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Chapter 1 Beautiful Wife Out Of Thin Air

The whole bun shop was silent, everyone looked at Lin Yu with weird eyes.

Huang Mao secretly admired him, ah, such a beautiful wife.

Lin Yu was somewhat astonished at first, and then wondered how this young man named He Jiarong looked nothing special, how could he marry such a beautiful wife?

Seeing the BMW X5 outside, Lin Yu immediately guessed something. He Jiarong is a rich second-generation lover. It’s easy to do now. Isn’t it a matter of minutes to repay a loan of more than 100,000 to 200,000 yuan.

“Old…wife, I just woke up, I’m making a joke with you.”

Lin Yu smiled wryly, calling someone’s wife for the first time, and still a little uncomfortable, and then said: “I owe a small amount of money to these people, you give me my bank card, so I can withdraw the money and return it to others.”

“Bank card? Is there a dime in your bank card?” said the beautiful woman in a long skirt coldly.

“Ah? Then where are all my savings stored, will you keep it for me? Help me take some and return it to others.” Lin Yu was a little puzzled, thinking that this rich second generation still seems to be a strict wife.


The beautiful lady in the long skirt smiled coldly and said somewhat furiously: “You have saved money at what time. Over the past two decades, you have eaten and drank from our house and earned a penny at what time?”

The bun shop became quieter, and everyone’s eyes looked at Lin Yu even more weird.

Huang Mao is even more admired in his heart, idol, not to mention marrying a so attractive wife, but also eat soft rice!

Lin Yu’s face was unspeakably embarrassed, and now he understood, what a rich second generation, this man with affection is a soft rice man who cuts in the door.”Young man, thank you for your kindness. I don’t need you to pay back the money, I can handle it myself.” Lin Yu’s mother hurriedly relieved him.

“Auntie, I am Lin Yu’s good brother. I will definitely pay you back the money. Give me some time.” Lin Yu put a bold face on it said.

People’s mouth is short. Since this He Jiarong eats soft food, he is too embarrassed to open his mouth and ask the beauties in long skirts for money, so he can only think of other methods to help his mother pay back.

Then Lin Yu drew an IOU, pressed his fingerprint, and handed it to Huang Mao.

Seeing that Lin Yu’s wife drove such a good car, Huang Mao didn’t worry that he would not be able to get the money, so he took a group of his men and left. Before leaving, he did not forget to greedily glance at the white calf of the beautiful lady in the long skirt .

“I won’t pay you back this money.” The long skirt beauty said coldly. She didn’t know that this wasted at what time became so loyal, and when she woke up she ran to pay back her a pack of rogues.

“Don’t worry, I can pay it myself.”

Lin Yu was a little unhappy. This woman did look were quite good, but she had a bad attitude towards her husband. She did not shy away from revealing his shortcomings in front of outsiders.

“Young man, why are you doing this? I can pay these debts myself.” Lin Yu’s mother’s red and swollen eyes were a little moist, and her son seemed to have never mentioned to herself that he had such a good friend.

“This is what I should do, Auntie, Lin Yu is no longer there. I will be your son in the future, and I will take care of you.”

Lin Yu’s eye sockets couldn’t help but became a little moist. His mother was clearly in front of her, but he couldn’t recognize her. To let her suffer this kind of pain in vain was really unfilial.”Auntie, I will see you again tomorrow.”

Before the tears came, Lin Yu dropped a word and walked out quickly. When he walked to the door, he suddenly stopped and choked, “Auntie, if Lin Yuquan knows, he definitely doesn’t want you to commit suicide. You should Cherish life, live well, and live his share.”

After speaking, Lin Yu didn’t hesitate anymore and walked out of the steamed bun shop.

Lin Yu’s mother was shocked and stared at Lin Yu’s back in a daze.

The beauty in the long skirt glanced at Lin Yu’s mother, did not speak, turned and followed out.

After getting in the car, the lady in the long skirt said displeasedly: “I have no objection to you coming to be a good person, but you just woke up, at least you have to talk to me, do you know how much effort I took to find you? “

“Sorry, not next time.” Lin Yu’s tone was a little cold. At this moment, he was all worried about his mother.

Seeing his indifferent expression, the lady in the long skirt suddenly couldn’t say what she said. She gave Lin Yu bitterly, put it on the gear, and drove back to the nursing center.

The doctor performed a comprehensive physical examination for Lin Yu and showed that everything was normal, and then went through the discharge procedures for Lin Yu.

On the way back, Lin Yu looked at the delicate profile of the beautiful lady in the long skirt, feeling a little dreamy. Suddenly there was such a beautiful wife, it was really hard to adapt.

At the same time, he is also a little self-blame in his heart. He has occupied other people’s body and his wife.

The thought of sharing the bed with the beauties in long skirts at night makes his heart beat so much.He wanted to find out some information about her and this He Jiarong from the beauty in the long skirt. After all, he didn’t know at all her name, but he was afraid of being seen abnormal, so he didn’t say anything.

In fact, Lin Yu wanted to make up an excuse for amnesia, but she was so bad to herself before she lost her memory. If she lost her memory, she might still abuse herself.

At this time, the phone of the beautiful lady in the long skirt rang, she picked it up and hung up after a few hums, then stopped the car to the side of the road, took out a hundred yuan from her wallet and handed it to Lin Yu, saying, “There is an emergency at the clinic. , I have to hurry back, you can take a taxi home by yourself, my parents are at home.”

“I’ll go to the clinic with you. Maybe I can help you.” Lin Yu said hesitates, how embarrassing he is after going back.


The beauty in the long skirt gave him a cold look, and it was ridiculous to say this from a rice bucket.

The car stopped in front of a community clinic. The sign at the door said Hua’an Clinic. The clinic was small, with a total of more than a dozen staff members, but it seemed quite regular.

As soon as the beautiful woman in the long skirt entered, a male doctor wearing glasses ran over and said anxiously: “Director Jiang, go and have a look. There are two doses of anti-fever injections. That child’s head is still hot and his voice is crying. Up.”

The beauty in the long skirt hurriedly changed into a white coat and walked quickly to the consulting room inside.

Jiang Yan.

Lin Yu caught her name from the work permit on her chest and couldn’t help but sigh. She has a temperament and her name is not bad.In the consulting room, a young couple was anxiously coaxing a crying little girl. The child was only three or four years old. His whole face was red, like a fire, struggling hard in the arms of the young woman, looking very I was anxious, crying hoarse, and his voice was sharp and harsh, accompanied by retching from time to time.

Lin Yu frowned when he saw this scene. I wonder if he was dazzled. He actually saw an indistinct black air entwined with the child.

But what surprised him even more was the child’s crying sound, not because of sharpness, but strange, not strange.

“Director Jiang, you are here!” The young couple seemed to see a savior after seeing Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan touched the child’s forehead, then took the child’s pulse, and said, “It’s okay, but I’m scared. I’ll give her a few shots and it will be fine.”

Then Jiang Yan ordered the eyeglass doctor to get her needle bag, and asked the nurse to prescribe a tranquilizer.

“Director Jiang, how is this child crying so formidable today, and retching, I haven’t had it a few days ago.” The young woman sweat all over the face, struggling to pat the child in her arms.

“How did you come? Drive?” Jiang Yan asked.

The young couple nodded.

“That should be because you drove too fast, this child is motion sick, so the reaction is so strong.” Jiang Yan said.

“Yes, yes, this kid has been suffering from motion sickness since he was young. I was too anxious, so the car drove very fast.” The young man blamed himself.

“It’s okay, a shot of tranquilizer will heal soon.” Jiang Yan said, she has always been very confident in her medical skills.As a community clinic, Hua’an Clinic is able to gain today’s popularity, and it is almost entirely due to her. This little problem is naturally nothing difficult.

“She can’t get sedatives. She doesn’t simply have a fever and irritability. If she injects sedatives casually, her condition may be worse.”

The nurse had already taken the needle bag and sedative. Just as he was about to get an injection, Lin Yu suddenly stepped forward to stop her.

Lin Yu was an excellent graduate of the University of Medical Sciences before his death. Now he inherited the medical code of his ancestors, and his medical skills have soared and reached the level of Perfection.

He felt that the child’s illness was not simple, and he should not be sedated hastily.

“I’m working, please go out!” Jiang Yan coldly shouted, staring at Lin Yu in sullen expression.

When she was working, at what time it was the trash’s turn to interrupt.

“If I guessed correctly, did this kid have a hidden illness before?” Lin Yu didn’t care about Jiang Yan, and turned to ask the young couple.

The young couple was stunned, but Lin Yu was able to discern at a glance that his child had a hidden illness before.

But seeing Jiang Yan’s sullen expression, the young woman did not dare to reply directly, and asked carefully: “Director Jiang, is this a doctor too?”

“He is a doctor? Then I am the director of People’s Hospital in Ching Hai City!”

Before Jiang Yan could speak, Doctor Eyeglasses took the lead, glanced at Lin Yu contemptuously, and said sarcastically: “This is our director Jiang’s husband, a high-achieving student who graduated from Qinghai Vocational and Technical School. He hasn’t found a job after graduation. He is commonly known as a vagrant. It’s all dependent on our director Jiang…””All right, don’t say anything, He Jiarong, you should go out first.” Jiang Yan interrupted coldly, and she didn’t have any light on her face when she was standing on such a poor husband.

The young couple glanced sarcastically at Lin Yu, wondering in their heart, what did Director Jiang do in his previous life, and how could he marry such a trash.

Lin Yu was also a little speechless, even he himself looked down upon this He Jiarong a bit. This person is too scornful. He was looked down upon by his own wife, and his subordinates even dared to speak to him like this.

“Director Jiang said, please go out!”

Seeing Lin Yu was standing still, Doctor Optician came over and made a please gesture.

Lin Yu is not a person who doesn’t know how to appreciate kindness. Seeing that people don’t want to see him so much, he didn’t say anything anymore and turned around.

At this time, Jiang Yan had injected the child with a tranquilizer, and the child calmed down instantly. The young couple suddenly relaxed, thinking that Lin Yu was a fool who didn’t know how to pretend.

Jiang Yan took out a needle from the needle bag, pierced each of the child’s little finger joints, squeezed out some transparent liquid, and then touched the child’s forehead and said, “The fever will go away in a while.”

Lin Yu, who was standing outside the clinic, looked depressed and regretted that he had been on the body of this young man. He had come back alive, but it was also a waste of life.

Thinking of the child’s crying sound just now, Lin Yu was very puzzled, why did a child’s crying sound give himself a strange feeling?

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, he clapped his hands violently, and said in surprise: “That’s not a human cry at all!”

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