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Chapter 10 Wulin Leader

No one would have expected that Lin Fang, who was regarded as a puppet and foil by everyone, had such a powerful force hidden behind him.

Xia Houying and Lin Fang joined forces to create the biggest twist in martial arts today.

In contrast, Gu Gongzi thought that he had no omissions, but he was used by others. Sigh

“My elders, Xia Houying serves as the judge in the capacity of Young Master Lin. I hope to forgive me for failing to inform in advance.” Xia Houying said without changing her face.

Several adults seemed to be frightened. They looked at Young Master Gu and Wen You, but said nothing.

However, in the process of judging, the abbot of Jiming Temple, who has always lacked a sense of presence, suddenly folded his palms and opened his eyes, and he was stunned: “Amitabha does not avoid relatives. Xiahou heroes act as judges of fairness and integrity, and everyone present It’s obvious to all, no need to apologize.”

Good deed, it turns out that Xiahou and Lin Fang have allies.

On the side, Young Master Gu stood up suddenly, pointed at Lin Fang, and said in a trembled voice: “Lin Fang, you are really good at tactics. It is so bitter and absurd to conceal this son.”

Lin Fang’s eyes faintly glided past Young Master Gu, and his snow-like face made people feel noble and inviolable.

The abbot of Jiming Temple smiled slightly: “After the Xiahou heroes support the righteousness of the martial arts, it is a great fortune for the martial arts.”

The magistrate who was pondering on the side slowly said: “With the current strength of Xiahou, but he is willing to vote under Lord Lin, he must be very thoughtful. I have no objection.”

The two civil servants, one old and one young, looked at each other without making a sound.

So Xia Houying arched her hands on and off the stage and stepped into the martial arts stage.

Luoxia Peak, which had been sluggish for a long time, suddenly burst into earth-shaking cheers

After all, not everyone can witness the demeanor of the world’s number one master in their lifetime.

I couldn’t help but grinning openly. The two forces, Xue Zhangmen and Wen You, supported by Gu Gongzi, were fighting against each other, and they were suddenly kicked in by a strong opponent that had been lurking for a long time. It was really fun.

I’m sure I can’t get the leader of the martial arts, so I hope that the chaos they fight, the better

So he cheered, laughed, and looked forward to everyone.

Until everyone casts compassionate eyes on me.

Xia Houying stood in front of me and said gently: “Hong’er, please”

I almost forgot that the hapless person who set off Xia Houying’s stunning martial arts was me.

It’s not so much a competition as it is Xiahou’s martial arts advice to me.

He controlled the speed of the entire match, and responded to my stormy attack without rush.

All of my moves were resolved by him in a clever way, but for me, his resolution was a very subtle touch.

Although everyone else has the upper hand, the one who really reaps the benefits is me.

The fog dissipated in front of me, and new offensive and defensive methods came out of my mind one after another. I couldn’t suppress the excitement and joy. I never thought that the combat moves I knew well could be interpreted in new ways.

After more than a hundred battles, Xiahou’s eyes slowly appeared of approval. My fighting spirit was more vigorous, and I even forced him to counterattack once or twice to resist. The audience cheered.

At the end, Xiahou nodded at me, screamed, he shook, and the sword in my hand flew out.

Lost, defeated with satisfaction and enthusiasm.

I picked up the sword, returned to the stage and sat down.

“A worthy trip is worthwhile” I muttered excitedly.

Wen You, who is also a loser on the right blast, looked from a distance and I noticed that he smiled triumphantly.

Lin Fang, who had already changed Zuo Bang’s deep course, gave a rare applauding smile. I was about to say a few words and suddenly remembered something:

“Young Master Lin, you were on the river that day and you had an attack of five stones, but what kind of conspiracy did you deliberately do?”

He didn’t answer my question. He glanced at me inexplicably and said, “Qinghong, I said, call me A Fang, or Wen Xuan.”

In the third game, Xia Houying faced Xue Fanyun. Xue Fanyun attacked with all his strength, and Xia Houying responded with ease. Two hundred, Xia Houyingsheng and Xue Fanyun have also become the only people in martial arts today who have gone through two hundred moves under Xia Houying, and they are quite honorable.

In the fourth round, Lin Fangjia and others, Xue Fanyun, Wen You, and I are all second.

It was almost noon, and the heroes ate their meals first.

Gu Gongzi was probably not in the mood to eat, standing at the corner of the martial arts stage with an ugly expression, whispering to Xue Fanyun.

I can understand him that these food and wine are provided by his family. If I were him, I am afraid that I would like to put all the food on Lin Fang and Wen You’s head, and then kick them down the mountain.

Lin Fang, Xiahou, and Wen You were seated at the first table and had a good chat with the adults. Looking at the sophisticated appearance of Lin Fang and Wen You, even Xiahou would gag at school from time to time, I felt the darkness of Jiangdong Wulin.

Shen Yanzhi and I waited for a supporting role in the second seat, and we were more comfortable eating. During the banquet, she and Shen Yanzhi’s chopsticks stretched out to the same dish and couldn’t help but smile at each other, and they liked each other very well.

After the meal, Xiahou pulled me into a burst of words and said: “Hong’er, he is what I said, who can lead Jiangdong Wulin to unity and help me in the Jin Dynasty.


“Lin Gongzi was under the Gu family before, but he couldn’t help himself, so he had to use Gu Gongzi’s strength to promote the holding of this martial arts conference. Hong’er, you should know that behind the Gu family is the Wang family; behind the Wen family is the court. Only Lin Behind the son is Wu Lin.”

The gongs and drums are noisy, the crowds are full of wine, and laughter.

After the four rounds, someone wrote each individual’s results in large letters and pasted them on the rock wall.

Xue Fanyun: A, A, A, B;

Wen You: A, A, A, B;

Lin Fang: B, A, A, A;

Me: D, D, A, B.

Shen Yanzhi: o, C, A, C.

I have to say that this result will be announced in the martial arts wind in a few days, my war family will be very shameless.

Since the performance gap between the others and the first three is too large, we were all deprived of the qualifications to participate in the final round.

In the last round, try “strategy”.

Uncle Xiahou couldn’t be too happy too early.

Young Master Gu has returned to normal, looking at everyone confidently and gracefully.

Wen You still has a calm face, but his eyes are brighter than the previous rounds. I understand that the kid has silently ignited the strongest fighting spirit.

Only Lin Fang sat there calmly, his robe following the wind, like a light fluttering white yarn.

“This is another round of easy-to-vertical competition” I sighed to Shen Yanzhi.

She chuckled, her charming eyes gleaming: “Girl War, who do you expect to win”

I was suddenly drawn into contemplation by this question.

Suddenly I heard a voice that said neither salty nor indifferent: “This round, I don’t know who Lin Gongzi sent to replace him to challenge.” Shi Gongzi.

Lin Fang smiled slightly: “Gu Gongzi don’t have to worry. Wen Tao and martial arts have to be his own, otherwise he will not lose the trust of the world’s heroes. In this round, Wen Xuan will challenge himself.”

This Lin Fang is really interesting.

His words were spread far away by Xia Houying.

The group of heroes who initially dismissed him couldn’t help but applaud again and again.

The governor unfolded the scroll in his hand. There were only seven words on it: “On the power of the world’s martial arts”.

“It’s time for an incense stick, everyone, please.” Pen, ink, paper and inkstone were spread in front of them.

“The first time I saw it, I still have to do an essay to choose the leader of the martial arts.” Shen Yanzhi threw me a box, “Sister, take it, and give it to you.”

“What?” I opened it curiously, a tin box of red paste, and said joyfully, “It’s rouge”

“No.” Shen Yanzhi smiled, “My new poison. I am in love with you today and I gave it as a gift.”

I accepted it silently, and the next day I had to let Xiaolan spend money to return the gift to the person in front of me.

Alas, Jiangdong Wulin is really sophisticated and dark.

Turned his head to the stands.

Uncle Xue Fanyun doesn’t look good, and the posture holding the pen is uglier than mine.

Lin Fang’s face seemed transparent, and there was a vague madness between his delicate brows.

Wen You’s dark eyes stared at the paper intently, and after holding one hand, he wrote steadily with the other hand. It’s different from the usual indifference and ridicule.

Suddenly remembered that under the moonlight that night, he had a light fragrance and blushing lips, cold fingers and a faintly triumphant smile on the corners of his mouth. It’s really different from the handsome young man on the stage with frowning eyebrows.

Shen Yanzhi on the side smiled and said, “Lin Fang is too deliberate, Xue Fanyun is not a hypocrite, and only the young man Wen You looks interesting.

Nodding, I think so too.

He looked at Wen You’s face sideways, for a while.

“It’s time.” Someone said loudly, taking up the paper roll in front of the three of them.

The young civil servant picked up a copy and began to read it.

The first is Xue Fanyun.

I don’t understand everything about it.

However, the two civil servants stretched out and applauded again and again. Finally, he praised: “The words are gorgeous and magnificent.”

Gu Gongzi looked happy. This article must have spent a lot of energy on his staff.

The governor was silent again. The abbot of Jiming Temple still closed his eyes and still had no sense of existence; Xia Houying did not understand and did not comment on it.

So the five judges discussed, and after all the articles were published, the grades were determined.

The second one is Wen You.

“Today under the martial arts, Chengguo, Emei, and Dangyang dominate the middle of Shu. Emei does not care about the current situation, Dangyang casts secretly on the two princes. The current situation in Chenghan is uncertain and it is not worry

Zhao Guowei Wutang, originally a famous martial arts gate of our great Jin Dynasty, surrendered to the enemy and betrayed the country, the power in the Qin Dynasty cannot be underestimated

My Jiangdong martial arts is urgent, the Bazhou sect is divided”

Even I can hear his writing, which is truly majestic. He has conducted a detailed analysis of the martial arts situation in various places, and has a comprehensive response to all aspects and thoughts. In addition, it was easy to understand, and after the reading, the crowds in the audience applauded in unison.

In contrast, Xue Fanyun’s article has fallen behind. The faces of Gu Gongzi and Xue Fanyun were a little ugly.

Seeing Wen You standing proudly on the stage, he was quite like a martial arts leader.

I can’t see that he is not only good at martial arts, but also a bit of ingenuity.

The third is Lin Fang.

“What is meant by the north of Yizhou, the south of Rouran, the west of the East China Sea, and the east of Tuyuhun.

First fix Jiangdong, then map the world.

Separated forces, intertwined, supplemented by force, attacking the heart first

Water gang transportation, bandits and pirates, set up rules to recruit assistants, regardless of previous suspicions

One year, Jiangdong Wulin can be determined.

Huijiang Dongwu Lin’s power leads the military and is an outstanding soldier in the army; An Sifang is a bone-knack for rebellious officials; killing traitorous officials is for the emperor.

The martial arts sect in the world, either attacking or closing, the day when Da Jin regained control of the world, when the martial arts unified

The Jiangbei Mighty Hall, when it broke the city, killed countless royal loyalists. Jiangdong Martial Arts is established, the mighty hall will be punishable. “

If you say that Wen You’s strategy is comprehensive, informative, calm, and steady.

Lin Fang’s strategy is like a dagger, radiating cold light, directly into the heart of people.

Obviously, the story is full of cold tactics, but it makes people feel bloody and proud of the world

The abbot of Jiming Temple suddenly slapped the table and shouted: “Okay.”

With tears in her eyes, Xia Houying nodded with the governor.

The two civil servants looked at Gongzi Gu’s face and were about to say something

“Lin Gong Zi Gao Yi Wen Zi Su is ashamed of himself,” Wen You said word by word, and bowed to Lin Fang.

Lin Fang accepted it calmly.

Shen Yanzhi tutted twice: “Wen You really is behind the famous celebrity, this attitude”

I nodded, although Wen You conceded, it made me more admired than Lin Fang.

I gave a thumbs up in his direction. He is standing long, his eyes are straight ahead, but the corners of his mouth seem to be slowly bent.

That is an action that only I know well. Under his indifferent and proud appearance, there is a hidden warm and intimate smile.

Suddenly joy in my heart.

Lin Fang stood with his hands in his hands, his beautiful face was full of solemnity, and his eyebrows were full of ambition. He glanced calmly and gently, scanning slowly for a week.

That is a very strange temperament. It makes you admire, dare not look directly, but can’t help but trust, and even makes you enthusiastic about it.

“Wen Xuan Wen Xuan Wen Xuan Wen Xuan”

At first someone called his name. At first, they only sold the official wives on the stage, and then quickly gradually spread to the audience. Spread far away.

The whole Luoyan Mountain began to echo.

Reverberating a person’s name Lin Fang, Lin Wenxuan.

The abbot of Jiming Temple glanced at the two civil servants, and they nodded.

The governor exclaimed loudly: “Fifth round, Master Lin wins, first class”

His voice, like hot oil falling into a pot of boiling water, aroused a stronger echo.

The whole seemed to be ignited, and the crowd burst into more enthusiastic cheers.

The new martial arts leader, our leader, was born.

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