even have time to read this person’s name.

“Don’t worry, I promised you that I will do it. In this way, after three days, it will still be here. Just come here, and I will return both principal and interest to you.”

The reason why Lin Yu is so emboldened lies in his own body.

He thought to himself that since he could live in a childcare center, no matter how ordinary the family is, this young man can at least get a hundred or two hundred thousand yuan out. He needs to use it first, and then pay it back when he makes money.

Having seen Lin Yu’s skill, Huang Mao didn’t dare to say anything, just about to nod his head to agree, suddenly staring out of the store blankly, as if attracted by something.

Lin Yu also looked out curiously, and saw a red BMW X5 at the door. As soon as the door opened, a white and slender leg came out. Then a tall build came down from the car, wearing a white Bohemia. Beautiful lady in long dress.

The beauty in the long skirt pulled her long black hair off, took off her sunglasses, her fair skin and exquisite face were shocking man and heaven, Huang Mao and his gang were dumbfounded.

Lin Yu couldn’t help being attracted as well. The beauty and temperament of this beauty were indeed the best.

The beauty in the long skirt looked up at the Baozi Shop, frowned slightly, and walked in quickly.

“Beauty, do you want to buy stuffed buns?”

Lin Yu couldn’t help but blurted out. He used to help his mother sell steamed buns, and he just talked about it when he saw people.

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