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Chapter 28 So You Think I Would Do for You Anything You Want Me To?

“Ye Yuwei, I am not making this up for you. I am not that kind hearted but I want to let you know—divorce me? Over my dead body!” Gently, Gu Juexi licked the blood on her lips. She could feel his lips trembling.

“Rest assured. If I die, I will take you with me.”

Ye Yuwei eyes widened. She could not believe what she had just heard. ‘Take her with him when he died?’

Ye Yuwei struggled to free herself from his grip.

“You are crazy!” Ye Yuwei bit his tongue to stop him from going further and stared at him angrily.

“Since you hate me so much, why are you still keeping me by your side?

“You look more adorable when you are angry.” Gu Juexi caressed her with one hand and his warm body pressed hard against hers. His left hand held her right hand that was hooked up to a drip, tightly.

His finger pushed against her lips to stop her lip biting. Ye Yuwei took the opening and bit on his finger like she wanted to bit it off of his hand. Gu Juexi frowned slightly but that did not stop her.

“Ye Yuwei, you know what I like and what I do not like. So this is over. You are still Mrs. Gu,” Gu Juexi whispered.

Ye Yuwei loosened her bite on his finger.

“Why do you refuse to divorce me? Like I said, if you think this is embarrassing, I can tell the world that you divorced me because of an extramarital affair.” She said softly, as if he had gone beyond what she could bear.

“Why do you want to divorce me?” Gu Juexi responded with a question.

Ye Yuwei looked at the man before her. “Because I am not as great as I thought. My heart has died and ceased beating. Mr. Gu is beyond my reach and Army Uncle is dead. Are you happy now?”

“Since the heart has died, why do you care whether our marriage is still workable?” Gu Juexi retorted.

“My heart has died and I do not want my crippled body to be buried in your luxurious castle. You refuse to… You have fallen for me, haven’t you?” Ye Yuwei’s lips curved up into a sneer.

The ward sank into dead silence. Gu Juexi stood up slowly as he stared at Ye Yuwei, as if telling her, “‘In your dreams!”

“Ye Yuwei, so you think I would do for you anything you want me to?” Gu Juexi’s voice was threatening.

“How important do you think you are?” Ye Yuwei broke into laughter.

“Well, Mrs. Gu can try. Let’s see which lawyer is so daring?” Gu Juexi smiled as his hands squeezed her sides.

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