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Chapter 3 Rescue

It is reasonable to say that a phone call from my brother-in-law would not allow him to go out in person, but when he heard that it was Lao Zhangren’s most beloved granddaughter, he dared not delay for a moment and rushed over.

After all, if you want to go up again, you have to help dredge the relationship.

“This clinic is suspected of using Sanwu counterfeit drugs. It needs a thorough investigation. Please leave unrelated personnel!”

The staff members of the Department of Health immediately gave the clinic a hat of neither too big nor too small after entering.

The patients in the clinic did not leave immediately after evacuating, blocking the door to watch the excitement.

“Judg Deng, misunderstanding, misunderstanding, our clinic has always abided by the law and discipline, how can it be abuse of fake drugs.”

The director of the clinic, Sun Feng, ran out immediately upon hearing the movement. He hunched over while passing a cigarette to Deng Chengbin and explained with a smile. He was wondering that he had just sent two boxes of ginseng to the deputy director two days ago. Why did you check it today? coming.

Deng Chengbin stretched out his hand to push the cigarette away, and said coldly, “Nothing is too close, today we do things in a strictly businesslike manner. I heard that you have a doctor named Jiang Yan who almost killed a child because of improper medication?”

“Nonsense! I use medications based on my condition!” Jiang Yan was a little angry. He walked out of the crowd of doctors and nurses, staring at Deng Chengbin with cold eyes. She could guess that this should be the brother-in-law of the Health Bureau of Wu Jianguokou.

Deng Chengbin’s expression was obviously stagnant after seeing Jiang Yan. He was obviously amazed, but he quickly recovered and said coldly: “Is it reasonable to use the medicine? We will naturally investigate it. Please come with us.””Ju Deng, this is a serious remark. Doctor Jiang is a well-known doctor understood by everyone in our generation.” Sun Feng laughed with him, “Besides, the child was already well when he left us.”

“Old grandson, don’t blame me for not giving you face. If you ink in front of me again, I will catch you with you.” Deng Chengbin gave Sun Feng a cold glance.

When Sun Feng saw that Deng Chengbin wanted to play for real, he was so scared that he didn’t dare to say anything.

Deng Chengbin winked at the two men. They immediately went over to catch Jiang Yan, but Lin Yu didn’t know when he was in front of Jiang Yan, and said coldly to Deng Chengbin: “As far as I know, the Health Bureau does not seem to have Right to arrest people.”

“Are you a what thing? Do I have the right to arrest people, mind your own business!” Deng Jianbin was so angry, “Sun Feng, is this the doctor in your clinic?”

“No, he is Doctor Jiang’s husband.” Sun Feng said, winking at Lin Yu and motioning him not to be impulsive.

“Oh, it’s him. I heard that he is also treating my niece, right? Do you have a medical certificate? Take it out and let me see.” Deng Cheng gave Lin Yu a cold glance. I’ve been to this person, and seem to have great opinions on him.

“He is not a doctor, so there is no medical certificate, Deng Ju, don’t be familiar with him. I heard that he saved your niece just now.” Sun Feng hurriedly laughed.

“Illegal practice of medicine has violated the law. Take him away. I will call the Public Security Bureau and lead someone there.” Deng Chengbin sneered. He has no right to arrest people, but the deputy bureau of the Public Security Bureau worshipped his brother.”Unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything.” Jiang Yan gave Lin Yu a fierce look, then took out the cell phone and prepared to make a call to let his father help to clear the relationship. Don’t really catch this waste.

Seeing the two staff members, they must act hard. At this time, an off-road vehicle rushed in desperately. It rushed to the entrance of the clinic and stopped at a creak sound. Then two people in the car came down quickly. They were the anxious Wu Jinyuan and his son both.

Seeing his father-in-law and brother-in-law, Deng Chengbin looked happy and thought it was a coincidence.

“Dad, you have been here just right. I am really going to seal up this clinic. I am about to catch these two quack doctors.” Deng Chengbin hurried to go up to welcome.

Wu Jinyuan ignored him at all, hurried to the crowd, and said anxiously: “Dare to ask which little friend was treating my granddaughter for the strange disease?”

“Dad, it’s him!”

Wu Jianguo glanced at Lin Yu in the crowd, pointed out.

Wu Jinyuan hurriedly stepped forward and said politely: “Little friend, my granddaughter has a relapse of a strange illness. I am in the hospital Life Hangs by a Thread. Please help me. Old man, I can’t thank sb enough.”

“Old Director, you are here.” Sun Feng’s eyes lit up, seeing Wu Jinyuan being so polite to Lin Yu, he immediately raised his mind, this soft rice eater does not know any medical skills, just now it was just a mistake. .

Hearing Deng Chengbin and Wu Jianguo’s address to the old man, Lin Yu knew the old man’s identity.

“I’m sorry, old man, I can’t cure it.” Lin Yu shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I don’t have a medical certificate. Your son-in-law just said that I practice medicine illegally and he is about to call the police to arrest me.”

“Bastard! Don’t get out of here yet to make amends!”Wu Jinyuan glared at Deng Chengbin behind him, then pointed at Wu Jianguo, and sternly said: “And you! Come over and apologize!”

Deng Chengbin glanced at Wu Jianguo, wondering what exactly happened.

Seeing Wu Jianguo complexion deathly white, without speaking, Deng Chengbin did not dare to ask any questions. He apologized to Lin Yu along with him, “Little brother, sorry, just now…”

“It’s not me who you need to apologize, but me… my wife.”

Lin Yu interrupted the two of them as soon as they spoke.

Lin Yu smiled bitterly. For the first time, he found the words his wife so awkward.

“I’m sorry, Director Jiang, I was too anxious before, so my words were a bit awkward. You adults don’t remember the villain, don’t be familiar with me.” Wu Jianguo’s sincere expression is no longer the arrogant appearance before leaving.

“Doctor Jiang, I’m sorry, just now I didn’t understand the situation that caused the misunderstanding, please forgive me.” Although I was not convinced, but the old man had spoken, Deng Chengbin could only do it.

“It’s okay.” Jiang Yan waved his hand greatly, turn the head and looks to Lin Yu, her eyes were unspeakably complicated, she actually smelled a hint of masculinity from this waste, how can it be?

“Little friend, do you think it is convenient to go to the hospital with me to treat my granddaughter now?” Wu Jinyuan said earnestly.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Wu, he doesn’t know how to heal at all. It was just lucky and I ran into it.” Jiang Yan had to say truthfully. Although she also hoped that Lin Yu could save the little girl, it was impossible.”Yeah, Mr. Wu, you overestimate him. He came from a technical school, where does he know what kind of medical skills?” Sun Feng also hurriedly stepped forward to help explain that he couldn’t just go to the doctor if he was in a hurry, not to mention Lin Yu was not at all. medical.

“Old man, they are right, I have never studied medicine.” In the name of He Jiarong, Lin Yu could only answer honestly.

Hearing this, Wu Jinyuan’s hopeful eyes dimmed in an instant, and a trace of sadness suddenly appeared on his vicissitudes of life.

“Dad, look, I’ll just say that this kid is a liar.” When Lin Yu admitted that he could not heal, Deng Chengbin immediately became confident and smiled contemptuously.

Lin Yu ignored him and said to Wu Jinyuan: “Old Wu, although I have not studied medicine, I have read a lot of medical books on weekdays. I also know a little about Incurable diseases. I happen to be in an ancient medical book about your granddaughter’s illness. I’ve seen it on the previous page. If you can trust me, I’m willing to take the initiative to heal.”

“Of course I do, of course I do.” Wu Jinyuan’s muddy eyes burst out again, and he hurriedly took Lin Yu’s hand and walked into the car.

Wu Jianguo did not dare to neglect, and hurried over to drive.

“Dad, how can you believe a liar!”

Deng Chengbin was in a hurry. Seeing that his brother-in-law had already driven away, he hurriedly called to get out of the car and followed.

“This neurosis!” Jiang Yan stamped his foot angrily, and drove to the hospital.

After Wu Jinyuan took Lin Yu energetic and bustling and felt the emergency, Li Haoming immediately moved forward to meet. He was taken aback when he saw Lin Yu. Although he knew he was a young man, he was too young.At this time, the little girl in the emergency room had her complexion with hands and feet. She was waxy white and looked lifeless. She didn’t even twitch much. The blood oxygen saturation on the monitor had dropped to 40 percent.

Li Haoming couldn’t help but sighed saying, in his opinion, the little girl was hopeless.

“Doctor, do you have any needles? Could you get some for me?” Lin Yu said as he went in and touched the little girl’s pulse.

“You mean to use acupuncture? How can it be?” Li Haoming was somewhat astonished, but still hurriedly told the nurse to get the needle.

Several physicians in the hospital were also a little puzzled, with a faint disdain in their hearts. They felt that Lin Yu was a little bit big, and could not detect the problems that their hospital’s sophisticated instruments could not detect. Can he treat them with a few silver needles?

“He Jiarong! Do you know what you are doing!”

At this time, Jiang Yan and Deng Chengbin’s party also followed. Jiang Yan looked at Lin Yu coldly, and she thought that Lin Yu didn’t know how to pretend to understand, and was actually complicit in murder.

“I’m saving people.” Lin Yu’s voice was soft, but firm.

Jiang Yan wanted to say something, Lin Yu suddenly stepped forward and held her hand, her whole body was slightly stagnant, feeling the palm of her hand very warm, even a little hot.

“Trust me.” Lin Yu looked at her and said softly, feeling the softness in his hands, and he was flustered.

Jiang Yan pulled his hand back fiercely, his face was slightly reddened, and he didn’t say the rest.

A contented smile evoked at the corner of Lin Yu’s mouth, flipped his palm, and grabbed the red cord peach-core bracelet stolen from Jiang Yan’s wrist.After the nurse brought the needle, Lin Yu immediately pierced the Dazhu, Fengmen and Feishu points on the back of the little girl.

These three acupuncture points are in charge of the respiratory system, but the real cause of the little girl is not here. Lin Yuzha these three acupuncture points, one is to help her breathe, and the other is fool people.

Then Lin Yu took another shot at the little girl’s Quchi and Taichong points.

When the needle was injected, his hand had already covered the little girl’s abdomen, and he secretly thought of soul-breaking, and the palm of his hand suddenly became hot, and the little girl immediately rose up with a black air around her body.

I saw the little girl lightly snorted, and then she started to breathe, her face gradually becoming ruddy.


“Regained breathing!”

“Too inconceivable!”

The few doctors who were knowledgeable outside couldn’t help but cheered.

Li Haoming looked puzzled, and took a few shots at random, how could he cure such a strange disease.

Mr. and Mrs. Wu Jianguo and his grandmother cheeks streaming with tears excitedly. Even the experienced and knowledgeable Wu Jinyuan could not help but burst into two lines of old tears.

Jiang Yan on the side looked stunned, and looked at Lin Yu with a calm look in surprise. For a moment, he was in a daze. Is this still the rubbish in his memory?

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