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Chapter 12 Universal Guardian

If it weren’t for insisting on participating in their discussions today, I don’t even know that the three of them have been so proficient in their cooperation less than ten days after the end of the martial arts conference.

Some people are born to be a kind of person.

Xia Houying handed over a booklet: “Wen Xuan, this is the information about Yixuan Sect and Qinghu Sect.”

Lin Fang took it, and said, “According to the previous discussion, after the trivial matters here are finished, we will prepare the staff and go to Guangzhou in November.”

Wen You said: “The Huangmen servant who asked me to investigate last time, this person is not suspicious, but the staff of the mighty general’s mansion, he seems to have contact with Zhao Guo.”

Lin Fang: “Xiahou, what do you think”

Xia Houying: “According to Zisu, this mighty general can’t stay.”

Lin Fang nodded: “Zisu shouldn’t move people in the court, you can send someone to do it.”

“it is good.”

“Xue Fanyun has agreed to be the leader of the Yangzhou branch, and our people have gone.”

“At present, the most troublesome is still Shuzhou, followed by Jiaozhou and Xuzhou”

“The pre-Qin treasure Wushuang jade pendant presented by Luohanmen, Zisu, find an opportunity and give it to Master Shaofu.

The night is getting deeper, and outside the carved window of the painting boat, there is the dark water of the Qinhuai River.

I couldn’t help but yawn.

A Qingrun voice came in: “Qinghong is tired”

It was Lin Fang.

After the martial arts conference, my feelings about Lin Fang became complicated.

A few days ago, the innocent boy who smirked and fished with me was like another person.

Xiahou said that his “seduce” to me that day, the bad idea of ​​Shi Gongzi, at that time he was controlled by Gu Gongzi, and he had no choice but to lie to my conjecture.

Even so, Lin Fang, who became famous in the martial arts conference, is no longer a person I can get close to at will.

“It’s not just the people or gangs you are talking about. I mostly don’t know it, let alone help.” I was telling the truth, too much information, and I was confused.

The three of them smiled at each other.

Wen You said: “The first time I saw you so humble, it’s really worthy of praise.”

Xia Houying said: “Hong’er, don’t worry, take your time. Let’s do these things first.”

But Lin Fang, who has always been cold and deep, said warmly: “My situation in martial arts is complicated, no wonder you. You are still young, and with your talents, you will be able to handle it in a few days and become a famous hero.”

Listening to these words of appreciation and encouragement, I have no regrets for Lin Fang’s death.

“Leader, you still have vision as expected,” I eagerly said.

He smiled slightly: “They are all his own, call me Wen Xuan or A Fang.”

Maybe they were too tired to talk, and they were quite interested in chatting with me.

“By the way, Hong’er has words,” Xiahou said.

My body became stiff: “Yes, it’s just”

Wen You seemed to be interested too, looking at me with piercing eyes.

“Hong’er is now also the protector of the lord, the daughter of martial arts. If there is a word, it is convenient to walk in the rivers and lakes.” Xiahou said.

“But” my name is taken by my father, which means “sword qi Qinghong”, but the word is taken by my mother, what good words can be taken by a woman

I can’t tell

“I can’t see that you are still reserved,” Wen You said, “Could it be that Qinghong can’t match us with words yet”

“Small print” I looked at my toes, “Meinu.”

Niang’s voice faintly sounded in her ears: “Hong’er, Niang will pick up the words for you, Mei Nu. Mother hopes that when you grow up, you will not only be a hero, but also a charming beauty, and be loved by your husband.”

“Meinu.” I said briskly, “words given by my mother.”

“Yeah” Lin Fang managed to suppress his smile, “it’s a word suitable for women. But when you walk around the rivers and lakes, this word is a bit more feminine.”

Wen You said: “It’s not suitable for her, she doesn’t have a girl’s feminine charm that makes Zhan Nu almost the same.” In his eyes, there was an uncontrollable smile.

I gave him a bad look.

And Xiahou, because of mentioning his senior sister, my mother, was completely lost in thought.

“There’s one more thing.” Lin Fang said, “Since you are here today, let’s say it together. We plan to let Xiahou accept you as a disciple.”

what? What

I was hit by two thousand taels of gold, overjoyed and unable to speak.

Xiahou had broken free from my mother’s remote love network and looked at me with calm and warm eyes.

“From now on, you have to call me Senior Brother.” Wen You’s voice was full of smiles, “Not yet called Master.”

He has come to Xiahou

I did not forget to give Wen You a look, and knelt down excitedly.

Knock over your head and serve tea, you are considered to be a formal apprenticeship.

Xiahou said with bright eyes: “Good boy, good.”

I thought about my mother again.

He drank tea, calmed down, and told me to stand up and say: “Accepting you two as disciples is not only what Wen Xuan means, but also what I mean. Zisu has already done many things for Wen Xuan now, and will enter the DPRK as an official. One can manage the internal and external relations between the government and the public; the second can protect the safety of the emperor; Qinghong, you are still young, and you should learn to do things first, mainly learning martial arts from the old man. The old man is often not in Wen Xuan and you are responsible for his safety. After everything is familiar, you slowly take over some tasks.”

“Yes” I nodded excitedly, all three of them looked at me with a smile.

“Isn’t called Senior Brother yet” Wen You said in my ear, “I got started earlier than you, and I am already 19 this year, but you are three years older, and martial arts are better than yours. Can’t you be your senior.”

It is rare for him to say so much in one breath.

I smiled and looked at him: “Who said your martial arts is better than me”

Xiahou seemed to think of something, pretending to be serious, and said: “Almost forgot. From now on, you two will not be allowed to fight again. Qinghong, your task now is to protect Wen Xuan’s safety.”

“Let the Warrior Woman protect me, a person who has no martial arts, but I feel wronged,” Lin Fang smiled.

“Dare not,” I said hurriedly, and the three of them were startled and laughed loudly.

The night of the Qinhuai River has always been gorgeous.

And when I watched these three people who call the wind and the rain in today’s martial arts, talking and laughing in front of me, I suddenly felt that the night seemed very peaceful and warm.

In the future, will I be able to become like them, proudly facing the martial arts hero instead of just a martial arts woman

I can’t wait.

Outside of the Great Jin Dynasty, from time to time there were news that a certain enemy general “died out of a sudden illness”, which made the military attaches of the court ecstatic;

Some grass bandits around the capital began to decrease gradually;

The leaders of a few arrogant and arrogant sects will disappear overnight;

Near the prefectures and counties, several new restaurants opened silently.

I think that not only the martial arts of Da Jin, but also the northern and western martial arts, can detect that the new martial arts leader of the Da Jin, Lin Fang, began to clean up the divided Jiangdong martial arts.

In just one month, the Jiangdong martial arts people who had originally mocked and despised Lin Fang’s frailty did not dare to mention the word “Lin Fang” at will.

And Wen You and I also started to learn martial arts under Master Xiahou.

When the master handed me the Poran sword score, he said with some nostalgia: “This is the sword technique created by my junior brother, and it is unparalleled in the world. It’s just that the junior brother died young, if he is still alive, now my cultivation level must be above me. From now on, you two will practice according to this sword book.”

Admiring the strange man who died young, I opened the sword book with joy.

The sword book is old and only has one copy, and Wen You who is standing next to me can’t help but stretch his head to look.

Sure enough, the master was partial, and the only one gave it to me directly.

I was about to say graciously that I would give Wen You after reading it, but I didn’t expect that Master said as a matter of course: “Zi Su is away all day, Qing Hong, you have nothing to do, please help him copy a copy these few days.”

Wen You said slowly: “Thank you, Junior Sister. I hope Junior Sister can quickly copy it. I will leave Jiankang to do business in two days, and just take the sword sheet for reference.”

I looked at the hundreds of pages of complicated swordsmanship, silently

I really want to smash the sword on his head.

Master and Wen You are often so busy that no one is seen all day. Most of the time, I practiced martial arts in Xiahou Mansion alone.

The cultivation base is advancing by leaps and bounds.

In addition to martial arts training, I followed Lin Fang’s instructions to beat Wen You and Master.

for example:

As a thug, follow a senior to subdue the gangsters who occupy the mountain as king in Yangzhou

In Jiankang City, the new restaurant we used to collect news secretly was about to open, and I was called to help clean the house;

Master’s disciple was injured, I helped take care of it;

The abbot of Jiming Temple secretly sponsored Lin Fang two hundred gold. I pretended to be a pilgrim and went to the temple to withdraw money.

Errands, juggling, thugs

One month later, I also became the universal protector of Lin Fang’s forces.

When I went to Jiming Temple to fetch gold, I saw the abbot who had not seen him for many days.

Throwing the gold to me, the old man glanced at me, and suddenly said: “Zhan Brodie and Su Qianhong’s daughter”

“Yeah. You know my parents”

It’s broken, it won’t have anything to do with my mother, but it shouldn’t be the same depending on the age

“Your mother will have a smooth life, and she will be safe under your father’s protection.” The abbot glanced at me lightly, “Giving a daughter, life is so rough.”

It took me a while to react. The disgust for him rose to the climax in an instant, twisted the gold, turned his head and left.

“But” his voice came from behind, “After all, there is still a hero.”

“What?” I turned around and looked at him curiously.

“It’s a simple girl.” He closed his eyes and said, “For your parents’ sake, I would like to advise you: Everything is predestined and you can’t force it.”

This old monk showed his appetite.

Does he still meet

I was not fooled, Shi Shiran flew down the mountain holding the gold.

However, he was still a little nervous, and happened to encounter a “Chen Tiezui” fortune-telling booth at the market below the top of the mountain. The appearance of Xianfeng Dao bones is much stronger than the old and weak appearance of the abbot of Jiming Temple.

I couldn’t help but leaned forward.

He said that I was hit by the rich and the rich, especially the marriage.

So the feeling of anxiety over a few words from the head of Jiming Temple was wiped out.

At the end of October, Wen You returned to Jiankang.

But I haven’t seen him for a few days, how can I think he’s a bit taller?

Seeing him laughing weird in the sun, even the “jue” on his waist flashed through.

I couldn’t help itching my hands and tried to pull him.

I thought I had a lot of time to practice these days, and I would definitely beat him.

Unexpectedly, he was also “being admired for three days,” and he was superb with his sword skills.

After fighting for more than 300, his internal force shook my “Juan” flying

I actually lost

Sitting down under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, Jue sighed, stroking my head: “Je ah Jue, I can’t help you, because your skills are not as good as others, you lost to Yu again.”

Sitting on the side, Wen You grabbed a handful of leaves from the ground and threw them on my head: “Girl, I practice hard every night. If you beat me, tell me where to put this brother’s face”

It’s okay if he doesn’t say that, when he says that I almost have the heart to kill, even though I haven’t killed anyone.

Don’t I practice hard every day, why can’t I beat him?

Suddenly I remembered that there is a very difficult trick on the sword book, I have learned most of it. If you have been proficient in these few days, you will be able to beat him

“Come back in two days” I said viciously, “The loser must listen to the winner.”

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