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Chapter 4 Hurry Up and Get Me A Grandson

After everyone withdrew, Lin Yu was about to do something, but the black spirit on the girl rushed out first and flew out the window quickly.

Want to run?

Lin Yu sneered, chanting the soul-breaking technique, holding the red rope taken from Jiang Yan with both hands, pointing towards the direction where the black energy flew, the black energy suddenly let out a scream, and was sucked in a sudden. Into the peach core on the red rope.

Lin Yu tied the red rope to his wrist, thinking that thanks to the red rope Jiang Yan, otherwise, with his current cultivation base, it would be really difficult to deal with this dirty thing.

“You can come in!”

Lin Yu rushed outside the door, then walked to the little girl to remove the needle, pressed her finger on the acupuncture points on her head such as Baihui, Fengchi, and the little girl slowly woke up.

Seeing the little girl’s eyes clear again, Lin Yu smiled with satisfaction.

After Wu Jianguo and Wu Jinyuan came in, they couldn’t cry while holding their baby. They almost lost the only blood of the Wu family forever.

“Little friend, will my granddaughter relapse in the future?” Wu Jinyuan was the first to recover his wits from his excitement, and asked uneasy.

“It has been cured and will not commit any more crimes, but I will give this child more snacks in the future. She is weak and needs to take shelter from the shade. Try to take her to the graveyard and other places with heavy sinisters as little as possible.” Lin Yu said.

“Thank you, little friend, I have any instruction in the future, Wu Jinyuan, not to be shirked without dishonor!” Wu Jinyuan’s tone was full of gratitude.

“The exertion of lifting one’s hand, you are polite.” Lin Yu smiled flatly.”Brother Ho, I can’t recognize Mt Taishan just now. You and my sister-in-law must not be familiar with me, great kindness and great virtue, and I will repay you in the future.” Wu Jianguo embraced his wife and daughter with moist eyes.

Hearing the words “sister-in-law”, Lin Yu smirked and looked back at Jiang Yan, only to see that she still had an icy expression, frowns looking at herself.

“Little brother, can you tell us about the child’s specific condition?” Seeing that the child is all right, Li Haoming suddenly became interested in the child’s condition.

“That’s right, little genius doctor, explain to us.”

“Yes, teach us a lesson too.”

Seeing Li Haoming had spoken, the other physicians became curious and all agreed.

“I’m serious, I can see that the child’s illness is just a fluke.” Lin Yu said modestly, “In fact, her illness is not complicated. The main cause is lung fever caused by fever.”

“I also found this when I checked, but just relying on lung heat, how can it be can cause such severe symptoms.” Li Haoming puzzled.

“When I was in the clinic, I said that this child has a hidden illness. If I was right, he had liver poisoning before.” Lin Yu turned his head and looked at Wu Jianguo and his wife.

Wu Jianguo nodded quickly and said, “Yes, yes, my daughter had toxic hepatitis six months ago, but it has been cured.”

Lin Yu nodded, said: “It is indeed cured, but there is still a small amount of toxins remaining. In addition, long-term fever has caused the heartburn to rise. Under the action of both, simple lung heat has formed a life-threatening serious illness.”Lin Yu said that these all are symptoms are the main cause, but in fact they are not so serious. The main reason is that the black energy is using this disease to cause trouble, causing the little girl to almost have mortal danger.

After listening to his analysis, a group of doctors nodded, and Li Haoming also secretly admired him. He couldn’t do it because he could tell that the little girl had a hidden illness without any examination.

Hearing what he said clearly and logically, Jiang Yan couldn’t help being somewhat surprised, but still disdain as beneath contempt in his heart. After reading a few books, he knew best in his heart, but this time it was just luck.

When Lin Yu left the hospital, Li Haoming chased him out and handed him a business card, saying that if he is interested in working in People’s Hospital, he can contact himself.

Looking at the business card in his hand, Lin Yu asked, “Are you interested in working here? Would you like to…”

“You don’t need to worry about my business, I want anything, and I will fight for it through own diligence.” Before Lin Yu finished speaking, Jiang Yan coldly interrupted him.

Jiang Yan was so angry that she was helping this trash until now, and he used it to help at what time.

In fact, Jiang Yan’s ideal until now is to work at People’s Hospital in Qinghai City, but the doctor-in-charge at People’s Hospital in Qinghai City is not good for the exam. She failed the exam twice in a row, but she believes that there will come a day can be admitted.

“Your bracelet is off. I found it. Can you give it to me? I hope I keep one of your things.” Lin Yu shook the red rope in his hand.

“Whatever.” Jiang Yan said coldly.After returning to the clinic, Sun Feng had already waited outside with all the doctors and nurses. He had just talked to Mr. Wu on the phone to find out the whole situation.

After Lin Yu got out of the car, Sun Feng took the lead and greeted him in unison, and then ran up and grabbed Lin Yu’s hand, “Xiao He, this time our clinic is really a blessing to you. If it weren’t for you, I It is estimated that the business will be rectified.”

“A blind cat finds a dead mouse.” Jiang Yan said coldly and turned to the clinic.

Sun Feng smirked. In fact, he also knew that He Jiarong had how many catties and how many taels. Although this matter also puzzled him, it was He Jiarong who helped the clinic, so he was still grateful to He Jiarong.

At this time, the health bureau’s car returned, and Deng Chengbin was the leader.

Sun Feng suddenly panicked, and hurried to meet him, “Ju Deng, hasn’t the matter been resolved?”

Deng Chengbin ignored him at all, walked quickly to Lin Yu, and said politely: “Brother He, I was offended just now, I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

At first, Deng Chengbin was very disdainful of Lin Yu, but he saw him cure his niece’s illness, and clearly and logically analyzed the condition, immediately he must be looked at with new eyes to Lin Yu.

“Director Deng is polite.” Lin Yu didn’t care too much, after all, his own wife works under the system controlled by others.

“I’m not telling you, I’m here to ask you to help me see the sick.” Deng Chengbin glanced at around, somewhat restrained.

Lin Yu was slightly surprised. As the deputy bureau of the Health Bureau, giving instruction, I’m afraid the entire Qinghai doctors will rush to see him, right?However, after a closer look, Lin Yu immediately saw his symptoms and couldn’t help but smile. This disease is actually very common, but it’s really not easy to treat.

“Director Deng should often feel pain in the waist and knees, chills in his limbs recently, and he is also afraid of the cold, and is very easy to fatigue.” Lin Yu laughed, and his illness is plain, it is kidney deficiency.

“Yes, yes, yes, I have seen many doctors in the past two years, and I have taken a lot of medicines, but no effect has been seen.” Deng Chengbin said eagerly. Men can’t do it. It can be said to be so grieved as to wish one were dead.

“It’s okay, I’ll prescribe a prescription for you. You go back and decoct it every day, once a day, twice in the morning and evening. After taking it for half a month, you will get better, but don’t touch cigarettes or alcohol during the medicine. “Lin Yu said that he went to the clinic and asked for paper and pen, and prescribed a prescription for him.

“Thank you, Brother He, for what will be useful to me in the future, just speak up.” Deng Chengbin took the prescription and left thankfully.

In fact, when he came, he was still a little unsure, but when he saw Lin Yu utter his symptoms, he believed firmly without any doubt about Lin Yu’s medical skills.

“Brother He, didn’t expect you to have a relationship with Director Deng so soon. In the future, our clinic will have to rely on your good words.” Sun Feng hurried over to cover him in a timely manner, and even changed his name.

He didn’t care how Lin Yu fooled Deng Chengbin, as long as he was profitable.

“Of course, I also hope that Director Sun will take good care of Jiang Yan in the future.” Lin Yu smiled.

“No problem, I will give Director Jiang a salary increase tomorrow!” Sun Feng promised, patted his chest.The next day Lin Yu continued to stay in the clinic have nothing to do, but all the doctors and nurses saw that his eyes were different from before, and he was much more easy-going, and he also ordered a lunch box for lunch and dinner. Copies.

When Jiang Yan got off work, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening. Lin Yu felt a little nervous when he thought of seeing his father-in-law soon. After all, he grew so big and it was the first time he saw his parents.

Jiangyan’s home is located in a high-class district in Qinghai City, with a very good greening rate and a quiet environment.

The quieter the environment, the harder Lin Yu’s heartbeat will be. It feels like a dream. Is it really okay for him to go home with a strange woman who has only met for a day so easily?

“get off!”

Seeing Lin Yu in a daze in the car, Jiang Yan snorted coldly. Lin Yu hurriedly got out of the car and followed her upstairs.

A middle-aged couple in the house is sitting on a sofa watching TV. The middle-aged woman is wearing curly hair and is dressed luxuriously, slightly rich. The middle-aged man is a little thin, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, and gentle.

These two people are Jiang Yan’s parents, Jiang Jingren and Li Suqin. Both of them work in the agency. They are a division-level cadre and a section-level official. They are stable and decent. With the few properties they bought in the early years, they barely made it into the ranks. Middle class.

Seeing her daughter and Lin Yu pushing the door in, Li Suqin couldn’t help but rolled her eyes at Lin Yu, thinking of forcing her daughter to marry him two years ago, she felt a little regretful, and she was confused for a while before pushing her daughter into the fire pit.

In the words of her wife, this waste should not have been brought back from the orphanage, and it ended up ruining their daughter’s life.”Dad, Mom…” Lin Yu greeted the middle-aged couple somewhat unnaturally, but neither of them looked at him.

Lin Yu guessed right, this He Jiarong had no place in front of the father-in-law’s mother-in-law.

“Yan’er, after a day of work, you are exhausted, I will put you in water and go take a hot bath.” Li Suqin stepped forward to hang up the bag for her daughter, and then turned the head and looks to Lin Yu , Said ill-humoredly: “You will help your dad brush his shoes later and drag the floor by the way.”

“…” Lin Yu was in a mess, and the difference in treatment was too big. How could he say he was just discharged from the hospital today.

“Mom, he just left the hospital today. Let him rest. I’ll come later.” Jiang Yan suddenly spoke for him.

Li Suqin couldn’t help but stunned. In the impression that her own daughter had never spoken to this waste, did the sun come out from the west today? Even Jiang Jingren, who is not a word or movement on the sofa, could not help but looked up at her daughter.

“Let me do this kind of rough work.” Lin Yu smiled and then walked inside.

“Where are you going, the public bathroom is over there, oh, is this a fool, all thumbs.” Li Suqin couldn’t help complaining.

“Yan’er, I just changed the mattress for you, but it’s soft. Now Jiarong is awake, you two should quickly get me a grandson.” Li Suqin lowered his voice to talk to Jiang Yan, but Lin Yu listened very clear about sth.


Lin Yu, who was holding the water basin, almost brought a potted plant to the ground.

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