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Chapter 17 Seriously Injured

Isn’t he a member of Yixuanjiao? Why is he here?

“You killed my lord” he asked me, his voice low and calm.

Seeing me stunned, he asked again: “Did you kill Li Muxi”

I looked at him and nodded.

His eyes were cold and he said, “I want your life.”

The light of the knife, like wind and thunder, came towards me overwhelmingly

I tried my best to block his sword with my sword

His tricks are not complicated, and sometimes I can even guess the next trick. But I couldn’t resist it. His sword was too strong, too domineering, too desperate, and I was forced to retreat again and again.

There seems to be something wrong, but I can’t figure it out clearly.

I was forced to the corner.

He was very close to me, staring at me closely, murderous intent in his dark eyes.

“Take it to death,” he said. As soon as his voice fell, my jun was shaken by his knife and flew out.

With great strength, he pressed my injured right shoulder with one hand, and I screamed, and the pain instantly filled me and couldn’t move.

His sword, like an endless sea, whizzed down towards my head.

My mind was blank, staring at him in a daze.

Did not fall.

The knife did not fall.

His hair lightly touched my ear, his eyes flashed in surprise, and he closed the knife: “Woman”

Only then did I realize that my hair, which was originally tied like a man, had fallen on my shoulders because of his sword energy.

His dark eyes glanced at me and said, “My sword does not kill women. But if you killed my master, I must take revenge.”

He pressed his hand on my shoulder, quickly closed his palm and squeezed his fist to lift his breath, and then patted my chest with a heavy palm.

This palm is more condensed of his strength than his one.

My chest seemed to be hit hard by a sledgehammer, and it was painful, and my internal organs seemed to be displaced in disorder.

His dark eyes looked at me coldly, like a dead body.

“I won’t die,” I said loudly, but found that my voice was so small that I couldn’t lift it up.

With all my strength, I hit him with my fists.

He kept looking at me with cold eyes.

I suddenly understood that he wanted to watch me die slowly.

“Don’t think about it,” I scolded, but couldn’t lift the strength anymore, and slowly leaned on the column and slipped down.

It hurts so much inside the body

He walked slowly in front of me, I raised my head, and saw him standing in the dark, slowly raising my palm towards my Tianling Gai.

In my heart, despair and unwillingness are overwhelming.

Under the moonlight, a sword light, a sword light as fast as lightning, whizzed by silently.

The storm was normal, and it came straight.

He was actually forced to take a step back by this fierce offensive.

I saw that the sword in his hand was strong and confronted the person.

I raised my eyes vaguely and saw Wen You standing there with his sword, staring at the man closely, his eyes like burning flames.

The two fought very quickly, the two black figures moved like wind, the color of white swords shining like electricity, and the sound of gold and stone was endless.

“Zisu, you are too slow” I said in a low voice, and there was a burst of fishy sweetness in my throat.

I slowly fell down, but saw a black figure, quickly pulled away from the group of black shadows, and rushed towards me.

I fell into a warm embrace.

“Don’t be stupid girl” I heard a hysterical voice.

Reluctantly raising my head, I saw a sad face.

His eyes were full of tears, and his hands were there.

He is the youngest son of Master Wen, the son of Master Wen appreciated by the emperor, the most proud foreign disciple of the Wuji Sect in Liangzhou, and the famous deputy leader of martial arts.

But as he is now, his eyes are red and his face is hideous.

His hair was messed up, and his hands hugged me tightly, as hot as a soldering iron.

It’s so pitiful, so pitiful that makes people feel bad.

Zisu, I won’t die.

I moved my lips, but found that I could no longer make a sound.

On his face, long eyelashes quivered, and big tears slipped down.

Behind him, the man raised the knife and with fierce energy, it slashed over our heads.

My eyes went dark and I fell into deep darkness.

Vaguely, only a familiar voice was heard, calling my name harshly.

I want to open my eyes, but the light is so dazzling.

This little blue, didn’t I tell her that I have to draw the curtain during my nap?

Close your eyes hard, then open them again.

The eyes were blurred for a while, and finally I saw clearly that Lin Fang was sitting next to my bed.

By my bed.

As the saying goes, men and women don’t get married. Although the lord of the leader used to force me when he was a puppet enthusiastically. But after that, he didn’t treat me as a woman.

I looked at the always cold eyes of the lord leader, and they seemed to be full of surprises and warmth.

“What does the leader do?” I asked.

As soon as I heard it, there was a dull pain in my chest, painful into my internal organs.

Lin Fang was taken aback for a rare moment, and said, “Don’t speak Qinghong, it’s been five days, you finally woke up. Excellent.”

I just remembered that I was seriously injured. I actually survived

Thinking of that night, that beast-like eyes, that dull palm, and Wen You’s distraught face.

Sad and happy in my heart.

I opened my mouth and asked, but saw Lin Fang stretched out his hand and covered my mouth: “Don’t worry, Zisu is not injured. I will call him and Xiahou over immediately.”

I nodded, and the stone fell in my heart.

Lin Fang stood up, turned around, walked a few steps, and stopped again.

He turned around and looked at me, his eyes calm and firm: “Qinghong, next time you encounter this kind of thing, don’t try to behave, you must learn to escape. An enemy is not worth your life.”

I was taken aback for a moment, lord, didn’t I work hard for you?

He looked at me with warm eyes: “The unification of martial arts is important, but it is not as important as the partners who fight side by side with me. A mere Guangzhou is not as good as you and Zisu, either.”

What he said made me feel extremely incomparable.

Thank you, lord.


A black figure swept over my bed like a whirlwind.

Wen You still looks pretty good in the past, standing in front of me, looking down at me.

Qingjun’s face was tightly pressed. There seemed to be a thousand words, but he looked directly at me silently, his eyes burning.

“You are awake,” he whispered, “it couldn’t be better.”

I tried to make a smile.

He sat down next to my bed, stretched out his hand, his warm fingers touched my face, and when he touched it, he was emblazoned with “Don’t talk, don’t laugh. It will take some time for your meridians to come back.”

I frowned and put on a bitter face.

The corners of his mouth curled up: “Girl, no one is more heartless than you.”

I pouted and snorted in my nose.

In my heart, I was extremely happy.

Zisu, you are not injured, this is the best thing.

The sun moved westward little by little, and the sunlight was no longer so glaring.

The warm light shines in the house, shines, shines on me and him.

He slowly stretched out his hand and gently held mine.

Suddenly I felt a puff of blood rushing to the top of my head, and I wanted to draw it back, but I didn’t have the strength. He noticed my slight tremor and grabbed my hand tighter.

This guy who is in danger

He looked at me sideways, and the sunlight shone from behind him, making his silhouette very dim and soft.

“Qinghong” he looked at me with burning eyes, “you only need to remember when you encounter this kind of thing in the future.”

I was stunned, but like Lin Fang again, do you persuade me not to be aggressive?

“You just have to remember that everything is mine.”

You just need to remember that everything is mine.

Everything has you, Zisu.

My heart warmed, my brain heated up, my eyes went dark, and I fainted.

The sky in Guangzhou is colder than the other day.

It was the 20th of the twelfth lunar month in an instant.

Looking out through the window, the door is covered with whiteness everywhere.

“Xiao Lan came in in a blue dress, pushing the door, “The snow here is not as thick as at home. As soon as the sun comes out, most of it melts.”

I watched the snow stains on her head and said, “The snow is so small, you go to the snowball fight”

She chuckled: “Talk is better than nothing.”

This sentence successfully made her feel sad

Yesterday, I was able to get out of bed, and I even felt that my luck was all right.

But Master, Lin Fang, and Wen You all asked me to rest for another three to five days before I could go out.

Drinking various sweet or salty porridges from Guangzhou every day, I almost vomit

“Little Lan” I looked at her seriously, “I’m going crazy at your house. Let me go out today.”

Xiaolan looked at me sadly: “It’s not good, lord, they let me watch you don’t run around.”

“Who is your master” I took out fifty dollars from my little baggage, “Here, we spend today”

Xiaolan cheered and took it: “Wise”

The saint said, money can make ghosts push

After discovering that they were all in the front hall discussing matters, Xiaolan and I swaggered out of the room.

Along the way, I met the silent and introverted guards under the master, and all of them were surprised: “Dharma protector, you are great.”

I nodded.

Seeing everyone’s true joy on their faces, my heart is also warm and happy.

We live in Qiu’s house now.

Of course, the Qiu family took over most of the two industries, Yixuan and Qinghu.

Passing through a corridor, I stopped.

Turning around, there is a room on the right, with doors and windows closed, no different from other rooms.

But it was still different. There was a breath of murderous aura that made me despair.

Xiao Lan panicked and grabbed my shirt: “You are not good yet”

“He’s here” I squinted at Xiao Lan, her expression changed.

I threw away Xiao Lan and strode towards the room.

“Don’t go over.” Xiaolan didn’t dare to stop me, and followed closely.

“Don’t worry,” I smiled. “If you don’t worry, call Master and the others.”

Xiaolan watched me reach out to push the door, stomped her foot, and ran away to move the soldiers.

The door opened with a creak.

The room was dim, and a tall figure sat in the room and raised his head.

I looked at his silent eyes, and my heart still couldn’t help shaking. Even now, his hands and feet are firmly fixed to the iron bed railings by iron chains.

It turned out he was captured by us. I just don’t know how tragic the scene of capturing him after I passed out that day.

Seeing that it was me, he seemed a little surprised, but he didn’t say anything.

“So you are not dead” I said.

He glanced at me and said, “You want to kill or cut, whatever.”

I smiled, leaned on the door, and looked at him with my breasts folded.

He simply stopped looking at me, and lay down, his arms and legs rattling.

“Hello” I said, “I want to compete with you. If you win, I will let you know if I win.”

He sat up suddenly and looked at me in shock.

I’m upset, what should I do if I win

“If you win, kill or slash, whatever you want,” he said.

I looked at him contemptuously: “I want to kill or pluck right now. It’s also casual. If I win, I will naturally take advantage. Then, you will worship me as a teacher.”

He was silent for a moment, and said: “Please” his fierce eyes swept across my face.

I waved and split his hands and feet.

“A word is settled” I said.

He glanced at me indifferently, walked to the weapon rack in the courtyard, and lifted a big knife.

I calmly watched his gesture.

Zhan Qinghong, you can definitely beat him, definitely

The sword in my hand seemed to spontaneously lead me to make moves.

There is no doubt about the belief in victory.

After waking up that day, the master came to me.

“Qinghong, do you know why you were defeated” Master said, “In fact, his martial arts training is not as good as you, but you can’t defeat him. If you don’t know what the problem is, you won’t be able to defeat him in your life. . You are forced by his murderous aura and will, you forgot your sword.”

You forgot your sword.

This sentence is like a heavy hammer, hammering in my heart.

Sword and man are one, man and sword are one.

How did i forget

After lying down for a few days, I went through his moves countless times in my mind, figured out the origin and destination of each move, and figured out how to crack each move.

After everything was so familiar to me, I didn’t even think about his moves at all, I completely forgot.

I only have my swordsmanship in my heart, the cloud attacking swordsmanship and the breaking swordsmanship.

I suddenly felt that he could never beat me again.

He was like a black storm, accompanied by an angry shout, and slashed him.

I tapped my toes, leaped into the air and landed half a foot away from his side, avoiding his attack.

He was startled slightly, then attacked again.

After avoiding his several attacks, his offensive was obviously not as aggressive as he started.

I smiled and cast the cloud attack sword, fighting with him.

His sword is fast, accurate, and ruthless, murderous and reckless.

But if our trick is to lead all the duels, it would be different.

My sword can be faster than him. Before he made a move, he blocked his way, preemptively, forcing him to change his moves. The aggressive offensive at first was dragged and weakened by me.

It’s strange that when I fought him, I didn’t think of this way

With his face, I became more comfortable.

“Let go” I gave a violent shout, a sword slashed the big knife in his hand, and his right elbow hit his chest, and immediately raised his hand and punched him in the heart.

He was also stiff, he didn’t throw away the knife, but was struck back by me a few steps, covering his chest and spitting out a mouthful of blood.

He is hurt in his inner qi, and he has no strength to fight back today.

I won.

In the future, he will never be able to beat me again.

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