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Chapter 23 Broken Off

There was only disdain left in Ye Yuwei’s eyes. The sky continued pouring with rain as if to cover up her helplessness.

Ye Yuwei stood upright, narrowed her eyes as she stared at the two persons before her.

Two years ago, when they were shaded under the leaves, she stood in the rain. Now, they were shaded under the umbrella, she was still standing in the rain. This time, she did not hide—she was no longer hiding. She would not surrender!

“Tell me what you have just said.” Ye Yuwei’s gaze fell on the person hiding behind Gu Juexi, her voice filled with resentment.

“Ye Yuwei.”

“None of your business!” Ye Yuwei shouted loudly as she brushed off his hand that was trying to hold her.

Gu Juexi was slightly stunned. He had never seen her behave that way before. It was as if she did not care for him and would no longer crawl to him. He was no longer her one and only. She no longer loved him. It was over.

“Ye Yuwei, you are crazy! Go home!” Gu Juexi forcefully held her wrist, intending to take her away.

“Let go! Let go of me!” Ye Yuwei struggled with all her might but the man holding her was not loosening up his grasp in the slightest, forcing her towards the car.

“Brother Juexi, Brother Juexi,” In a somber mood, Yu Sha’er shouted loudly in the rain.

The woman in his firm grip was biting on his wrist. Gu Juexi stopped walking. Ye Yuwei raised her head, her eyes rested on the woman in the flood of tears. Simply no one knew if it was the rain or her tears streaming down her cheek.

Ye Yuwei forcefully pushed Gu Juexi forward and retreated to the roadside.

“Mr. Gu, what are you doing? You should take her with you. Not me.” Her soft voice could hardly be heard in the heavy rain.

“Are you feeling bad seeing me in such a sorry state? Look! All my efforts in helping Mr. Qian have eventually borne fruit. Feeling touched? I am really something, huh? Or you are falling for me now?” Moving further and further away from Gu Juexi, she took a step back with each word she said.

“Look, Gu Juexi. I have made it! I am just playing hard-to-get. You should take the person you love with you. You have gotten the wrong person.”

“Ye Yuwei, come back!” Seeing Ye Yuwei getting closer and closer to the middle of the road, a sense of suffocation and panic he never felt before gripped his heart. His gaze fixed at the woman laughing in the rain.

“Gu Juexi, you have been fooled! It was all my tricks. It was just a plot to celebrate your birthday two years ago. I am the one who destroyed Yu Sha’er’s costume. I pushed her down the lake. The scene you witnessed at the hotel entrance was real. She pushed me away out of self-defense. As for the accident, it was my own intention to go to the middle of the road,” Ye Yuwei said as she looked at Gu Juexi who was gradually fading in the heavy rain.

It felt so good, as if everything was over.

Accident? Yu Sha’er’s body shook slightly. No, she would never let Ye Yuwei tell the story.

“Ye Yuwei, come here!” Gu Juexi did not realize that his voice was trembling. He had even failed to notice the “accident” that she had mentioned.

“Unfortunately, the car was not big enough, I was not seriously injured. That was why I could still take advantage of Mr. Qian. You didn’t expect it, did you? I am adept at scheming. This is the reason I helped the old man who was going bankrupt two years ago. What do you think, Mr. Gu? Is this mean and insidious enough?” Ye Yuwei shrugged slightly as she said.

“So this time, I admit it before you ask. Gu Juexi, I took advantage of your mom marrying me to you, and all the accidents that happened to Yu Sha’er were part of my vicious plot. Are you satisfied with my answer?”

Staring at the person in the middle of the road, Gu Juexi clenched his fists tightly. His heart was once again torn by a strange feeling.

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