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Chapter 18 Sweetheart

“Good” someone shouted in unison.

Only then did I discover that Master, Lin Fang, Wen You and dozens of seniors had already arrived at the courtyard.

Xiao Lan stood in front of the crowd, her expression nervous.

“You lose” I walked over.

He looked down at the ground: “You killed my lord, I can’t recognize the thief as the father.”

“Your lord” I looked at him, he was still so young, he looked as old as me, “Let you start from elementary school Yi Xuan Wu Gong, let you be a pawn for him and Yi Xuan Jiao to compete for territory, you still regard him as yours Lord”

“When I was a child, my enemy was chased and killed. It was the Lord who saved my life.” He said, “Since I was a child. You kill me. Otherwise I will kill you one day.”

Behind them, the seniors were shocked, “Do you think we dare not kill you” someone angered.

“Huo Yang, you are a rare martial arts genius. You don’t want to be the right way for the martial arts, for me to make great achievements,” the master stepped up and looked at him.

It turned out that his name was Huo Yang.

He looked at my master in confusion: “What do these have to do with me?”

I squatted down and met his beastly eyes: “You know why you were chased by enemies in your childhood home because of the Guangzhou martial arts, being held by treacherous men and losing justice and justice. And the martial arts we will build in the future is Different.”

He raised his head.

I said: “My lover, do you want to take a look as your teacher, what kind of real martial arts looks like”

Cangwu City is really prosperous, and the streets are still bustling in such cold weather.

The blue sky, the gray wall and the white snow, and the black gold plaque are the Qiu family.

Countless young people come in and out.

There are young men in Jinyi and shabby boys, all with excited and expectant expressions on their faces.

I caught one person: “My son, why are so many people here”

The simple boy raised his voice: “Don’t you know that the Qiu family sent out hero posts to the entire Guangzhou, recruiting disciples.”

“so what”

“The Qiu family promised that the future of Guangzhou martial arts will promote justice and will never bully the weak and the people. It will cultivate a group of talents for Guangzhou and the court. Now in troubled times, it is the time when the big man made his merits and no longer looked like the former Yixuan. When the cults and the Blue Tiger faction dominate the martial arts, they will only rob, bully men and women, and poison living beings. This is a rare good thing in Guangzhou martial arts in a century.

Although the young man had a great theory that was inconsistent with his age, he still went happily.

I looked at Huo Yang, his face tense.

Wen You and I looked at each other and brought him Qiu’s family.

From a distance, I saw Qiu An standing in front of the crowd in Tsing Yi, holding this booklet.

“Qiu An” I said loudly.

When Qiu An saw us, his eyes lit up, his eyes swept across Huo Yang, and he paused for a while, but didn’t ask much.

Sure enough, he was a good young man with great city government.

“Qiu An, what are you up to?” I asked.

Qiu An took a deep look at me: “Girl Zhan, you are all well”

I nodded.

“Jiumou hasn’t thanked Girl Zhan for giving up her life to save her life that day” he made a repetitive gesture.

“Hey, where and where, I don’t know that I will be hurt so badly.” Otherwise, I won’t be saved.

He was stunned, and then smiled: “Girl Zhan is fine, so Qiu is relieved. I don’t know what you can do today.”

“Nothing, let’s go around here and there.” I said, “What are you up to?”

“Oh” he held up the booklet in his hand, “I’m calculating the innocent cruelty to the martial arts school by the Yixuan and Qinghu factions over the past few decades. I want to find their descendants.”

Huo Yang by my side suddenly shook his body and snatched the book from him.

He touched a line on the booklet with his finger: “Panyu Huo’s family, fifty-six mouths were slaughtered to Yixuan and Qinghu.”

“How did this come?” He grabbed Qiu An’s neckline fiercely.

Qiu An’s face was solemn and calmly said: “We have captured the Qinghu faction sect person, there are still people who saw the Huo family tragedy 15 years ago.”

Huo Yang looked at Qiu An in disbelief. Qiu An said with a frank expression: “The Huo family is a hero, but can’t end well. This is the regret of Guangzhou Wulin.”

Huo Yang stared at the words on the booklet with a bit of sullen and confusion.

The whole family was slaughtered, but the youngest surviving son was raised by the enemy. This is the preferred routine of legendary stories in martial arts. It’s just that I didn’t expect it to happen to us today.

I looked at Qiu An, but noticed that he was confident and nodded at me with a smile.

It suddenly dawned on me that he had already collected these news. Today, we must get the news that we are coming over in advance, and we will use it.

The person Lin Fang picked was really extraordinary.

On the way back, I looked at Huo Yang: “If you really feel reluctant, forget it, you go.”

He looked up at me, his eyes were too bright: “I am with you. I want to follow you to see the world martial arts.”

I was excited and grabbed his hand, but Wen You frowned and patted it off.

Huo Yang glanced at Wen You, but made no sound.

Wen You looked indifferent.

This situation

I smiled and said, “Apprentice, this is your Wen You Wen Zi and Uncle Su, don’t be awkward.”

“I don’t recognize him as an uncle.”

“I’m not his uncle.”

Both retorted at the same time.

I stayed for a while, these two people have hatred. Huo Yang has already abandoned the previous complaint.

I turned to Huo Yang: “Zisu is my senior brother, of course you want to call him uncle. Do you have an enemy with him”

Huo Yang looked at Wen You coldly, and said word by word: “He wants to kill me.”

Wen You said, “That’s right.”

I only heard Huo Yang say: “He almost killed me that day.”

I looked at Wen You in surprise. He looked at me with a gloomy expression: “He almost killed you.”

It’s no wonder that Wen You doesn’t speak much along the way.

But in my heart, I still couldn’t help but slowly let out my sweet feelings.

“You two” I said with arms akimbo, “Isn’t I good now?”

“Good” Wen You grabbed my shoulder, “Do you know, if it wasn’t for your golden silk armor, you would have long ago”

Huo Yang let out a “Huh” aside and said, “No wonder”

I also suddenly realized that it’s no wonder I got a palm but it’s okay, but the right shoulder got a stab wound

It turns out that the hole armor that my half-aged milf gave me is still useful

“Anyway, I’m fine now” I patted Wen You’s shoulder comfortingly.

He snorted, turned to Huo Yang and said, “Hereday, if I find that you are unruly towards Qinghong, I will smash you into pieces.”

Huo Yang had two flames in his eyes and cursed: “Although she is your sweetheart, she is also my master. Since Huo Yang has worshipped this master today, I have been able to save the gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain.”

He was talking nonsense on my face, so I didn’t dare to look at Wen You.

For a long while, everyone didn’t speak, I thought about saying something to break the awkwardness.

But Wen You slowly said to Huo Yang: “It’s good if you know.”

He said, you know it.

I immediately forgot what I was going to say.

The twenty-third of the twelfth lunar month, heavy snow.

When Xiaolan was holding a bowl of hot eight-treasure porridge and ran into the house happily, I was suddenly shocked

It turned out to be closed in recent years.

Guangzhou has been decided, it is too far away from Beijing Road. During the New Year, going to other states and counties to eradicate dissidents does not seem very kind.

So a group of us had to spend the New Year in Guangzhou boringly.

It was just the method Lin put in Guangzhou, and it really succeeded in deterring the entire Jiangdong Wulin.

There are constantly sending various gifts and letters from other states to show their loyalty.

If you catch a young martial artist in the street, he will tell you: Today’s Jiangdong Wulin can despise the court, but no one dares to despise Lin Fang.

Lin Fang’s road to calm down the martial arts has already succeeded for most of it.

I turned out the letter from the family I received when I was in Jiankang, and read it again.

Dad said, remember to go home for the New Year.

I originally wanted to calm down Guangzhou and go home. But the accidental injury will last a few days, and now it is too late anyway.

After coming to Guangzhou, I went home for two letters, but I didn’t receive a reply.

Presumably, my parents are used to the days without me, sad.

Unexpectedly, this stunned mood lasted for three days in one breath.

Even Huo Yang, who was as fierce as a wolf, came over and asked me: “Master, why are you wilting?”

I sighed, how could he understand the girl’s mind.

It was Wen You who drove away Huo Yang and looked at me condescendingly: “Girl, I’m homesick”

I was stunned, looked at his gentle eyes, and nodded.

He touched my head: “So naive.”

“Where am I naive”

He looked contemptuous: “Everywhere is naive”

Seeing the back of him turning and leaving, I only feel that the man is so fickle that it is heinous that this is the person who shed tears for me that day is simply bullying me for pleasure

So I ate dinner with anger. Unexpectedly, Master saw me and praised me: “Hong’er is quite energetic today.”

Lin Fang also praised: “The complexion has improved a lot.”

On the side, Wen You smiled unpredictably.

I looked at Lin Fang: “Wen Xuan, you seem to be thin again. Don’t work too hard.”

He was wrapped in a white fur coat, but he became thinner and thinner. A face is white and transparent, two dark eyebrows are faintly blue, and thin lips are reddish, and the complexion becomes snowy.

To initiate a murder overnight, it takes him how much effort he needs to do before and after the incident. Although I have little involvement, I also understand that his strategy, his exquisiteness, and his cruel heart are only exchanged for today’s Guangzhou martial arts preliminary decision.

Lin Fang smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay. It’s you, you can’t go back to Jingzhou to celebrate the New Year, and you are wronged.”

“It doesn’t matter. Didn’t you also go home for the New Year?”

The master laughed and said: “Hong’er, Wen Xuan and I are both homeless people and we are used to wandering. Zisu has also been away from home to practice martial arts in Liangzhou over the years. How would we care about you, the first time Leave home.”

I suffocated and said slowly: “This year we will all celebrate the New Year together. We are relatives.”

Several people did not speak. Tears flickered in Master’s eyes, and even Wen You’s eyes were warm when he looked at me.

I weighed my tone and said: “Since you all agree, then I am the youngest, you should all give me red envelopes in the New Year, Huo Yang, you are older than me, you must give red envelopes.”

Huo Yang, an obscure lover who has always lacked a sense of existence and immersed himself in eating, spouted a sip of tea.

Twenty pieces of twelfth lunar month stick couplets, painting door gods;

On the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, bags of chicken, duck, fish, fruit, vegetable and rice were moved into the residence.

More than 30 people have come from Jiankang, happily preparing for the New Year.

Xiao Lan and I, carrying a lot of gadgets we bought on the street, walked back to our residence screaming. Water lanterns, bracelets, beads, masks, and pastries.

My apprentice Huo Yang, holding our newly picked five pieces of fabric in disgrace, followed by that we bought new clothes for everyone.

Of course, it wasn’t me and Xiaolan.

Many families in Cangwu City adore any of Lin Fang, Wen You, Huo Yang, and even Twenty-Four Wei. Throwing the fabric to them, they will not only make beautiful garments with joy, but also usually give me money, why not do it

Facing me, a familiar senior stopped me: “Qinghong, why are you still wandering around, why don’t you go see who is here”

I was stunned for a moment, then I made my hand free, rubbed my eyes, and the things on my hands snapped and fell to the ground.

The man came with a sullen face, his eyes were clearly moist, but his face was habitually despised: “Hong’er, I can’t come here.”

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