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Chapter 31 The Discovery of the Road Accident

Gu Juexi did not go back to Ye Yuwei’s ward after he left, because he realized something important—the road accident.

Qian Feng mentioned about the road accident, so did Ye Yuwei last night. It was not something he was aware of.

So, Gu Juexi left the hospital. In his car was PA Wen and in the backseat was an ultra-light notebook. The brand of the notebook was not quite visible, or more accurately, there was no brand. It was Gu Juexi’s personal notebook.

PA Wen has worked with Gu Juexi for ten years. Knowing Gu Juexi, he expected what he would want to look for after he calmed his mind.

Gu Juexi turned on his notebook while PA Wen started the car engine. “I copied this footage from the hotel’s staff. Hotels under Chu Enterprise normally keep records up to three years, so I managed to extract this two-year-old footage.”

Gu Juexi did not say a word but was obviously satisfied with what PA Wen did.

The footage showed the recording of outside the hotel. There was no audio, but it was not hard to tell what happened from the recording. It looked like Yu Sha’er and Ye Yuwei were fighting about something in the rain. Yu Sha’er was saying something and Ye Yuwei was just standing and watching. When Yu Sha’er tried to push Ye Yuwei, Ye Yuwei reacted and pushed Yu Sha’er to the ground. That was when Gu Juexi appeared in the video.

[“Ye Yuwei, you are the cheapest person I have ever seen.” Gu Juexi helped Yu Sha’er who was on the floor up and looked at the woman resentfully.

“I didn’t do it, she started it, I didn’t.” Ye Yuwei explained eagerly, her eyes begging, “Please believe me, I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Don’t touch me! And Ye Yuwei, who let you come here?” Gu Juexi took a step back with Yu Sha’er in his arms. There was blame in his voice.

“It’s your birthday, so I…”

“Ye Yuwei, stop using excuses like this to come to me, I don’t need you on my birthday. Be your Mrs. Gu and don’t show up in front of me when I don’t want you to.”

Ye Yuwei was shaking in the rain. Her eyes were downcast while her tears and raindrops ran down her face. And then she took out a present from her tote bag and said, “I will leave now, this is the present I got for you… I just wanted to hand it to you, I don’t mean anything else, I…”

“Cut your act, Mrs. Gu,” said Yu Sha’er who slapped the present away off of her hand.

The present fell in the middle of the road.

Ye Yuwei’s hands froze in the air as if she was still holding the present, her head lowered.

A droplet—could be her tear or the rain—dropped at her foot.

“Ye Yuwei, stop embarrassing yourself here,” Gu Juexi said and left with Yu Sha’er.

Yu Sha’er chuckled, pushed Ye Yuwei down as they were leaving and tugged at Gu Juexi’s arm when he wanted to look back. “Let’s go Juexi, Mrs. Gu really should take care of your image. How embarrassing if people knew it was Mrs. Gu who was creating all this chaos.”

Yu Yuwei who was pushed to the floor did not get up immediately. She looked for the present and wanted to pick it up, but the sudden beam of light made her step back.

“Watch your way, damned woman!” The driver shouted at Ye Yuwei who was sitting on the ground and drove away.

The present was crushed in the rain, so was her heart.]

Gu Juexi clenched his fists on the notebook as he watched.

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