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Chapter 1 Rebirth, Miss Stuff

Sudden swelling and tearing pain came along with bursts of coldness.

Di Fuyao’s mind suddenly became sober, before he even opened his eyes, a stench puffed his nose.

The bright eyes opened, and what you saw was a dilapidated and smelly straw shed. The simple fence could not cover the irrigation of the cold wind, and it was blown totteringly.


huh …” A sow with big head and big ears huffed her nose, with her sharp fangs biting her back, Di Fu shook her heart in shock and quickly climbed up from the ground. I looked around and found that it was a smelly and dirty pigsty, with a few little piglets sleeping on a pile of weeds.

“Fuck! What’s going on?”

Di Fuyao subconsciously lowered his head and swept over himself, and his body was thin and weak like dried string beans. He was wearing dirty coarse linen that hadn’t been changed for a long time, and his arms were covered with blue and purple whips. The scars are the scars of long-term abuse.


She is a magnificent international top killer, with a graceful figure and a skin like snow. How could she become such a ghostly virtue?

Strangely, she remembered being betrayed by her most trusted partner when she assassinated the international drug lord in the Golden Triangle, and she was blown to pieces!

How come you get stunned by a pig when you wake up?

Just as she was puzzled, suddenly, two rapid footsteps came in the darkness.

Long-term professional killer career habits tell her that the comer is not good!

Emperor Fuyao’s warning sign came up, and the weeds lay down, his eyes closed, and he slumbered like a dead body.

“Miss Fifth has an order, take this cheap maid to the animal room!”

Outside the pigpen, the maid Chunxi held her nose, and commanded a brawny man pretentiously.

“Yes!” The strong man nodded and bowed, quickly turned into the pigsty, looked at the ugly monster lying on the weeds in disgust, and plucked it out with courage.

Bumps all the way.

The puzzled Emperor Fuyao inherited a strange memory on the shoulders of the strong man.

It turned out that the reason why she appeared here strangely was because her soul was reborn on the body of a little girl with the same name and surname in another world.

This extremely mysterious world is called the Biteian Continent. The original owner is the Nanxuan Kingdom’s refining medicine family. The fourth young lady of the Emperor’s family is humble and ugly. The three-year-old talent test turned out to be heaven. The bloodline of life and death cannot cultivate the power of the elements. Since then, he has been abandoned by the emperor’s family, regardless of life or death.

Emperor Fu shook his lips slightly. In his previous life, he was a decisive top killer, but he didn’t want to be reborn but became a waste.

Maybe God gave her another chance to let me go.

How ugly, it’s just a skin! She doesn’t care. The fastest update of Biqugetv TV What about

waste chai, even if she tries her best, she will fly again in adversity! Never be an ant that is trampled on under the shoes!

Now she is no longer a mess, who dares to bully her, she is so cruel to death!

Under the guidance of Chunxi, the strong man carried her to the door of the animal room.

At this time, there were five or six jeweled ladies from the family standing outside the door, headed by a girl about fourteen years old, dressed in a delicate and tender pink skirt, and a few golden hairpins on her hair were very dazzling. Juan There was a proud smile on her beautiful face, it was Di Fuling.

“Miss Fifth, the straw bag has been brought!” Chunxi said dogishly.

“I’m going, it smells like a human, it’s a stinky pig!” said one of the green-clothed girls in disgust, clutching her nose.

A vicious look flashed

on Di Fu Lingjuan’s beautiful face, and he happily suggested, “Do you want to watch the big showdown between the stinky pig and the lightning leopard?” The fake Di Fu shook his heart when he heard it.

This little girl is also vicious! Ignoring human life, in order to understand boredom and play, I actually want to throw her into the beast room and confront the monster.

To put it nicely is a showdown, to put it bluntly, she is abused!

The original owner’s broken body, if he enters the animal room, he will become disabled if he is not dead!

“Throw the smelly pig in!” Di Fuling ordered coldly, and the girls onlookers laughed and looked like they were ready to watch the show.

Chunxi stepped forward and opened the door of the animal room, and the strong man strode forward carrying Emperor Fuyao.

Just as everyone was eagerly waiting for the good show to be staged, the accident happened suddenly.

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