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Chapter 15 New Clothes

I didn’t have any serious problems. I got out of bed and walked on the second day of injury. Just under the cotton jacket, gauze wrapped a few small wounds.

After dozens of days, the wound will scar.

But Lin Fang fell down instead.

As a result of the diagnosis, it turned out to be injured by two sword qi that day, and it took ten days to recover before he could recover.

I leaned on the door and looked at the pale and weak lord leader, remembering his strange posture that three fingers pinched the hilt of the sword that day, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

From a distance, Wen You wandered over, followed by the leader of the ball.

Cat crying mouse false mercy

I curled my lips, carried my sword into the room, and stood by Lin Fang’s bed.

“Leader, you old man, it’s okay whether the injury is serious or not?” The ball leader almost knelt down with his nose and tears, and grabbed Lin Fang’s hand with a sad expression.

Lin Fang calmly withdrew his hand: “Don’t worry, Master Cao, I’m fine.”

“That’s good.” The leader of the ball gritted his teeth, “Who is it that dared to attack the leader of the martial arts, and I can’t make it to Cao Yang.”

I silently spoke to Wen You who was standing by: “Shameless”

His face was sinking like water, but the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he took a step forward, held up the leader of the ball, and said softly: “Leader Cao is interested.”

The leader of the ball was taken aback for a moment, broke free from Wen You’s hand, and shouted loudly at Lin: “Leader, it is said that I did it outside now. Your old man wants to be the master for me. It really wasn’t me. , Don’t have the guts”

Lin Fang was silent for a moment, and raised his hand to wipe off the saliva sprayed on his face by the leader of the ball.

If it were not for us to have conclusive evidence, I really want to believe that he is innocent.

The martial arts routines of those who attack day and night are very complicated.

It seems that they deliberately conceal the pedigree of the school, the Yixuan Sect, the Qinghu Sect, and even the Zhanjia and Lin’s moves are all used.

But there is one person whose martial arts routines can’t hide anyone.

That beastly man.

He recruited his fate and couldn’t cover up his path.

What he uses is the knife technique of Yixuanism. It is also the jerk that the leader of the ball is famous for.

It’s just that I believe that no one can make that set of swordsmanship as murderous as him, including his leader.

“Master Cao is too worried.” Lin Fang said gently, “We have already figured out the martial arts routines of the people that day, and I will definitely find out about this.”

Guru Cao looked at ease, repeatedly expressing his loyalty, and let Lin Fang feel at ease to heal his wounds, leaving a thousand dollars and leaving.

“Leader, your injury is worth a thousand dollars” I joked.

Lin Fang picked up the bag of money and divided it into two. One of them was handed to Wen You: “Leave it to Mr. Accountant.”

Another copy was handed to me: “Take it, girl’s house, go buy some clothes.”

I took the money bag excitedly under Wen You’s disapproving eyes.

In the fierce battle yesterday, I ruined another suit. Although it was men’s clothing, it was good material.

It suddenly occurred to me that the only two good women’s outfits I had were gifts from Lin Fang.

This Lin Fang is really a confidant

Unlike some people, I waved the money bag at Wen You as if I was showing off.

He looked at me contemptuously.

ignore him

I carried my purse and returned to the room cautiously, Xiao Lan’s sharp eyes, and a burst of cheers.

“Wait,” Xiao Lan hurriedly called.

“I’m busy, let’s talk about it later” My current duty is to protect Lin Fang every step of the way.

When I went to Lin Fang’s room to earn money, I saw someone coming from far away.

A closer look revealed that it was Li Muzhong, the nouveau riche Qinghu faction.

He came here for the same purpose as the leader of the ball.

When he repeatedly stated that he had nothing to do with the night attack, and also gave Lin Fang a thousand dollars to buy some supplements, Lin Fang smiled and said, “Head Li, you are bothering. It is also time for me to find aspirations in Guangzhou. The same people work together to create a new situation in Guangzhou Wulin.”

The head of Li was flushed with excitement, and he trembled: “Li must live up to the love of the leader”

Watching him walk out of the inn, I curled my lips: “Leader, didn’t you choose him, although he has nothing to do with the night attack, but he and his sect killed countless women in Guangzhou and carried dozens of lives.”

Lin Fang glanced at me and continued to close his eyes to rest.

Wen You glanced at me and picked up the money on the table.

These two people seem to have a secret tacit understanding, and they are different from me.

Am I asking a silly question

Where are the joints

I hugged “Yue”, looking at the sky and meditating.

Back to the room at noon, Xiaolan saw me and jumped up: “Why did you come back?”

“Why?” I wondered, “I haven’t seen you for a while, don’t you still miss Ben”

She pushed me to the bed: “You will be so happy to see this”

, Showing a set of clothes.

A pink gauze shirt with wide and large sleeves, a short snow-white rabbit fur coat, a long danbi skirt with multiple gauze, and a dark red waistband.

There is no loss of beauty in the light, even if it is placed there quietly, I feel elegant and moving.

“It was sent by Young Master Wen in the morning.” Xiaolan couldn’t help but reach out to touch the shirt.

My mind and mind seemed to stop for a moment.

Looking at the gentle and moving clothes again, there seemed to be something slowly spreading from my chest to my whole body.

It was an idea, an idea that I must realize right away.

I started to undress.

“You are going to wear it now” Xiao Lan looked at me in surprise, “Don’t you still want to protect Young Master Lin?

“Little Lan” I said while taking off, “You are really boring.”

It’s changed.

I stand in front of the bronze mirror. In the dazzling mirror, it looked pretty good.

“Little Blue, look good”

Xiaolan was so excited that she almost shed tears: “It looks good, it looks best.”

I am speechless, this is her habitual tone of flattering, which is as fake as the real.

“Let me comb your hair again”

“No.” A man’s updo was still on his head.

This time Xiaolan insisted very much and pulled off my headscarf.

My hair fell and she helped me to comb it again.

“Qinghong, Qinghong”

It was Wen You’s voice that came from Lin Fangfang.

About what made me discuss it in the past.

“Use your brilliance to blind their eyes” Xiaolan was fighting high.

I proudly said: “Of course”

But in my heart, I have never worn such a beautiful and arrogant clothes, is it a bit strange

However, the guardian of the martial arts leader, the fairy attacking the cloud, the Xiahou sect, and the Zhanjia Zhan Qinghong have always been unmatched

With a “clam,” I pushed open Lin Fang’s door vigorously and walked in with a swagger.

“Bang” The tea cup in someone’s hand fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

He is a strange young man.

Only then did I realize that there were two strangers in the room, one old and one young. Together with Lin Fang and Wen You, the four of them sat at the round table, all staring at me.

Round table

Lin Fang was not well, so he got out of bed early.

He sat there looking at me weakly, his dark eyes calm and quiet.

Wen You sat next to Lin Fang, eyes straight.

The two strangers next to him, the old are strong, the young are beautiful.

Oops, I didn’t know if there were guests, my dress up scared them

Suddenly embarrassed, I turned my head and left.

“This girl is” an old voice sounded.

“This is the protector of the leader, Zhan Qinghong. Qinghong come here. I have seen Senior Qiu.” Lin Fang said in a deep voice.

I looked back: “Senior Qiu”

The old man who was about seventy years old smiled and said, “It’s not difficult to go to Qiu’s house.”

“It’s not difficult for you to be Qiu” I suddenly became excited, and my embarrassment was thrown away.

Qiu is not difficult, the legendary figure of martial arts fifty years ago, the boss of martial arts in Guangzhou. He is upright, righteous, and outstanding in martial arts. However, she was deceived by the cult woman, somehow she lost all martial arts, and was wiped out in martial arts.

This is a rare gossip in martial arts for many years, I am very interested

The beautiful young man who broke the cup before “Xia Qiu An” blushed.

“He is the young grandson of Senior Qiu.” Wen You explained.

“Qiu Shaoxia, polite” I hurriedly handed over.

Qiu An smiled, his face gentle and close.

It turns out that the power of the Qiu family is far from the ideal metaphysical sect and the Qinghu sect. Lin Fang intends to support it

I looked at Qiu An, who was gentle and handsome, and he really didn’t look like a tyrant.

It’s just that when discussing some details with Lin Fang and others, the occasional glint in his eyes makes me keenly aware: Maybe Lin Fang is right, he can do it

Every time I look at him, his eyes will glance over very quickly and meet mine.

I smiled at him.

He even blushed and turned his head hurriedly.

It was Wen You who looked back at me with contempt when he sent Qiu An and the others away.

I knew it would be strange for me to wear this dress

But, isn’t this from you?

I can’t help staring at him bitterly

He smiled when he saw the look in my eyes.

Our aid, money, weapons, and news began to quietly arrive at Qiu’s house.

There are rumors that Yixuanjiao is the murderer of the night attack and Lin Fang intends to support the Qinghu faction.

These days, Lin Fang has been fine, and under the protection of everyone, he often visits the boundaries of Guangzhou.

It has attracted a lot of admirers and crowded in front of our inn every day, hoping to see the fairy face.

But he didn’t expect that Lin Fang just went out like this, and several local big players took the initiative to sponsor the martial arts leader thousands of dollars.

I feel more and more that Lin Fang is a perfect fit for this martial arts leader

While Lin Fang wandered around, the tasks of Wen You and I were extremely low.

We must pretend to be Yixuanism and maliciously and continuously harass the Qinghu sect.

This action includes various acts: robbery, robbing, stealing, making trouble

It is not difficult for us to use the profound martial arts of Yixuanjiao.

As a result, inconspicuous traces were left everywhere, and the spearhead was directed at Yixuanism.

There were always quarrels between the two sects, but under our intentional encouragement, large-scale fighting began to erupt.

Therefore, some people think that the time to unify Guangzhou is ripe.

The head of the nouveau riche of the Blue Tiger faction approached the door and whimpered: “Leader, you must be the master for me”

Lin Fang hesitated again and again: “Is it wrong? Doesn’t the outsider say that I help you even though you and I are so speculative”

“But his Yixuanism deceives people too much” the head of the upstart hate it.

Lin Fang was embarrassed for a long time, and said, “Well, I’ll be a peacemaker, and you two sects will make it clear face to face. I will also invite the leaders of the various sects in Cangwu City to come over to be a testimony. What do you think?”

“Mukuro will apologize unless he asks him to pour tea.” The head of the upstart is aggressive.

“If he did it, I will definitely let him apologize to you in front of the martial arts people in Guangzhou.” Lin Fangxin vowed.

Watching the head of the upstart, Wen You and I sat down next to Lin Fang.

“Zisu, post a hero post,” Lin Fang said thoughtfully, “it’s time.”

Yes, it is time to unify Guangzhou.

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