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Chapter 2 Little Girl With A Strange Disease

Just after Lin Yu finished speaking, this weird cry came from the clinic again.

Jiang Yan and the young couple panicked. The child who had calmed down suddenly cried violently again, and face looks sinister, constantly scratching the young woman with his hands.

“Director Jiang, take a look, this is what’s going on?” The young woman said anxiously while holding the child’s hand.

Jiang Yan complexion deathly white, constantly slapped the child on the back with his hands, soothing the child, and was panicked. He was already healed just now, why suddenly it happened again.

At this time, the child suddenly stopped crying, his body twitched violently, his eyes turned white, his mouth was foaming, his chest was violently up and down, and he was obviously suffocated.

Jiang Yan’s expression was even more ugly, and he hurriedly carried the child over, lay on the bed, and pressed the child’s chest with both hands for CPR.

The spectacle doctor on the side was so frightened that he didn’t dare to show it out. Looking at this situation, it would be fatal, I am afraid that he would also be implicated.

“Director Jiang, please save my daughter!” Seeing her daughter’s face getting paler, the young woman collapsed on the ground and cried.

“You quack doctor! Will you see a doctor in the end!” The young man panicked, changed his calm appearance, and suddenly curse without restraint, “If my daughter has a long life and two shortcomings, I will let you be buried!”

Jiang Yan was full of cold sweat on her forehead. She kept giving the child chest compressions and artificial respiration, but it didn’t work at all. The child’s eyes were closed tightly, his complexion turned blue, and he didn’t move. It seemed that life aura was gone.Jiang Yan’s nervous hands trembled constantly. She didn’t know this is what happened. She had been in medicine for So many years, and she had never encountered such a situation.

“I killed you!”

Seeing the child’s breath weaker and weaker, the young man instantly lost his mind and rushed to beat Jiang Yan.

The spectacle doctor plucked up the courage to come up and pull the frame, but his physique was too poor, and he was kicked into the corner by the young man, and then the young man slapped Jiang Yan on the head.

Jiang Yan’s eyelashes trembled with fright, she could only grit her teeth to accept that she could not hide.

But the expected slap did not come, Jiang Yan raised the head to look, seeing the man’s slap in the air firmly grasped by a powerful hand.

Lin Yu didn’t know when he stood in front of her.

“Beat someone unable to solve any problem.” Lin Yu pushed the man’s hand away.

“My daughter was killed by this quack doctor!” The young man pointed at Jiang Yan with red eyes and roared like a beast about to eat people.

“With me, your daughter can’t die.” Lin Yu said firmly.

Seeing Lin Yu with a firm expression, Jiang Yan was in a daze for a while, and unexpectedly felt an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

Sense of security?

how can it be, this useless waste how can it be will make oneself produce this kind of feeling?

“Okay, then you can cure me. If you can’t cure me, I will kill you all!” The young man yelled like crazy.

Lin Yu ignored him and turned around to test the pulse of the little girl.

“What are you doing! Where can you cure?” Jiang Yan came over and grabbed Lin Yu, whispering.”I haven’t told you, I’ve peeked at some of your medical books before, and I understand a little bit.” Lin Yu said nonsense.

“Nonsense, reading a few books how can it be will cure the disease!” Jiang Yan was talking, she already took out the phone to call 120, although she knew in her heart that after 120 came, it was just picking up a corpse.

As she spoke, Lin Yu had already grabbed the little girl’s feet and lifted her right hand together with four fingers together, her thumb stuck in the first section of her index finger, her palm hollow, and she gently patted the child’s back twice.

“What are you doing!” young man angrily roared.

Before he finished his words, the little girl who had been in shock suddenly coughed twice, spit out muddy black sputum, and then cried again, but because of prolonged lack of oxygen, she didn’t have much strength and her voice was not loud, but it still sounded weird.

Then Lin Yu hugged her up and pressed her thumb slightly on the inside of her neck, and the little girl’s breathing instantly became smoother.

However, the little girl kept crying, scratching Lin Yu frantically with her hands, her expression hideous, as if full of hatred.

Lin Yu didn’t hide, but stared at the little girl with a fixed look. The deep eyes flashed with hot light, like a fire.

This is the soul-breaking technique in the ancestors’ teaching of profound arts. It is practiced to a certain level, and some solitary souls, unbound ghosts with low cultivation base can be shocked to the soul flies away and scatters with just one glance.

Lin Yu is now quite sure that the little girl was upper body by something similar to her own, but obviously this dirty thing is not as kind-hearted as herself, and will kill the little girl.Although Lin Yu’s cultivation level is still shallow now, seeing the light in Lin Yu’s eyes, the little girl who was crying suddenly calmed down, and there was a hint of panic in her eyes.

Then she struggled vigorously, jumped off Lin Yu, ran to the young woman who was paralyzed on the ground, hugged the young woman’s neck, and said cleverly: “Mom, I’m fine, let’s go back. Home.”

Seeing her daughter return to normal, the young couple be wild with joy, and the three family hugged each other and crying tears of joy.

Jiang Yan’s hanging heart was immediately put down, a bit of self-blame, how could he not expect that the little girl was choked by phlegm.

Then she looked at Lin Yu with a bit of sullenness. This waste knows or not what she is doing. He doesn’t know how to heal, so he dared to be able to cure the little girl by chance. It was completely walked the lucky dog excrement. If the little girl had a Three long and two short, he also has to follow suit.

However, she was somewhat grateful to Lin Yu in her heart. In the past, the trash had been hiding behind her when something happened, but today he stood out for oneself, which shows that his head did not fall lightly last time.

“Your daughter is fine for the time being, but I just treat the symptoms but not the root cause just now. If you want to cure it, you have to get some injections.” Lin Yu stared at the little girl and said.

“No, Mom, I don’t need a needle, I’m already well.” The little girl looked at Lin Yu with a hint of timidity.

“What are you talking nonsense!”

Jiang Yan walked over and yelled at him in a low voice, this trash, I don’t know quit while one is ahead, and he really treats himself as a doctor.

The young man glanced at Lin Yu coldly, without the slightest gratitude in his eyes, and hummed coldly: “Dare you still treat me? Then I think my daughter is alive.””You go back to what’s the problem, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Lin Yu was slightly frowned, a little displeased, he obviously saved his daughter’s life, not grateful for that’s the end of it, his attitude was so bad.

“Fuck you, who are you cursing!” The young man stopped/stood stupidly, and the young woman hurriedly grabbed him.

The young man suppressed his anger, picked up his daughter and walked out. Before leaving, he did not forget to drop a sentence coldly, “My brother-in-law is the deputy director of the Health Bureau. Your clinic is waiting to be investigated.”

The young woman glanced at Jiang Yan, did not speak, and quickly followed out.

Jiang Yan’s heart is somewhat sorrowful. In the past, when they treated their children by themselves, they thanked each other. Unexpectedly, there was an accident now and they would instantly become enemies.

“Social snobbery, it’s normal, don’t take it to your heart.” Lin Yu seemed to see her thoughts and softly comforted.

“For areas I haven’t touched before, I don’t know how to pretend to understand in the future!”

Jiang Yan didn’t appreciate it at all, so he glanced at him coldly, ignored him, and went on his own.

“Shit luck.”

The spectacle doctor who was kicked by the young man just now also tidied his clothes and gave Lin Yu a cold eye.

What kind of people are there in this clinic? I just finished helping them.

Lin Yu was speechless, and suddenly wanted to die, die again, and then find someone to be possessed, it would be better than this waste.The young couple rushed back after they got into the car with their children. The young man kept foul-mouthed along the way, saying that the matter was never over, the young woman persuaded him to forget it, after all, Director Jiang had helped them a lot before.

“Boss director, if you don’t listen to me when I go to People’s Hospital, you almost killed Xinxin!” the young man scolded angrily, “and her stupid husband, who dare to curse our daughter for something, if not for him When the dead rat cures my daughter, I have to slap him!”

After he finished speaking, he called the brother-in-law of the Health Bureau and told him about adding details while telling a story.

The young woman did not dare to speak, and she did not expect that a small cold would be so serious.

The young woman’s name is Sun Min and her husband is Wu Jianguo. She is from a wealthy family, so she is more domineering.

His father, Wu Jinyuan, used to be the director of the Qinghai Health Bureau, and he just retired the year before last. It was precisely because of his father that his brother-in-law became the deputy director of the Health Bureau, so he was confident that a phone call would bring down the Huaan Clinic.

At this time, Wu Jinyuan and his wife had been anxiously turning around at home. To them, their granddaughter was their heart.

After Wu Jianguo and his wife took their children home, the impatient old couple ran over and picked up the granddaughter, touched the child’s head, and found that everything was normal. The old couple was relaxed.

But before he had time to be happy, the child suddenly rolled his eyelids, and his body twitched quickly again, his chest was violently up and down, and he couldn’t breathe.

Wu Jianguo and his two elderly people turned pale with fright and drove to People’s Hospital in Qinghai City.After the child was sent to the emergency room, Wu Jianguo’s curse without restraint, he insisted that Jiang Yan had harmed his daughter like this.

Wu Jinyuan complexion ashen, without saying a word, stared at the emergency room unblinkingly. He believed that his granddaughter would be fine, because the one who went in just now was Li Haoming, vice president of Qinghai City, a well-known internal medicine expert in the country.

For the entire city of Chinghai, who can invite him to perform the operation himself, can be counted on one’s fingers.

But less than a minute after Li Haoming entered, he immediately ran out with energetic and bustling, and the big man said: “Old Wu, I have never seen this kind of disease. I’m afraid the child…can’t keep it…”

Sun Min and her mother-in-law immediately slumped into the row of chairs, weeping disconsolately.

“How can it be!” Wu Jianguo rushed up and shouted at Li Haoming: “If my daughter can’t be cured, you, the deputy dean, don’t do it!”

“Jianguo!” Wu Jinyuan yelled at his son, then forced his grief and asked, “Is there no way?”

Li Haoming nodded solemnly, and said, “With the capabilities of our hospital, she can last for an hour at most.”

The meaning of what he said is already obvious, and now he wants to transfer to the capital and comes without enough time.

In fact, Wu Jinyuan knew in his heart that if Li Haoming were to have one’s hands bound and be unable to do anything about it, it would be futile to go everywhere.

“Dad, I know how to save Xinxin!”

Wu Jianguo looked at his daughter in the emergency room sadly, and hurriedly described how Lin Yu treated her daughter in the clinic.

Li Haoming didn’t dare to delay, and rushed in to stand Xinxin upside down according to Wu Jianguo’s method, patted her on the back with the hollow palm, but doesn’t have any effect.”Impossible ah!” Wu Jianguo dumbstruck, the big beads of sweat on his face falling violently.

Sun Min remembered that Lin Yu had reminded her daughter that she hadn’t been cured, and couldn’t care about crying before leaving, so she hurried over and told her father-in-law and Li Haoming.

“Elder Wu, I suggest to invite this young man over, maybe he can Is there any way.” Li Haoming said with an attitude of giving it a try.

Sun Min glanced at Wu Jianguo. Cautious and solemn told his father-in-law about the conflict between Wu Jianguo and Lin Yu.

“Naughty! I told you to be calm!”

Wu Jinyuan kicked Wu Jianguo hard and said sharply: “Don’t hurry up with me to make amends for others!”

After speaking, he no longer cared about the majesty of being the director, so he ran out, Wu Jianguo hurriedly followed.

Jiang Yan was busy treating patients in the consulting room, and Lin Yu sat in a chair bored and read magazines. The nurses and doctors who came and went to look at him with contempt.

what is this man, his own wife is exhausted in it, but he has nothing to do here.

Suddenly, there was a sudden brake sound outside, and a white van was parked outside the door, with the words Sanitary Supervision printed on the body.

Then a few men in the uniform of the Health Bureau got off the car. The leader was Wu Jianguo’s brother-in-law, Deng Chengbin. He waved his hand and said, “Check it out. Check it out!”

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